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Reporting trending topics on Chinese social media. Explaining the story behind the hashtag, What's on Weibo provides insights into an ever-changing China.
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It has been one year since the tragic death of Dr. Li Wenliang dominated Chinese social media and made headlines all over the world.His passing on February 7 in 2020 was a huge moment over the past year, as there was an unprecedented outpour of anger, distrust, and despair flooding Chinese social media in the midst of the coronavirus epidemic in China.In this podcast, we are going to revisit the story of Dr. Li and explore how he is remembered one year later.
His name is Tenzin, now known as Ding Zhen, and this Khampa Tibetan young man is China's online sensation of the year. Within a matter of days, the 20-year-old from Litang has taken Chinese social media by storm. In this latest What's on Weibo podcast, we explain Ding Zhen's fame from the very beginning, showing how one video clip snowballed into something much bigger than Ding Zhen alone.
This is the third What’s on Weibo podcast, reporting the biggest topics trending on Chinese social media. In this episode, we’ll talk about China potentially further relaxing its family-planning rules, calls for laws against animal abuse, and shifting public sentiments towards Trump. Joe Biden or Donald Trump, who is the preferred candidate on Weibo?
Some are so eager to look picture perfect on their social media feed, that they go to extremes to create a fake online life. This and more was trending on Chinese social media this week.
The very first What's on Weibo podcast. Trending this week: the story of a Tibetan woman burnt by her ex-husband has triggered outrage on Chinese social media.