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The Highpoint Lowlife Radio Show

Author: Thorsten Sideb0ard

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The Highpoint Lowlife Radio Show with Thorsten Sideb0ard.++ Extreme Computer Music, Algorithmic Rave and Bit-shifted R'n'B hits of tomorrow! ++
7 Episodes
January 2021

January 2021


Brand new year, brand new episode!Awesome new tracks from Spednar, RM Francis, cd_slopper, UMFANG, KAHKLI Cru, plus early glitch and microhouse classics from Kit Clayton, 8FM, and Twerk!1. woopheadclrms - It little bit2. cd_slopper - dqawa wumplex-Ɨ3. Kit Clayton - Nia-Ikala4. Twerk - Geeky Minimal Sausage Party6. KAHKLI Cru - Shaded 3rd Duct7. Eight Frozen Modules - No Solitude Fo_ The P_Tient8. Hard Return - ENE9. pxp Realidiyo - squauduhl10. RM Francis - lbm-nmf11. William Fields - Submersible Quince12. Flora Yin-Wong  - Aurochs13. UMFANG - Off Court14. Thorsten Sideb0ard  - blackriottt15. NKISI - Phantasmagoria16. Spednar - eh o el17. Hellfish - Toilet Wars 
The Uncanny Thesis Episode

The Uncanny Thesis Episode


more weirdo computer music, broadcasting out of the Sunset District in San Francisco!Daniel M Karlsson- Exploratory narratives- The work put inD-Leria- Noises From The RoomCALUM GUNN- LOCUSHard Return- 925.5BBjarni Gunnarsson- Heappantea- Patu (blanket)Ben & Jerry- pendulumulubneqAtte Elias Kantonen- (Dance) Floor TuneGlia & Matthewdavid- gliamd-mxdLOG- LOG 4J. Albert- PrioritiesPhil Julian- ost4Spednar- cheese stomach
the thththanksgiving episode

the thththanksgiving episode


new episode of weirdo computer music, coming out of the Sunset District in San Francisco!Track listing -- 1. Parsa - uthuMS112. Calum Gunn - OFFSHOOT3. Heinrich Schwarzer - Figur0_3-394. Daniel Katinsky - Macro Collision5. Trash Panda QC - fountain6. glia - olous7. pita - Vlupiansc10.a.udon.28. Glass - Appointment Scheduling System9. free mp3 recording software - stately drums [iso]10. pent - track 311. Mads Kjeldgaard - ((()))
coming out of the Sunset District, San Francisco, one hour of weirdo computer sounds!
Back at ya, after a months break!Starting out easy with some Moodyman before getting into the computer sounds!
An opening hour of vinyl starting out from my Warp section, then some new old school vinyl via Discogs, and a final hour of new computer sounds, featuring Sully, Kindohm, Gooooose & DJ Scotch Egg, and a whole bunch more!Enjoying the show? Please support BFF.FM with a donation.Playlist0′0″ Turquoise Hexagon Sun by Boards of Canada on Hi Scores (Skam)4′45″ Xtal by Aphex Twin on Selected Ambient Works 85-92 (Warp)9′20″ Autechre Play Weissensee Against Im Glück by Autechre on Splitrmx12 (Warp)17′30″ Somory by Phoenicia on Randa Roomet (Warp)25′20″ LFO (Leeds Warehouse mix) by LFO on LFO (Warp)30′30″ Nightmare by Kid Unknown on Nightmare (Warp)34′30″ Poison (Mental Mix) by Bel Biv Devoe on Poison (Extended Version) (MCA Records, Inc.)41′30″ Be Happy by Mary J Blige on Be Happy (MCA Records)46′45″ Hold On (Extended Version) by En Vogue on Hold On (Atlantic)51′30″ Back To Life (Club Mix) by Soul II Soul Featuring Caron Wheeler on 
Enjoying the show? Please support BFF.FM with a donation.Playlist0′0″ A Different River Once by Beatrice Dillon and Rupert Clervaux on Two Changes (Visit′0″ Square Fifths by beatrice dillon on Workaround (PAN)20′0″ Hypnic Jerks by Rian Treanor on File Under UK Metaplasm (Planet Mu)23′0″ For aa F by Kindohm on Fear of Tears for Fears (Visit′40″ BUCHLA100 WAVEFORM SYNTHESIZER MODEL 132 + MANIAC [2CHAN-VERSION] by NYZ on MILLZ EXPZ (Visit′0″ Pulse 23 by Li Song on Compassion through Algorithms (Visit′0″ aroc (b-p) by William Fields on Bewilderment (Superpang)38′0″ Includes by New Tendencies on Everywhere (Conditional Recordings)41′0″ 88 star bits by luisaMei on tapeE (Visit′0″ Lilac / Crude Oil Dub by Article C on Parhelia (
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