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Dianne and Jennie explore Chicago's Mount Carmel Catholic Cemetery and learn about its inception due to Chicago's growing immigrant population at the turn of the 20th century. This cemetery is the final resting place for many who took vows of holy orders including several bishops, archbishops, and Cardinals. It is also the final resting place to some of the most notorious gangsters from the 1920s and 30s including Al Capone. Buried beneath the green grass are the graves of many who lost their lives in some of Chicago's most tragic disasters and also the miraculous grave of an Italian bride. Come along for all these Ordinary Extraordinary stories and many more on this episode of the Ordinary Extraordinary Cemetery podcast.Resources used to research this episode include:Hucke, Matt. "Mount Carmel Catholic Cemetery." 1 Jan. 1997. Accessed 15 May 2022.Rumore, Kori, and Marianne Mather. "The life of Cardinal Joseph Bernardin, 25 years after his death ." Chicago Tribune [Chicago], 16 Nov. 1996.M, D. "Peter Mutter." Accessed 15 May 2022.Floro-Khalaf, Jenny, and Cynthia Savaglio. Images of America Mount Carmel and Queen of Heaven Cemeteries. Charleston, Arcadia Publishing, 2006.Photo Credits: Photo 171844835 / Carmel Cemetery © Gerald D. Tang | Dreamstime.comPhoto 111062499 / Carmel Cemetery © Jim Roberts |
Jennie and Dianne chat about cemeteries in the spring and summer time! This is the time of year when many cemeteries offer tours and other events and they suggest ways to get involved with your local cemetery. They also talk about some of the appropriate ways to help care for grave sites and who to talk to when you want to get involved in restoration projects or even just basic clean up. Join them for the Ordinary Extraordinary do's and don'ts of cemetery visits and find out how you can get involved!For more information on proper restoration visit:1.
Henry David Thoreau wrote, "You must live in the present, launch yourself on every wave, find your eternity in each moment.” that is exactly what Dan Fischer, founder of the One Last Wave Project has done. Dan sits down with Dianne and Jennie to share how he turned his devastating heartache from the loss of his dad, dog, and other loved ones in the past two years to one of hope and help for others experiencing their own grief.  His mission is simply to bring the healing power of the ocean to help grieving families and individuals coping with loss or experiencing hardship.  Cemeteries are meant as a way to memorialize those we lose in life, Dan has memorialized hundreds of loved ones on surfboards in order that they may go for one last Ordinary Extraordinary ride on the waves of the ocean bringing a small bit of peace to the hearts of those they have left behind.
Jennie and Dianne explore the Harvard Shaker "Lollipop" Cemetery located in Harvard, Massachusetts. The "lollipops" in the cemetery refer to the shape of more than 300 markers marking graves that date back to late 1700s belonging to members of 'The United Society of Believers in Christ’s Second Appearing', more commonly known as the Shakers. They learn how the Shaker religion has been shaped and molded since it's inception to modern day Shakerism. Come along as they explore the Ordinary Extraordinary stories of the men and women buried in the Harvard Shaker Cemetery and how their values of simplicity and freedom brought them closer to their valley of love and delight.Resources used to research this episode include:Elicone, Connie. "Beyond the Gates: A Cemetery Explorer’s Guide to the Shaker Cemetery Harvard, MA." 29 Oct. 2020. Accessed 24 Apr. 2022.Service, National Park. "History of the Shakers .",the%20formation%20of%20Shaker%20beliefs. Accessed 24 Apr. 2022., Plorpy. "Boston martyrs ." 27 Feb. 2022. Accessed 24 Apr. 2022.Service, National Park. "Harvard Shaker Village Historic District ." Accessed 24 Apr. 2022.Village, Harvard Shaker. "Harvard Shaker Village ." Accessed 24 Apr. 2022.Service, National Park. "Shakerism in America ." Accessed 24 Apr. 2022.Paul, Catherine A. "Shakers – A Utopian Community: Founded In U.S. 1776 ." 27 Apr. 2017. Accessed 24 Apr. 2022. Accessed 24 Apr. 2022. "Important Terms Used by the Shakers at South Union Shaker Village." Important Terms Used by the Shakers at South Union Shaker Village. Accessed 24 Apr. 2022.Campbell, Roben. The Har The Harvard Shaker Cemeter er Cemetery, vol. 5, no. 4, 2011, pp. 179-203, . Accessed 24 Apr. 2022.
