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The ikario Podcast: human thriving in the modern world

The ikario Podcast: human thriving in the modern world

Author: Shane Melaugh

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The world is noisy, complicated and overwhelming, but you can learn to surf the chaos. On this podcast, we explore what it takes to break free from digital distractions, addictions, social isolation and everything else keeping us down in the modern world. Learn how to become more capable, build (and stick with) good habits and become a force to be reckoned with.

The ikario podcast is hosted by Shane Melaugh and produced with the help of the ikario team.
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How We Create Our Courses and Launch Them #marketing #coursecreation #creator What questions do you have about doing your own course launch? Chapters 00:00 - Intro + What We've Actually Done Ourselves 01:46 - BIGGEST MISTAKE Everyone Makes in Launching Their Course 04:08 - How to Create Your Course With Your Audience 06:01 - How I Created the Focus&Action Productivity Course 07:02 - How to Get Your Audience to Tell You What Course to Make 10:10 - How I Turn My Audience's Problems into Winning Offers 13:59 - Everyone Has This Problem & How to Overcome it 18:57 - Pillar #1 - Understand Your Audience & Their REAL Problems 21:10 - Different Launch Methods & Basic Principles of Course Launches 26:05 - The Intention Behind Your Course Launch Matters 30:33 - KLT + Abundance Mindset + Helping People 32:03 - Never Be Desperate, Have The Celebrity Frame 37:37 - Do It YOUR Way & Find The Overlap With What Works 40:31 - Have a System for Capturing Testimonials 42:26 - Get Testimonials Before You Even Launch Your Course 45:01 - Social Proof & Testimonials are KING 49:11 - How Much Do Techniques, Tactics & Strategy Matter? 54:53 - Examples of How We Did Different Course Launches 56:01 - What Questions Do You Have For Us? 57:33 - Be OK With Knowing That You're Not Perfect Email us at if you have questions about How to Do a Course Launch
In this episode, we delve into our content creation system, emphasizing the importance of generating and validating ideas while ensuring alignment with audience interests. Join us as we navigate the challenges of standing out in a saturated content landscape, discuss the significance of audience engagement, and share tips on overcoming perfectionism in your content creation journey. Key Topics Systematic Approach to Content Creation: Learn about the need for a systematic approach and discover how low-cost Facebook ads can be valuable tools for idea validation. Standing Out in a Saturated Landscape: Explore strategies to stand out in a crowded content space and understand the importance of refining content ideas through audience engagement. The 80% Rule: Overcome perfectionism by focusing on critical elements like storytelling and emotional appeal, adhering to the 80% rule. The 20% Rule: Prioritize impactful aspects such as clarity, emotional appeal, and storytelling, and learn how they contribute to successful content creation. Discover the benefits of producing content in rounds of 10 for evaluation and improvement. We emphasize the importance of strategic execution, building authority, and engaging your audience. Join the 21 Day Content Creation Challenge: To facilitate your improvement, we present a three-week content creation challenge. The goal is to produce five short-form content pieces per week. You will receive the content blueprint system, recipes, and strategies to overcome barriers, build momentum, and establish a personal brand. The challenge kicks off in the first week of December, concluding just before the last week of the month. Challenge Highlights: Content Blueprint System: Receive a comprehensive system, including recipes and strategies for effective content creation. Accountability and Feedback: Overcome content creation barriers with accountability and feedback, fostering rapid idea validation. Bonuses: Early sign-ups enjoy bonuses such as a strategy call and a Facebook ads masterclass. Embark on this transformative journey to enhance your content creation skills and make a meaningful impact. Visit to sign up for the three-week challenge. Let's create compelling content together! Previous Episodes: 1 - 2 - Chapters 00:00 - Validating your content ideas 02:35 - Low Cost Facebook Adverts 06:00 - How to find headlines 08:11 - Talking to People 14:00 - What do people care about 16:00 - I'm not good enough 20:00 - Identify the 20% that matters 22:17 - Get off the endless hamster-wheel 25:42 - Strategic Execution 32:24 - Importance of Feedback 35:53 - 21 Day Content Challenge 43:12 -
