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Every person can be a source of good in the world. What they do with themselves and their mindset can create the world that they want to live in. They just need to wake the F up. Fairness, equality, and sustainability should be on your mind in everything you do. Join Liza Florida as she talks to high-impact coach and the founder/CEO of DAREHuman, Susanne Goldstein. Learn how Susanne wakes people up so they can make the world a better and fairer place. Discover her own story of how she awakened her life at the age of four. Know more about feminine energy and why it's okay to embrace it. Find out how you can become an untamed fox in the world you live in today.
We are all so used to taking care of everything ourselves that we begin believing we should not have needs because it will make us needy. This episode's guest says otherwise: that having needs is exactly what makes us human. Tara Eusebi joins Liza Florida to share with us how she is bringing a community together that helps and empowers one another. She is the Founder and Chief Blesser of Bless, the mobile application that connects people from every part of the world. Tara then tells us how she stepped away from a successful career in corporate America to pursue her passion and the lessons she learned about moving with faith and changing lives.
Have you ever asked yourself spiritual questions such as What is my purpose in life? What do I have to do? What am I really here for? If the answer’s yes, then maybe it’s time to reconnect with your intuition! In today’s episode, Whitney McNeill shares the spirit guides she uses to align people with their life purposes and help them live in spiritual abundance. Whitney is certified medium, spiritual teacher, and spiritual mentor. She founded the six-figure business Messenger of Spirit, which offers a variety of courses, including the signature 12-week program named “The Intuition Abundance Academy.” Tune in and learn how to deal with your energy shifts and reconnect with your spirit!
There are forces beyond us that go unnoticed that steer us to the path meant for us. With all the chaos in the universe, there are divine entities that point us in the direction of abundance. Abi Levine found that connection. She went from an unloved and homeless foster child to money manifesting Queen with a talent for Angel Communication. In this episode, Abi sits down with Liza Florida to help us manifest abundance with her divine connection to the angels. She commits to healing people and finding their journey in abundance and growth. Abi takes us on her journey and reveals the six steps of the Wealth Alchemy Formula. How can you discern between a red flag and fear? Is it trauma stopping you from achieving abundance, or is it the truth? Learn more as Abi shares her wisdom. 
Most of us walk with an entourage of spirit guides and don’t even know about it. Some guides are with us for a specific moment in life. Most of us have at least one spirit guide in our entire life, but some have multiple spirit guides. In this episode, Laura West, the host of A Guided Life Podcast, sits with Liza Florida to share her journey in connecting to the other side. She talks about her purpose in spreading the word of love and intuition by sharing her Soul Teams and how loved and guided we are. Tune in to this awe-inspiring episode with Laura West as our guide to connect us with those on the other side.
There are so many religions in this world that for those looking for that spiritual connection, finding one can be a struggle. Our guest in this episode found herself in this dilemma until she was given advice: "when your soul finds its home, your heart will know." Eventually, she found hers in Sufism. Liza Florida introduces us to Dr. Rabia Subhani, a neuropsychologist who, after a spiritual epiphany in 2013, became immersed in learning mindfulness and self-compassion. Here, Dr. Subhani shares with us her story of spiritual awakening and how this extended to her work helping neurodiverse children and their families. She dives deep into autism, the benefits of meditation, and the key teachings of Sufism that taught her all about remembrance and love. So walk with a Sufi in this conversation and gain great insights on spirituality, medicine, and, most of all, love.
Today’s guest shares a novel, innovative approach to accessing your spirituality and achieving that high-level transformation through playfulness. Thomas Edwards Jr. is the creator + author of The 1up Effect. He is a playfulness expert, coach, and innovative visionary in maximizing fulfillment in life, working with professionals, leaders, and businesses wanting to level up by gamifying the path to achieving purpose. In this episode, he shares his struggles with addiction and how he came to his journey towards realization and that higher purpose. As a conscious masculine soul, Thomas is here to make an impact and help others as much as possible. Be inspired by his story and moved by his methods by tuning in.
