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Our aim is to build up the church and its leaders with engaging conversations about practical ministry issues and topics that will strengthen your faith and theology.
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I know many of us don't often quote from this book, either in theological conversations or in romantic conversations with your wife..."you're hair is a like a flock of goats" may not resonate with her. But "The Song of Songs" or "The Song of Solomon" is in there for a reason. It is wonderfully poetic and rarely preached. Just how should we approach it and how should we handle it?Travis Johnston is a professor at Millar College of the Bible. I'm sure you will appreciate his heart for the Word and it's implications on our lives. For more information on Millar College of the Bible visit:http://www.millarcollege.caTo learn more about the Fellowship of Evangelical Bible Churches go to:
If you have been looking to grow in your understanding of the Bible or if you are a church leader looking for some great Bible teaching curriculum then this conversation with Dr. Culy is for you. Marty has developed the "Ignitus" curriculum to help churches and lay people grow in their knowledge of the Word and have lives that are shaped by it. Dr. Martin Culy is an author and teacher who has a vast array of ministry experience. He has pastored, worked in Bible translation and  global missions work and  has edited and contributed to books and commentaries on the Bible. For information on the  "Ignitus" Bible Curriculum or to et a copy of these resourcescontact Dr. Martin Culyemail: For more information on the Fellowship of Evangelical Bible Studies
There is something about engaging all the senses that allows us to experience a more full experience. Dr. Patrick Schreiner has written an interesting and attractive book called "The Visual Word" which combines a scholars look at the outline of the New Testament and visuals to help the reader into the text in a unique way. Dr. Patrick Schreiner is an author and  professor at Midwestern Baptist Theological Seminary with a heart for the church and for the body to understand and be built up in the faith through the Word. Find "The Visual Word" at Moody press: more information on the Fellowship of Evangelical Bible Churches:
I 've often just powered through Psalm 119, never pausing to reflect. Of course I 've seen the theme of "The Word",  but the depth and practical implications of this Psalm I have most definitely missed. I know that this little book will encourage you, and may just give you a new love and appreciation for the Word that God has gifted us with. Dr. Kroeker is currently the director of the graduate program at Millar College of the Bible. He and his wife Tamara  live near Salmon Arm,  BC. Find Daryl's book "Psalm 119 - Stirring a Love for the Word": For more information on Millar College of the Bible Visit: check out the Fellowship of Evangelical Bible Churches:
How would you define the glory of God? Tough right?! In his book "Your Glory" Dr. Powers develops a biblical understanding of the glory of God that is both insightful and helpful.  Dr. Powers shows that not only is this an important theological concept to understand, but it also has practical implications for the life of the believer. Phil has  served as a pastor and seminary professor and now is the Assistant director of the graduate program at Millar College of the Bible.  Find "Your Glory" on Amazon more information on Millar College of the Bible More information on the Fellowship of Evangelical Bible Churches:
Kids ask some great questions, and have short windows of teachable time. You ever got to the end of the day and feel you just blew an opportunity? I sure have. I’ve either spoken to much and too complicated or I’ve completely missed the chance altogether. Being a bit prepared and beginning to think more intentionally about both the quiet and chaos time yo spend with your kids can really help us seize those teachable moments where we get to tackle the subject that our children are wrestling with. Leah and her husband Ryan serve on staff at the Millar Sunnybrae campus near Salmon Arm, BC. Leah and Ryan  have 2 boys at home which has likely contributed to Leah's heart to launch her podcast. “Questions in Chaos” is aimed at giving parents some help in answering those tough questions that kids ask at just the most inopportune time. Questions about death, or heaven and hell, why do we go o church? or What is prayer? Why and how do we do it? Find Leah and Christina’s Podcast “Questions in Chaos” on Spotify, Apple podcasts, or on their website: more information about The Fellowship of Evangelical Bible Churches visit:
We all have a liturgy, a pattern of worship. Have you thought about what yours includes, or why you follow that pattern?  Having the privilege to sit down with Dr. Lorn Gieck for this conversation helped incline my heart in a new way towards worship. Lorn has a deep love for the Lord, for the church and for the Word. I‘m praying you’ll have some real practical take-aways from this episode. .  Lorn has served as a worship pastor in the local church and is presently on staff at Millar College of the Bible as the fine arts director. for more information on Millar college of the bible goto: more information on The fellowship of Evangelical Bible Churches goto:
Art is one of a kind.  his passion for the lost and his passion to train and equip young people to minister the gospel of  Jesus is both humbling and contagious. Art and his family have spent the lions share of their life in Bible School (MIllar College of the BIboe) and camp (Turtle Mountain, Manitou Lake, Dallas Valley) ministries. Both of these ministries have been massively influential in my own spiritual formation and likely many of yours and I believe they can help mould the faith of our young people today. \giving it firmness and purpose. For more information on Millar College of the Bible  go to: The Fellowship of Evangelical Bible Churches:
Pastor Trevor has been celebrating a season of great fruit being borne in some of the young men in his church. You will hear the deep joy and thankfulness for this season of ministry. The Lord was working long before Trevor started this season of very intentional and intense teaching. He was working and stirring in Trevor's heart and in the heart of each of the young men who hungered for not just the content but the intent of learning to study, apply and present the Word of God to others. Trevor Kirsch is a great friend and co-labourer for the gospel as the pastor of Compass Immanuel church in Rapid View Saskatchewan. He and his wife Twila have served there for over 20 years in both the youth and now lead pastoral  role. As you will hear, Trevor has a heart for the Scriptures, to study and to preach in such a way that others lives would be shaped by it. For more information on the Fellowship of Evangelical Bible Churches go to:
Just what does the ascension of Christ mean to us? What is Christ doing now while seated at the right hand of the Father?Darren and I will use Psalm 110 to launch us into a discussion on why the ascension matters and why it is a critical part of the gospel we proclaim. Darren Holland is a great friend, co-labourer and brother. Darren  has faithfully shepherded the Philadelphia MB Church in Watrous Sk. for 20+ years, and his passion for the Word will be obvious as you listen. Books referenced: "The Ascension of of Christ: Recovering a Neglected Doctrine" - by Patrick SchreinerISBN#:  9781683593973For more information on the Fellowship of Evangelical Bible Churches (FEBC) go to: 
So after some discussion after our last episode on Spiritual gifts I thought I would revisit it with a pastor friend of mine. Kim Worthington is a new pastor in Waldheim Saskatchewan and has been wrestling with many of the same questions I have been and it was fun to sit down with him to chat about how we see this playing out in our midst. Resources I found helpful: Blog Post By Randy Alcorn: by John Piper:, Douglas J. The Letter of James. The Pillar New Testament commentary. Grand Rapids, Mich. : Leicester, England: Eerdmans ; Apollos, 2000.Schreiner, Thomas R. Romans. Baker exegetical commentary on the New Testament 6. Grand Rapids, Mich: Baker Books, 1998.
"Missions Shift or Church Drift" In this interview with David Ruten  we wanted to tackle the shift in how our churches view missions. Are we still sending as many missionaries? Is the work done? Is sending money  all the North American church is to be doing? How can we engage our people in the call of all Christians to "go and make disciples of all nations"? David Ruten is the member and pastoral care rep. for SIM. David  grew up in Burkina Faso and later returned with his family to serve as missionaries with SIM. He and his wife Marianne Now live in Langham Sk. and are seeking to re-engage churches for a heart of mission. Show Notes:Without a doubt, there have been ethnocentric missionaries who obscured the goodness of the gospel for the world, regardless of their intentions. But such examples are far from the norm. In fact, the opposite is often the case.At the end of a decade-long statistical analysis of the health and development of nations, sociologist Robert Woodberry (PhD, UNC-Chapel Hill) and his fifty-person research team published a shocking discovery: missionaries are actually the greatest catalyst in the development and stability of nations. - The Surprising Discovery About Those Colonialist, Proselytizing MissionariesYet not just any missionaries.Woodberry’s observations only held true for “conversionary Protestants” (244). That is, missionaries (1) who preached the gospel with the intent of converting others and forming churches, (2) who encouraged everyone to read the Bible in the local language, and (3) who taught that salvation comes by grace through faith.“Missionaries are the greatest catalyst in the development and stability of nations.”...Woodberry summarized the positive effect of Protestant missionary work: “Areas where Protestant missionaries had a significant presence in the past are, on average, more economically developed today, with comparatively better health, lower infant mortality, lower corruption, greater literacy, higher educational attainment (especially for women), and more robust membership in nongovernmental associations.”Far from being some kind of repressive imperialists, missionaries have historically been the most vital source of a nation’s social development. These findings yield two important conclusions about the work of Protestant missionaries. As John Piper observed of Woodberry’s findings, “[T]he missionaries who focused least on political transformation and most on personal conversion through the preaching of the gospel have brought about the greatest democratic reforms and social welfare.”In other words, most missionaries were not deliberate social reformers. That was not their chief aim. The society-benefitting effects of their work, therefore, were essentially by products of their mission to make disciples.“Making disciples is still the most effective way to improve the world.”To be sure, gospel-driven social action is absolutely necessary ...However, focusing on good works as the primary way to achieve societal change is both theologically misguided and statistically discredited.Working for societal transformation is vitally important and biblically commanded (Gen. 1:28; Isa. 1:17; Jer. 29:7; Jas. 1:27; Rev. 21:5). But the best way to achieve that goal is emphasizing evangelism and church planting—not exclusively, but primarily, “as of first importance” (1 Cor. 15:3 ESV).This conclusion runs counter to the prevailing narrative today, even among some Christians. Yet the statistical data strongly confirms the point, and it is vital that we heed it. Making disciples is still the most effective way to improve the world.
Saddle Sores

Saddle Sores


"Saddle Sores"For 40+ years, Francis Asbury ministered during the fledgling period of American History. Logging close to 480 000 km's/300 000 miles in the saddle to establish the work of the Methodist missionary movement in the late 1700's and early 1800's. His determination and dedication are inspiring and helpful. What can we learn from him?1. To Serve the Lord with Zeal and determination. (Rom. 12:6-8) how the Lord has gifted you. 2. Be organised - Francis Asbury ordained over 4000 ministers to do the work in his stead. We ought to be making and equiping disciples for works of service. 3. let "I Preached..." be a daily journal entry as you speak the Word of God into the lives of others. 4. Get in the Saddle and go to the lost and hurting world around you...this may mean some saddle sores. Book Mentioned: "Francis Asbury"  - by L.C RudolphISBN# 978-0687134618
“Spiritual Gifts” - Dr. Paul Nyquist Where do I fit? What if I don’t seem to have the talents and abilities of all the other people I see in the Church? I can’t sing, I don’t teach, I don’t have a lot of money and I’m sure not gonna get up and preach! What’s my role? On this episode we will look at Spiritual Gifts. While natural talent and ability may be easy to spot and point out sometimes Spiritual gifts are not, but their necessity to healthy body life is critical  Dr. J. Paul Nyquist serves as the Vice President of Discipleship and Special Assistant to the President at the College of Biblical Studies in Houston, TX. Prior to coming to the College of Biblical Studies, Dr. Nyquist served as the President of the Moody Bible Institute, President of Avant Ministries, Dean of the Graduate Program and Professor at The Bible Seminary, Adjunct Professor at Phoenix Seminary and Grace University, and Senior Pastor at two different churches in the Midwest.Dr. Nyquist earned his Th.M and Ph.D degrees in Systematic Theology from Dallas Theological Seminary and his B.S in Architectural Studies from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln.Dr. Nyquist has been married for 40 years to his wife, Cheryl, and they have been blessed with four children (Natalie, Taylor, Carson, and Sawyer) and eight grandchildren. Dr. Nyquist is the author of four different books: “Is Justice Possible? The Elusive Pursuit of What is Right” (Moody- 2017), “Prepare: Living your Faith in an Increasingly Hostile Culture” (Moody- 2015), “The Post-Church Christian: Dealing with the Generational Baggage of our Faith” (co-authored with his son, Carson—Moody-2013), and “There is No Time: A Missionary Fable” (Avant- 2009).
Dr. Dave Currie joins me for part 2/2 of a conversation about the family. In this episode Dave and I chat about how the pandemic and its lock-downs have affected our children and parenting. Dr. Currie offers some great ways we can be more proactive and provides with some insight to help us spot warning signs that our children might be hurting. Dr. Currie is the president and Co-Founder of Doing Family Right and lives in Abbotsford, BC. He is a speaker and counsellor to a variety of marriage and family issues For more information or to find resources from Doing Family Right Visit: For more information on the Fellowship of Evangelical Bible Churches Visit:
I'm Sorry!

I'm Sorry!


My hope has been for the content of these podcasts to be Trustworthy, edifying to you and pleasing to the Lord. and I feel I needed to apologize. In a previous episode with Dr. Dave Currie called “Marriage Matters”…I misspoke…When I shared that some of our former youth had commented “At their weddings” about our marriage/conflict resolution this was not true. While these comments may have been made in other conversations they were not made at their weddings. I apologize. Psalm 19:14 - “Let the words of my mouth and the meditation of my heart be acceptable in your sight. O Lord my rock and my redeemer.”  Thanks for all your support and encouragement….and looking forward to putting up Part 2 of our conversation with Dave Currie next week. 
A helpful conversation with Katrina and Stefan Funk who operate Dalmeny funeral home, a fourth generation family operated business. But for Katrina and Stefan it is quite obvious that this is far more than a business, it is a ministry. Their insights into grief, funerals, and community are incredibly helpful to help us more effectively care for the grieving. For more information on  Dalmeny Funeral Home www.dalmenyfuneralhome.caThis podcast is in partnership with the Fellowship of Evangelical Bible Churches
I have followed Ken and Michelle’s ministry since the day that I went to work with a team from Millar College of the Bible. We were tasked with the cleanup of an old building in Regina which  would become the home of a mission providing hope and healing for the hurting in inner city Regina. Ken and Michelle have been working with the hurting, homeless and addicted on the fringes of our society for over 3 decades. Ken has recently written a book called “Soul’s Harbour” documenting their time in rescue work in Winnipeg, Prince George, Regina, and now presently in Halifax. Theirs is a story of faith, obedience/willingness, courage and the faithfulness of God’s care for both the lost sheep and His faithful servants...It is the story of the gospel.  "Soul's Harbour" is available from Chapters and Indigo and is a great encouragement reminding us of a God who continues to seek and save the Lost. 
Some of us have had great examples of lasting and vibrant marriages. Others are struggling to find a person in their life who even speaks positively of marriage. Marriage is under attack and some of the damage is self inflicted. How can we protect and grow our marriages and provide the next generation with godly examples to follow - marriages which exemplify humility, joy, and strength and the gospel. Dr. Dave Currie is with "Doing Family Right" which provides training and counselling for marriage and family. This episode is part 1 with Dr. Currie. Part 2 will deal with parenting and family life. We hope you are encouraged by these episodes and that you find a renewed joy to move deeper into your marriage. 
A conversation with  Dr. Ian Vaillancourt drawing our gaze towards the book of Psalms. The Psalters influence on the believers prayer, song and theology. I hope you  that through the structure and flow of the book you find a restored amazement, and desire to drink deeper of the book of Psalms, to find Christ, and to be guided into worship of our LORD. 
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