Get 3x Free Content Recipes: Previous Episode:    • Content Consistency while Successfull...   🚀 Unlock the secrets to explosive content growth! 🚀 Join us in this insightful discussion where we share our journey as content creators, revealing strategies that led to massive follower gains (from scratch) in diverse niches. Learn about organic community building, the power of personal branding, and the successful of content creation experiments. Discover the SSC model (Strategic, Sufficient, and Consistent) for content marketing success and explore the challenges of consistent content creation. The SSC Model:    • The 3 Keys to Achieving Your Goals   00:00 - Grow your Brand with Content Fast 03:57 - Personal Brand Videos create Authority 06:10 - The SSC Model: Sufficient & Consistent 09:41 - A Lack of Strategy 14:08 - Strategy 1: Relative Positioning A 19:42 - Strategy 1: Relative Positioning B 22:22 - Content Recipes 27:58 - Strategy 2: Systematic Improvement 30:04 - (1) Focus on the Essentials 33:51 - (2) Self Review 40:40 - (3) Get Feedback 43:04 - The Content BluePrint 🔑 Key Takeaways: - Importance of personal branding in content creation. - Leveraging video content for authority. - Crafting a unique voice and standing out in your niche. - Content recipes for structured creation, featuring the "I tried X" approach. - Adapting to trends and influencing them as you gain authority. - Systematic improvement: Focused efforts, essentials, and constructive feedback. - Building a backend for business success without a full-time commitment to content. The SSC Model:    • The 3 Keys to Achieving Your Goals   Get 3x Free Content Recipes: 🎙️ Dive deep into the world of content creation with insights on contrarian vs. aligned positions, avoiding generic content with ChatGPT, and positioning within your niche. Uncover the systematic Content Blueprint we have used several times for content creation success and gain practical tips for overcoming obstacles. Don't miss out on this guide to strategic and impactful content that resonates with your audience! 🌟 #contentcreation #DigitalMarketing #YouTubeSuccess #PersonalBranding
Get the Focus 90 Protocol: Previous Episode, Time Management Secrets: In this podcast episode, we explore the art of maintaining consistent content creation and the common fears that hinder this process. Shane, drawing from his extensive experience in content creation, shares valuable insights, including his recent successful venture that kickstarted with daily content on TikTok, resulting in a substantial and engaged audience. The primary message is clear: consistent content creation yields desired outcomes. The episode delves into the prevalent fear that often hampers people from creating content regularly, frequently stemming from perfectionism. Overcoming this fear is as simple as starting with daily publishing. Tune in for a thought-provoking conversation on the significance of consistent content creation in reaching your objectives. 00:00 How to create Content Consistently 02:07 The Fear of Creating: Perfectionism 03:38 Why "Publish Daily" is a Solution 06:11 Overcoming Resistance to Shorts 08:25 Short Form Media Strategy (Video & Writing) 14:41 Imposter Syndrome 20:00 Follow a Recipe 23:27 Batch your Process 28:29 Commit to Bad First Drafts 31:09 Constraints & Creativity 33:09 The 80% Rule 37:05 Repetition of Ideas 38:34 Content: The Infinite Game 40:41 The Skill Creates the Outcome Get the Focus 90 Protocol: Previous Episode, Time Management Secrets: Visit our website:
F90 Protocol Free Training: Want help Goal Setting? Sign up for a Free Coaching Call: We've been getting a many questions about time management, lately. And it's no wonder, really. We live in an overwhelming world where everyone receives far more input than they can possibly handle. And so we end up with too much to do, repeatedly arriving at the end of the day wishing for more hours. In this episode, we delve deep into the heart of the matter, exploring the misconception that time management is solely about scheduling and time-boxing. Rather, it's about setting priorities, learning to say no, and managing your personal energy levels. Join us as we challenge the typical, surface-level solutions often found on YouTube and elsewhere, and instead, aim to address the core issue behind time management challenges. We're here to provide you with practical insights and strategies to help you reclaim control over your time and find the balance you seek. Resources & links: F90 Protocol Free Training: Book 1 - No More Mr. Nice Guy by Robert A. Glover Book 2 - Not Nice: Stop People Pleasing by Aziz Gazipura Book 3 - Slaying Your Fear by Adam Smith Book 4 - The Almanack Of Naval Ravikant by Eric Jorgenson