In this episode Jennie and Dianne learn about the April 25th tradition of ANZAC Day in Australia and New Zealand.  ANZAC stands for Australian and New Zealand Army corps. ANZAC Day is a day that was originally begun to honor those soldiers who served during the first world war and specifically those who were part of the allied forces that set out to capture the Gallipoli peninsula. These became known as Anzacs and the pride they took in that name continues to this day.  Jennie and Dianne virtually visit the  The Australian Imperial Forces (AIF) Cemetery and the Australian War Memorial that is home to a shrine, world-class museum, and an extensive archive of those who have served in Australia's armed forces since World War I. Join us for the Ordinary Extraordinary stories of how young men became soldiers creating a legacy that lasts beyond their deaths on this episode of the Ordinary Extraordinary Cemetery podcast.To learn more about Bloombridge, please visit their website: used to research this episode include: "Anzac Day ." Accessed 17 Apr. 2022.Culture and Heritage, Ministry for. "Anzac Day ." 16 Apr. 2020. Accessed 17 Apr. 2022. "Welcome to the ANZAC Day Commemoration Committee ." Accessed 17 Apr. 2022.Museum, Imperial War. "Why We Wear Poppies On Remembrance Day .",especially%20on%20the%20Western%20Front. Accessed 17 Apr. 2022.Hems, Owen. "Australian Imperial Forces (AIF) Cemetery." Accessed 17 Apr. 2022.Memorial, Australian War. Accessed 17 Apr. 2022.They Shall Not Grow Old. Directed by Peter Jackson, Warner Bros. Pictures, 2018.Seal, Graham. Great Anzac Stories The Men and Women Who Created the Digger Legend . Sydney, Allen & Unwin, 2013.
What do a toothpick, a  scarf and a banana peel have in common? This might sound like the beginning to a bad joke, but in this episode Jennie and Dianne share the stories of three artists who died under unusual circumstances. You will be introduced to writer and poet Sherwood Anderson, the mother of modern dance, Isadora Duncan, and Roland Reed whose photography helped the world to better understand the indigenous peoples of the American plains and the Southwest. All three lived adventurous lives and all three died Ordinary Extraordinary Deaths. Resources used to edit this episode include:*(We don't often use Wikipedia for research, however in this case, Wikipedia articles cross referenced with other sources helped to create a more complete picture of each person featured in this episode.)Paoletti, Gabe. "The Strange Deaths Of 16 Historic And Famous Figures." edited by John Kuroski, 13 Nov. 2017. Accessed 10 Apr. 2022.Shattuck, Ben. "A Sudden and Awful Manner ." Accessed 10 Apr. 2022.Encyclopedia Britannica, Editors Of . "Sherwood Anderson American author ." 4 Mar. 2022. Accessed 10 Apr. 2022.Anderson, Sherwood. "A Visit." 1 Sep. 1917. Accessed 10 Apr. 2022.Taylor, S.R. "Sherwood Anderson." 22 Mar. 2021. Accessed 10 Apr. 2022. "Sherwood Anderson." edited by Giant Snowman, 20 Mar. 2022. Accessed 10 Apr. 2022.Skatoolaki, . "Isadora Duncan." Accessed 10 Apr. 2022. "Isadora Duncan." edited by Citation Bot, 9 Apr. 2022. Accessed 10 Apr. 2022.Editors, History.Com. "Dancer Isadora Duncan is killed in car accident." 11 Sep. 2019. Accessed 10 Apr. 2022.Stokes, Sewell. "Isadora Duncan." 10 Sep. 2021. Accessed 10 Apr. 2022.Connie, Joseph &. "Roland W “Royal Jr.” Reed ." 26 Nov. 2012. Accessed 10 Apr. 2022.McGraw, Carol. "Tombstone gives photographer his due, ends long search ." 25 Nov. 2012. Accessed 10 Apr. 2022. edited by Simeon, 16 Jan. 2022. Accessed 10 Apr. 2022.Lawrence, Ernest R. Alone with the Past: The life and photographic art of Roland W. Reed . 1st ed., Edina, ‎Afton Historical Society Press, 2012.
