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Joshua Crumbaugh is an engaging and internationally respected cybersecurity subject matter expert, author, and keynote speaker. During Joshua‘s ethical hacking career, he has never encountered a single network that could keep him or his teams out. He has also accomplished many impressive social engineering feats, such as: talking his way into bank vaults, fortune 500 data centers, corporate offices, restricted areas of casinos, and more. His experience in all things security led him to realize something had to change. This realization led him to found PhishFirewall, where he is the CEO and Chief Hacker. Joshua is one of the world’s most accomplished social engineers and the world’s leading expert on cybersecurity awareness.  To apply to this role, go OR email
If I could summarize today's episode with one quote, it's one quoted by Josh in today's episode, "Sometimes when you hear hoof beats coming, it's Zebra's".  Josh is an example of how having a non-traditional background can actually be leveraged in tech and how to embrace all the opportunities that come your way! Links from today's episode:
Igor has been in the trenches for a few decades now whether it be as a developer, entrepreneur or CTO.  His LinkedIn profile describes it best: "Helping startups make good choices" Here is Igor's contact info if you are interested in reaching out to him about the position we discuss in today's episode:igor@fastcto.com find additional opportunities or sign up to hear about opportunities that meet your salary requirements as a developer, visit 
Ez is currently hiring a Senior Data Scientist: and I discuss more specifically what you'll be working on in this week's episode! Find Ez on LinkedIn:
Jon brings the unique blend of building, managing and motivating world-class teams, combined with a track record of operational discipline across all aspects of an organization. He is a technology go-to-market executive who builds the talent and the strategies that lead companies to accelerated growth.He has managed zero to multimillion-dollar growth numerous times; built and led teams in sales, marketing, systems engineering, and client services; directed and supported product launches; raised venture and debt financing, and built strategies for field operations and market expansions across the globe in the SaaS, Cloud and Talent industries. In his current role as Founder and CEO of Ursus, a leading Staffing and Cloud Services company, he has led triple-digit growth since founding the company providing services to leading companies including Adobe, Tesla, Symantec, Kaiser, Uber, Facebook and eBay among others.Jon was a three-time All-American and two-time national rugby champion at U.C. Berkeley, where he graduated with a BA in Psychology. He is an excellent presenter and public speaker and for the past twenty years has been a working member of the Screen Actors Guild, appearing in numerous national TV advertisements.Ursus on LinkedIn: website:
To apply to work with Koyuki, you can apply for roles at Headspace here: reach out to her directly here:
Dave has over 20 years of experience transitioning advanced technology from academic research labs into successful businesses. His experience includes genome research, pharmaceutical development, health insurance, computer vision, sports analytics, speech recognition, transportation logistics, operations research, real time collaboration, robotics, and financial markets.Dave has been involved in several successful startups as well as consulting and advising both small and large organizations on how to innovate using technology with maximum impact. As part of the Human Genome Project, he was responsible for mapping all known biology onto the newly developed genome sequences. At Bluefin Labs, acquired by Twitter in 2014, he helped the founders recruit a team and go from concept to a launch with the NFL in 13 weeks. At GNS Healthcare, he led the development of their first in class causal machine learning platform.Dave graduated from MIT with a degree in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science and currently lives in Austin, TX.To apply to work with Dave at
Alex is the Co-founder and CTO at Aircover.aiAlex is an engineering leader with focus on developing teams that succeed at delivering results that matter.  With more than 20 years of experience crafting solutions to diverse problems, he has a passion for creating great software and helping empower developers to achieve success.   
Nazrul is a seasoned engineering executive and has been building enterprise products and services for 20 years. Previously, he was Sr. Dir and Head of CloudBees Core where he focused on enterprise version of Jenkins. Before that, he was Sr. Dir of Engineering, Oracle Cloud. Nazrul  graduated from the executive MBA program with high distinction (top 10% of the cohort) at University of Michigan Ross School of Business. Nazrul is named inventor in 47 patents.  
Apply Here: is looking for an engineer who can help them wrangle complex systems and delight users along the way. As a Wefunder engineer, you'll have a tremendous amount of influence, ability to make a huge impact, and be expected to work on a little of everything. There's no red tape. It's a small team, and they move fast.This posting covers engineers of all levels, including Junior, Senior, and beyond. They prefer Junior Engineers with at least 1 year of professional experience. They expect everyone to contribute to the best of their knowledge and abilities, and those expectations will scale with your seniority level.They're looking for frontend, full-stack, and backend engineers.Some examples of projects you could be working on include:1.) Fun banking software. They've built their own money management tools to handle $70M investments from 85k transactions. Securities regulations add extra fun.2.) Their own version of Mattermark. They have thousands of companies fundraising on Wefunder, and they'll need algorithms to identify and curate the best ones.3.) Tools for founders, e.g. built-in analytics. Their business grows whenever they make fundraising easier for founders. Why make founders integrate Google Analytics when they can provide those insights by default?Tech Stack: Javascript, CSS, React, Ruby on Rails, Postgres, SQL
As Outdoorsy’s business continues to accelerate with a surge in demand for outdoor travel, Ryan Eldridge is poised to help champion the organization’s scaling and growth by executing on new initiatives. The company’s new insurtech business is pioneering a new form of digital insurance designed to enable the commercialization of recreational vehicles for marketplace rental activities.
Passionate technologist with a go-getter attitude!Sharan has held various Engineering leadership roles at WalmartLabs before co-founding Hwy Haul. Sharan played a pivotal role in building massively scalable solutions for Walmart’s online grocery, last mile delivery, pharmacy and photo verticals. Prior to Walmart, he led digitization of business processes for Wells Fargo Bank, Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield, Wellpoint.Sharan holds a Master’s and Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science.
