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Author: Jordan Chase

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The Chase MedSearch Podcast dives deep into the world of the medical device sales industry. We interview industry leaders and experts about their experiences in the industry, the lessons they've learned and the keys for growing and developing your brand. We also offer advice to up-and-coming entrepreneurs on to get in, stay in and evolve in this niche of the industry.
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Scout Teal

Scout Teal


Scout Teal exemplifies the attributes of grit, determination, hard work, and resilience needed in the world of medical device sales. A former Division II basketball player for Lubbock Christian University, Scout’s family legacy includes West Texas cotton farming and multi-generational collegiate basketball players.The survivor of a 6th grade sledgehammer accident, Scout visited the Chase MedSearch podcast to share his unusual journey into the world of medical devices.
Eric Harris

Eric Harris


Eric Harris has enjoyed an incredibly successful medical device career. Former Director of Neuromodulation Sales for the Western US at Medtronic, Eric moved into the biotechnology world with the Al Mann company as CCO for Medallion Therapeutics and Bioness where he served in executive leadership positions. Eric then went into the world where technology and healthcare intersect, driving SaaS technology enabled solutions for several clinical research organizations, allowing them to create faster and more predictable clinical trials.
Robin Adams

Robin Adams


Robin Adams is a deeply experienced medical device Neuromodulation sales representative that was part of the initial launch team at Nevro. Robin's success has few parallels.  She has extensive relationships nationally with Pain Management fellows and key opinion leaders all over the United States. Prior to launching her medical sales career, Robin worked for Xerox for nine years and won President’s Club five times.
In this episode, Jordan shares a simple but deeply important truth that he's observed over the past 20+ years: in interviewing, "stay positive or else".
In this episode, Jordan interviews Steve Callender, a retired FBI agent that spent 31 years with the agency investigating a wide range of criminal activity that included the $750 million Arthrocare securities fraud scheme. Steve shares the details of his career and dives into the specifics of that case.
Before he was an uber successful medical device sales executive, Jason Smith honorably served our country as an AH-64 Apache pilot in the Aviation Branch of the US military. Born and raised in Lehigh Valley of Pennsylvania, Jason comes from a family whose history of military service dates back to the American Revolutionary War.  Jason joined the Chase MedSearch podcast to discuss his life and career, and to offer some advice and lessons based on his military experiences and his rapid rise through the ranks of medical device sales.
In this episode, it's Jordan's pleasure to introduce Omar Khateeb to the Chase MedSearch audience. Omar’s business is focused on helping medical reps grow their pipeline with social media. In fact, Omar wants to change how med tech companies sell and market to physicians by using social media in a powerful new way. Listen and grow your business!
In this episode, Jordan had the pleasure of interviewing Anthony Disney, a career coach at Building Legends, on his 5 tips on how to separate yourself from the crowd when interviewing for a job. Jordan discovered Anthony when he shared these tips on a Twitter thread that went viral and has garnered nearly 90,000 likes.
In this episode, Jordan interviews Jeff Orr, a highly accomplished Neuromodulation medical device sales representative, about his recent decision to relocate from California to Tennessee. They discuss the factors Jeff considered in making his decision, the challenges faced in starting over in a brand new medical market and the impact the move had on his family. Jeff also shares tips he’s learned along the way that make for a smoother transition.
Throughout his career, Junius Hill has been a trailblazer. From humble beginnings to leading sales strategy for incubator businesses at the most powerful medical device company in the world, Junius has contributed to more commercial innovation than most people will in a lifetime.  In this episode, he shares how he has developed sales teams and individuals along the way into the leaders of tomorrow.
My guest, Brian Storrer, is an incredibly successful and accomplished medical device recruiter. In this conversation, we discuss common interview pitfalls, hot areas of recruitment, career trends, and more!
In this episode, Jordan interviews Douglas Jackson, President and CEO of Project C.U.R.E., a humanitarian effort providing life-saving medical devices & supplies throughout the under-sourced world. Douglas details how he got started with Project C.U.R.E., how his company provides support worldwide, and how his upbringing led to a career of helping those most in need.
Scott is an ultra performer in hyper-growth sales situations, companies that are established doing new things and companies with FDA approval that need to build startup teams. Scott has worked in sales at every level, at the individual contributor level, management level, VP level and individual contributor again, the common denominator is it’s always a high growth situation.
Jason Severn is an extremely accomplished sales professional and leader in the world of startup medical device sales. Jason's driven tremendous sales in the context of a very large company and also in smaller, niche situations. In either case, the results are the same, hyper-growth.  In this episode, Jason breaks down what it takes to begin and accelerate sales in the startup context.
The Chase MedSearch Podcast is back with Season 3! In this episode, Jordan interviews Jack Kuchak. Jack has been part of several highly successful startups in the Neuromodulation and Interventional Pain & Spine niches in medical devices in both sales and leadership roles. A well-known and highly popular figure in these arenas, Jack dropped by the podcast to share his expertise and insights in successful selling in high growth environments.
Will Clark, Director of Sales for Radeas Labs, is immersed in one of the most pressing issues of our day, Covid-19 testing. His company, Radeas Labs, offers multiple testing services for a variety of disease states; one of which is a quick, efficient option for weekly Covid testing of employees, customers, and students that delivers results in 30 minutes or less. Will shares how some employers have begun to offer weekly Covid testing as an option for employees that have declined to receive the Covid vaccination in order to remain in compliance with the federal mandate.  Will and I discuss the added complexities of Covid and federal mandates in today’s employment environment on this episode.



Jason Fowler is a former Neuromodulation medical device sales representative, a high performance coach and a 2x Ironman Championship winner (2009 & 2016).  His story is one of dedication, hard work, motivation, and choosing the right attitude every day to push forward in pursuing his goals. After a motocross accident left Jason paralyzed from the chest down, he refused to let that hinder his passion for advanced education, medical device sales, or competitive athletics. Let Jason’s story motivate you today!
Dan Donaldson is a sales professional who knows how to overcome personal and professional challenges at a level and degree that few ever will. After a collegiate and professional baseball career, Dan moved into medical sales and was succeeding at an astounding rate until a tragic accident changed his life forever. Rather than let this define him, Dan used this experience to build himself back as a sales professional with a will and determination that is second to none! Take a listen and be inspired!
In this episode, Jordan interviews Scott Platoff, VP Executive Search at Howard-Sloan. Jordan and Scott discuss the intricacies of recruiting in the medtech industry, common mistakes that both candidates and companies are making in the search process, and where the market for talent is likely trending for the rest of this year.
In this episode, Jordan interviews Tom Patzelt, President of Patzelt Marketing, LLC. Jordan and Tom discuss how sales reps can assess startup medical device job opportunities and learn what it is like to move from large to small organizations. Tom also details how his company helps startups ensure their product is attractive to sell, telling their story and the importance of clinical data, product enhancements, new indications, solid reimbursement and more.
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