Avast ye, hearties! Jennie and Dianne take to the high seas to visit the world's only known pirate cemetery hidden away on Ile  Sainte Marie, a thin strip of land off Madagascar’s northeast coast, where for more than a hundred years thousands of pirates called this place home when they weren't out plundering for booty. Then the ladies batten down the hatches and head back to America to the coast of North Carolina where they visit three mysterious graves that possibly belong to pirates? And further inland what is said to be the grave of one of the world's most infamous pirates who possibly faked his own death to escape his life of crime, Jean Lafitte.  Dead men tell no tales...or do they, on this episode of the Ordinary Extraordinary Cemetery podcast.Resources used to research this episode include:, "The World's Only Pirate Cemetery .",the%20world's%20only%20pirate%20cemetery. Accessed 3 Apr. 2022., "Visit Île Sainte-Marie, Madagascar ." Accessed 3 Apr. 2022.R, Sam. "The Pirate Cemetery ." edited by Mr. Carl, 23 Nov. 2015. Accessed 3 Apr. 2022.Goran, David. "The Pirate Cemetery of Madagascar is the world’s оnly pirate graveyard ." 22 June 2016. Accessed 3 Apr. 2022. "Adam Baldridge ." Accessed 3 Apr. 2022.Presbyterian Church, Thyatira. "History.", M. "Pirate graves in NC?." 1 Dec. 2004. Accessed 3 Apr. 2022.Park Service, National. "Jean Lafitte." 22 Sep. 2020. Accessed 3 Apr. 2022.Thompson, Adam. "The Lincolnton, N.C. Pirate: Unraveling the mystery of Jean Laffite ." 23 May 2021.,where%20Lorenzo%20Ferrer%20is%20buried. Accessed 3 Apr. 2022.Oliphant, Ashley, and Beth Yarborough. Jean Laffite Revealed: Unraveling One of America’s Longest-Running Mysteries. Lafayette, University of Louisiana at Lafayette Press, 2021.Masefield, John. "A Ballad of John Silver." 1 Jan. 1902. Accessed 3 Apr. 2022.Keister, Douglas. Stories in Stone a Field Guide to Cemetery Symbolism and Iconography. Layton, Gibbs Smith, 2004, pp. 134-136.Cordingly, David. Under the Black Flag the Romance and the Reality of Life Among the Pirates. 1996. New York, Random House Trade Paperbacks, 2006.
In this episode Jennie and Dianne are joined by special guest Laurilea McDaniel to discuss three exceptional women who helped tame the wild west. All three were married to men whose names are well-known to history: Davy Crockett, Kit Carson and Horace Tabor; but we only hear the names of their wives in passing... until now.  As Dolly Parton once said, “Storms make trees take deeper roots.”  Elizabeth Patton Crockett, Maria Josefa Jaramillo Carson, and Augusta Peirce Tabor all led Ordinary Extraordinary lives that allowed their roots to grow deep with love, strength and sheer determination.To hear the full details regarding the Tabor Love triangle please listen to The Rebel at Large Adventure podcast here: used to research this episode include: Land Office, Texas General. "Honoring a Widow of the Alamo — Elizabeth Crockett’s Land Legacy ." 14 Mar. 2019. Accessed 26 Mar. 2022.Cox, Mike. "Davy's Widow Elizabeth Patton Crockett ." 8 Mar. 2005. Accessed 26 Mar. 2022.User, Private. 19 Mar. 2020. Accessed 26 Mar. 2022.Editors, History.Com. "Davy Crockett ." 13 Dec. 2019. Accessed 26 Mar. 2022.Hendricks, Kenneth. "ELIZABETH PATTON CROCKETT ." Accessed 26 Mar. 2022.Stanley, Mallory. "Burial Site of Elizabeth Crockett ." edited by Clio Admin, 3 Jan. 2021. Accessed 26 Mar. 2022.Whitaker, Bruce. "Crockett, David and Elizabeth (Patton) ." Accessed 26 Mar. 2022.Barritt, William. "Maria Josefa “Chipeta” Jaramillo Carson ." Accessed 26 Mar. 2022.Enss, Chris. "Wild Women Of The West: Maria Josefa Jaramillo Love and the Explorer ." 21 Jan. 2020. Accessed 26 Mar. 2022.Kanzeg, Dave . "Augusta Pierce Tabor ." Accessed 26 Mar. 2022.Weiser, Kathy. "The Tabor Triangle – Rags, Riches & Scandal ." 