Author: Lisa Levi

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A tale about a man living alone in the forest with the spirits and creatures of the Caribbean bush. An immersive experience. Follow Neville as he roams the Caribbean forest battling the memories of a past life. Written by Lisa Levi Performed by Brian Richardson -
7 Episodes
Neville finds himself at the same damn house, same damn backyard. And who is the little girl? Is he his daughter? Is she a soucoyah?Read the lost chapter of Neville's Story at
After the death of Ruby, Neville wants to destroy the soucoyah.
The source of Neville's regret is revealed as he makes his confession to Mama River, and the Soucoyah is set free.
As a rain storm beats down on the forest, Neville remembers Ruby.
Neville's recollections take him down the road to his wife's death. Limbo was originally a funeral dance.
As the maddness starts to take over, Neville remembers his wife Rosemary.
Caribbean Folklore comes to life. Neville moves through the forest, speaking to himself and the bush creatures, until the memories of his past life begin to push at his consciousness. The life when he was a calypsonian in Port of Spain, Trinidad, in the 1930s.
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