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Welcome to Shotgun Story

The podcast that has conversations with Indie creators about music, meaning and the point of it all, so that you may be inspired by the journeys of other artists who are doing it for themselves and maybe gain a little more understanding as to why it matters quite so much that you keep creating.

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"I can honestly say it (music) saved my life at one point." Simone Govender is a pop singer-songwriter based in Johannesburg. She teaches music on the side. I heard her exquisite voice at a Saturday morning market, and I knew that I had to have a conversation... The thing is, when you make music for a living, more often than not you're building sets of songs that you think people want to hear. Reading people's minds is an art, and one that is hard to get right. Simone seems to hit the nail on the head most of the time. In this episode, we talk about building these sets, and with that said, also finding the courage to play your own songs! We chat about cyber-bullying, learning about the business side of music, faith, and the pinch-yourself moments that happen when you're following your dreams. Outro music: "The Attention's Really Killing Me" by Simone Govender. Music used with permission from rights holder. Find Simone on Instagram · website · Facebook · Twitter · insta · Spotify Playlist
"I haven't got millions of streams. I'm just doing what I'm doing." There is something wonderful about talking to someone with a lifetime of experience in their field. And this episode of the podcast is FILLED with delightful stories, lessons, coffee, and bits of GREAT advice. Martin 'Cito' Otto is a rock performer, songwriter, producer, music director, part-time actor, and newly-launched coffee mogul, best known as the lead singer of WONDERboom. When your third gig as a band is opening for Simple Minds in front of 15,000 people, you know the tales are going to be good... Outro music 'Prodigal Son' by WONDERboom. Music used with permission from rights holder. Cito on Instagram · website · Facebook · Twitter · insta · Spotify Playlist
Dave Starke is a folk singer-songwriter in the ancient British Isles troubadour tradition (the modern version, obvs). He speaks a language I deeply understand, that of grappling with how to be an artist. Sustainably. In this episode, we chat about 'cultural confidence', being comfortable with being uncomfortable, writing songs out of desperate overwhelm, and the ancient role of the singer-songwriter in our cultural heritage. "You can't become whatever you want, you can only become what you are. And we just are musicians. You know, you can fight that as much as you want, and you can have misery either way. You can be miserable because you're not an artist, or you can become an artist and be miserable with that. And I think the latter is better." Listen to this episode to understand the life of a singer-songwriter in South Africa a whole lot better... Music outro: 'Burn After Reading' by Dave Starke. Music used with permission from the rights holder. Dave Starke on Instagram · website · Facebook · Twitter · insta · Spotify Playlist
You're a creator. Use your talents and find a NICHE for yourself. Are you a songwriter (or a composer) debating whether to get a publisher or to try your hand at doing it yourself? As a creator, it's important to have a very open vision of your career and what you can and cannot do, so knowing both sides of the debate matters. Thando Makhunga is the Managing Director of Sheer Music Publishing, and she popped into the studio to chat a bit about the ins and outs of music publishing, what it means, and why it's so important. We talk about the roles of a publisher and the songwriter, the importance of transparency in the relationship between them, and how publishing is about ownership! Money conversations can be tricky for artists, but they're imperative to have. For more information, contact Music outro: 'unfolded' by Shotgun Tori. Music used with permission from the rights holder. Head over and subscribe to Sheer's newsletter · website · Facebook · Twitter · insta · Spotify Playlist
Why do you want to go to a label? They can't do anything for you. Benjy Mudie has been in the business of making music for over 40 years. In 1998, he founded the independent South African music label Fresh Music. He has been responsible for signing and developing some of the most successful artists in this country: Squeal, Mango Groove, Little Sister, Vicki Samson (to name just a few!) If you're a music lover, tune in to this episode for stories about eVoid, Mango Groove, Fallen Mirror (plus some great advice about starting a record collection). If you're a music maker, you'll want to listen to the sections about artist development, the role of record labels in the modern music industry, and the importance of having a battle plan if you're going to embark on the indie route. "If you go into it wanting to be rich, you're in for a rude awakening." -Benjy Mudie To get in touch with Benjy, email Outro music: 'Leave the Bones' by Cofield Mundi. Music used with permission from rights holder. website · Facebook · Twitter · insta · Spotify Playlist
