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Three guys from three different parts of the world policing the absurd.
From News to entertainment with a dash of irreverence. Join Tem, Ken, and Harshy
for a fun discussion about everything and anything
57 Episodes
Is Monster Hunter movie worth watching?Find out with us.We break down clips from the movie and give you honest opinions and facts.Stick till the end to find out the verdict.
This episode got really R-rated so if you don't have a stomach for Adult talk, either skip this one or listen and leave us a review!
We watched Willy's Wonderland and we have some thoughts.We break down the cinematography, the plot, the plotholes, and all other naughty parts Willy's Wonderland has to offer.
Welcome to Season 2 of Two Wongs and A White!~Watch on YouTube:
Rowdy Rogan tricked everybody in believing he was banned from Call of Duty Warzone.Was that ethical?
#TwoWongsAndAWhite #China #FlightAttendant
#TwoWongsAndAWhite #BatmanMovie #JohnnyDeppWho is the best movie Joker?~Watch the Full Episode on YouTube:
#TwoWongsAndAWhite #Monogram #JayZWhat celebrity cannabis brand would you buy?~Watch the Full Episode on YouTube:
#TwoWongsAndAWhite #JoeRogan #spotifyWhat do you think of Spotify video?~Watch the Full Episode on YouTube:
#TwoWongsAndAWhite #coronavirus #ChinaTheaters are still open in China but we are not sure about the safety of theaters. Watch the Full Episode on YouTube:
#TwoWongsAndAWhite #SexOffender #BritishDoes she belong to the streets or deserves her justified court case? ~Watch the Full Episode on YouTube:
#TwoWongsAndAWhite #Torrents #PiracyDid you ever Torrent anything on the internet?Watch the Full Episode on YouTube:
#NewYear #podcast #NewYearResolutionsT.W.A.W.T.S resolution is to reach 500 subs!We didn't reach 500 subs :(Watch the full episode on YouTube:
Did you buy a PS5 this holiday season or did Scalpers get your PS5?
What was your most memorable Christmas Day?
British Father tired of his dad bod, gets an instant six-pack via surgery!
Would you spend a few hours a day in an Oxygen Machine to live longer?
#DavidJPPhillips #PublicSpeaker #JPPhillipsDavid JP Phillips is an international speaker, author & coach.
Should [AdultSwim] make a Rick and Morty Movie?
We love the Matrix Franchise.The Matrix 4 is currently set to hit theaters on December 22, 2021
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