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The Scott Stokely Podcast is a fun peek into the life and interests of a touring professional Disc Golfer. Stokely shares his life experiences, touring stories, history of the sport, interviews current and former Disc Golf figures and other interesting people that have cool stories to tell. Support this podcast by joining Scott's Patreon
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George Johnson is from the Northside of Richmond, a cold unique place, where mostly everyone falls victim to generational curses. Poverty, crime & dysfunctional families are all too common. Nearly 5 years ago, circumstances started tearing apart his life. In this interview he shares how everything unfolded, his personal feelings & events that lead to him being “Double Crossed” by his family nearly costing him 2 years in Federal Prison. Get the Book on Amazon Follow George on Instagram --- Send in a voice message:
Had a great conversation with Josh... twice. The first time we had some audio issues so we re-recorded the first third when we talked about his early career and then spliced it together. A bit choppy but I think it worked. After that it ran smoothly the rest of the way. I respect everyone’s right to like or dislike Josh and feel free to debate. What is not debatable is that Josh is a human being and a member of our disc golf community and Frisbee Family, that makes him part of my family and he gets as much of my love as everyone else in my family. Take that for what it’s worth. I hope you all enjoy! --- Send in a voice message:
I interviewed Chad Eason about the introduction of Disc Golf as a FULL MEDAL sport in the Special Olympics of Texas. This is a huge step for our sport and I there is a lot of opportunity to keep it moving forward across the county. Chad shares all about how this came about and how Disc Golf works in their special needs events. Contact Chad Eason at with your city and state and he’ll connect you to the Special Olympics program closest to you. Information for volunteering in Texas can be found at --- Send in a voice message:
Trey Olds broke into the entertainment industry at age 13. Now at age 20 he hosts his own radio show, and also has been a DJ, writer, and actor. On the surface that is already impressive, but he does all that while navigating life with Autism Spectrum Disorder. In this episode Scott talks with Trey about how he has processed life before and after the Autism diagnosis, how he has progressed his entertainment industry career, and overcame shyness. --- Send in a voice message:
Episode 19: Jeremy Koling

Episode 19: Jeremy Koling


Interview with one of the most entertaining and funniest disc golfers in the world. We discussed various practical jokes as well as his sudden death Memorial victory over Paul McBeth. --- Send in a voice message:
Today Scott has a deep conversation with Dr. Michael Nuccitelli about the dark psychology behind today's cyber bullies, trolls and online stalkers. Dr. Nucc provides FREE educational and advisory services and training to help you avoid becoming a victim. More information at --- Send in a voice message:
Ezra is one of the top up-and-coming players in the world and a player who got good as quick as anyone who has ever played (Andrew Fish is in that conversation as well). We talked about the training he did to get good so quickly and about his switch to throwing Discraft as well as the 2021 pro tour! --- Send in a voice message:
Scott talks to Nelson Tressler about not being a victim of your circumstances. Rape, murder, extreme poverty, and being the center of the biggest trial ever to hit his small town were waiting for Nelson upon his birth. But he used those hardships to fuel his life purpose and turn despair into a life complete with a loving family and a multimillion-dollar business empire. Nelson shares about his book, The Unlucky Sperm Club, where he tells his story and the app he developed to help others reach their goals. --- Send in a voice message:
As a former collegiate athlete with a disability, Luke Campbell set out to help other children like him. He is spearheading an movement to support athletes with disabilities, and enable them to pursue the opportunity to live an active lifestyle. Luke's goal is to give disabled children the opportunity to find normalcy and self-confidence through sports.In this episode Scott talks to Luke about learning to be comfortable in his own skin, and the part Disc Golf is now playing in his life. --- Send in a voice message:
My plans to Adventure Tour have brought me to the cliff's edge and now I've got to Ride or Die... Watch on YouTube for the full effect of this heart stopping Off-road Jeep Adventure. --- Send in a voice message:
J Scott Christianson is a Professor in the Business department at University of Missouri - Columbia that teaches emerging technologies like artificial intelligence, blockchain, and the internet of things (IoT) promise to transform industries, making them more productive with much less cost and environmental impact. I am fascinated by these things and was eager to dive in to learn and explore the latest developments in his field. --- Send in a voice message:
Diversify Disc Golf Founder Sally Chatman joins me today to voice  ideas, concerns, solutions and more to promoting more diversity in the disc golf community. Web Stuff: --- Send in a voice message:
When I came back into the Disc Golf world after my 13 year break, I heard about the "New Me" on the tour. Of course the buzz was about Simon Lizotte, who is quite a showman! I'm happy spend this interview with Simon catching up as his fan and friend. --- Send in a voice message:
In this episode, I spend some time chatting with author and podcaster, Patrick McCormick from Zen Disc Golf. We talk about our mutual passions of Disc Golf, the Special Needs community and how those interests changed our lives. Patrick continues this interview with me on the new season of his podcast available at --- Send in a voice message:
Niels Duinker has dreamed of becoming a successful international performer since he was 12 years old. Over the last 18 years he has turned that dream into a reality by winning gold medals at major juggling competitions and 8 Guinness World Records. I'm going to get to know him and explore ways our lives are similar as professionals in Alternative Sports. --- Send in a voice message:
I was recently asked how I deal with people that criticize and seem to want to bring me down. In this episode, I talk about overcoming the haters and my philosophy of branding myself as a Professional Disc Golfer. --- Send in a voice message:
Today I'm spending time with my friend, Paul Ulibarri. We bounce some questions from my fans and catch up on his Disc Golf career, teaching and touring. --- Send in a voice message:
I'm sharing about my most favorite place in the World. Canoeing on the Green River is life changing and I hope to inspire my frisbee family to join the adventure. --- Send in a voice message:
It's always a special treat to talk with my dear frisbee friends. Victor Malafronte shares some insight about how Disc Sports got its start and some stories about me growing up in Disc Golf. Victor published a book about the Berkeley Frisbee Group, contact him on Facebook to get your copy! --- Send in a voice message:
This episode of the Scott Stokely Podcast features my views on Disc Golf and Special Needs. How I got involved with adapting Disc Golf for people with disabilities, what I've learned, and some fun stories from my journey teaching Adaptive Disc Golf. --- Send in a voice message:
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