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Josh Brubaker with CTI joins Chris to discuss Employee Retention Tax Credits (ERTC) and how employers can still take advantage of these lucrative credits.More HR Questions? Visit us at www.myhrconcierge.comTimestamps:3:05  Background on Employee Retention Tax Credits (ERTC). A look back at when this started and why. 4:56  How much money is this? Is it worth it? Yes, this is why...9:06  Who is a good candidate? 
In this episode, we talk about employee screening in the Senior Living industry. Chris  and Kim talk with our guest Suzy Hansmann, Sr. Vice President of Human Resources at Grace Management, Inc. about the importance of using the right process for background checks in the Senior Living industry. Visit us at for more information or email with questions. Timestamps: 2:39  What is the benefit of a comprehensive background check for the senior living industry?3:44  Suzy discusses the specific screening tests she chooses and why. 5:26 How to operate within state mandated requirements, and why it is important to add a Federal check as well. 7:40  FBI fingerprints. Why they can't be the only background check you run.10:20 Why it is important to partner with your screening company to benefit more.12:38  The importance of easy background screening technology while hiring times are tough!
As the news of the OSHA Vaccine Mandate for Employers spreads, host Chris Cooley explains  about the status of the large employer vaccination and testing mandate after the Sixth Circuit’s ruling. We also discuss next steps and what employers should be doing now to get ready to implement the mandate.
Discussing the legal angle and new updates on OSHA’s Covid-19 Vaccination and Testing Emergency Temporary Standard with Wendy Shelton a labor and employment attorney with Nippes, Healy and Gault. We discuss what the recent 5th Circuit Court’s stay order means and what next legal steps are anticipated. 
Part 2 of our Join Chris Cooley as he breaks down how to determine if you meet the 100 employee threshold for the OSHA ETS Vaccination Mandate.
As large businesses receive news of the mandatory Jan 4 deadline for COVID-19 vaccination, this creates many questions. Chris Cooley breaks down some of these FAQ's and prepares us for the ramifications of the mandate. 
In this podcast, Chris discusses with HR professional John Yerger about steps for employers to reduce risk prior to vaccination & testing Mandate. Employers must develop a logistical plan to comply with OSHA's new Emergency Temporary Standard (ETS), for example  who will pay for the testing, how will scheduling work, what to do while waiting for results, how to track results, and how to communicate and enforce consequence for results.Visit us at for more information or email with questions. Timestamps:2:17 As an employer, what am I supposed to do to get ready?5:34. Logistic challenges for the employer with this mandate6:40 Communication about procedures to employees and why this is important9:45 Confidentiality of private health information11:20  How education can protect employers and help employees14:20 What are reasonable excuses? Discussing Reasonable Accommodations  for the vaccine or testing
In this short podcast, we talk candidly with background check expert, Kim Lewis, about hiring and screening for the healthcare industry – beyond just drug testing, including the big difference in the FBI database search vs. a more comprehensive advanced healthcare screening package and ongoing monitoring. Read more in our article HERE.More HR Questions? Visit us at www.myhrconcierge.comBookmarks: 1:38. Why is background screening beyond drug testing so important in the healthcare industry? 3:30 Risk mitigation with the proper healthcare screening package.4:40 FBI database search vs. Advanced background screening. Why FBI search is not enough. 11:30 What screening package to run to supplement other or previous employee screening tests. 14:04. Overall benefits of healthcare specific screening. 
Introducing Long-Haul Covid. In this episode learn how this has been affecting the workplace. Did you know employees that have lingering COVID symptoms after testing negative can be protected under the Americans with Disabilities Act? Join Chris as he talks with John Yerger of MyHRConcierge about how employers can protect when employees have these lingering symptoms.Read more in our article HERE.More HR Questions? Visit us at Bookmarks: 1:27    What is long haul Covid?3:20    Does long-haul covid fall under ADA? 3:40   How does an employer handle this  if job performance is affected3:46   Is this a case for Reasonable Accommodations?6:50   How job descriptions can support the employer dealing with long-haul covid
Are you an employer struggling with how to communicate your COVID policies? Join Chris as he talks with John Yerger of MyHRConcierge about what you need to know about implementing a COVID vaccination policy.Read our supporting article as well. Click HERE.More HR Questions? Visit us at www.myhrconcierge.comBookmarks:1:43    Do employers need a vaccination policy?3:08    Has FDA approval changed things for employers?3:33    What to include in a vaccination policy...4:55    Considerations for having vaccinations on site.6:30    What about Accommodations and Exceptions?
In this episode, Chris will  talk with labor attorney Wendy Shelton, of Nippes Healy & Gault on the issue of Diversity Equity and Inclusion (DEI) in regards specifically to gender identity and acknowledgment in the work place. We look at ethical and legally compliant treatment  of gender recognition in the workplace.More HR Questions? Visit us at
In this episode we talk with John Yerger of MyHRConcierge regarding ways to increase your success when contesting unemployment claims. We will review how to best document responses, procedures and other ways to ensure you are put in the best place to win your cases.More HR Questions? Visit us at  
We welcome Kim Lewis, of MyHRScreens to discuss why adverse action is important to prevent costly and resource-draining adverse action litigation. By doing accurate and careful employee screening you can prevent costly mistakes. More HR or Employee Screening Questions? Visit us at
Many employers are struggling with what they can and can’t do as the COVID-19 becomes more prevalent and how to navigate new CDC guidance. Join us as we speak with Bill Gault with Nippes, Healy & Gault PLLC to learn what employers can and can not do related to the COVID-19 vaccine.More HR Questions? Visit us at 
Social media screening is more than just stalking Facebook, or Tik Tok. There are important things to consider in order to screen for social media, so that you can avoid adverse action litigation and costly mistakes.More HR or Employee Screening Questions? Visit us at
Kim Lewis of MyHRScreens, discusses important FCRA expectations and avoiding adverse action lawsuits by screening with an extra step.More HR or Screening Questions? Visit us at 
Josh Brubaker with CTI joins us to answer questions about the changes to the Employee Retention Credit included in the American Rescue Plan ActMore HR Questions? Visit us at
Chris Cooley, of MyHRConcierge, answers questions related to COBRA, due to the American Rescue Plan Act(ARPA) and the subsidy provisions related to ARPA. Some of these questions include: Who is eligible, How am I reimbursed, and Who has to pay? More HR Questions? Visit us at
At the end of 2020, the Employee Retention Credit was modified by Congress to make it easier for companies to utilize the credit (even if you received a PPP loan). In this episode, we speak with Josh Brubaker of CTI, about who is eligible for the credit, how much they can be worth and how the credit interacts with other tax incentives.More HR Questions? Visit us at 
In this episode, we'll talk with Kim Lewis, of MyHRScreens, about issues that can arise with an employer if they choose not to screen a potential employee. We will also discuss how to avoid this risk.More HR Questions? Visit us at
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