Believing in the divinity of life is far different from knowing and embodying it. Here to share how she accessed her higher level of healing and living is Tiffany Wylder. Tiffany is a Transformational Coach and energetic healer passionate about guiding people to connect with their authentic selves. She integrates her background in psychology and her enlightened wisdom on spirituality to help others holistically care for their wellbeing and achieve personal growth and healing in all areas. This spiritual journey isn’t always smooth sailing. After being diagnosed with chronic fatigue syndrome, it took years for Tiffany to achieve the level of healing she’s at today. Open your mind and find out how you can access these frequencies and live your most authentic life to the fullest.
Spiritual alchemy is the path to sovereignty. What we see ourselves as isn’t what we were meant to be. It takes intention to liberate our true essence from the personality that was imposed on us. Numerology can help you start on the way to sovereignty by calculating your birth card. This is what numerologist and soul-led visionary leader Daphne Wells does best, among many other amazing things. Daphne joins this conversation with Liza to explain exactly how she found her way to this incredible journey. She also shows us how we can stop giving our energy away so we can truly be confident with ourselves and be able to create the life that we want and deserve. If you’re reading this right now, you have been attracted to this conversation. Stay tuned until the end and make the most of each of Daphne’s nuggets of wisdom!
Entrepreneurship comes with its ups and downs, but more often than not, the biggest obstacle we face is ourselves. How do we tackle these inner workings that stop us from becoming thriving entrepreneurs? Lia Zorzou had to face a struggle in her life to truly find herself, her goal, and her purpose. Now she offers the world's first experiential emotional intelligence online leadership program. Join host Liza Florida as they discuss how Lia is building an empire of thriving entrepreneurs, helping them overcome challenges in their quest for greatness, and empowering them to pursue their fullest potential. It all starts with belief. Tune in as she shares mindset strategies and practical skills you can and should develop to reach your goals in business and in life.
When dealing with cancer, it’s essential to understand the underlying causes physically, emotionally, and mentally. If you haven’t heard of a holistic approach to treating cancer, this episode may be for you. Cindy Scott is the CEO and Founder of Evolving Women Co and the host of the Rethinking Cancer Podcast. In this episode, Cindy joins host Liza Florida to share her cancer journey and what it was like going through a second breast cancer diagnosis at the start and height of the pandemic. Cindy learned to unpack and find healing from within, along with undergoing several procedures to overcome her cancer. Today, she guides other women to connect with their bodies and minds and develop a positive mindset to help them through their cancer journeys. Tune in to learn more and be inspired by her story.
Although we all live different lives, at the heart of it, we are all very much the same. We are all human beings going through life, looking for our purpose. And we are very much connected to each other. This is what today's guest has found and continues to promote: we are the Universe's vessels of consciousness, and we all have the same capacity to dream, hope, and love. John Lefebvre has been a number of things. One he greatly acknowledges is his privilege. And he believes the greatest benefit of privilege is the capacity to be philanthropic. In this episode, he shares with us his great insights on life, consciousness, and our place in the Universe in relation to each other. He also imparts some great wisdom from his book, All's Well, unlocking true sovereignty through love.
We can all go so far on our own. However, nothing makes the journey sweeter than being connected with like-minded individuals and passionate souls. Kristi King Perras knows this to be true. Having felt alone in various stages of her journey of homecoming, reclamation, and healing, Kristi found the value of having a community. She founded The Expanded Soul Movement, a movement of women in community and sacred sisterhood devoted to healing themselves and stepping into their divine sovereign leadership so they can light up the world with their mission and impact. In this episode, she joins Liza Florida to share with us how she stepped into a role that gathers women into a space where they can use their voices and come home to themselves. 
Many of us go through life trying to find that proverbial “there.” We are in the present not knowing what to do and where to go. Our guest’s story shows that when we listen and pay attention enough, the universe reveals itself. And we find our calling. Lynne Marion is an Intuitive Life Coach, Akashic Records Teacher & Practitioner, and a Heartfulness Meditation Trainer. Before that, she was a mathematician who found herself at a crossroads of breaking up with her passion. Then one day, she was pulled by a certain book that led her to Akashic records, eventually revealing what she is here to do. In this episode, she joins Liza Florida to share how she followed her calling and, on the way, began illuminating hearts to their highest truth. Join Lynne in this conversation and get inspired to follow what your soul seeks.
