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Freaks of a Feather

Author: Emilee Wooten and Mary Böhm

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Two friends, Emilee Wooten and Mary Böhm, invite you to sit in on the discussion and discovery of the worlds most bizarre and strange topics. They cover everything from the supernatural to the most ludicrous stories in history. So bring your inner freak and pull up a seat. It's gonna get weird.
115 Episodes
Past Lives and Progenies

Past Lives and Progenies


Today we discuss the actual research around reincarnation as it relates to children who claim to have memories of previous lives. We also cover a very special child who claims to have been.... a martian.We also talk about how to infiltrate the Sphinx.
Today we embark on an epic journey through the very tangled vines of what makes a victim and what makes a criminal. Specifically we will study the case of La Mataviejitas, The Little Old Lady Killer and what her demonization reveals about violence against women on a macro scale in Mexico.
Today we entreat you to take a load off and participate in some casual listening as we talk about absolute nonsense.
Today we conclude our three part series on the Gibbons Twins, Jennifer and June. We follow the twins down the path of arson towards the infamous asylum, Broadmoor Hospital.
Today we continue our deep dive into the bizarre world of June and Jennifer Gibbons. We go into the terrifying underbelly of the twin's darkest fantasies and strangest encounters. It gets absolutely batshit crazy off the wall tutti fruiti. TW: sexual violence, sexual abuse
Today we begin the exploration of the infamous Silent Twins, June and Jennifer Gibbons. We dive deep into the cryptic world of secrets and obsessive co dependency fostered by the two sisters.We also traverse the land of the unhinged when we dissect their extracurricular activities.
Power to the Nurses

Power to the Nurses


Today we discuss the unfortunate origins of the modern nurse and the class struggle and misogyny that lead to the current divide in our healthcare system.
The Peoples' Medicine

The Peoples' Medicine


Today we traverse the peoples' Popular Medicine Movement of the 1830s in the United States. We cover the medicine of the people vs. the big business of medicine perpetuated by capitalism's truest scumbags. Everything we discuss today has had a direct effect on what we experience with health care today in the United States. TW: you will probably get mad.
The Woman is a Witch

The Woman is a Witch


Today we give an overview of the terror enacted upon the free thinking women of medieval Europe and the systematic erasure of women from the medical field. TW: violence against women and children is discussed.
The conclusion to our series on the Radium Girls. We ascend towards the peak of justice!
We cover the investigation into "Big Radium" and the untimely deaths of its female workforce. Deceit and coercion are chief among the tactics used to silence the women. However, they remained steadfast in their determination to prosecute their employer in spite of their rapidly declining health. It's a jaw dropping part 2. Okay that was in bad taste...
Today Mary tackles the history and mistreatment of America's "Radium Girls." We have a love able cast of characters, among them "Fuzzy Jaw," and "Glass Bones."
And so we come to our final chapter in our series on Spiritualism. It's here where our dear friends, Harry Houdini and Mina Crandon, embark on the strangest of journeys, to the astral plane of Summerland.
Today we discuss Houdini's quest to ruin Mina Crandon and the inner turmoil of the Scientific American team!
We continue our journey with a look at one of the most convincing cases for psychic phenomena, that of Mina Crandon. The activity is absolutely batshit wild, so buckle up!
In this installment we hash out the bad blood between the magicians and the spiritualists. We also cover the beginning of the Scientific American's quest for unquestionable proof of psychic phenomena! Come join us in the middle school girls bathroom, we're dishing out the drama today between Houdini and Doyle.
Come round dear friends and join hands for a séance. We're gonna unveil the mysteries within the realm of Spiritualism!
Killer Kids

Killer Kids


Happy New Years! Let's start off 2022 with a fun little dive. It's very special indeed. Children that kill!
Today Mary and I exchange the gift of pure joy, the gift that keeps on giving, the gift of bizarre true stories. Next week we're taking a break! We'll catch you all after that!
Twisted Christmas

Twisted Christmas


We all celebrate the holidays in different ways, hopefully yours doesn't end in arson or murder.