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In Today's episode I interview a friend and mentor, Ferny Ceballos. Ferny is considered the OG of attraction marketing and has trained many of the top digital network marketers to 6 and 7 figure businesses. In the first part of this episode you will learn Ferny's personal story and in the 2nd half of the episode he shares his 12 steps to master attraction marketing. To register for Digital Networker Live click here.  (register for free for a limited time) 
In todays episode we're going to talk about TEAM culture in network marketing and how to build a positive one.To learn more about attraction marketing take my 4 day No B.S Attraction Marketing Challenge here. Let's connect on Instagram. 
In todays episode I'm going to be sharing my TOP tips for how to do business during the holidays. Including how to maximize black Friday promos on social media.  To join the 4 day No B.S attraction marketing challenge click hereFor more tips Let's connect on Instagram here. 
This episode of digital CEO is all about active vs passive prospecting strategies for network marketers. Attraction marketing is a trendy phrase and it's a strategy i have used to build my network marketing business to the top ranks. But the mistake many network marketers make is relying only on attraction marketing strategies to grow a business. Attraction marketing is a passive marketing strategy and to build a top network marketing business you need to do both PASSIVE and ACTIVE marketing in your business. To take the 4 day NO B.S Attraction Marketing Challenge click here. Let's connect on Instagram if we haven't yet! Follow me here. 
In todays episode I  talk about IG and FB stories because right now it's the #1 tool that exists  when it comes to building relationships and closing sales on social media.Stories are the behind the scenes of your life. You can think of them like your reality TV show. But how can you use them to intentionally create interest and sales about your business?  Follow my 3 step story process to grab your prospects attention and create new hot leads for your business. Let's connect on Instagram! Join the MLM leadership lab for weekly trainings and tips 
In todays episode I talk about the lessons I've learned about being consistent in my business and life in general. I share how long you can expect for results to come after you show up day after day on social media. This episode  is for you if want to feel empowered to stay consistent in your network marketing business  so you can get the results you set for yourself. Don't forget to leave a 5 star written review if you're loving the podcast. Are we connected yet on Instagram? Join the MLM leadership lab 
In todays episode I interview my amazing friend and client, Colleen Sullivan. Colleen has majorly advanced her business in 2021 and it all started with getting super clear on her message. In fact, she made one post in week 2 of my group coaching program where she received over 800 comments from people looking for more info. To book a strategy call with the Digital CEO coaching program click here. This is a group coaching program that Bec runs 2X per year and the only program where you get 1 to 1 and group coaching with Bec + access to all of her strategies and resources to build a 6 figure network marketing business. Connect with Colleen on Instagram. Access her private community here. 
In todays episode I walk you through the 2 types of posts that will grow your audience and following on Instagram. The #1 struggle for network marketers is finding people to talk to past their friends/family and other warm market.  Todays episode will give you 2 types of posts to get fresh eyes on your content. To grab the Digital CEO Membership and done for you Instagram Content click here. Let's connect on Instagram! Send me a dm.... i'd love to hear from you. Join my free community for network marketers the MLM leadership lab. 
In todays episode I share why 30 day posting plans generally don't work for network marketers. This is for you if you've taken a course, hired a coach or worked with an upline who told you to plan out content 30 days in advance and it just didn't work for you. To learn more about my aligned posting strategy make sure you're registered for the 6 secrets to social selling in 60 minutes masterclass. Register here. Let's connect on Instagram! I'd love to hear from you! Join my private community for MLM Leaders. 
In this weeks episode we dive into the popular advice of "niching down" and why it might be keeping you stuck in your business. And what you can do instead to focus in with your posting and content but not get stuck with imposter syndrome.To learn my simple formula to identify your zone of genius so you can stand out on SOCIAL MEDIA and get SEEN and HEARD by the right people make sure you're registered for the 6 SECRETS OF SOCIAL SELLING IN 60 MINUTES.  Grab your spot for the  6 secrets of social selling in 60 minutes here. Have questions? Let's connect on Instagram. 
