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How's it Haunting?

How's it Haunting?

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The weekly podcast hosted by Chris and Lena that makes discussing all things paranormal normal. Come have a listen or share an experience. We want to know. How’s it Haunting?
29 Episodes
Chris takes a break and Lena takes over with a special guest. 
Chris and Lena welcome Myranda to the podcast, discuss closet door etiquette and bring you news. 
Chris and Lena discuss work related haunts and news.
Chris calls his Mom. Lena takes a well deserved break. 
Chris and Lena discuss the problems of hanging out lake side,  give shout outs, news and kind of celebrate episode twenty-five. 
Chris and Lena discuss a bunch of hairy boys, one of us proclaims their true intentions for Ted Theodore Logan, news and some announcements!
Chris and Lena discuss your everyday household sculptures and paintings that could kill you plus news. 
Chris and Lena welcome to the podcast paranormal investigator and star of the YouTube channel Amberz Asylum; the always positive Amber! 
episode 21: the voices

episode 21: the voices


Chris and Lena discuss hearing strange sounds. 
Chris and Lena welcome  ghost investigator Nessa to the podcast. 
Lena and Chris discuss glitches. 
Chris and Lena welcome Wes and Jamie to the podcast. 
Chris and Lena discuss real estate, a couple of families,  death, evil and the news. Enjoy!
episode 16: for Luke

episode 16: for Luke


Chris and Lena discuss five paranormal movies, news and get a report from the UK. 
Chris and Lena discuss old stone stuff and new metal stuff. 
Chris and Lena welcome Sean aka Ghost Cowboy to the podcast to discuss his adventures as a Paranormal Investigator. 
Chris and Lena welcome Bill to the podcast as he discusses a story handed down by his father. 
Chris and Lena discuss haunted bridges and why some ghosts are not willing to cross over. Get it, bridge. Cross over? Do you guys even read these things? It's ok. We appreciate you listening. That's what really counts. 
Chris and Lena welcome back Tisha to the podcast as she discusses the happenings around her work place, home and husband.
episode 10: Yo Joe!

episode 10: Yo Joe!


Chris and Lena talk to Joe about his island haunts and proper training. 
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