Hudson is a technology leader with notable success directing a broad range of corporate technology initiatives. He's a hands-on leader with experience in architecture and implementation of all stages of systems and infrastructure. He's had success in the entire management lifecycle, having originated, trained, inspired, mentored, developed, and maintained multiple highly achieving teams within corporate environments and is an inspirational leader who motivates employees to develop and achieve.
Execution and Vision are not simple tasks. Time and time again, the art of successfully delivering a vision and strategy on time and on budget eludes seasoned executives and frustrates the most patient investors. Over the past 15 years, Michael has learned from success and failure, at startups as well as Fortune 500s.  Several of the companies he has worked with have been acquired and have then gone on to higher levels of success. He continues to hone his skills, working on the unique art of successful strategy and execution.Over the years he's dabbled with many technologies. From cloud to mobile to autonomous vehicles in Ruby or Java or .NET. He's learned that, whether using simple heuristics or machine learning to solve a problem, it’s always better to ask questions and be curious, rather than have all the answers. Working in small batches, using lean methodologies and following actionable data will support good product decisions that generate meaningful change and affect the bottom line.Today he heads the tech team at Veyo. He brings them his knowledge and experience. He's always on the look out for more efficient process, stronger engagement and better moral. Always an entrepreneur at heart dedicated to solving the challenges that stand before Veyo, making the company’s success a part of his own personal growth.
Chuck loves to build. Over the past couple of decades he's co-founded, built, and sold two amazing companies in two very different industries.  Along the way,  he prides himself on assembling strong teams of ego-less people that engineer secure and scalable products. His teams develop tech to create differentiated products that have done some good in the world.With MeetWell, he wants to locates the bad meetings on a team's calendar before they waste their time attending them.
Brian is the Head of Customer Engineering at Google Cloud with experience spanning martech / adtech, SaaS and enterprise software development. He has extensive experience with high volume low latency solutions, mobile and large scale data analytics as well as a strong background in real-time systems, data management, data science, privacy and cloud infrastructure.On today's episode, he walks us through what his team is currently working on and the best ways to prepare for Google's interview process as well as what he's looking for in those joining his team.  He walks up through his extensive background as part of several founding teams that started companies as well as a stop at a VC firm and his learnings from that experience.  We also dive into some of his currently open positions and why they are the worlds best training for technical candidates that want to some day be entrepreneurs themselves. 
Natalie is a dynamic product manager and marketing professional known for using creative strategies to meet and exceed client/consumer expectations and has experience in the execution of projects and purchase orders for Fortune 100 companies.On todays episode, Kelly chats with Natalie Efstathiou about her previous startup experience as well as some previous experience in the fitness space and how those experiences really came together at Lymber.  They also discuss how the team is preparing for their encore experience with Walla and what she’s looking for on her team as they continue to grow and fitness studios start opening up again as well as some design insights to consider when using forms on your companies website.
Brian is excited to be part of a great founding team at Wilqo, a stealth mode start-up established in September, 2020. As the Head of Engineering, he'll be building out their team while providing strategic vision and the ability to get things done at the meeting point of business and customer needs, product design/architecture, and software development.Previously, he started in the mortgage technology industry with no idea the company he founded, Optimal Blue, would become the industry-defining solution for pricing mortgages, with over 33% of all the loans done in the United States passing through a platform he led in designing and building.It certainly didn’t happen overnight, and there were lessons learned every challenging step of the way: from concept to MVP, to market launch & early adoption, growing through the market upheaval of the 2008 financial crisis, and continuing to scale the software and business as we grew from three people to almost three hundred. None of it would have been possible without the support and friendship of his great team, and when he left in 2016 following a sale of the business, he wanted to find a niche where he could apply everything he had learned in skills and experience, and pay forward the good fortune, support, and camaraderie he had in his career (so far) to help other people realize their dreams.He also founded Indigo Business Partners on that vision: a boutique consulting firm that teams with growth-stage companies to scope and develop new products, successfully scale their technology, and improve the capacity of their development teams. His projects, spanning several industries and both B2B and B2C segments, have been personally and professionally rewarding, and he's looking forward to channeling that experience into launching Wilqo.Outside his daily work, he is a volunteer on the board of Housing Navigator Massachusetts, a social impact non-profit venture dedicated to deploying best-in-class technology to help address the challenge of finding people affordable housing in the Commonwealth.
Doug's short run as CEO of a wellness app start-up, Lymber, ended in an acquisition by MINDBODY in early 2017. Post acquisition, as SVP of Consumer Products at MINDBODY, he was charged with building out the consumer ecosystem.For more than 17 years, he served as President and Chief Operating Officer of Digitaria (now Mirum), a digital marketing and technology agency he co-founded in 1997. As President, he directed Digitaria's strategy, technology, and creative teams, as well as managed the day-to-day operations and finances of the company. His perspective and strategic thinking regarding the development of marketing and technology initiatives were critical in Digitaria’s success. He managed the company’s 2010 acquisition by communications giant WPP and since then have led Digitaria to over 230% growth. Digitaria currently employs more than 250 people.I opened and acquired offices in Minneapolis and Salt Lake City, successfully integrating them both operationally and culturally with the San Diego headquarters.As a co-founder, he had the opportunity to fill and gain expertise in many roles, including operations, analytics, creative, technology, project management, strategy, sales, legal, marketing, and finance. He believes the wide exposure enabled him to understand the business and the work from all points of view, including that of the client.In addition, as a capital partner for Seed San Diego, he pledges his time (and money) towards building a better start-up community for San Diego. He's an active Angel investor with a stake in more than 30 start-ups. He advises seed-stage companies, which included mentoring at the Qualcomm Robotics Accelerator by Techstar as well as UCSD programs.
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