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J2cast: Prepping

Author: Jeff Allender

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A podcast devoted toward sharing ideas and solutions in the prepper community. From SHTF to everyday needs, join us as we talk about preparedness and the many different aspects it entails.
92 Episodes
Jesse and Jeff discuss if the pandemic has us more or less prepared.
Jesse and Jeff talk about the current pandemic and how it reinforces what they believe is the need to prepare. 
Jesse and Jeff discuss the quarantine's effects on Jeff's mental health, bad mask information and business during the quarantine. 
Jeff and Jesse talk follow ups to last weeks show and preparing for the next wave.  Who should you listen to?
Jesse and Jeff discuss the forgotten real essential workers, water and how the quarantine may affect the judicial system. 
Jeff and Jesse discuss online opsec 
Jesse and Jeff discuss the ongoing quarantine and the choice of which mask to use or if a mask is even a good idea. 
Jesse and Jeff talk about how their preps have held up and the parts of the quarantine they were unprepared for. 
Jesse and Jeff discuss the Corona virus and where they have been for the past 15 months. 
Chris Weatherman joins Jesse and Jeff to discuss hurricane Irma and future pursuits.
J2cast Ep82 - Armor

J2cast Ep82 - Armor


Jesse and Jeff discuss the reasons why to purchase and use body armor. 
Jesse and Jeff discuss one of life's constants. That constant is change.
Jesse and Jeff discuss possibilities when the lights go out and training yourself and family for the changes.
Jesse and Jeff discuss a follow up to Jeff's OKC trip, as well as how we can learn day to day preps from items in the news
Jesse and Jeff discuss Jeff's Oklahoma City misadventures with police, youth and a police system that is not to be depended on. Also included are some examples of police doing their jobs. Caution: Jeff's mouth gets away from him once, we apologize but he was in the moment.
Jesse and Jeff discuss listener follow-up to episode 76 and they also discuss 3D printing preps.
Jesse and Jeff discuss tornadoes in Iowa and missing dirty bomb materials.
Jesse and Jeff discuss building battery backups for when the grid is down.
Jesse and Jeff discuss planning to live off the land and some things that might need more planning.
Jesse and Jeff discuss mass shootings and what you can do.
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