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Author: Arthur Toole III, MBA

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Have you been searching for pain solutions that don’t involve incisions, addictions, injections, medications or complications?If yes, then this podcast is for you. Pain Relief University’s hope for every one of you is that you stop suffering needlessly and experience relief naturally.May this episode be the one that makes pain-free living your new and permanent reality.
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Sometimes, it can be something as small as watching what we eat that can impact how our joints feel.  So if you're experiencing joint pain this winter, before you go get a warm cup of chocolate, check out this episode first.  You'll thank us later. The Pain-Relief University Podcast is also on Spotify and Apple Music!
In this episode, we interview Dr. Eulanda, an occupational therapist.  As you might recall, last week we interviewed Dr. Katherine, a PHYSICAL Therapist.  Yes, there is a difference between the two.  If you didn't know that beforehand, and even if you did, be sure to check out this episode for more information on those differences and more!She can be found online at  She can also reached thru the following number: 478-227-8968.  Feel free to reach out to her for more information regarding her story and occupational therapy!
In this episode, we interview Dr. Katherine Sylvester, an amazing physical therapist residing in Georgia.  Join us as we discuss physical therapy from her perspective.She can be found online at and on Instagram at @rediscoveryourmusic.  Feel free to reach out to her more information!
The Origin Story

The Origin Story


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