1 July 2020. Accessed 26 Mar. 2022.Colorado, History. "Augusta Tabor: Entrepreneur ." Accessed 26 Mar. 2022.Schultz, Barbara. Josefa: The Lifetime of Maria Josefa Jaramillo Carson, 1828-1868 . 2017. Taos, ‎Dispensational Publishing House, Inc. , 2017.Simmons, Marc. Kit Carson and His Three Wives: A Family History  . 2003. Albuquerque, ‎University of New Mexico Press; 1st Edition, 2003.Faulkner, Debra B. Ladies of the Brown A Women's History of Denver's Most Elegant Hotel. 2010. Charleston, The History Press, 2011, pp. 22-25. It Happened in Colorado Remarkable Events That Shaped History. 2008. Helena, Rowman & Littlefield, 2017, pp. 116-119.
Jennie and Dianne are joined by David Moffat, a Visitor Services Specialist & researcher at The House of the Seven Gables. David has done a lot of research into the life and work of Caroline Emmerton, the woman who saved the House of the Seven Gables by turning it into the museum we know today and using the funds from that museum to create a settlement house for thousands of immigrants who came to America in search of a new home.  Emmerton’s legacy can be traced all across the city of Salem. Her grave is in Harmony Grove Cemetery. Her birth house still stands on Summer Street and her home as an adult can still be seen today on Essex Street. The mark of her generous spirit can be found at the Women’s Friend Society on Hawthorne Boulevard and at the Plummer Home for Boys on Winter Island. Come along as we learn more about one of America's most Ordinary Extraordinary women!To learn more about The House of the Seven Gables or to become a member, please visit their website at: learn more about Harmony Grove Cemetery, please visit their website at:
Happy St. Patrick's Day! In this episode Dianne and Jennie explore the traditions and customs that have made Irish wakes world famous. Why must a dead body not be left unattended until the funeral? Why would Irish families hire professional mourners? And what in the world is a sin eater? Come along as we celebrate the Ordinary Extraordinary Irish in their customs of life and death. As the Irish say, "may you live as long as you want and never want as long as you live."If you are interested in learning more about The One Last Wave project, please visit their website at: make a donation to The One Last Wave Project visit either of these links:Go Fund Me: info@onelastwaveproject.comResources used to research this episode include: Renaeu, Annie. "Surfer Writes Names if People's Lost Loved Ones on his Surfboard so they can 'Ride One Last Wave'." 19 Jan. 2022. Accessed 13 Mar. 2022.Phelan, Kate. "A Brief History of Dublin’s Mysterious Molly Malone ." 27 Apr. 2021. Accessed 13 Mar. 2022.Webster, Merriam. "Wake." Accessed 13 Mar. 2022.Funeral Home, Mass-Hinitt. "Traditions of an Irish Wake ." 16 Mar. 2020.,for%20at%20least%20one%20night. Accessed 13 Mar. 2022.Funeral Home, Anderson. "The History of a Traditional Irish Wake ." 6 Oct. 2016. Accessed 13 Mar. 2022.Staff, Irish Central. "Traditional Irish wakes called for drinks, pranks, games, and songs ." 12 Jan. 2022. Accessed 13 Mar. 2022.Collender, Nicholas. "The Irish Wake – Ireland’s Most Enduring Tradition ." Accessed 13 Mar. 2022.H., Kathy. "Why Do People Cover Mirrors and Stop Clocks When Someone Dies? ." 3 July 2020. Accessed 13 Mar. 2022.Wake Team, The Keening. "The Keening Tradition .",Gaelic%20caoineadh%20meaning%20%E2%80%9Ccrying%E2%80%9D. Accessed 13 Mar. 2022.Death, Talk. "Funeral Traditions from Ireland: How the Irish Embrace Death ." 15 Mar. 2020. Accessed 13 Mar. 2022. "The Macabre Story of Sin-Eaters ." 6 Aug. 2018. Accessed 13 Mar. 2022.Tetrault, Sam. "What Happens at an Irish Wake: Customs, Songs & Etiquette ." 15 July 2021. Accessed 13 Mar. 2022.Roper, Kelly . "Touching Irish Poems About Death and Dying ."