What's the secret to getting seemingly impossible amounts of work done in just a few weeks? Many times, I've built my businesses on my ability to do exactly that: creating and launching an entire online course business in under a month. Replacing myself with a brand new marketing team in record time. Or testing a new market and gaining an audience of 100K+ in under 3 months... What all of these have in common is that I compressed the work most people would need months or years to complete into just weeks. And I did it without sacrificing my health and without risking burnout. Today, I'm sharing the exact protocol I use to make this possible. If you want to experience this HyperProductive Sprint with me, first hand, check out the links in the show notes here:
Join the free ikario Community here and come talk to us: []( FREE Class: Stop procrastination Crash Course []( Free Class: Become an Implementer []( Chapters: 00:00 - Just Be A Jacked Millionaire Bro... 07:17 - What is the Implementation Gap? 9:43 - Why "Just Try HARDER" Doesn't Work 14:43 - Don't Be An NPC 15:58 - Don't Have A Morning Routine 21:51 - Advice for Someone Who Wants to Make Money Fast 26:53 - You Have Got to Make Movement a Priority in Your Life 33:49 - As a Man You Are Judged by Your CAPABILITY 44:21 - The Last Piece of Advice for Any Man 49:37 - Be Strong Like A Jaguar 55:47 - Outro Links & Resources Mentioned: Alex Hormozi -- My $100,000,000 Morning Routine Alex Hormozi -- $100M Offers (Book) Gabor Matte -- The Myth of Normal (Book) James Nestor -- Breath: The New Science of a Lost Art (Book)
Join the free ikario Community here and come talk to us: []( FREE Class: Stop procrastination Crash Course []( Free Class: Become an Implementer []( Chapters: 00:00 - What is the Creator vs. Consumer Mindset? 04:33 - A Balance Between Consuming and Creating 10:38 - A Consumer Attitude Towards Life in General 11:03 - Example 1 - A Consumer Attitude Towards Health 17:00 - The Average Person is Extremely Unhealthy 20:49 - Example 2 - Fitness 26:37 - Example 3 - Consuming Information & Media 27:42 - How to Actually Learn Something 33:59 - Consumables Are EASY Because Someone Else is Making Money 37:52 - Self-Determined vs. Externally Determined Goals 41:34 - People Like to Think They're Doing Their Own Thinking 44:07 - Social Media and Social Discourse 49:00 - Liberals and Conservatives Want the SAME THINGS 54:26 - Conclusion + Outro Links & Resources Mentioned: Cured by Jeffrey Rediger M.D: The Human Zoo Podcast Episode: Lex Fridman and Joscha Bach: Daryl Davis - Why I, as a black man, attend KKK rallies:
Join the free ikario Community here and come talk to us: []( FREE Class: Stop procrastination Crash Course []( Free Class: Become an Implementer []( Chapters: 00:00 - Intro 01:33 - I Think I'm Doing This Wrong Because It's So Hard 03:18 - Failure IS the Path to Success 07:25 - How Shane Did It Without Knowing How to Do It 11:39 - Shiny Object Syndrome + How Things Are Sold to Us 20:09 - How Do You Know When and What to Quit? 23:25 - Most People Are Strong Starters... But WEAK Finishers 29:15 - Be the Type of Person Who Cringes When You Look Back at Your Older Work 32.47 - Leading vs. Lagging Indicators 37:03 - How to Balance Between Wanting Money and Engaging in the Process 43:14 - What Advice Would You Give Your Younger Self 45:05 - You Don't Need to Go It Alone 46:19 - Closing Stoic Remarks (Outro) Links & Resources Mentioned: Building a StoryBrand by Donald Miller: Q&A Video Playlist: Join the free ikario Community here and come talk to us: [](
Free ikario Wealth Building Class: Join the free ikario Community here and come talk to us: []( FREE Class: Stop procrastination Crash Course []( Free Class: Become an Implementer []( Chapters: 00:00 - Intro 01:15 - What is Financial Freedom? 07:07 - Financial Freedom and Priorities 10:51 - How do you keep the ego out of being rich? 17:55 - Having Self Determined Goals 28:46 - What are the sources of externally imposed goals? 34:05 - How to identify Goals you ACTUALLY want 45:24 - Where is the line between Financial Freedom and Happiness? 51:49 - What is the link between Money and Happiness? 1:02:07 - Question Things You Learn + Outro Links & Resources Mentioned: Free ikario Wealth Building Class:
Join the free ikario Community here and come talk to us: []( FREE Class: Stop procrastination Crash Course []( Free Class: Become an Implementer []( Chapters: 00:00 - Intro + Warrior Archetype and Real Life 04:07 - What is the Warrior Archetype? 05:36 - Make Yourself Stronger in Service of Others 10:12 - How Else Can You Be Strong and Uplift Others 15:19 - Getting Your Shit Together Emotionally is Very Attractive 16:22 - The Warrior's Attitude is a Counter to "Bubble Wrapping the World” 21:53 - There is an Optimal Amount of Childhood Trauma 23:23 - Be Unflinching in the Face of Danger 28:26 - You Don't Seek the Comfort of Delusion 35:16 - Seek Out and, If Possible, Eliminate Your Weaknesses 41:09 - The Solution to Fake Posturing 49:08 - Shadow Work 57:03 - Have Principles to Live By 58:48 - How to Find Out Your Principles and Core Values 1:01:17 - This is a Reminder to You and Me 1:04:32 - Outro Links & Resources Mentioned: The Book of 5 Rings by Miyamoto Masashi — []( Tao of Jeet Kune Do by Bruce Lee — []( Good to Great by Jim Collins — []( Shadow Work-shops — [](  Somatic Theory — []( ikario Community — [](
Join the free ikario Community here and come talk to us: FREE Class: Stop procrastination Crash Course Free Class: Become an Implementer Chapters: 00:00 - Intro 01:03 - The Problem with the Self Development Space & Elite Content 05:21 - 4 Levels of Self Development 06:21 - Level 0 - No-Lifer 13:06 - Level 1 - Average 18:05 - How to Make Green Smoothies Easy and Effortless for Yourself 20:30 - Same Thing for Other Areas of Life 32:29 - How to Be in the Top 10% of People 33:43 - Level 2 - How to Go From Top 10% to 1% 47:30 - Level 3 - Going Beyond Yourself 1:02:57 - Outro
TJ's Instagram - the best place to find and interact with him: Join the free ikario Community here and come talk to us: FREE Class: Stop procrastination Crash Course Free Class: Become an Implementer Chapters: 00:00 - Intro + What TJ's Company Does 02:32 - A Neuroscientist's Perspective on Tech Induced Suffering 04:53 - 4 Key Hormones that Drive Human Behaviour 06:30 - The Truth About Dopamine 10:51 - We Are Taking Shortcuts to What We Want & It's Making Us Unhappy 15:19 - The Discomfort We Feel Is Actually A Healthy Response 24:15 - Loneliness and Oxytocin 30:30 - How the Presence of a Phone Influences You 36:03 - What Does Serotonin Do? 39:50 - Connection Between Seratonin and Your Environment 43:25 - What Do Kids and Teens Think About Getting Off Screens and Tech? 45:50 - Tech Optimisim vs. Negative Side Effects 50:35 - Turn Your Phone Into A Tool + Being Different 54:22 - What are Endorphins? 57:19 - How to Release Endorphins 1:00:34 - Practice Sitting in Discomfort 1:01:54 - Limbic Friction is the Key to Discipline 1:05:28 - How to Have What You Want from a Physiological Perspective 1:08:39 - Cooking as an Experience is Good for You 1:10:20 - Humans Love Doing Things Socially and for Others 1:13:31 - Neuroscientist Reveals Habits That Make Him Happy 1:16:17 - How Porn Affects Us 1:18:26 - A Neuroscientist's Perspective on NoFap and Masturbation 1:25:25 - Outro Links & Resources Mentioned: TJ's IG:
Join the free ikario Community here and come talk to us: FREE Class: Stop procrastination Crash Course Free Class: Become an Implementer Chapters: 00:00 - Intro + Why Living with Integrity is so Important 00:58 - Marshmallow Experiment 03:01 - Scarcity vs. Abundance Mindset 06:21 - Definition of Integrity 10:41 - A Single Moment That Changes Someone's Life 14:16 - Be The Example 16:47 - Your Words Having Weight 19:11 - What It Means to Be Deliberate 22:03 - Integrity is a Habit - Whether You Have It or Not 25:47 - Why Most People Don't Have Integrity 26:42 - Living with Integrity Means Honesty Especially When it's Difficult 27:46 - Is Integrity Innate? 30:16 - Living with Integrity is an Active Decision 34:08 - You Can't Only Keep Your Word When It's Convenient for You Links & Resources Mentioned: Habits of Mind Podcast:
The productivity self-help-scene is always finding new ways to sell you old tricks. But, it seems some old tricks, like the Pomodoro Technique for example, stick around for good. In this episode we explore why it's time to retire 5 of the most popular productivity hacks that are still being peddled by productivity gurus around the world AND what you should be thinking about doing instead.    We also address the 5 most common "Productivity No-Buts"  or "resistance to advice" that we encounter from students that participate in the ikario productivity classes.