In this episode you will learn the 4 main parts to an effective social media profile. How can you make sure that when people land on your profile they will stick! You want them to smash that follow button not run for the hills. Part 1: Your profile picture is your first impression. It's the first thing people see when they come to your profile. What is it telling people? Part 2: Your name and what you do. Is it clear or confusing? Part 3: Your I help statement or your journey statement. Do people know exactly HOW you can help them when they come to your profile? Or did you make it all about YOU? Part 4: Your call to action and your link. Where are you leading people? You never want to link to your network marketing shopping site. To learn more about how to setup your private personal brand/prospecting group you can grab the team builder blueprint here. To watch my short video on how to setup a short quiz/assessment using google docs click here. Don't forget to connect with me on the gram! Come join my private Facebook group for MLM Leaders! 
In todays episode I interview network marketing leader, Trey Bearor, on what can be considered a controversial topic .... are funnels duplicatable for network marketing success or not? Listen in for some tips on when to use funnels and how to use them.  To learn more about Dooplicate click here: with me over on the gram: more training and tips join my private Facebook Community:
In todays episode I interview Network Marketing leader Veronica Hanson on her thoughts the common phrase we hear from network marketing trainers "It's not selling, it's serving". And how this B.S phrase could be keeping you stuck in your business. Join Veronica's Free Facebook community: Veronica on Clubhouse: of course for network marketing tips and training come follow me over on IG @Bec Sadek and join my private training community here. For Clubhouse invites shoot me a text with the word "Clubhouse" by clicking here: *** (YOU MUST HAVE AN IPHONE TO USE CLUBHOUSE) 
In Todays episode I'm bringing you the HEAT with my friend, 7 figure business owner and fellow network marketer Elizabeth Benton. We're going to help you handle the online anti-mlm trolls with posture, confidence and CLASS. We're diving into heated topics like the "high failure rate" in network marketing, how to answer questions around MLM being a "real" business,  and so much more!To connect with Elizabeth you can find her on Instagram: CLICK HERE Come join my private Facebook group for MLM leaders: CLICK HERE Let's jam on the gram! Come find me @Becsadek
Join me for this epic interview with Emmy award winning actor and top network marketer Real Andrews. Discover your posting personality type: take the quiz  Connect with Bec on IG Join my private Facebook Community: The MLM Leadership Lab. 
Join me as I interview the OG of attraction marketing, Ferny Ceballos.  Ferny was one of my first mentors in attraction marketing and he doesn't hold back on what it really takes to build a long-term sustainable business online. Including the difference between attraction marketing and prospecting. Get Attraction Marketing Formula Let's connect on IG Join my private community for network marketers. 
This week I interviewed the amazing Roshanda Pratt who is known as the first lady of visibility! tune in to hear some of her best nuggets on how to show up on VIDEO and be seen by your ideal clients.Click here to get Rosho's  6 Tips for going live with ease:  Let's connect on IG Find out your posting personality: TAKE THE QUIZ
This week I had the pleasure of interviewing one of my superstar clients, Tina Margaris. Tina started out as a loyal podcast listener and then became a client inside of my DIGITAL CEO group coaching program. In the last couple of months Tina has rank advanced FIVE times, grown her private Facebook community to over 800 women, and has enrolled tons of women into her business. She followed the roadmap I teach in the Digital CEO mastermind program but it all starts with ONE step. Getting clarity on your niche. Spots are almost full for the next round of the DIGITAL CEO group coaching program. To book a strategy call and reserve your spot, click here. To connect with Tina on Instagram click here. To join Tina's Menopause weight busters group click here. 
Join me as I interview the QUEEN of systems and organization, Brooke Elder. To learn more from Brooke you can listen to her podcast: out your posting personality: Take the quiz Connect with Bec on IGJoin my private Facebook Community: The MLM Leadership Lab 
8 Steps To MLM Mastery

8 Steps To MLM Mastery


In Today's Episode I share the 8 step roadmap to MLM Mastery. The Exact roadmap I used and teach my students to hit the top ranks in their company. The doors to the digital CEO mastermind are now open. Click here to to book your strategy call and apply to this small group mentorship program. Connect with Bec on IG
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