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People Of Carmen Podcast (P.O.C Podcast)

Author: Carmen

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A podcast by an Arabic woman who lives in Berlin, works in tech during the day and does stand up comedy during the night. The podcast addresses challenging topics such as: politics in the Middle East, situation of Arabs living abroad, feminism, stand up comedy and much more! All topics are discussed from a fresh, new and honest perspective!
6 Episodes
It’s been a while!! I had the pleasure to record a new episode with a very special guest that I got the chance to meet recently through our volunteering work at the same NGO.Please meet Rayan Korri: Lebanese Phd student living now in Germany and one of the most active and dedicated people I’ve ever met. Her Phd research project is about Sexual and Reproductive Health of Adolescent Refugee Girls and Young Women in Lebanon.Rayan will tell us more in this episode about the social work projects that she has worked on, her Phd thesis, the challenges she has faced as an Arabic woman working in academia and living now in Europe.There is a bit of noise when I speak, sorry for that peeps, but the whole episode is really a blast and very inspiring! Hope you enjoy it!
Episode 5 - Arabic Feminism

Episode 5 - Arabic Feminism


In this episode I have the pleasure to interview one of my oldest and dearest friend in Berlin: Farah Nimri.Farah comes all the way from Jordan, she studied Engineering and has been living and working in different fields in Germany for the last 6 years. In this episode we discuss about: the meaning of Feminism  to us, as Arabic women who have spent the majority of their lives in the Middle East, how did our view about the topic change with time especially after moving to Europe, what challenges do we still face nowadays and what are our aspirations for the future. Here is a photo of us both feeling disappointed of the current state of our Arabic eyebrows during lockdown. We hope that you will like the episode. 
In this episode, I have the pleasure to have as my guest: Fabian Barahmeh.Fabian is Palestinian, he lives in Berlin, is a very funny comedian, and owns a comedy club in Berlin. We talk about the different aspects of the Palestinian-Israeli conflict and discuss it from the point of view of Arabs. 
A lot of people have analyzed the results of the US elections from the point of view of the “western world”: what would it mean for the US, for Europe, …? But what about the rest of the world?Yes the whole world was waiting impatiently for the results including the Middle East. And I will be talking about that in this episode of People Of Carmen (P.O.C)
In this episode I tell you all about my 8 year journey in stand up comedy.I discuss topics such as:How did I start doing stand up, how did I develop my skills and be able to move from 5minutes on stage to an hour, what kind of challenges did I face or am still facing especially with this year,  how does it feel to be performing the same set but in different languages, what does it mean for me to be an Arabic woman performing stand up, how does my family view it ... And many more aspects to that journey! I hope you enjoy it!PS: the sound is supposed to be better. 
Episode 1 - Intro

Episode 1 - Intro


This is the first ever episode of my first ever podcast!!It took me 10 trials, before I got the guts to put it online!In this first episode, I introduce myself, and what the podcast will be about.And then I move on to talking about all the challenges that we face as Arabs living in Europe, especially in today's difficult political timesHope you enjoy it!
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