Jennie and Dianne continue their discussion with Sharon Pajka, PhD about the 44 ordinary extraordinary women writers covered in her book 'Women Writers Buried in Virginia'. In this episode we are introduced to Ella Howard Bryan who wrote westerns under the nom de plume Clinton Dangerfield and formed a friendship with President Theodore Roosevelt. We also hear about Amélie Louise Rives Chanler Troubetzky a novelist who later married into royalty and became a princess; and we discuss the sad fate of the headstone for Julia Magruder an award winning writer who championed child labor laws and rights for women among many of her essays.To purchase your copy of "Women Writers Buried in Virginia" by Sharon Pajka, PhD, follow these links:The History Press link: Amazon: presentation (online signed book purchasing is available): Searching for Women Writers and Reading the DeadThu, March 17, 20227:00 PM – 8:30 PM EDT City Cemetarians:
Jennie and Dianne welcome writer and professor of English Sharon Pajka, PhD back to the show to discuss her latest book, "Women Writers Buried in Virginia". What started out as a summer visit to the grave of acclaimed Gothic horror writer VC Andrews, soon became a trek across Virginia to visit the graves and share the stories of 44 Ordinary Extraordinary women writers whose final resting places are scattered throughout the state. Join us for part one of our delightful discussion as we kick off Women's History month on this episode of the Ordinary Extraordinary Cemetery podcast.To purchase your copy of "Women Writers Buried in Virginia" by Sharon Pajka, PhD, follow these links:The History Press link: Amazon: presentation (online signed book purchasing is available): Searching for Women Writers and Reading the DeadThu, March 17, 20227:00 PM – 8:30 PM EDT City Cemetarians:
Jennie and Dianne visit the gravesite of Bill Pickett a black man who was born just after the American Civil War. He spent his early life working as a ranch hand, but in his adult life he performed in wild west shows around the world! He wowed audiences with his steer wrestling skills and later became Hollywood's first black cowboy hero. This ordinary extraordinary man would be the first black cowboy to be inducted into the Rodeo Hall of Fame and the National Cowboy and Western Heritage Museum. Resources used to research this episode include: Adams, Cher. "The growing movement to save Black cemeteries ." 10 Feb. 2022. Accessed 20 Feb. 2022.Mundis, Jerrold J. "He Took The Bull By The Horns ." 1 Dec. 1967. Accessed 20 Feb. 2022. "Bill Pickett Biography." Accessed 20 Feb. 2022.Encyclopedia Britannica, Editors Of . "Bill Pickett American cowboy ." Accessed 20 Feb. 2022.Alexander, Kathy. "William “Bill” Pickett – Texas Bull-Dogger ." 1 Jan. 2022. Accessed 20 Feb. 2022.Everett, Dianna. "PICKETT, WILLIAM (ca. 1870–1932)." Accessed 20 Feb. 2022. "BILL PICKETT ." Accessed 20 Feb. 2022.Cartwright, Keith Ryan. Black Cowboys of Rodeo Unsung Heroes from Harlem to Hollywood and the American West. Lincoln, University of Nebraska Press, 2024, pp. 5-12.