"There was a moment when I decided I wanted to prioritise music." The body is a mediator through which we experience but it’s also a conspirator, colouring experiences with feeling just in time for our arrival. Johannesburg-based songwriter, Senna-Marie is interested in the clumsiness of feeling, fight and body; documenting how it enters into conversation through her intimate songwriting and vulnerable voice. Music outro: 'Stonewall Soldier' by Senna-Marie. Music used with permission from rights holder. Senna-Marie's Instagram · website · Facebook · Twitter · insta · Spotify Playlist
You can't make a film and not put any music in it. Jack&Jill Productions is a boutique company based in South Africa. Their latest film 'Table Manners' was an official selection at The Indie Film Fest (2019), Universal Film Fest (2019), Jelly Fest (2019), Durban International Film Festival (2018), and Silwerskerm Festival (2018). The film was also nominated for Best Picture and Best Director on its International Festival Run. The people behind Jack&Jill are Leli Maki Esq. (Director) and Nkuli Sibeko (Producer). The pair popped into studio for a little (and MORE THAN delightful) chat about what's involved in getting music into films. This interview pulls no punches. If you are a musician who'd like to see your song in a film or a tv show, you want to listen to this. It's full of gems like: "And sadly, I think one of the things that surprised me when we first started on this journey was discovering that it's never the artists that you're going to (for music rights), because they never own their own music." and "We're not looking for a hit song, but for how a heart breaks." and "If the words 'I don't like that song' are going to break you. Find a new career." and "Congratulating a musician on releasing a song is the same as congratulating a child for breathing." Outro music: 'So Lucky' by the Plastics Music used with permission from rights holder. Follow Jack&Jill Productions on Instagram · website · Facebook · Twitter · insta · Spotify Playlist
"The music business is a war and the fist weapon of war is knowledge." Cindy Alter is an international award-winning chart-topping multi-million album-selling singer-songwriter from South Africa. She was lead singer of the 70s band Clout (best known for their hit single Substitute). In this week's episode, I'm chatting to Cindy remotely from Nashville about all things music. Tune in as she talks about leaving SA, co-writing, ageism, sexism, and doing music because you LOVE it and not because you want to be a star. Music outro: Last one standing by Cindy Alter. Music used with permission from rights holder. Follow Cindy on Instagram · website · Facebook · Twitter · insta · Spotify Playlist
"It was a very quick realisation that if you have a band of five people with a publicist and a manager and a booking agent, and a sound engineer, it's impossible to survive. So we had to keep the day jobs." Alastair Thomas plays in a band. He has a production company, he directs and edits things, and he likes dogs. Legendary frontman of Shortstraw and Cockles, Alastair popped into the studio for a little chat about the best parts of making music (cue massive goosebumps), having a day job, tours to Japan, and an audience singing your songs back to you. Outro Music: "Joshin" by Cockles. Music used with permission from rights holders. Alastair's Instagram · Connect with Alastair on LinkedIn · website · Facebook · Twitter · insta · Spotify Playlist
You've got to APPLY if you want any chance at being funded! Are you a musician and not yet a member of SAMPRA? Are you confused about whether you should be? Today's interview will help you understand the importance of signing up. I'm chatting to Yvette Rammalo, (PR & Marketing Officer from SAMPRA) and she has a lot of GREAT advice for anyone looking to submit an application for the SAMPRA Development Fund. Yup, a couple of times a year SAMPRA distributes funds that can go towards music productions, live events, training (and a number of other things), but you've got to APPLY if you want any chance at being funded. For anyone who doesn't know, SAMPRA (short for the South Africa Music Performance Rights Association) is a collective management organisation (CMO) that administers Needletime Rights on behalf of recording artists and record labels. The SAMPRA Development Fund is the CSI arm of SAMPRA, and its vision is to promote the value of South African recorded music with the aim of providing SAMPRA members with strategic opportunities to stimulate their growth, development, sustainability and social awareness. Spoiler alert: there are some products that you can't apply for unless you've earned R3000 in royalties, BUT there are some products that you can STILL apply for if you haven't earned that. Listen to the episode, get informed, become a member, and consider applying for the SAMPRA Development Fund! For any SAMPRA queries, email For any SAMPRA Development Fund-related queries, email Outro music: 'One Day Closer to the Rain' by Shotgun Tori. Music used with permission from rights holder. Follow SAMPRA on Twitter · Follow SAMPRA on Instagram · website · Facebook · Twitter · insta · Spotify Playlist
