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College days swiftly pass, but the spirit of the fraternity lives on. Six brothers with deep ties put their love of sports, politics, and urban culture to the test. Add a touch of ego and you get this explosive auditory experience. Try and keep up or you’ll end up being the person that hears… WHOSE MANS IS THIS?!
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Yerrrrr welcome back to another edition of the Brotherhood Smoke Series.Our special guest Jamal "Mally" Norward of UpNorth Renovations LLC is back with us for some banter.Mally tells us about his time in Japan and... accidentally partying with someone associated with the Yakuza.An unbelievably true story. You don't want to miss this one!Tweet us @WMITPodcast6 or follow us/comment on our Instagram @WMITPodcast.See you next week!
Welcome back for another edition of the Brotherhood Smoke Series.Sometimes we engage in random banter. Sometimes we have mystery questions. Most of the time we're off the cuff.But... What if you and your spouse divorced and he/she makes significantly more than you... You asking for alimony or nah?Join us as we explore this scenario.Follow us on Instagram @WMITPodcast and on Twitter @WMITPodcast6
We all order from these delivery apps instead of going to the restaurants ourselves... But do you tip?In what situations don't you tip? Do you think wages are fair in the service industry?Join us as we discuss the nuances of tipping in the food and food/delivery industry.Follow/Tweet us on Twitter @WMITPodcast6, or follow/comment at us on Instagram @WMITPodcast
Mighty Mighty D-Block!Y'all remember that Verzuz battle. The Lox was on one. Some of y'all were smoking that Dip Set pack while Dip Set was getting smoked by the Lox.Maybe some of y'all think Cam, Juelz and Jim Jones had it. Join us as we talk about our take on one of the best Verzuz battles we've seen.Follow us and tweet us @WMITPodcast6Follow and drop a comment on IG @WMITPodcast
We back at it again, but this time it's for the culture.Join us in saluting the GOAT Rihanna.
Yerrrrr someone ring the bells and call the Maesters! Maybe we need Grand Maester Pycelle or Maester Aemon to save this guy.KD, we need to know if you have Greyscale or if you just don't own lotion. The people want to know.Tweet at us @WMITPodcast6 or DM/Leave a comment on IG @WMITPodcast
Yeerrrr! The signature greeting call between New Yorkers, commonly heard when crossing the street, riding public transportation, or holding a door open for someone whose running to catch up because they forgot their keys upstairs. This call, although seemingly simple, has the power to unite bitter rivals from one borough to the next and serves as the thread that holds together the unified identity that is New York City.Join the WM?T squad and a special guest hostess for another brotherhood smoke series where they shoot the sh#%t  and argue about everything from Ja Rule vs. Fat Joe to nuances of different parking techniques and the connotations that come with each. This free-form format is packed with laughs, arguments, and even a few tears...per the usual with these guys. So go ahead and hit the subscribe button already...You don't want to miss when we find out WHOSE MANS IS THIS?!
Grrrrrrrrr!! It's season 2 and the WM?T gang is back at it again bringing you their signature Brotherhood Smoke Series. For those who forgot (or were misfortunate enough to never know), the Brotherhood Smoke sessions gives you an inside peek at the guys during their realest, rawest, most uncensored conversations. Guaranteed to have you in stitches, this short-form content is jam-packed with tons of stories, jokes, arguments and laughs that you can snack on all day but will still leave you wanting just a little bit more. Can't get enough? Good! The next full episode is right around the corner (check out Szn.2 Ep.1 "The Best Sex). So lace up your timbs and hold on to your scullies, the WM?T boys said it's gonna be a cold winter! 
Haaaannn! Whats Good WM?T Gang!  Top of the morning or afternoon or whatever time it is where you're at. We appreciate you for joining us once again for the best podcast mini-series in the streets right now. Yes we know, the streets have been calling! That's why the WM?T Boyz have brought you the perfect way to start your weekends. Pop in real quick and see what the gang is talking about this week. You're guaranteed to be laughing until you cry...or you might just cry. Either way, you don't want to miss out on this one. No matter what, as is customary with the good folks over at WM?T productions, by the end you'll be asking yourself "Yo Whose Mans Is This?!" 
Hood Morning to all of You, our loyal listeners. We appreciate your undying support and as always we appreciate you choosing us over all them other bum-a$$ podcasts out there. Now that we got all the pleasantries out of the way, it's time to GET RIGHT on this glorious holiday. You're more than welcome to stay for the show, but this one here is for the most thorough listeners of them all, so proceed with caution beloved! The WM?T Boys are back with a special 4/20 edition of the highly requested Brotherhood Smoke Series. It's only right, we went in the vault and dug up one of our funniest conversations yet. We dropped some gems on y'all with our last episode, so now it's time to kick back, roll-up or pour-up(whichever vice gets you nice), and get ready for non-stop laughter with the guys...and of course, when the time is right(you'll know it when you hear it), make sure you call out WHOSE MANS IS THIS?!?!
Yeerrrrrrr! Hope you enjoyed your Easter weekend cuz the WM?T Boys definitely did! We're back at the top of the week, with another special edition of our Brotherhood Smoke Series guaranteed to have you laughing all week. As States all across the country are re-opening, Americans are getting back to some of our favorite past times. And most notably, live concerts and performances are making their way back and people can't wait to turn-up to their favorite artists with friends, family, and the thousands of like-minded strangers. So the WM?T Boys went back in the vault to discuss some of the best live shows they've ever been to and things get crazy when the debate shifts to who holds the title as the BEST LIVE PERFORMER OF ALL-TIME! Tap in the Guys one time and get your laugh on and of course when it's all said and done, don't forget to ask yourself....WHOSE MANS IS THIS?!
You're Welcome! You've been with us on this crazy journey so far and now you've finally made into the inner circle of this podcast and our most secret traditions, shhhh. College days swiftly pass, but the spirit of the fraternity lives on...especially during our Brotherhood Smoke sessions! This is the guys in their most relaxed and laid-back states, and where they get a chance to shoot the s**t and reminisce about simpler times. This makes for some raw, unfiltered, hilarious content that the WM?T boys are known for. Check out our pilot episode for this dope new series called, Raspberry Beret. It's sure to have you asking WHOSE MANS IS THIS?!Raspberry Beret: The fellas start with a good ole fashion debate about the "Queen of the Bronx" and her place in the music industry today. But in true Brotherhood Smoke fashion, the guys start digging into the crates and reminiscing on their favorite oldies and the music we all grew up on. One of the guys even busts a little tune that you don't want to miss hahaha.  Tweet us @WMITPodcast6Follow us on Instagram @WMITPodcast
Inflation 101

