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In this episode, we are joined by Juliet Park the director of Modern Foreign Languages (MFL) for the Share Trust. She is also a languages teacher and national MFL consultant-supporting schools and academy trusts. She is a successful author of languages resources. Juliet is an experienced examiner, and she regularly delivers training for awarding bodies and trainee teachers. She is also a specialist for the Secondary School Admissions Test (SSAT) in Dylan William’s formative assessment programme, and she supports primary and secondary heads to introduce this in their own settings.  She is passionate about developing a lifelong love of languages and linguistic mastery in young children.In this episode we discussed ‘Tips for success in teaching a new language’ especially for teachers without a language specialism. Here are some of the questions I asked Juliet:You recently had a book published- could you give us a summary of what the book is about and why you decided to write it?As you know language teaching in primary schools often isn't taught by specialists- what kind of barriers do teachers without a language specialism have to teaching a language?How can they overcome these barriers?If a teacher is going to be teaching a series of language lessons what are your tips for being prepared for this?How can teachers ensure pupils not only learn a language but retain that knowledge?What are the barriers to language learning for pupils and how can teachers help them overcome these?What do you think is working well in schools for language learning and what do you think is needed to support this more?What skills are important to teach pupils that will help them be successful in language learning?Where pupils struggle with their Literacy how does this impact on their progress in learning another language and how can staff help them?There are lots of benefits to learning another language could you share some of your key ones?Is there any training/resources/support you would recommend to teachers and how can people get in touch with you?   You can follow Juliet on Twitter at @julietdparkYou can also check out her book ‘Tried and tested: The ultimate guide to teaching primary languages and her languages resource website  You can follow me (Kat Cauchi) on Twitter at @ReallyschoolKCheck out #OPIP and #OfPrimaryImportance for more content If you are interested on coming on the show or have a topic suggestion, send me a DM! 
Welcome back to Of Primary Importance!In this podcast series we are exploring all things EYFS and primary with different topics and special guests each fortnight. In this episode, we are joined by Evo Hannan. Evo is passionate about design and innovation in education. Innately driven by his desire to create positive change, Evo has utilised his 20 years of teaching experience to channel into projects which have made an impact across the globe, including The Agency project and Ed Talks Live-a live YouTube talk show which engages in hot education topics with guests from around the globe. This inspired him to take a step out of the classroom in July 2021 and start his own education venture called Innovation X, a big thinking company created to help inspire new ideas to move education forward. He recently launched Innovation X’s first service called Vertigo, a social media agency for schools and education partners, that offers a modern streamlined approach to community engagement, growth and communication.In this episode we discussed:  Are schools preparing pupils to be ‘future ready?’Here are some of the questions I asked Evo:·       What has it been like going from teaching to having your own business?·       What do you think are the key skills that pupils need to be future ready?·       You feel the opportunity for pupils to be creative and independent isn’t really being explored and that schools aren’t catching up with the innovation. Why do you think that might be?·       What do you think about the way that pupils are assessed, and do you think that is a fair judgement of success?·       What have you seen working well in schools?·       Are there any training or resources you would recommend and how can people get in touch with you?·       What 5 things would you want pupils to learn for them to be future ready?   You can follow Evo on Twitter at @EvoHannan , on Instagram at  @evohannan and on LinkedIn You can also check out his website and  YouTube channel  You can follow me (Kat Cauchi) on Twitter at @ReallyschoolKCheck out #OPIP and #OfPrimaryImportance for more content If you are interested on coming on the show or have a topic suggestion, send me a DM!   Kat Cauchi is the product manager of ReallySchool and the editor of R.I.S.E. Magazine.She is also a former primary school teacher, member of the Global Equality Collective,  Technocamps  GiST role model, and Global EdTech author.   
We've got an action packed #CheckItOutShow lined up featuring some amazing guests! Tune in at 7pm to hear about the latest education solutions and services!
Always a passionate advocate of all things educational, Lord Jim Knight chatted to Russell Prue about what he’s been up to lately, the perils of social media (and the problems of regulating it), and the three elements he’d like to see instilled into the National Curriculum: caring for oneself, caring for others and caring for the natural environment.@LordJimKnight 
Parenting Coach, Sue Atkins, talks bout children’s and parents’ lockdown experiencesNetSupport Radio was lucky enough to get an interview with parenting coach, Sue Atkins! A former deputy headteacher, Sue is the ‘On the sofa’ guru for This Morning on ITV and has appeared on BBC radio, Disney Junior, Good Morning Britain and many more.She chats to Russell Prue about the impact of lockdowns on children and parents and ways to recover from the mixed bag of experiences that many have had. @SueAtkins
Kelly Hannaghan talks about enhancing parental engagement Mental health and wellbeing consultant, Kelly Hannaghan, talks about the importance of parental engagement and how she has been working to develop safe spaces for parental support, especially in this post-pandemic era. Education has changed a great deal over the last two years and it has sometimes been difficult for parents to remain on top of all the changes, so providing the support to empower them is proving really @mindworkmatters
Al Kingsley chats about his observations of the show so farOn the final day of the event, Al Kingsley and Russell mull over how it’s been.As the first in-person Bett show for two years draws to a close, NetSupport’s CEO, Al Kingsley, and NetSupport Radio host Russell Prue talk about what’s been going on over the past two days. Al mentions that there’s a feeling that schools are at the point where they can either embrace the good technology initiatives from last two years or go back ‘to normal.’ He suggests that the cue about which way to go can be gained from looking at how the workplace has changed – and keep in mind that students will need to be prepared for that environment.
Bett 2022 - Day 3

Bett 2022 - Day 3


NetSupport Radio at Bett 2022 – Day 3NetSupport Radio host, Russell Prue, does us proud with all the fantastic interviews on Day 3 of Bett 2022!There’s lots to look forward to in this broadcast, including informative chats with none other than education expert Lord Jim Knight and parenting guru, Sue Atkins! We also hear from Al Kingsley and Kelly Hanaghan about how wellbeing is key to recovery from the pandemic, and all about the power of dance from the team at DDMIX – as well as chats with the students from Birchwood Primary School who formed part of the ‘Kids Judge Bett’ team.
Assessment reforms are needed to best serve studentsMatt Wingfield from the e-Assessment Association explains the mission to transform the pen-and-paper exam process and bring it into line with how students learn throughout their whole school careers – with technology. He chats to NetSupport Radio about the need for policy change in the curriculum to be able to make significant changes to the assessment process, how that is all linked to the political cycle and how England is being left behind in this area by the devolved UK nations. 
Simon Blower (aka ‘Mr Pobble’) talks about the role of inspiration in children’s writingOne of founders of Pobble, the initiative to transform children’s writing, Simon explains how it is a resource for teachers to inspire children’s written work. With teaching resources for every year group, it aims to share and celebrate students’ writing and turn them into published authors. (He explains the ‘Mr Pobble’ bit too!)
Russell Prue talks to actor Gemma Oaten about her role with the SEED charityHaving experienced an eating disorder herself as a young person, Gemma is using her platform as an actor to raise awareness and promote the SEED charity established by her mum as a result of their combined experiences as a sufferer and a parent.The charity aims to supply educational toolkits for primary and secondary schools to provide teachers and students with more information on eating disorders. Gemma explains that they are currently working with around 100 schools in the UK, delivering the messages around eating disorders via animation, poetry, video and more. @gemmaoaten 
Russell Prue chats to the Natterhub ambassadors from Maidwell Primary SchoolMolly, Charlotte, Ava and Amber are Year 5 and 6 students from Maidwell Primary School who have been helping to promote Natterhub at Bett. They chat to Russell about their impressions of the show and explain to him how Natterhub’s solution helps children to be safer online. @natterhub
#HeadTeacherChat’s founders talk about how their interaction with headteachers has evolved#HeadTeacherChat began six years ago on Twitter when former head teachers, Jonathan and Lucy Coy, found that other head teachers had lots of questions but nobody to give them the answers. Their Twitter following escalated when they started sharing free resources and now, they have just launched their website – find out more here!
Day 2 of Bett and things are hotting up! Al Kingsley chats to Russell Prue…The dynamic duo chat about their impressions of the show so far, the visitors, the engagement and conversations that are going on, plus what will be happening on the NetSupport stand throughout the day. @AlKingsley_Edu 
Bett 2022 - Day 2

Bett 2022 - Day 2


NetSupport Radio at Bett 2022 – Day 2There were some fantastic interviews happening on NetSupport Radio on Day 2 of Bett 2022!Not only did our superb host Russell Prue have the chance to chat to Professor Stephen Heppell about changing education for the better with new ways of thinking, but actress Gemma Oaten – yes, from Emmerdale! – popped along for an interview too! She is Patron of the SEED charity for eating disorders and came on the show to tell us about all about its education toolkits for schools and parents.We also heard NetSupport’s CEO, Al Kingsley’s thoughts ahead of the second day of the event, as well as chats with 2econd Chance computer recycling project, Headteacher Chat, students from Maidwell Primary School, the student Digital Leaders from Lanchester EP Primary School – plus many more!
A little insight into the thinking behind i3-Technologies… Mark Anderson chats to Wolfgang Soeldner about his role as Global Head of Education at i3-Technologies. A former school IT director, Wolfgang explains the thinking behind the company’s interactive flat panel displays for classrooms and their tools to promote edtech within education – and shares how show-goers can win the panel featured on the NetSupport stand! @wsoeldner 
Contemplative photography for primary school pupils Russell Prue interviews Maria Wojciechowska-Caneda, his colleague from, about her company, Arco Iris Learning, which provides creative and contemplative photography sessions for primary school pupils. It is perfect for nurturing mindfulness, self-confidence and creativity, while teaching pupils photography skills.  @arcoilearning 
Year 6 students from Primrose Hill school in Salford talk about their school radio station Patrick, Skye, James and Tallea, along with their teacher, Mr Samuels, talk to Russell about his favourite topic: school radio! Mr Samuels also pays NetSupport Radio a surprise visit on Day 1 of Bett and shares his thoughts on the event as an edtech teacher. 
Creating learning experiences helps students to be better writers, says Tim Eagling of Time Capsule Education Former Primary school teacher and English Lead, Tim Eagling, chats to Russell Prue about the realisation that younger pupils need a deeper understanding of topics to be able to write about them with conviction. His company, Time Capsule Education, aims to do just that with scaffolded learning – and he has big plans for the future!  @TimeCapsuleEd 
Common Sense Education aims to keep students safe online with digital citizenship resources  These aren’t just digital citizenship resources, but FREE digital citizenship resources! Newly established with a London office, American company Common Sense Education has localised all its US digital citizenship content and made it available for UK teachers and students. Jenna Khanna talks to Russell Prue about how this has been achieved and the benefits for the students in an increasingly digital world. @talktojenna  
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