Don't listen to the naysayers... Bruce Dennill is a writer, an art critic, and a musician based in Johannesburg. In this episode we talk about the creative faucet, how there's simply too MUCH music, understanding the value of art, having tracks picked up for TV shows and the importance of figuring out who your friends are. 'Dreamed you different' by Bruce Dennill. Music used with permission from the rights holder. Connect with Bruce on LinkedIn · Follow Bruce on Instagram · website · Facebook · Twitter · insta · Spotify Playlist
"The majority of us will never get involved in the business side of music" "I want us all to be 60 / 70 (years old). Still playing, still jamming and going at it and probably still moaning we don't get paid enough." Steve East, aka Mayor of Benoni is a jack of all trades and a master of all of them! A musician, booking agent, designer, music video director, radio voice, vocalist from the old country band Crystal park, and founder of Rockford media. In this week's episode of the Shotgun Story podcast we talk about the proverbial glass ceiling for roots, blues & country in South Africa, the 'boys club', ageism, playing on the same stages as your musical heroes and how hard it is to book bands when they don't have videos of themselves performing live! "Pick your best song, play it live and send me like 30 seconds" Listen for a really down to earth, honest perspective of what it's like to be a working musician in SA. "It's just kind of finding your thing and just doing it." - Steve East 'Maybe Tomorrow' Written by John Crossen and Terry Bush Performed by Steve East Recorded by Ye Olde Farm House Studios Send an email to Steve - Connect with Steve on LinkedIn · website · Facebook · Twitter · insta · Spotify Playlist
You're not doing anybody any favours trying to be somebody you're not. Lizzy Lou Gaisford is a singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist in the band the Fishwives. She's also an ecologist with a particular passion for frogs. We sat down for a chat in a rainy room in Eshowe mid-COVID some years ago. I FINALLY got around to listening to it. And much like every episode so far, it's come at a time when I needed to hear this conversation. Maybe you do too? We talk about making music as a coping mechanism, songwriting from a South African perspective, the desire to delete social media, the power of covering other people's songs, and how not doing music full-time doesn't need to change your identity as a musician. "You play the songs that people love and that mean things to them and then you're doing your job. That's the archetypal purpose." - Lizzie Lou Gaisford (Fishwives) "I have done lots of strange work for money and it's never affected my sense of self. I'm lucky. You can whore yourself out doing spreadsheets, but because I'm a musician, I can then stay up all night writing a song." - Lizzie Lou Gaisford (Fishwives) The Fishwives very recently released a new album and it's SO GOOD. Follow the links to listen to it. 'Leadwood and the Lion' by Fishwives Fishwives Facebook
'My hooks don't ba-dum-ching' "If your idea of success is being on the radio, then you want to be in the entertainment industry. If your idea of success is making a lot of money, then you want to be in the music business. But if you want to touch people's lives, and if you want to have a life of wonder, adventure, and magic, then music is what you're after..." Engaging, irreverent and subversive, Nicole Turon is a fearless singer, songwriter, poet and performer. She weaves delicate, intoxicating harmonies of piano and voice that haunt and linger with a wit sharp enough to cut you. If you'd like to become her pen pal, email her at She promises to write back. 'Out of Context' by Nicole Theron. Music used with permission from rights holder. website · Facebook · Twitter · insta · Spotify Playlist
So don't be afraid of being fearless in your songwriting. Ready to quit? Letting vanity metrics define your worth as an artist? Getting down on yourself because you don’t feel like you’re cracking a certain number of followers or likes on social media? Just STOP! Chock-full of advice and inspiration, Andrew Jed’s interview has some gems that will have you back in studio making music again. This is exactly what you need to hear today. Andrew Jed is a songwriter and musician in the most vintage sense of the term. He is a songwriter for the songwriter, a musician for the musicians, and a performer for the people. His songs are records of moments and experiences and nostalgia and half-drunk bottles of old rough-edged saloon whiskey. "Brakeman" by Andrew Jed. Music used with permission from the rights holder. Visit Andrew's website · website · Facebook · Twitter · insta · Spotify Playlist