Inflation 101


Welcome back for another episode. We took a little break because we outside!But while being outside, we noticed some things a few months back... Like the price of our favorite snacks from childhood. These prices are WILD.Speaking of wild prices, let's talk about inflation. How does it start? What is some contributing factors? What can be done? How can the government or businesses make it easier for the people?We discuss all of this and more. Join us for an informative good time.When you're done, tell what snacks and other items you like that have been affected by inflation by tweeting us @WMITPodcast6 or comment on Instagram @WMITPodcast.



If our podcast ever got hit with a RICO charge, we know who's taking the fall here... Oh Captain, My Captain...But jokes aside... Let's talk about something serious. Juneteenth.How did Juneteenth come about? What does the day commemorate? Why is a federal holiday?  Who should celebrate the holiday? Is there anything that we are still owed?We tackle all those questions and more. And from varying perspectives. Some you may agree with and some you might not... In any event, tweet us @WMITPodcast6 on Twitter and comment on IG @WMITPodcast.See you next week.
Freedom of Tweet

Freedom of Tweet


Welcome back!! What are your thoughts about Johnny and Amber? Megan and Tory? Who in the wrong the wrong? Who isn't? You waiting on the verdict? Well we got one and are still waiting for another... Let us know your thoughts.But what about Elon flexing on the world. Mans is buying Twitter for $43 Billion... Yeah. With a "B." Do you think it will be the same? I know one thing for sure... Black Twitter will never change and we will continue to carry that app.Tweet us @WMITPodcast6Comment on IG @WMITPodcast
Welcome back to another enlightening, yet entertaining, episode.We gotta say... We love everyone in all shapes, sizes, colors, etc. We don't discriminate, but one of us lost a few pounds and we trying to big him up a little.wBut to the topic at hand... Our generation vacations. Some of us have family that are from a country outside of the U.S. And some of us wish we could live elsewhere. Join us as we do a deep dive into the migration patterns of young African Americans in modern times. Why are we moving? Is there a great migration to the South and the West? Are we leaving the U.S. entirely and moving to another country? We explore all of these questions and more.Tap in and keep the conversation going by @'ing us on Twitter @WMITPodcast6 and on Instagram @WMITPodcast.See you next week!
Mr. Full Custody

Mr. Full Custody


Welcome back Get y'all meatballs and Burberry shirts together for this baby shower.Speaking of babies... What would you do...You know what, we don't want to ruin the experience with too much info about the question in this episode. But imagine you're in a situation like Lawrence, Issa and Condola.How you gonna respond? What will you do? What steps will you take? Life comes at you fast!Follow us on Twitter @WMITPodcast6 and Instagram @WMITPodcast
Living Longer

Living Longer


Welcome back, welcome back, welcome back for another day with the WM?T guys. We got a great episode in store for you!But, first. Is Russ a good fit for the Lakers? You'll hear our initial reaction with more to come later.On the real... Let's talk about fitness and health. Do you workout? Do you meditate? Is your diet good for you? We realize everyone isn't meant to be a weight lifter, as does our special guest Evans Housey of Living Longer.Evans shares with us his approach to helping others achieve their fitness goals. Also, he talks with us about some things he found helpful for himself that could help you too.Don't miss out on this one because it may change your life(style)!Follow us on Twitter @WMITPodcas6 and Instagram @WMITPodcast.See you next week!
Buy the Block

Buy the Block


We back again with a special guest.You ever wake up on a nice warm day and realize you have to mow the lawn or fix a window in your house or paint a room... Some of us have and we are sure some of you have too.Do you want to buy a home? Do you understand mortgages? Do you know what an escrow account is? How about climate friendly homes? Or, do you own a home? Partake in AirBnB? Want to explore renovations?Join us as we chat it up with Jamal "Maly" Norward of Up North Renovations LLC. He shares his experience, suggestions and advice for those owning or looking to own a home. Get your pen and paper handy because this episode is filled with information you don't want to miss. You can find UNR LLC on Instagram @UpNorthReno.Oh! And, whats the best borough out of the five?Tweet us @WMITPodcast6 or Comment on IG @WMITPodcast
Pops and Predators

Pops and Predators


Welcome back, welcome back, welcome back to another episode and we got some heat in store for you.At what age is joining a gang not worth it?And, what's up with Scottie and Mike? Scottie salty? Mike a savage? We dive into whether Mike did right with the documentary and if Scottie is a pop for what he said in his memoirs.And speaking of being a pop, we get into it about P.J. Washington and Brittany Renner. Who is wrong and who is right? Is there a double standard? And speaking of double standards, did the media treat Kyrie and A-Rod different when it came to their vax stances? Well, let's talk about it.Don't forget to tweet us @WMITPodcast6 and follow us/comment on Instagram @WMITPodcast.Enjoy and see you next week!
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