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A Coffee in the Accursed Mountains
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A Coffee in the Accursed Mountains

Author: Elizabeth Gowing and Rob Wilton

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Stories of Balkan life and culture from the countries bordered by the Accursed Mountains - Kosovo, Albania and Montenegro
4 Episodes
Montenegro’s Princess Xenia (1881 – 1960) was a bold and talented photographer and a crucial aide to her father’s efforts to build a new kingdom. On a trip through Cetinje’s mountain landscape, we enjoy her photographs - and gallons of blueberry juice.
This episode introduces some beautifully-named Albanians narrating the meaning of their names, and offers a glimpse of Communist Albania through its list of approved names. And who is honoured in the names Villson, Tonibler and Marenglen? And why?
Kosovo's most popular attraction is also one of its oldest. Meet Bekim and hear the story of how his team of young professionals created the unique Ethnological Museum, a cultural treasure trove and an important site of collective memory.
Our first Coffee In the Accursed Mountains is not in fact an episode about coffee. From the countries bordering the mountains we take another signature hot drink - mountain tea. Marjoram or sideritis - we talk about what your choice of mountain tea says about you. Includes this month's Albanian Word (çaj mali) as well as some of our favourite memories of drinking it, and its alleged health benefits - from flu recovery to hormonal balance. Elizabeth gets excited about her statistic on the contribution to the Albanian economy of this and other medicinal and aromatic plants; Rob gets excited by what to do with your spoon when you're done drinking.
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