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Author: Jordan Chase

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The Chase MedSearch Podcast dives deep into the world of the medical device sales industry. We interview industry leaders and experts about their experiences in the industry, the lessons they've learned and the keys for growing and developing your brand. We also offer advice to up-and-coming entrepreneurs on to get in, stay in and evolve in this niche of the industry.
30 Episodes
In this episode Jordan interviews Tom Patzelt, President of Patzelt Marketing, LLC. Jordan and Tom discuss how sales reps can assess startup medical device job opportunities and what the move from large to small organizations is like. Tom also details how his company helps startups ensure their product is attractive to sell, telling their story and the importance of clinical data, product enhancements, new indications, solid reimbursement and more.
John Davis is an experienced startup medical device rep and in his new role is advancing the protection of the online reputation of both companies and individuals in the new digital age. John and Jordan talk through common social media mistakes people are making that can cause considerable damage to their careers and how to protect themselves from past mistakes.
Bryson Bratcher, Regional Sales Director with Boston Scientific, has worked in some of the most clinically and professionally challenging sales environments in medical devices (diabetes and neuromodulation) but has always succeeded exceptionally. In this conversation with Jordan, Bryson talks about what has led to that success both as a Territory Manager and then as a Sales Leader.
In this episode, Jordan interviews Jamie Tipton, Co-Founder of Clutch City Medical. Jamie has been a top medical device rep and is now an entrepreneur, podcaster, and founder of Clutch City Medical, focused in the Interventional Pain Specialty arena. Jamie is the reason for the founding of my podcast and has been a great booster and friend. Very glad to have him on!
After his family’s history of military and law enforcement service led Gavin Reynolds to a career in law enforcement, he packed as much into it as possible! Gavin worked in a jail and supervised over 70 prisoners at a time, went into undercover narcotics work, spent significant time as a patrol officer and culminated his law enforcement career on the SWAT team. Eventually, Gavin felt the pull to go into pharmaceutical sales where his success led up to selling novel implantable medical technology for spinal stenosis. Listen in as we discuss a number of interesting personal & professional decisions and national issues all from the perspective of a former law enforcement officer.
Innovator. Inventor. Company Founder and President. Trevor Theriot has accomplished quite a bit in a short time and he’s far from done! In this interview, Jordan and Trevor discuss Trevor’s beginnings as a student-athlete at UCLA (football), his early success as a medical device rep, and what led to his founding of Manamed, an incredibly successful and innovative company with over 126 SKUs in the healthcare and rehabilitation field. Trevor’s passion is contagious, and reps with reach in the ASC space may want to inquire about distributorship opportunities at ManaMed!
How important is understanding healthcare economics to the success of the medical rep? Many would argue it is essential. Join Jordan as he interviews two medical device industry experts in Healthcare Economics, Keith Latiolais and Sunny Sutton, as they discuss how a strong comprehension of healthcare economics leads to sustained success in medical sales.  They also discuss how to size up a startup opportunity’s reimbursement situation and the future of Healthcare Economics and anticipated changes coming soon.
From a small South Texas town to Proctor & Gamble as a Researcher (while working as an NFL cheerleader), and then into what became an international medical device sales position at Medtronic, Selina Samano has had a professional journey like few others!  Join me for a conversation with Selina as she shares how professional development, and her innate curiosity has helped her to continue growing and learning.
In this episode, Jordan interviews Bill Flanagan, an incredibly accomplished former Medtronic Pain Management District Manager.  They establish a working definition of Neuromodulation, discuss how the space has evolved over the past 20 years, what top sales representatives do differently to both win and establish long term success and a look at the future of this important niche.
In this episode, Jordan interviews Jeremy Browning, former collegiate athlete, strength & performance coach and successful medical device rep. Jeremy is also the former owner of two Iron Tribe gyms in the Houston area. Jordan and Jeremy discuss the mind-body connection for increased sales performance, achieving and maintaining physical fitness, and the undeniable value of nutrition. 
