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Lyle McKeany goes straight to the uncomfortable areas of life, quickly. It's what makes his writing so approachable, and unexpectedly funny at times. Lyle writes a weekly newsletter called, Just Enough to Get Me in Trouble, where he writes short stories about life, and being a father.
In this episode, we chat with writer Charlie Bleecker, who is the lead mentor for David Perell's online writing course, Write of Passage. We chat with Charlie about her journey to write and publish online every week, her writing process, and her decision to write under a pseudonym. If you're struggling to write and publish, don't miss out on this episode.
In this episode, we each share 6 apps that we love and consistently use.
Simply put, Jesse Desjardins radiates good vibes. Less simply, Jesse led the team behind Tourism Australia, has helped entrepreneurs and corporate leaders on business model innovation with Strategyzer, and built The Guest Experience Map. Jesse shares his unorthodox path around the world to serve the brightest minds using storytelling as a way to connect. The Hero's Journey has undoubtedly played a large role in his life as a way to focus on the audience he can best serve.
This week, we picked a book each and shared our thoughts and aha moments on them. They happened to be on vastly different topics.
This week we have Charlene Wang on the show to tell us all about her upcoming book (Model Breakers) as well as the LivingOS Fellowship: a transformational group coaching experience for high achievers.
This week, we started off talking about Nate's daily routine and then dove into what being a minimalist entrepreneur entails. We also touched on communities and Nate's brand-new design course for non-designers.
In this episode, we chat with Tim Coil about the fundamentals of Bitcoin and the blockchain, what are some low risk ways to get started in cryptocurrency, and where to store it. We also chat about NFTs, and what the landscape looks like for digital art.
This week, we shared our views on the cohort-based online courses that we've gone through over the last one year. We also rated each out of five!
This week, we had Max Nussenbaum on the show as our first ever guest! Max currently runs the Writer Fellowship over at On Deck and writes a weekly newsletter called My Super Secret Diary. As an ex startup founder, we also got Max's takes on the tension (and similarities) that exist between being a founder and an artist. We also talked about writing, creativity, and career choices.
This week, we shared our thoughts and takeaways from Season #1 of Ted Lasso: a sitcom television series starring Jason Sudeikis.
#10: Tools for thought

#10: Tools for thought


This week, we took a deep dive into our technology stacks and discussed the tools and apps we use to capture and create knowledge.
On this first episode of Season 2, we go through our process of finding topics and ideas to write about (or other creative outputs for that matter). We also touch on some of the tools and apps we use that help boost the writing process.
This is the Season 1 Finale as we wrap up 8 weeks of On Deck Writer Fellowship. We talked about mind maps (and where they come in during the creative process), personal vs. professional identities, Tony Hsieh, and Salesforce acquiring Slack.
On this episode, we talked about embracing being average, fulfillment, and the blue zones concept. We also talked about our ideal writing audiences where Nate dove deep into the importance of design for non-designers.
This week we chatted about big tasks vs. small tasks (and which one to tackle first) and the importance of solitude and spending time on our own. We also talked about creating leverage by showing up consistently, personal finances (+budgeting), and succinct communication.
This week we chat about balancing our schedules and productivity during an election, using habit stacking and the Pomodoro technique. We also talk about our experience at the halfway point in the On Deck Writer's Fellowship, and if we're hitting our goals. Reza discusses his preparation for interviewing guests for his upcoming podcast, while Nate is interviewed for the first time as a guest. This episode is rich in musings around productivity, Nate's co-hosted Q&A with Anne-Laure Le Cunff of Ness Labs, and the books we're now starting. Enjoy!
We talked about a lot in this episode! From the process for publishing our newsletters, to the metrics we track and why we've been doing it every week for the last 6 months. We also touch on the tech stack of our personal blogs, sketching, productivity, collaboration and storytelling.
We talk about our second week at On Deck Writer Fellowship, the process of giving and receiving feedback and how writing and speaking are connected.
We talk about our writing process, the origin stories of our newsletters, and our first week during the On Deck Writer Fellowship.
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