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Off The Deep End

Author: Leslie Pinson

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Stories, conversations and connection to life in the deep end. After spending her first 30 years wading in the shallows, living a life marked by disconnection and dissatisfaction. and yet a deeper knowing that there's got to be more to this human experience, Leslie is now exploring life on the other side of fear and vulnerability.
6 Episodes
In this episode, Leslie seeks to understand the energetic and emotional "root" issue behind debilitating back pain and discovers a surprising connection to unresolved past trauma. She shares lessons learned along the way and offers encouragement for anyone else on the healing journey. Content warning for fellow sensitive souls: mention of sexual abuse and sexual assault.
Leslie picks back up with more stories from the deep end. She covers a lot of ground, catching listeners up on all the happenings since the last episode. She talks about a fear of being seen, her aversion to corporate hustle culture and it's effect on the ADHD brain, the unexpected healing she found when having COVID over Christmas with her parents, the Netflix show that woke up her desire to date again and how commitment curiosity is a major theme popping up in both career and relationships. 
Chef Donte Shaw, owner of Bantam Chicken & Seafood, joins us in the Deep End to share his love story with food and how it's been a major source of healing in his life.
Leslie talks about the connection between her mental health, life in the deep end and what has been bubbling up to the surface.
More behind the scenes with Leslie and the OTDE journey which in her words, feels like giving birth to a really, REALLY big baby. 
Leslie tells you what you can expect from Off The Deep End.
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