Creating a harmonious life requires you to meld both your internal self and your external environment to understand their impact on each other. One way to navigate that aspect of achieving holistic healing is through Feng Shui. Joining Liza Florida is Patsy Balacchi, the Founder, Creative Director, and Feng Shui Expert of the design studio and platform for wholistic healing, Zenotica™. In this episode, Patsy enlightens on how your environment can reflect what's going on inside and how changing that aspect can also impact your life internally. She also shares how she got into diving deeper into alternative, holistic healing practices after being diagnosed with Hepatitis C. There's a lot of wisdom in this episode that you won't want to miss. Gain new perspectives and strategies to accessing and achieving your full self by tuning in.
What happens when you combine the ancient wisdom of esoteric philosophy with essential oils and medicine? You'll create vibrational medicine with transformative healing effects. You will feel awakened. You'll start to understand that everyone is a multi-dimensional being placed on this Earth. You'll remember the divine knowledge and ancient teaching that's held within you. You will understand how you connect with all the kingdoms of life. That is what this vibrational medicine can do. Join Liza Florida as she talks to author, alchemist, vibrational medicine expert Adora Winquist about building a community through medicine. She wishes to reawaken everyone's life on Earth again. Learn how she discovered the essential oils industry and how she innovated vibrational medicine. Find out how to trust yourself and just be true to yourself. Discover your healing journey today!
When you are not true to yourself, your mind and body will not be in alignment. And, when they're not aligned, all your negative emotions will start to come through. You'll start to feel alone and you need to be able to step into your greatest truth to stop that from happening. Learn how to belong to yourself so that you can process all your negative emotions. Join Liza Florida as she talks to Yana Dashevsky about stepping into your greater truth. Yana is a life coach who is on a mission to cure the world of loneliness one soul at a time. Yana will make you know that you are not alone. Discover her story from her drug addiction days to learning about Kabbalah. Learn how she processed these traumas by somatic mediation and ecstatic dancing. Know how to belong to yourself and be aware of the divine timing of your journey today.
How does our soul and human design impact the way we do business? Here to explain is Priscilla Stephan. Priscilla is an Intuitive Business Strategist and the Creator of the Soulfluent® Leadership Archetypes. She works with purpose-driven entrepreneurs to grow sustainable, world-changing businesses that support the greater good. In this episode, she joins Liza Florida to break down the five archetypes: mystic, visionary, explorer, strategist, and the divine feminine. Priscilla enlightens on how knowing your true authentic self can help you navigate your business in a way that resonates with your soul and purpose. Listen to understand the valuable message and insight she shares today.
Sometimes, you feel something is off with your life so you want to change something. It could be in any aspect of your life. Just like our guest in today's episode! Chelsea Fournier desired a complete transformation. She left her career in a law firm, including her marriage, because she felt so disconnected, which caused anxiety and panic attacks. In this episode, she shares why you need to align your life’s purpose so that you can inspire people around you. Learn how you can ignite others on a mission by tuning in!
The path to true awakening is not singular but multidimensional. Join Liza Florida as she chats with Kristen Stuart on her Sacred Femme Journey, and the two share their wondrous first meeting that didn’t feel like a first meeting at all. Kristen speaks on empowering women in reclaiming their femininity to fully achieve that next level of spiritual connection. She also talks about light body healing work and her knowledge of the Akashic records, and how she’s letting her wisdom flow through her clients. Join them on this journey to elevated consciousness by activating light, love, joy, wealth, and abundance.
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Genesis Amaris Kemp

Liza is a phenomenal Podcast Host and her smile 😁 😊 truly lights up the room. She has a warm, friendly, open, charismatic spirit and her mission with the Eight Billion Project Podcast is AMAZING. Please make sure you check out her episodes and become a part of this much-needed movement. People like Liza make the world a better place because not only is she helping others but she is being transparent, bold, courageous, and taking ownership in her space despite the background. - Mrs. Genesis Amaris Kemp, Author of Chocolate Drop in Corporate America: From The Pit to the Palace

May 10th
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