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Author: Cross Church

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This is a podcast where pastors from Cross Church take a deeper dive into things that we didn’t get to this weekend! Listen is as we get to hear from Pastors` across our network of campuses
17 Episodes
Pastor Andrew and TC talk through what it takes to find peace even when everything is CRAZY!
The pull of compromise can draw your life off course.  The guys share some practical tips to staying anchored to God and His purpose through the best and the worst seasons of life.
Some of the best ways to develop relationships also enhance our leadership.  Pastor Jackie and Pastor Andrew share some tips that can bring life to your workplace, your marriage, and your relationships.
Even the greatest of romances battle tension and conflict.  Is the love story broken by these disagreements or is it strengthened?  The guys share some things they have learned about fighting fair with those you love. — The guys (well 2 of them) discuss the upcoming game but really celebrate what is upcoming at Cross Church.If you missed this message, check it out here:
Special Guest, Monty Patton, joins the Orange Couch Talk this week to give some insight into the discouragement of churches, pastors, and people as the pandemic continues in 2021.
God still uses us when we make mistakes, but what are we supposed to do when we make those mistakes?  The guys give some great handles on making a comeback from a setback.
The first Orange Couch Talk of 2021! The guys share a little sneak peek on what's coming up in the new series through Esther and more.
The gang's back together again! Pastor Jackie, Andrew, and TC tackle the price of judging others too harshly and eating spicy popcorn without water. 
A little bit of holiday worry finds a remedy with a little bit of the right Christmas spirit. Orange Couch Talks celebrates episode 10!
The guys take a closer look at some practical tips for healthy romance, marriage, and life.
Special guest Pastor Chris Sonsken joins the Orange Couch Talks this week and shares the differences between problems to solve and tensions to manage.
Join us this week as our Pastors talk about Pumpkin Pie and what Proof is! 
Listen in this week as our pastors discuss who the G.O.A.T. is and what that has to do with this weekend's message!
Tune in this week as we dive into Worship and What is looks like to have no supervision!
Does unity diminish our diversity?  Our pastors tackle the need for distinctiveness, the effectiveness of unity, and a few sermon fails! 
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