In this episode, Jordan interviews Daniel Rooney and James Verzino of Northwestern Mutual. Daniel and James are lifelong friends who have carved out a niche working with medical device professionals to assist them in realizing financial security in uncertain times. Daniel is a longtime medical device insider who has worked in both sales and sales training along with professional education capacities for various medical device companies while James runs the largest district office for Northwestern Mutual in downtown Los Angeles.  In this conversation, we discuss real life examples of how proper insurance and financial planning both protect and preserve wealth for their medical device professional clients.
In this episode, Jordan interviews Jack Frangipane, President of Jack Frangipane Leadership LLC. Jack is an expert in medical device sales leadership development. In this conversation, Jack and Jordan take a deeper dive into Jack's processes and methods for sales leadership development in the medical device industry. We discuss the use of diagnostic self-questions, approaches to adding value to experienced sales representatives, intentional conversations for discovering underlying motivations to drive greater performance and much more!
In this episode, Jordan interviews Ben Auzenne, VP of Sales at Blatchford US. Ben knows how to identify the DNA of top medical device sales performers. He’s known for building diverse sales teams that turn in extraordinary and sustained performance, year after year.  In our conversation, Ben shared some of his methods and advice for finding Sales Representatives that will take your team to the next level.
In this episode, Jordan interviews Bradley Phillips, the President of Prestige Nationwide LLC. Bradley has worked for some of the top medical device companies in the world and rose rapidly through the ranks at Medtronic before leveraging his significant Neuromodulation pain sales expertise, contacts and relationships into starting a consulting business for himself in this niche of the industry. In this discussion, we talk about how Bradley made this decision, the steps he took, the challenges in running his own business and the rewards of becoming a business owner.
In this episode, Jordan interviews Adolph Escobedo. Adolph has extensive experience in leadership development, gained from the US Navy, Acelity/KCI and his own consulting business, in creating and running medical device sales management development programs and training.  Adolph shares with us his expertise in identifying, promoting, and developing individual contributors into top medical sales managers.  He addresses what Sales Representatives can do within their current role to prepare to take on sales management responsibility, and goes in depth with the immediate transition from a top performing rep into sales management. Adolph and Jordan also discuss the key steps on how to manage a team of former peers and how to ask diagnostic questions of your sales team without causing undue concern in order to get the best possible information on how to help accelerate performance.
In this episode, Jordan interviews Aaron Dickens. Aaron joined the Army right after graduating from college as a junior military officer (JMO) and subsequently spent nearly six years there rising to the rank of Company Commander prior to being honorably discharged. In this interview Aaron shares how the military training he received, which included significant leadership positions, prepared him to excel in B2B sales then pharmaceuticals and ultimately medical device surgical sales management at some of the top companies in the world.  
In this episode, Jordan interviews Sheldon Hanson. Sheldon was highly successful in medical sales with 5 President Club awards under his belt working for top industry companies, including Stryker and Medtronic. He was working among the highest levels with implantable, programmable medical technology for chronic pain when he got the opportunity to take a leap into information technology. Nearly a year after he took it, Jordan wanted to check in with him to see how it’s going.
In this episode, Jordan interviews Dick Emmitt. Dick Emmitt’s venture capital firm, the Vertical Group, has been involved in some of the largest deals in the medical device industry. From the first ever billion dollar merger between Boston Scientific and Scimed, to the nearly $4 billion dollar acquisition of Kyphon by Medtronic and the more recent IPO launches of Outset Medical and Silk Road Medical, the Vertical Group has been at the helm guiding and shaping the medical device industry as we know it today.  Listen in as one of the principal financial architects of the medical device industry touches on the past and describes how he assesses startup organizations of the future!
In this episode, Jordan speaks with Charles Ross, Executive Location Development Pastor at Next Level Church and former Sales Manager at Medtronic Deep Brain Stimulation. Charles reflects on how his life's journey led him to evolve his career path and how his time in medical device sales still has an impact on his work today.
In this episode, Jordan shares how his experience has taught him that applicants should be cautious when applying for a job online. From bloated resume databases to a lack of communication, there are plenty of reasons to lose out on an opportunity simply by applying online when an in-person approach would have been more effective. Jordan gives advice on what better practices to use and how to avoid these fateful pitfalls.
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