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Author: Jordan Chase

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The Chase MedSearch Podcast dives deep into the world of the medical device sales industry. We interview industry leaders and experts about their experiences in the industry, the lessons they've learned and the keys for growing and developing your brand. We also offer advice to up-and-coming entrepreneurs on to get in, stay in and evolve in this niche of the industry.
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Beth Bertelson, a deeply experienced medical device employment lawyer, dropped by the Chase MedSearch podcast to discuss the FTC ruling and what it means for the industry.
Alexandra Center and Mike Cummins of Development Dimensions International return to the Chase MedSearch podcast discussing Sales Leadership Development and DDI’s processes to enhance organizational leadership capabilities.
featuring Jamie Tipton, Principal - Founder, Clutch City Medical
Dr. Yi-Kai Lo, the co-founder and CEO of Aneuvo joined me on the Chase MedSearch podcast to discuss exciting developments in the field of external Neuromodulation for spinal cord injury patients.
In the latest episode of the Chase MedSearch podcast I interview Jon Alwinson, author of “Relentless Sales: The Skills, Mentality & Faith needed to be great in sales.” Jon is a highly successful Sales Manager with over 15 years of experience, most of it in medical device sales. He’s both won a number of awards and coached his team to win a number of awards.We had a great conversation about breaking into medical device sales and the book he’s authored which I have begun recommending ...
Melanie Wood at PI Midlantic helps organizations hire better sales representatives immediately using her company’s behavioral assessment. I have a client that has adopted her process with stellar hiring results and corresponding exceptional sales performance. Recently I took the assessment myself and shared it with my team. It's remarkable how accurate the assessment is, and the insights a candidate and organization can gain so quickly. Listen in and grow!
Recently, something new happened! A member of our podcast audience reached out to suggest a topic AND asked if he could be a guest.Josh Reynolds is not a client of mine, but his topic was so intriguing I wanted to have him on immediately.Josh is an Area VP from OrthoFundamentals and competes in the very fast growing SI fusion marketplace. In this episode we discussed Josh’s career, his perspective on the SI market, coding and reimbursement advancements, handling complications and his company’...
The STAR interviewing technique (also known as Targeted Selection Behavioral Interviewing System) has been used for years in the hiring process for many industries including medical devices.Two experts, Alexandra Center, Business Development Consultant and Mike Cummins, Manager, Client Partners, both of DDI joined me on the Chase Medsearch podcast to discuss successful STAR interviewing methods from the employer and candidate perspective.
Scott Platoff returns to the Chase Medsearch podcast. In a wide ranging discussion we cover the startup DNA of medical device companies and reps.A big question on the table - “Are you ready to do this?”
In this episode, Allison joins the Chase MedSearch podcast to discuss starting her career in healthcare sales after beginning a family.
Ben Gignac is the epitome of a successful medical device sales rep who hustled his way into the industry through pure grit and determination. He's been in the space for nearly a decade, working his way through several industry leaders until ultimately landing in the endovascular space. Through his tenure, Ben has navigated a diverse number of call points, and now spends his time being a vital asset to not only interventionalists, but also to hospital systems, where he partners with different ...
Crossing the Chasm has gone through 3 editions, over 1 million copies sold and has been named as one of Inc. Magazine’s top ten marketing books of all time. Praise for Crossing the Chasm is not hard to find. The author of Crossing the Chasm, Dr. Geoffrey Moore, dropped by to discuss his book and why it endures in popularity and effectiveness with early-stage high technology companies including medical device startups. 77 years strong, our session was his THIRD podcast of the day!
Nile Harris is a former medical device field marketer, strategist, and creator of HVG Executive Solutions, who partners with MedTech and life sciences organizations to formulate and execute winning strategies and effective marketing plans. In a wide ranging discussion, Nile dropped by the Chase MedSearch podcast to share insights that included managing conflict between sales and clinical team members on field sales teams.
For multiple decades, Marcus Reid ran one of the largest and most successful Pain Neuromodulation districts in the world. Well-liked and universally respected, Marcus has been a much sought after guest on my podcast. Now in a recent and very active retirement, Marcus dropped by to share some of his secrets on creating success for himself and others in the world of both Pain Neuromodulation and Movement Disorders.
Colleen Matschi is a deeply experienced career coach and advisor. She is especially skilled at coaching individuals who are experiencing job transitions. Colleen joined the Chase Medsearch Podcast to discuss her advice for creating a customized career transition strategy that leverages each client's unique key strengths and skills. Colleen also discussed several cutting edge tools she uses as part of this process.
Danielle is the host of “The Dream Job with Danielle Cobo” and a former Fortune 500 Medical Sales Manager (and working mother) that led her team to #1 despite significant challenges and a job that required 60% travel. It was around this time her husband deployed as a Blackhawk helicopter pilot. In this episode, Jordan and Danielle discuss the effects of burnout, how to self-diagnose it, and most importantly, how to avoid it.
Albert Turgon has always walked to the beat of his own drummer. From college at Texas Tech to elevator sales and into the medical device world, Albert has not been afraid to push limits, change paradigms, and ultimately leverage the trusted relationships he’s built as he crafted his own highly successful distribution network in the spine and interventional pain world. Albert joined the Chase MedSearch podcast to discuss the highs and lows of a career in medical devices and starting his own bu...
Brian Storrer returns to the podcast! Brian is the President of Coast to Coast Recruiters and an incredibly successful recruiter based in Austin, Texas. In this discussion we cover the state of the medical device industry with respect to hiring and layoffs.
Scott Platoff returns to the show! Scott is the VP Executive Search at Howard-Sloan and a valued friend of Jordan's in the recruiting business. In this episode, the two discuss the current state of hiring in the Medtech industry with a particular focus on those impacted by recent reduction in force activity and the steps they can take to get back in the game mentally and professionally.
My guest today knows about busting NCAA basketball brackets and has taken a foray into medical sales! Ricky Moore is a college basketball legend. Ricky Moore became the first NCAA Division I player in history to win a championship as a player and then as a coach! During his time at UConn as a player, Ricky was a three-time co-captain for the Huskies and led them to their first national championship against a very heavily favored Duke squad in 1999. His defense against two Duke players i...