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Stay up to date with NetSupport’s latest broadcasts and listen back to our previous podcasts on topics such as safeguarding, digital citizenship and teaching with edtech – plus, catch up on all the activity and interviews with key education experts from recent Bett shows.You can also listen to chats about all things education-related from specialists in the sector in our Big Education Debates, as well as learn about how edtech can help your school or Trust with managing its IT, complying with GDPR – and much more!
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Back by popular demand, catch up with the November edition of the 'Check it out!' show! Join @AlKingsley_Edu and @ICTEvangelist as they uncover new education services and solutions that can help your school! Guests include; Cascade Spanish, @GDPRinSchools, @esafetyadviser, @classroomcloud_, @DiscoveryEdUk, @trilbytv, @tweetlpplus, @justmoteHQ, @iAchieveUK, @joinbubble, @iTCHYROBOT_SCH, and @Alex_Portland, plus a special appearance from @besatweet!
Al Kingsley and Mark Anderson are joined by a range of educators who have some new services or solutions for the education sector that you should hear about!Guests include:Lucy Preston with Maths with Parents - Liz Murray with Spotlight Education Support - Adam Chase with Reschool - Matt Jones with - Tom Thacker with CENTURY - Katie Stickley with Did Teach - Simon Blower with Pobble - Kat Cauchi with ReallySchool - Jane Moody with Drift IT Services - Kim Cooke with Gaps in my learning - Pranti Zaveri with Teacherly - Ronan Mc Nicholl with Global Edtech - Tilly Brooke with now-press-play - Russell Prue with LearnRadio.Net - Michael Brennan with Stribe - Chris Williams with Chatta - Tracey Armstrong with Arva - Sarah Underwood with ICTfE365 - David Powell with Upbeat Music and Arts - Uplift - Chris Birks with Microsoft Remote Classroom Hybrid Solution - Vanessa Leach with Tute.
ReallySchool, the award-winning app and online portal helping teachers to record, assess and share primary and EYFS and primary school pupils’ learning and development, features on NetSupport Radio to discuss the latest update which supports schools in the 'new normal'.
This chapter discusses how edtech vendors have really stepped up to help schools during COVID-19, with Caroline Wright of BESA revealing that they have provided around £30million of free resources during lockdown. The panel also discussed the importance of wellbeing and safeguarding – and also the lessons that have been learned from this unique time that must not be forgotten in the future.
This chapter looks at schools’ digital strategies and how the pandemic has changed the way they work with edtech, as well as how they can best prepare themselves for the possibility of more in-school and remote teaching and learning in the future, should further lockdowns come into play.
This chapter, "The new normal of teaching and learning,” examines the effect of the pandemic on teaching and learning. Despite the total disruption to regular teaching and learning, everyone agreed that many positive things have come out of this. Some schools have had a steep learning curve to get on board with the possibilities that their technology has to offer, but many staff have increased their confidence in using it, albeit through necessity.The panel also discuss how edtech has facilitated improved engagement, better communication and how they are now used to doing Zoom calls!
Wellbeing has never been more important than now - and it's a given that we're going to encounter some mental health issues in the future as a result of the pandemic lockdown.Our experts on this topic discuss the need to plan for the new 'future normal' when students and staff are reintegrated into school, with preparations likely being required for separation anxiety (when pupils suddenly have to spend time away from parents) - as well as the availability of bereavement counselling.We hear how technology is helping wellbeing in the shape of a "WellBot" powered by AI, how it's helping to look after parents' wellbeing too, and how our youngest students are sharing and communicating on GoBubble.
With the enforced switch to online learning, schools have had to transition fast!Our guests share their own schools' experiences of how they have switched from face-to-face to distance learning - and what they have learned from the process.We also hear a technical perspective of how one school made the transition to cloud-based solutions and the eventful route it took  – overcoming various obstacles to reach its destination.In a bonus interview, Russell Prue talks to Lord Jim Knight about the contrast between today's digital education landscape and the work he did as a government Minister to promote equality of access.
There's been a massive change in how teaching and learning is delivered over the last few weeks with an unexpected switch to online delivery in record time.Our guests discuss how the education landscape is looking now, compared to at the start of the year, and how things may develop over time. They discuss the experiences of their own education establishments (or the ones they work with) and consider the safeguarding aspects of using the digital platforms of the moment (e.g. Zoom).
NetSupport Radio was joined by a range of educators, edtech experts and education specialists to discuss and debate a range of the hottest topics in the education sector today, including:The future shape of edtech – What have recent events taught us about the future of edtech in schools?School digital strategy, the dos and don’ts – What is a digital strategy and what are the pros and pitfalls to look out for?Supporting student and teacher wellbeing – The wellbeing issues schools need to look out for and how they can support both students and teachers. Thank you to our panellists including: Al Kingsley, Lord Jim Knight, Professor Jonathan Glazzard, Linda Parsons, Traci Good – and more! To see the full line-up, visit 
Digital Strategy podcast

Digital Strategy podcast


Al Kingsley hosts our Digitial Strategy podcast on behalf of NetSupport and Opportunity Peterborough. The podcast will cover the latest trends and strategies in IT Management and security, and we’ll be hearing from 5 industry experts discussing a range of topics. Nathan Allison – Talks about Operational Security and utilising frameworks.Colin Jeffs – Discussed Global Digitial Business and Planning for the futureDavid Davies – Talks about IT Resilience and the shifting culture of IT useAl Kingsley – shares ideas on creating a Digitial Strategy around IT ManagementRavi Pathak – explains about Business Continuity planning and what to consider.We also discuss with Tom Hennessey, CEO of our partner, Opportunity Peterborough, about how they support local businesses to grow and attract new companies to set up in Peterborough.
NetSupport Radio has a fascinating chat with Dr Edward Tse (edtech leader, speaker, author and YouTuber) about how automation is impacting jobs now and in the near future – and the need for us to ensure we’re teaching students the critical skills they’ll need for their future employment.
Tony talks to Russell Prue live at Bett 2020 to spread the word about a new DfE website to support schools – – that contains free advice on privacy, dealing with the ICO, information about risk assessments and more.
Russell Prue and Antony Moore, Head of Partnerships at Firefly Learning discuss the new show layout and what they think of it.
Augmented reality is a fast-developing area which is now beginning to really make an impact in the classroom. Phil Birchinall, Senior Director of Immersive Content at Discovery Education, describes how it’s maturing and how show visitors have been treated to a trip to Mars…
Russell Prue talks to Richard Smith from Amazing ICT about what has caught his attention amongst the many and varied offerings at the show.
James Donaldson explained to NetSupport Radio how his college, its digital leaders and student union are providing greater access to advice and guidance on wellbeing via an AI-driven chatbot.
An increasing focus on maths and English in schools at the expense of other subjects prompted Bryn Llewellyn to create TagTiv8; a method of delivering physically active learning. He chatted to NetSupport Radio to explain how it works and talks about the research behind it that shows that activity enhances cognition and academic performance. 
NetSupport Radio talks to Sally Lanni (Executive Head Teacher) and Dr Dave Whyley (from the governing body)about the impact that edtech has had at Pheasey Park Farm School. They talk to Russell Prue about the importance of getting all stakeholders on board, providing tailored training for teachers, digital champions, ensuring parents understand the school’s vision and evidencing achievement.
Sal chats to NetSupport Radio about her upcoming round-table discussion at Bett on supporting dyslexic students in primary and secondary schools. She also comments on resources for dyslexia at the show.
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