A reminder to follow your own vision and trust yourself. You are important. If you're in the entertainment industry, chances are you took a real knock over the past two years! But Naledi Tlailane reckons that the thick skin that entertainers have had to develop from a career full of auditions (and subsequent rejections) helped prepare them for the ultimate "No" of the COVID-19 lockdowns. Naledi Tlailane is an actress, storyteller, presenter, voice artist, and aspiring documentary short filmmaker. She's an art and drama practitioner mostly working with children from underprivileged communities and uplifting our environment. This week's episode is a small window into the life of a high-energy performer who gets to explore her goofy side in her drama work. Recorded sometime last year, Naledi and I chatted about creativity as a survival instinct, rejection as a tool for resilience, the importance of remembering where you started and WHY you do this! We also talk a little about the slow unfurling of the music scene post-covid, and how EVERYBODY should stay creative, whether or not it's your job. "Ethereal" by Rikus Nieuwenhuis (Karmic Kick). Music used with permission from the rights holder. Follow Naledi on Instagram · Find Naledi on Facebook · Subscribe to Naledi on YouTube
If the artists think so, it must be true right? Artists, more often than not, head into the dimly lit spaces that most fear to tread. They take the unpalatable aspects of being alive and transmute them into beautiful morsels that make reality and 'adulting' feel less lonely. In this episode, Daniel Friedman takes the driver's seat and shines a spotlight on your host Shotgun Tori's new EP 'It's Gonna Be Fine!' Riding Shotgun, she takes the guest seat, unpacking the making of this EP, the funding from SAMRO, the incredible musicians who feature on it, and whether she thinks it's actually GONNA be fine. Shotgun Tori is an indie folk singer/songwriter who believes that stories are to be shared and not left to wither quietly. Point in case. This EP was made possible by SAMRO's MCSF Initiative. Website · website · Facebook · Twitter · insta · Spotify Playlist
"The business is as important as the product." Bart Janssen is a producer, composer, and guitarist from the Netherlands and working with companies like Universal, Disney, and Talpa, he has developed a strong portfolio. Bart is a well-known session guitar player and has performed with acts like the Backstreet Boys and Il Divo. Aside from producing several radio hits in the Netherlands, his music features on TV, radio, and internet ads. We met over a decade ago, and his pop sensibilities have shifted many of the ways that I look at music. In this conversation, we focus on songwriting for other artists, as well as ways to make a living in the music industry. This episode is FULL of really great advice for anyone trying to make money making music. Find Bart on Instagram · website · Facebook · Twitter · insta · Spotify Playlist
“I’m not asking a boy to come to band practice, I’m doing my own music now" Jolene East (Jolling / The Honeymooners) is a singer-songwriter and a ukulele player, who loves to write authentic songs that bring out the emotions in people. Alongside her husband Steve East (Crystal Park / The Honeymooners), she also runs the venue Tweefontein Melkery. In this charming (and delightfully hilarious) episode, Jolene talks about how karaoke brought her closer to the music, releasing her new EP, showing Vanilla Ice how to sokkie and the extent to which she missed festivals during lockdown: “I want to have no shoes on and have a doring in my foot, slide in mud and ruin my outfit early in the day. It’s fine!” Her EP, "Fetch Me", was released worldwide through Just Music and can be found on all online platforms. Outro music: "I know I love you" by Jolling. Music used with permission from rights holders. Follow Jolene on Instagram · Jolling on · website · Facebook · Twitter · insta · Spotify Playlist
"It's not just about the money, it about a sense of self-worth" Andre Le Roux is the Managing Director of IKS Cultural Consulting, head of the Concerts SA Project, on the board of the Market Theatre Foundation and the Audit and Risk Committee of Music in Africa, as well as the Southern African Focal Point for the African Culture Fund. He is considered a highly regarded African cultural activist, and this week on the podcast we're talking about funding opportunities for musicians! In this episode: what's been lost in the sector over the last two years, the Concerts SA Digital Mobility Fund (and best practices!), how the act of applying for funding can get 'some people out of that dark place of being alone', sharing information with other artists, unlocking the nighttime economy in our cities, and the importance of visionary leadership. This should be required listening for any independent artist invested in their careers. To find out more about funding opportunities, head to the Facebook link below. To get in touch directly with regards to the Digital Mobility Fund, email For general questions, email Outro music: Supa Tsela by Kgomotso Le Roux featuring DJ Clap. Music used with permission from rights holders. IKS Cultural Consulting on Facebook · Please complete the streaming models survey · Connect with Andre · website · Facebook · Twitter · insta · Spotify Playlist
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