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SexualiTEA is a monthly podcast hosted by sex educator Mx. Kia (Pucks) based out of Seattle, Washington. Through an intersectional lens Pucks interviews fellow sex educators around the world in a journey to queer up sex education as we know it. Mx. Kia (Pucks) (they/them) is a Sex and Kink Educator. SexualiTEA has behind the scenes by lead researcher/co-producer sex educator and therapist Mia Fine.
10 Episodes
SexualiTEA SEA is on summer break until August 2021!Please enjoy this early throwback episode as Mia and Mx.Puck chat about Polyamory and Compersion! Compersion is feeling happiness or joy because of the happiness and/or joy of another person.Enjoy this bonus epsiode and we'll be back in August to fill your cup with even more HOT tea!If you are not a Patreon subscriber, think about it! We are currently asking our loyal subscribers their opinion on what they want for Season 2!Subscribe today: the show
Join us ( Mx. Pucks) and special guest Javonna Arriaga.Javonna is the daughter of Heather Miramontes-Garcia who is the daughter of Oscar Arriaga. Javonna's ancestors are from Peru (Quechua, Moche, and Afro-Peruvian), Panama, and all over Europe. Javonna offers her work in respect to my ancestors dreams. She currently lives in Miami, FL on Seminole and Taquesta territories. Javonna has a Bachelors of Arts in Drama Performance, 15 years of theatre and performance art experience. She is also an M.S. Candidate for Couples and Family Therapy at Nova Southeastern University. She is the Marriage and Family Therapy & Healing Justice Community Organizing Intern at S.O.U.L. Sisters Leadership Collective (SSLC. She’s a storyteller as a therapist, activist, abolitionist, and performance artist who centers the joy of Black, Indigenous, and other People of Color. Javonna also owns her own coaching and consulting business as a Liberation Partner offering coaching and consulting services to empathic change makers using lived experience, spirituality, and learned practices to explore their liberation.Follow at:​​ the show
Join us (Kia aka Mx. Pucks) and special guest Jack Duroc-Danner (he/him they/them).Jack is a queer autistic sexuality educator. They have been working as a sexuality educator and autism advocate for four years. Jack works with therapists as well as other professionals, parents/caregivers and autistic individuals on how to support autistic individuals by providing consultations (one-on-one as well as group consultation), resources, and educational workshops on the intersection of human sexuality and autism. Pre-covid, Jack also worked as massage therapist specializing in pregnancy and pediatric massage. the show
Join us (Kia aka Mx. Pucks) and special guest Goddess Amina as we talk about sex education and s3x work. Amina is the founder of Atlanta Institute of Tantra, her private practice Fearless Giving (formerly the Hawaii Based Tantra in Paradise) and the host of the Fix Your Sex Podcast. She is a healer, sexual doula, intimacy coach, massage therapist, tantric sex educator, sacred sex worker, sexual revolutionary and activist. Amina works to connect community, spirituality and sexuality in Atlanta and Honolulu.Website: / the show
Join us (Kia and Mia) as we talk with our special guest Saira Barbaric! Saira  (they. he. she. ze.) is a genderblending hedonist creature in a human suit. Inspired by the music of William Onyeabor, the assemblage of Betye Saar and the writings of Zora Neale Hurston, Saira is invested in crafting portals to an erotically fluent, bizarre and fruitful, physically integrated Afrofuture. As a surrealist conjurer, Saira has developed a language of collage and glitch aesthetics in costumes, pr0n, performance and mixed media visual art.To support nonbinary pr0n, venmo- @ scumtrustSupport the show
Join us (Kia aka Mx. Pucks) and special guests Kaytlin Bailey and Savannah Sly as we talk about sex work and The Old Pro Project. Bailey is a contrarian by nature and a provocateur by trade. Bailey is an internationally touring stand-up comic, sex worker rights advocate and writer. She started The Oldest Profession Podcast in 2017. In 2018 she returned to politics to challenge laws criminalizing the oldest profession as the Director of Communications for Decriminalize Sex Work. In 2020 Bailey founded Old Pro Productions, Inc. where she continues her stubborn crusade against whorephobia. Savannah Sly is a career sex worker based in Seattle who embraces the arts as a medium for change. As a long time political advocate for sex workers rights, Sly has collaborated with others to produce panels, performances, and festivals dedicated to amplifying the voices of sex workers.Continuously inspired by their peers, Sly recently completed their first album INDEPENDENT MEANS, which is dedicated to sex workers everywhere. Sly is honored to be supporting the coordination of national arts projects on behalf of The Oldest Profession Podcast.Learn more at the show
Join us (Kia and Mia) as we talk with our special guest. Allena Gabosch: Community Builder Extraordinaire, Educator, Shame Eradicator, Activist, Leader. This episode was recorded two months before she passed away. We discussed her involvement with the sex positive community and start our goodbyes. Support the show
Join us (Kia and Mia) as we talk with our special guest this month, Gabriela Bifulco! Gabriela  is many things, dancer, salon owner, burlesque troupe leader and a mom! She is also a slightly reluctant sex toy guru! Her love of sexual freedom and living for openness in sexual education has led her to us! The three of us discuss pleasure products. So grab a cup and get ready to be filled...with knowledge of course!Support the show
Join us as we chat with our special guest Midori. Midori is a sexuality writer, speaker, artist, and sex educator based in San Francisco, California. The three of us discuss unhelpful stereotypes we internalize in our BDSM and kink social subcultures.Support the show
Join us as we launch our first full length podcast with special guest Ms. Briq House.  Briq is an advocate of sexual liberation and an experiential instructor of intimacy based out of Seattle, Washington.In the cup this month is The Erotic. We discuss the Madonna/whore complex, WAP, rest & restore, and more.This special launch episode is 2 hours with your hosts sex therapist Mia Fine and Kia Pucks sex educator. Recorded at the historic Jewelbox Theatre in Belltown Seattle, Washington.Support the show
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