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The Art Of Interesting People

Author: Connor McNicholas

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A fun podcast exploring great stories and sharing some great ideas.
19 Episodes
Today I am joined by John Sharp from the Beckley Foundation to chat everything Psychedelics. We chatted everything Beckley is doing for Psychedelic policy reform. Can Mushrooms stop you smoking? What is DMT? Can MDMA be used for PTSD? We had a cracking discussion on todays episode, I hope you enjoy!
Today I am joined by legendary adult film star, elite sexual coach and author Erik Everhard. We talked about Erik's time in the porn industry, his book, how he coaches men, the best advice he has given, spirituality and the craziest thing he has seen on set. This is an amazing episode and one that I hope you enjoy.https://www.erikeverhard.comPainCaveco Paincave co was born out of the idea that gym wear should be affordable for the average person. Wh
Today I am joined by my good friend Ben, We talked about our journeys within the last two years and how we have overcame challenges physically and mentally. We had cracking discussion about social media and mental health and how that affects us. I hope you enjoy todays episode as its a good one.
Episode 14 Kev Mcphee

Episode 14 Kev Mcphee


Today I am joined by Kev Mcphee to talk about his book The Speed Of Breakdown.  We sat down for a good chat about the book, mental health and social media.
Today I am joined by one of the most exciting talents in comedy. Me and Lauren sat down to have a good chat about her career from her first show at the fringe to working in TV.  It was an absolute pleasure to talk to Lauren and learn about her career and the comedy scene. I hope you enjoy!!
Today I am joined by The Original African to talk about how he started his social media, youtube, starring in a Ken Loach film and how to stay positive.
Today I am Joined by Anth Hopper aka DJ Hopper. We talked about everything from Makina, Music,  competing, and as always 3 things you wish you knew when you were 21. 
Today I am joined by Kyle Gibson aka Kyle v Food. It was a pleasure to talk to Kyle about what it's like to be a competitive eater, training your body,  worst food challenges, and peanut butter and jelly fries. It's all here. I hope you enjoy!!
Today I am joined by my good mate Shane. We get deep in this podcast and I mean deep. We talk about Shanes life and how to conquer hard challenges in your life. We also talk about Veganism and Shane's first encounters with it. Enjoy today's episode, it's a good one!
Today I am joined by Ellis Stewart author of the book Everest: It's not about the summit.  I Had the pleasure of having Ellis on to talk about his 20-year journey with Everest.  
Today I am joined by the legendary Pav. We had an amazing talk about fat loss and the habits that get you there with life-changing results. How being part of a community can help you smash your goals, CrossFit, and an unusual cheat meal. Loved recording this episode with Pav and I hope you enjoy it.
Today I have Jamie Boyle, an eight-time best selling amazon author.  Jamie has written books on the notorious heavyweight boxer and criminal Paul sykes, the taxman Brian Cockerill and Gary Firby. We also talk about how to face negativity through social media and drop the best quote at the end that will leave you gobsmacked. Enjoy!!!
Today I am joined by Jimmy McNicholas who shares with me his time on Broadway including the opening night at Hamilton. We discuss the state of the arts during Corona and we talk about why you should try something new. 
Today I am joined by Leigh Venus. Leigh is the Community Leader of the Minimalists Newcastle group. In this episode, we talk about minimalism, Newcastle,  film, and as always 3 things you wish you knew when you were 21.  Really enjoyed this episode and I hope you do as well. Enjoy!!
On this episode we have the legend that is Gary Noble. A bouncer for 12 years and one of the funniest guys around. On this episode we talk about working on the doors of a strip club, fights, and what it takes to be a bouncer. I hope you enjoy 
In today's episode, we have professor Simon Winlow. In his research, Simon became wrapped up in the world of bouncing while writing his book Badfellas. Hold tight because this is a good episode!!
Emma Casey shares her research on gambling. From bingo to candy crush,  we have the answers for you. I hope you enjoy it!
Welcome to the very first episode were I am joined by Chris Short. My Brazilian Ju-Jitsu coach, Chris is a black belt within the sport and has trained with the worlds best coaches and athletes. He set up Alliance Newcastle 4 years ago after living and training in Brazil under the guidance of Alexandre 'Gigi' Paiva. We had a right good discussion on this first episode talking about what its like to be a black belt, run your own gym, training in Brazil and protecting your mental health. I really hope you enjoy.
Lets start things by giving you an introduction to the podcast and whats to come in the next few weeks.
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