Jennie and Dianne visit the gravesites of two heros of the American west, Bose Ikard and Nat Love. Both men were born into slavery, but became cowboys after the end of the American Civil War. They faced the dangers of cattle drives and life on the frontier proving themselves to be the best of the best. They were both highly trusted and respected. Their Ordinary Extraordinary lives were full of adventure that has been often over looked by history because of the color of their skin. Join us for their stories on this episode of The Ordinary Extraordinary Cemetery podcast. Resources used to research this episode include:Knowlton, Christopher. Cattle Kingdom The Hidden History of the Cowboy West. 1st ed., 2017. New York, Mariner Books, 2018.Love, Nat. The Life and Adventures of Nat Love Better Known in the Cattle Country as "Deadwood Dick" . 1907. Los Angelas, 1907.Nodjimbadem, Katie. "The Lesser-Known History of African-American Cowboys ." 13 Feb. 2017. Accessed 13 Feb. 2022.Blackman, Joseph Andrew. "Ikard, Bose ." 16 Sep. 2020. Accessed 13 Feb. 2022.Edwards, Madelyn. "A PARKER COUNTY LEGEND: The story of Bose Ikard ." 23 Feb. 2019. Accessed 13 Feb. 2022.Lee, Allen L. "BOSE IKARD (1847-1929) ." 18 Jan. 2007. Accessed 13 Feb. 2022.Richardson, T.C. "Goodnight-Loving Trail ." 18 Apr. 2017. Accessed 13 Feb. 2022.Mack, Emily. "Nat Love: The Real Old West Cowboy Featured in 'The Harder They Fall' ." 7 Nov. 2021. Accessed 13 Feb. 2022. "Bose Ikard ." Accessed 13 Feb. 2022.Editors, "1836 March 02 Texas declares independence ." 21 July 2010. Accessed 13 Feb. 2022.Editors, "Mexican-American War ." 9 Nov. 2009. Accessed 13 Feb. 2022.Lang, Aldon S., and Christopher Long. "Land Grants ." 23 Jan. 2016. Accessed 13 Feb. 2022. "Steve Nathan “Deadwood Dick” Love ." Accessed 13 Feb. 2022. "Pullman porter ." 15 Apr. 2019.,sleeping%20berths%2C%20and%20serve%20passengers. Accessed 13 Feb. 2022.Orme, Wyatt. "On The Trail Of Black Cowboys From Nat Love To Sheriff Bart ." 1 June 2014. Accessed 13 Feb. 2022.Lonestar, Under The. "Bose Ikard: The Original Cowboy Hero ." 25 Sep. 2017. Accessed 13 Feb. 2022.
In this episode Jennie and Dianne visit the gravesites of three couples who were truly in love in life and are buried side by side in death. The first is a story of young love that had barely started when it was nearly lost during the American Civil War. Second, is the true love story that sank below the seas with the RMS Titanic. Finally, a wild west madam who had many lovers throughout her life, but only one true love. Join us for these ordinary extraordinary stories of love and death just in time for Valentine's Day! Resources used to research this episode include:Cemetery, Lakewood. "A Civil War Love Story." 8 Feb. 2019. Accessed 6 Feb. 2022.Vangsness, Dave. "Reason Reeves Henderson." Accessed 6 Feb. 2022.Cemetery, Woodlawn. "Love Stories of Woodlawn." Accessed 6 Feb. 2022.Minutaglio, Rose. "The Tragic True Story Behind Titanic's Cuddling Lovers ." 8 Dec. 2017. Accessed 6 Feb. 2022.Enss, Chris. "Wild Women Of The West: Jennie Rogers ." 10 July 2018. Accessed 6 Feb. 2022.History, Colorado. "Ladies of Denver: Jenny Rogers and Mattie Silks ." 17 Apr. 2012. Accessed 6 Feb. 2022.Barrett Browning, Elizabeth. "How Do I Love Thee? (Sonnet 43) ." Accessed 6 Feb. 2022.Bradstreet, Anne. "65 Beautiful Love Poems Everyone Should Know ." 14 Sep. 2021. Accessed 6 Feb. 2022.
