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This will be part 3 of our conversation with Kristal Chalmers and Lloyd and Eileen Peters about clergy sexual abuse. In this episode we will be addressing the church. Our role in protecting victims and how we ought to handle instances of abuse. very likely, many of our churches don't have protocols in place to handle instances like this so I hope this sparks some interaction and some preparation, so that we can learn to handle these cases much better. remember there are resources for you personally and for your churches so please seek them out. GRACE: you want a copy of Kristal's book you can find that at:
In this episode we continue the conversation on clergy sexual abuse, abuse of power, power differentials and grooming. In this part of our conversation we are going to talk about the aftermath how do we need to care for victims, how do we walk through the process of healing and forgiveness?It's our hope that this conversation would continue and that these instances would come to light and would be dealt with and victims would be able to move out of the darkness into light and life. If you would like to get a copy of Kristal's book "Broken and Beautiful" go to: you need help and resources to help you deal with and walk through your own trauma  check out GRACE at:
This will be the first of 3 episodes dealing with clergy sexual abuse. In this episode Kristal Chalmers shares her story as it is recorded in her book "Broken and Beautiful". She recalls the "grooming" of a predatory pastor and the pain of walking through reporting it, its mishandling by those in authority and yet in the midst of it all God's care. Kristial's parent Lloyd and Eileen Peters will also provide their perspective as Eileen has served as an abuse counsellor for years previous and Lloyd has served as a Pastor. They will share their hearts for victims, secondary victims and for the church to handle this seriously and with much wisdom over the next 2 episodes.If you need help please feel free to reach out, and pray with me that the Lord would do his mighty work of shedding light on this darkness.   To get a copy of the the book "Broken and Beautiful" Visit: you or someone you love needs help dealing with abuse there are some incredible resources through GRACE:
Murray and Glenda shepherded the Humboldt Alliance Church from the time that I arrived in Humboldt. From the time of Murray's cancer diagnosis until his death 9 months ago, they undderwent a journey that shaped their family, their faith and their ministry. As you listen to Glenda tell about both the struggles and the immense blessings during these times I hope your heart is encouraged. Please pray for your pastors and ministry leaders, They often are serving in the midst of pain. If you are personally hurting please reach out and talk about it. If you need someone to talk to reach out to someone you trust. or seek some of the free help that Focus on the Family Provides 24/7 more information on the Fellowship of Evangelical Bible Churches head to
How much of how and why we think the way we do has been influenced by ancient ways of thinking. Jorin Green was a professor at Millar College of the Bible for 17 years and has returned to the pastorate at Erindale Alliance Church in Saskatoon Sk. We had a fun time and our conversation that went a lot of different ways and probably left us with more questions that answers. But I hope what you will discover in the pursuit of truth is the depth and beauty of a relationship with Jesus. For more information on Milllar College of the Bible head to: more information on Erindale Alliance Church: check out the Fellowship of Evangelical Bible Churches:
Dr. Dave has been a great fiend of Truth and Nails and a terrific resource for all things marriage and family. Dr. Currie is the President and Co-founder of Doing Family Right (Which I will link  below).  In this episode we are going to talk about divorce and why we can't lose heart. Maybe you're walking with someone who is going through marital difficulty or maybe your own life has been touched by divorce, I think this episode will encourage and challenge you. Resources mentioned in this episode:"Keep Calm and Carry On" 1"0 Questions to Answer Before you Get Married!""Friend of the Marriage" For More information on Doing Family Right goto: More information on the Fellowship of Evangelical Bible Churches go to:
Has the condition of your finances affected your spiritual life? Is it possible that either too much concern over your money or maybe not enough has left you overwhelmed, unprepared, and unfruitful. Let's talk about how we can move towards good stewardship, freedom and generosity,  taking control of our money rather than being controlled by it.  Cory Regier is the CEO of Amity Trust and shares  some great insights regarding our finances. For more information on Amity Trust goto: More information on the Fellowship of Evangelical Bible Churches
Big thanks to Mike Boyle for the insight into "Personal Retreat Days" and "Coaching Reports. This is a great  tool that I hope will be helpful to you and your ministry. If you want any help with this day or want a copy of materials mentioned in this episode feel free to reach out. If you want more information on the Fellowship of Evangelical Bible Churches goto:
Brent “Chappy” Kassian has been the Chaplain to the Edmonton Elks Football Club for the past twenty-two seasons and is an associate staff member of Athletes in Action, Canada. He also serves as the Chaplain to the Edmonton Eddies Pro CPL soccer team.He was previously the Chaplain to the Edmonton Roadrunners of the American Hockey League (AHL) and served as an affiliate with Hockey Ministries International (HMI).He has served as a community pastor and has worked in the field of rehabilitation and sports medicine. He is a former Provincial Champion and Canadian Intercollegiate Gold Medalist in track and field.Brent makes his home in Sherwood Park, Alberta, where he enjoys mountain biking and watching his grandkids compete in sports. Brent’s wife Mary is an award winning author, speaker, and international women’s conference leader.For more information on...Athletes in Action: Ministries International (HMI) of Evangelical Bible Churches
Phil is a comedian, author, speaker, and radio host of a program called "Laugh Again". He has a unique outlook on life, an encouraging spirit, and an ability to turn our attention to the glory of the cross. Phil and his wife Ramona live in Three Hills Alberta. Go check out Laugh again at: more information on The Fellowship of Evangelical Bible Churches goto:
Part 2 of an episode with Pastor Dan Esau from Leader Saskatchewan about small town and small church ministry. For more info on the fellowship of Evangelical Bible Churches goto:
I would bet that the bulk of us attend/serve in small churches, and in smaller communities. Actually the bulk of the church globally are smaller congregations. The bulk of leadership material, church growth models, and programming don't seem to land as effectively with the small church. Small church ministry and small town ministry is both nuanced and necessary, and it takes a special pastor to do this work. Dan Esau is a pastor in Leader Sk.  and previously in a variety of pastoral roles in smaller churches and community's  and I'm sure what Dan has to share will resonate with you. For more information on the fellowship of Evangelical Bible Churches  goto:
I count it a real blessing to have had the chance to sit down with this wonderful woman of God. Hers is a story of determined obedience and surrender to the Lordship of Christ. This is not a heady debate over Lordship salvation or free grace. It is about the fact that the two should not be separated. The cost and blessing of surrendering to Christ as Lord are weighty but to not count either is to miss Christ entirely. Jean Barsness has been a missionary and teacher (Briercrest and Millar College)  who has impacted the lives of many. Jean now lives in Saskatoon Sk. where she continues to serve her Savior Anywhere, Anytime and Any Cost. I would strongly encourage you to read Jeans book, a link to where you can get a copy is below. more information on the Fellowship of Evangelical Bible Churches goto:
How can we glorify God with whatever we do? Without having to preach or operate within a church program. How can we do our professions and our hobbies in a way that glorifies God?Jay Siemens operates "Thrive Visuals" videography and photography, travelling all over taking breathtaking visuals that put on display the majesty of what God has created. His youtube fishing channel is where I was introduced to Jay and if you even remotely enjoy fishing you'll love his videos. Jay is all of us. Doing what he loves to do...on purpose. Find Jay: instagram: @jay_siemensFor more info on the Fellowship of Evangelical Bible Churches goto:
This is part 2 of an episode with Arnie Armstrong tackling 5 big questions rooted in the introductory chapters of the Bible,  that we need to wrestle with and reconcile in order to make sure that we are believing the same God that Jesus believed in (The God of the Bible). In P2  we come to the last 2 questions that come post-fall. I trust that these questions are not just thought provoking but also helpful and practical for you as you wrestle through them.  For more information on Millar College of the Bible visit: http://www.millarcollege.caFor More information on the Fellowship of Evangelical Bible Churches visit:
When we go through the hardest moments of our lives we are faced with our biggest questions about God.  Questions that shape how we view Him and respond to him. In Part 1 of this discussion we will tackle the first 3 foundational questions. Each of these questions are established before the fall. Can you live with a God who says NO? Can God decide who lives and dies? Can you trust God if He keeps secrets from you?These are thought provoking questions with far more practical implications than you might think. Grab your Bible and dig in with Arnie and I for the next couple weeks. Arnie is a professor and academic dean at Millar College of the BibleFor more information on Millar College head over to:http://www.millarcollege.caThis Podcast is in partnership with the Fellowship of Evangelical Bible Churches
I know many of us don't often quote from this book, either in theological conversations or in romantic conversations with your wife..."you're hair is a like a flock of goats" may not resonate with her. But "The Song of Songs" or "The Song of Solomon" is in there for a reason. It is wonderfully poetic and rarely preached. Just how should we approach it and how should we handle it?Travis Johnston is a professor at Millar College of the Bible. I'm sure you will appreciate his heart for the Word and it's implications on our lives. For more information on Millar College of the Bible visit:http://www.millarcollege.caTo learn more about the Fellowship of Evangelical Bible Churches go to:
If you have been looking to grow in your understanding of the Bible or if you are a church leader looking for some great Bible teaching curriculum then this conversation with Dr. Culy is for you. Marty has developed the "Ignitus" curriculum to help churches and lay people grow in their knowledge of the Word and have lives that are shaped by it. Dr. Martin Culy is an author and teacher who has a vast array of ministry experience. He has pastored, worked in Bible translation and  global missions work and  has edited and contributed to books and commentaries on the Bible. For information on the  "Ignitus" Bible Curriculum or to et a copy of these resourcescontact Dr. Martin Culyemail: For more information on the Fellowship of Evangelical Bible Studies
There is something about engaging all the senses that allows us to experience a more full experience. Dr. Patrick Schreiner has written an interesting and attractive book called "The Visual Word" which combines a scholars look at the outline of the New Testament and visuals to help the reader into the text in a unique way. Dr. Patrick Schreiner is an author and  professor at Midwestern Baptist Theological Seminary with a heart for the church and for the body to understand and be built up in the faith through the Word. Find "The Visual Word" at Moody press: more information on the Fellowship of Evangelical Bible Churches:
I 've often just powered through Psalm 119, never pausing to reflect. Of course I 've seen the theme of "The Word",  but the depth and practical implications of this Psalm I have most definitely missed. I know that this little book will encourage you, and may just give you a new love and appreciation for the Word that God has gifted us with. Dr. Kroeker is currently the director of the graduate program at Millar College of the Bible. He and his wife Tamara  live near Salmon Arm,  BC. Find Daryl's book "Psalm 119 - Stirring a Love for the Word": For more information on Millar College of the Bible Visit: check out the Fellowship of Evangelical Bible Churches:
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