If you have any burning questions you'd like us to answer, email us at: Links and Resources Mentioned: Potato Diet Video: How to Prioritize: Shadow Workshops are in the ikario Community, join here: The Bacon Fallacy: How to Stop Procrastination (The Crash Course): Wealth Building Course: Shane on Building Teams + Team Culture: Timestamps + List of Questions:   1:37 - How to deal with brain fog? 6:50 - How to be productive despite chronic health issues? 13:17 - How to focus when you can't turn off notifications? 16:26 - How to be more productive with my time? 23:35 - What to do when I can't take in any more information? 26:50 - I'm always distracted it's hard to focus, what should I do? 32:40 - How to stick with things and reach long term goals? 40:16 - How to deal with uncertainty and fear of failure? 44:10 - Feeling guilty about not spending time with family 53:51 - How to remove busywork and focus on high priorities? 55:40 - How to prioritize what's important, how to pick the right goals? 59:33 - How to break big goals into smaller steps? 1:04:58 - What to do when you know what you need to do but can't get yourself to do it? How to pushing thru emotional resistance of doing the difficult thing? 1:12:51 - How to stay motivated and implement along the way? (How to not fall off) 1:17:37 - How to create and stick to a schedule long term? 1:24:55 - How to reset a negative thought when you convince yourself you shouldn’t be doing something because it scares you? 1:34:27 - Why do I keep sabotaging myself and limiting my own success? 1:40:29 - What does Success mean? 1:49:28 - What is the difference between Success and Impact? 1:50:49 - Do your intentions for impact matter? 1:51:59 - What is the difference between productivity and success? 1:58:27 - How to manage online addictions like gambling, video games, social media, porn? How to deal with Dopamine Addiction? Advice for overcoming dopamine addiction. 2:16:04 - How to beat procrastination? 2:17:06 - How to organize myself to be financially successful at a later stage in life? 2:19:07 - How to create SOPs and Processes? How to build a team and leverage others? 2:24:35 - How to know when to Let Go and when to Double Down on Ideas, Products, Employees and Opportunities? 2:31:42 - I worked for 5 years for no money, what should I do to move forward?
Join the free ikario Community here to get access to the Shadow Workshops:   Chapters   0:00 — Why Men Tend to Get this wrong 1:56 — The Anthropological View 3:00 — The Biggest Difference Between Men and Women 4:12 — Why You Will Never Look Like a Hollywood Celebrity 10:08 — What REALLY Makes a Man Attractive 12:48 — Why Being Out of Shape is Unattractive 13:30 — How to Be Physically Attractive as Yourself 16:01 — What’s Attractive About Material Possessions 17:22 — How to Have True Confidence and Passion 21:07 — Why Women Test Guys 22:10 — Why Men Are Lucky in the Dating Game 25:25 — Most Women Find This Out Later in Life 27:45 — Smartphones, Anxiety, and Why Dating Apps Suck 30:42 — How to Be Happy Long Term 35:32 — Focus on What You CAN Control to Be Attractive 38:09 — Men are Built to Develop Their Capability (It’s Innate) 42:41 — How to Get Out of “Needy Mode” 48:08 — How Advertising Affects Us as Men 50:21 — My Experience of Not Using Any Soap or Anything 53:38 — Using Cologne, Fashion Sense and Your Frame 58:49 — What To Do To Become Attractive   Books and Resources mentioned in the episode: The Amazing Development of Men by Alison Armstrong Understanding Women by Alison Armstrong Evolution of Desire by David Buss Don’t Trust Your Gut by Seth Stephens-Davidowitz How to Get Your Shit Together Physically: Join the free ikario Community here to get access to the Shadow Workshops:
Join the free personal wealth building class here: Difficult economic times are upon us. Inflation is seeing record highs, destroying people's purchasing power and at the same time assets like stocks and crypto have been plummeting in value. Not to mention a war in Europe, talks about energy and food shortages... Where does this all lead? How can mere mortals still work their way towards financial freedom, when the odds seem so strongly stacked against us? That's what we discuss in today's episode. 00:00:00 - Why personal finance? 00:04:20 - Is the economy screwed? 00:07:11 - The most important question to ask 00:17:50 - Knowledge is power/wealth 00:21:46 - Active vs. passive investing 00:26:07 - How to win with an imperfect strategy 00:34:28 - The game is not to make money fast... 00:35:32 - Are current asset prices a good buying opportunity? 00:40:44 - Why things might still get worse 00:46:18 - Narrative overextension 00:54:29 - Why you must make your own financial decisions 00:57:52 - Income Expense Gap 01:03:00 - My biggest investing mistake last year 01:07:35 - Be a participant 01:12:20 - Plan to get rich slowly Learn my simple model for strategic thinking:
Ever said "I could never live without bacon... or cheese, or coffee, or alcohol" or anything else? In this video Shane reveals The Bacon Fallacy: The idea that living without something you love makes your life worse, is untrue.
We recently completed our first official 100 day ikario challenge. The goal was to complete 100 days of physical training without a break. Before we set out to make a compact video of this experience, Shane and Dean knock about the lessons from doing a challenge like this.   Links & show notes: