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Thriving In Menopause

Author: Prevention Australia

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At Prevention we know how confusing and truly overwhelming the changes caused by menopause can be. That’s why we’ve enlisted some of Australia’s best health experts to share simple ways to make midlife easier in our new podcast, Thriving in Menopause. We cover it all, from minimising those awful hot flushes, to easing mad-eyed mood swings, to managing sudden weight shifts, to handling your relationship. If you’re a woman in midlife, this series just for you!
14 Episodes
During menopause, this midway point in life, it's not uncommon for women to feel stuck in a rut, or perhaps a little bit disappointed by how life’s turned out at. So in this episode we help you clear the path to a really rewarding next chapter. Michelle Seelig, is a midlife transition counsellor and coach shares strategies to help you rediscover joy, and live a life you truly love. Michelle Seelig runs the Live Well Playground in Melbourne. See for privacy information.
Award-winning makeup artist Amanda Ramsay is ‘pro-ageing’. Her mission is to deliver confidence to women at midlife. Amanda explains the  key changes that happen to our skin around menopause and the essential skincare regimen that can restore a healthy ‘glow’.  Plus, she imparts smart tips for applying makeup so you look confidently polished and radiant. Don't miss this! Amanda Ramsay offers online makeup masterclasses exclusively tailored to women 40+. Visit See for privacy information.
Many of us go around judging ourselves and at the same time feeling wild outbursts of anger, frustration and sadness that can all brought on by our see-sawing hormones. What if there was a lighter way you could be – no medication required? Mindfulness coach Charlotte Thaarup shares tips for managing frustrating real life scenarios with grace and calm. And she coaches us through a simple technique to stop, pause and live in more in the moment. Learn how to swap the noisy destructive chatter in our heads with a life-changing sense of calm. Charlotte Thaarup is a world-renowned, clinical mindfulness consultant and transformative educator.  She is the director of The Mindfulness Clinic.  Her Mindful Leadership program has been researched by Macquarie University and her Six Mindful Steps to Loving the Body and Freeing the Mind is currently being researched through Western Sydney University. Find out more about her mindfulness courses here: See for privacy information.
Amanda Thebe is a force of nature for women who are experiencing menopause hell and want to start feeling healthy and fit in their 40s and beyond.  In episode 1 of this series she shared her own story, and in this episode she's back with a veritable toolkit of practical ways to look after your health at midlife. She explains how to avoid weight gain, overcoming emotional eating, soothe stress and anxiety, recharge your energy and rediscover the inner happy you. Amanda's lively Facebook group is called Menopausing So Hard . Buy Amanda's book Menopocalypse through Prevention's online book club by pasting this link: See for privacy information.
Hot flushing when talking to your boss, a memory that now has more holes than swiss cheese... menopause can make us feel less confident in our jobs. In this episode workplace and wellbeing coach Thea O'Connor shares game-changing tips and tactics for when our hormones invade us at work. Learn how to sail through with confidence. Learn more about Thea's online program The Change to help menopausal women thrive in their workplace here: See for privacy information.
A subtle, progressive shift in our hormones can start as early as our late 30s, and it creates a raft of changes in our body and our brain. While it’s different for every woman, this can include mood swings, migraines, depression, loss of confidence and feeling like you’re not yourself anymore. Author and fitness coach Amanda Thebe dubs it the ‘Menopocalypse’. In this episode Amanda describes her harrowing journey through perimenopause, from her debilitating symptoms to how she behaved with her family (badly), and how she was able to claim back control, shed the symptoms and regain her confidence. It’s an inspiring story with many useful lessons for anyone who thinks they may be going (just a little bit) crazy during menopause. RESOURCES Find a doctor near you who has a special interest in helping women through menopause via the Australasian Menopause Society: Use a symptom tracker:  Download this resource  by the Australasian Menopause Society to keep a record of the type, frequency and duration of your symptoms before speaking to your doctor, so they can determine the best treatment for you: Or try this friendly website with its free app lets you record your symptoms on your phone. It's based in the UK, but let's face it, menopause is universal: Amanda Thebe's Facebook group is called Menopausing So Hard. Get Amanda's book Menopocalypse through Prevention's book club - just paste this link: See for privacy information.
Season Two of Thriving in Menopause  is on its way! The new series starts on Monday, October 18, 2021, which is World Menopause Day.  Think of this 6-part series as your menopause toolkit. You'll learn practical tips for so many parts of your life, from how to manage embarrassing hot flushes in public, to how to talk to your doctor about your symptoms. And there's even professional makeup tips to boost your confidence and take years off.  Most of all, in this season we'll dive into how, even when your hormones make feel like you're riding a bucking bronco,  you can feel calmer, saner, and happier - and don't we all want that! Make sure you subscribe to this podcast season, and we'll have fresh episodes dropping weekly. In the meantime, grab a copy of Prevention magazine, where you can find so much more information about thriving in midlife. See you soon!  See for privacy information.
In this final episode, comedian Julia Morris shares hilarious stories of her own menopausal adventures. She opens up about the professional counselling she went through to relieve her menopausal mood swings. “I wanted to stab people!” she says.  Julia also shares some valuable advice on being kind to yourself at this sensitive time. Yes, there’s practical tools from Julia, along with a few great belly laughs to help us sail happily through menopause and beyond. CREDITS  Host: Andrea Duvall. Producer: Lizza Gebilagin. WANT MORE?  Visit See for privacy information.
Three out of four women suffer from a pretty crappy sex life during menopause – though it’s hardly something we talk about. Common symptoms are not feeling in the mood, suffering from dry or painful sex, and physical changes down there. But all is not lost as sexologist Tracey Cox, author of Great Sex Starts at 50, talks frankly and offers practical advice to maintaining a happy, healthy sexual relationship. Warning: this episode includes graphic content.  CREDITS  Host: Andrea Duvall. Producer: Lizza Gebilagin. WANT MORE?  Visit See for privacy information.
The good news is that there are great treatments available to nip your menopause symptoms in the bud. They'll not just take away the hot flushes, but soothe the mood swings, restore sleep and make you feel like yourself again. GP  Dr Ginni Mansberg, author of The M Word, talks about the latest the evidence around HRT: Is it really safe? What kinds of symptoms does it treat? And if you want an all-natural option, Ginni shares what science shows really works – you’ll be surprised! CREDITS  Host: Andrea Duvall. Producer: Lizza Gebilagin. WANT MORE?  Visit See for privacy information.
Yes, you may feel like you’re going a little crazy, but rest assured it’s not you, it’s your hormones. Psychologist Dr Emmanuella Murray talks about the common intense changes that our hormones can cause: If you feel like your normal happy self has been stolen, or if you suddenly want  want to leap out and punch someone who cuts you off in traffic, you’ll know what we mean. Dr Emanuella discusses how it’s quite normal to feel overwhelmed by life, exhausted and lose any sense of fun. And she shares ways you can get out from under this emotional black fog. She also has some important advice on managing your relationship through this rocky time. It's a time when many women feel they need to ‘fix’ their lives by making radical decisions – quit a relationship, leave a job, or uproot their home in an effort find the stability and happiness that is missing. But before you do, Dr Emmanuella has some important advice.  CREDITS  Host: Andrea Duvall. Producer: Lizza Gebilagin. WANT MORE?  Visit See for privacy information.
Why do so many of us notice weight creeping on - especially around our belly - during menopause? In this episode,  Dr Joanna McMillan, leading nutrition scientist, author and creator of Get Lean, explains why our metabolism slows down. And she discusses why belly fat can be risky for our overall health, compared with 'bingo wings' and the other places we may have discovered added padding. Dr Joanna guides us through how to curb weight gain without 'dieting'. She shares a range of simple 'tweaks' to your daily food choices and lifestyle habits, that will not only loosen that tight waist band, but can lead to feeling more energised, ease brain fog and boost your happiness. CREDITS  Host: Andrea Duvall. Producer: Lizza Gebilagin. WANT MORE?  Visit See for privacy information.
If you’re feeling overwhelmed by hot flushes, intense mood swings and exhaustion from another lousy night’s sleep, you’re not alone. In this episode GP Dr Ginni Mansberg, author of The M Word  (Murdoch Books, $32.99), explains what's really going on with our bodies, and what changes you can expect as you navigate this roller coaster of hormones that take over your body somewhere between the ages of 40 and 60.   Dr Ginni answers the most common questions women ask, and shares down-to-earth advice for looking after of ourselves, soothing the symptoms, and caring for our mental health and happiness.  Oh, and she has some nifty ways to ease hot flushes! CREDITS  Host: Andrea Duvall. Producer: Lizza Gebilagin. WANT MORE?  Visit See for privacy information.
Menopause can be a tricky time for a lot of us as strange things start happening to our bodies. From endless hot flushes, weight gain, sleepless nights, insane mood swings, and a barely-there libido.  All of these symptoms can make it a really tough time. Join Prevention's editor,  Andrea Duvall, in this podcast series as she chats to some of the country's best health experts to discover simple ways to make midlife easier.  Subscribe today to ensure you don't miss an episode. See for privacy information.
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