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The American Soundbite is a regular podcast focusing on common sense views of local and national news, politics, finance and more. Tune in to hear real thoughts and ideas based on trending topics in America today.
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Joe Biden is about to raise YOUR TAXES, specifically he is going to tax your Robinhood and other investment accounts at a rate that is DOUBLE the rate you are taxed at today. I think there should be no capital gains tax, but that is never likely to go my way but how will Joe and Co require you to change your investment profile both short term and long term effective today? Listen to this episode to hear my thoughts.
For the past several months President Trump has told us that a COVID vaccine was likely to come before the end of 2020, but deepstate operatives came out from their bunkers to proclaim that the earliest one would be available would be spring, summer or even not until 2022. Guess What? As of this morning, 3 different drugs are ready to be distributed to Americans AS SOON AS THE FDA ALLOWS IT!Who was right all along, and what does that say about who has been right about everything vs who has bee lying about it all (INCLUDING ELECTION FRAUD)?
Many decisions that are being made by our local, state and National governments regarding COVID19 are being forcefully implemented and quickly impact the lives and livelihoods of millions of Americans, but are these decisions being made based on science or is it just a "follow the leader" mentality where they are copying the first state/city to take action that may not be based in reality?
The Science behind a 10PM curfew is clear that it will do NOTHING to slow the spread of a virus however implementing a curfew has been successfully been utilized for other reasons throughout history and even in recent months here in the USA. So why is Mike Dewine really implementing a 10PM curfew in Ohio? Listen to todays episode and hear some of the interesting theories we have about this movement.
Build Back Better was a slogan Joe Biden and the Liberals were required to use by their cohorts in the globalist movement as a signal that they would bow down to the initiatives that are designed specifically to destroy the American Constitution and everything that makes America great.
Today we discuss my experience in Washington DC both at the Million MAGA March and with the "counter protestors" AKA Antifa/BLM after the MAGA march ended. This was a huge and formative example of what is going on in America and exactly what American politicians have turned our country into. We need change right now!
If you think of authoritarian regimes from history you may think of Stalin, or Mussolini or Castro or Hitler and you'd be right to think of those names. Here within the American Government we have elected representatives who are calling for the destruction of our constitutional rights and our freedom of speech. This is beyond dangerous and action must be taken now to protect our civil liberties.
Who is really to blame for the lack of anything getting done in Washington DC? Who is really to blame for even the potential of massive election fraud in an American election? Who can make the situation better starting today? You might be surprised by the answers so make sure to listen today!
If you want to build trust in Americans and "restore decency" but you won't stand up and demand that any voting irregularities are investigated and cleared up, then you are not trying to build up America but rather destroy our democracy!
Free Speech Matters. The People are taking action and swiftly moving away from censorship laden sites like Facebook and Twitter towards companies that promise to protect the freedom of expression in all forms like Millions of individuals created accounts on this new platform over the weekend, making it the #1 downloaded social media application on Apple Store and Google Play alike.
If both parties want Americans to trust and ACCEPT the election results they they should want vote counting to be observed (it's a law in every state) and they would want to encourage as much observation as possible so their is absolutely no question about the validity of the results. So why are the Democrat officials actively working to block legal observers from viewing that is going on?
America is the shining example of democracy to every person on the planet. As such, America has a responsibility to provide the most transparent, free, open and accurate elections anywhere on Earth. Here in 2020, it is apparent that our system of polling and voting is designed in a way that makes multiple forms of fraud both simple and highly likely. Today we discuss why, how and who is to blame along with a discussion on how we can stop it immediately!
Taking heads in the lame stream media all want to keep you worried and anxious and concerned so that you keep watching their foolish programs and they can sell more advertising. Over the past couple days their topics have shifted to voter fraud and voter suppression debates, selling the idea that the parties are trying to hamper with the election. My Advice. Stop watching and listen to todays episode of The American Soundbite!
Make sure you are focused on the most important issues, items and people that are on your ballot tomorrow when we vote for President and others in elected offices.
Becoming intolerant of someone's thoughts or opinions is the quickest way to destroy America! Our election on November 3rd is not a Presidential election but you are casting your vote for our Constitution or the complete and total destruction of our great American way of life.
With a conservative upbringing I have always had an understanding that the #1 most important thing that I can do in life is to help others. I believe that the majority of people have the same feelings and attitude towards others as I do so it is difficult to understand why some people think they need socialist policies and government control of peoples lives to make our world a better place.
American news organizations have completely died a slow and agonizing death over the last 20 years or so. Left in their place are "media" companies who offer their opinions and "feelings" on what is going on in the world around us. They do not report the news, they try and manipulate you into adopting their opinion or viewpoint on any topic so they can convert you into their ideologically biased reasoning.
I believe in AmericaI believe in the American peopleI believe in American businessI believe in American prosperity I believe in American SuccessI believe in America!
The Presidential candidates are taking credit for plans to take "federal monies" and send it to the states for "our benefit". This brings up a critical issue in the way that the state governments interact with the Federal Gov. The Fed is taking YOUR hard earned money, skimming some off the top and then returning a small piece of that money to the state for (**name your federal funding reason**). The fed should never tax you and me to turn around and give money to the state. The State should (and does) tax it's citizens for the monies it needs to operate, even in an emergency. The Federal government is too big and wasteful to operate any more!
The last Presidential debate between President Trump and Joe Biden is in the books. Today we discuss some of the gaffs and bloopers and what is really important in this year's election. Make sure to vote on November 3rd.
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