Jennie and Dianne are joined by Martin Begnal, president of the Friends of Riverside Cemetery in Waterbury, Connecticut. Martin shares the stories of several Riverside residents as well as his own very special familial connection that dates back almost to the beginning of the cemetery. Join us for the Ordinary Extraordinary stories of Carrie Welton, a pioneer woman who lived and died by her own rules, an enslaved man named Fortune whose life after death took many extraordinary turns, and many other stories on this episode of the Ordinary Extraordinary  Cemetery podcast.To learn more about Riverside Cemetery in Waterbury, Connecticut, please visit their website or social media pages through the links below:Website:
Jennie and Dianne are joined by special guest Casper Johnson as they revisit one of Diane's favorite cemeteries, Greenwood Cemetery in Cañon City, Colorado. They will begin with a brief history of the cemetery and then continue with the tragic story of Joe Arridy, a gentle man with an intellectual disability who was wrongly convicted and executed for a crime he never could have even begun to commit. Join us for Joe's Ordinary, Extraordinary story and how it has helped to reshape the justice system. (Warning: this episode does contain conversation regarding rape, sodomy, and murder. While we do not give explicit details of the events, they are important to this story and may make some listeners uncomfortable.)Resources used to research this episode include:Colorado Prisons, Museum Of. "HISTORY OF THE COLORADO PRISON MUSEUM ." 26 Jan. 2016. Accessed 23 Jan. 2022.News Staff, "Local Girl Scout spearheads effort to clean up Forsyth County cemetery ." 23 Jan. 2022. Accessed 24 Jan. 2022.Newman, Victoria. Woodpecker Hill Tales of Cañon City's Infamous Inmates. 3rd ed., 2007. Cañon City, Museum of Colorado Prisons, 2015.Fremont County Historical Society. Cemeteries of Fremont County, edited by Margaret Stiles. Fremont County Tourism Council, 2016.Friends of Joe Arridy. (n.d.). Retrieved January 25, 2022, from, T. (2014, February 27). 75-year-old case still compelling today. Pueblo Chieftain. Retrieved January 25, 2022, from, K. (2016, May 4). Inmates' thorny histories call out from their graves in Cañon City. The Denver Post. Retrieved January 25, 2022, from, D. (2016, August 17). Arc and Robert Perske has passed. The Arc of Illinois. Retrieved January 25, 2022, from, R. (1995). Deadly innocence? Abingdon Press.Perske, R. (2009). Joe Arridy, “the happiest man who ever lived on death row.” Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities, 47(5), 390–394., R. (2011). Colorado Governor pardons Joe Arridy. Meridian. Retrieved January 25, 2022, from, A. (2011). Joe Arridy was the happiest man on Death row. Westword. Retrieved January 25, 2022, from
Alvin “Creepy” Karpis once said, “Of all the midwest cities the one I knew best was St. Paul and it was a crook’s haven." In this episode Jennie and Dianne visit the mausoleum of Police Chief John J. O'Connor in Calvary Cemetery in St. Paul, Minnesota. They delve into O'Connor's plan to fight "organized crime with organized intelligence", and how this led to creating a sort of gangsters' paradise during the age of prohibition through the mid-1930s. Join us for this ordinary, extraordinary story of power, lawlessness, glamour and downfall with a visit to one of St Paul's oldest cemeteries.Resources used to research this episode include: "Calvary Cemetery." Accessed 17 Jan. 2022. "An Early History of Saint Paul ." Accessed 17 Jan. 2022.Ratsabout, Saengmany. 18 Dec. 2018. Accessed 17 Jan. 2022. "John J. O’Connor St. Paul’s Chief of Police ." 1 Jan. 1919. Accessed 17 Jan. 2022.Steenberg, Edward J. "John Joseph O'Connor and the "Layover Agreement" (One Person's Observations) ." Accessed 17 Jan. 2022.Reicher, Matt. "When St. Paul — officially — served as a safe haven for criminals ." 29 July 2014. Accessed 17 Jan. 2022.Society, Minnesota Historical. "St. Paul: Gangster Haven.", 6 Dec. 2010, Compilation, The Criminal . "Gangster History of St. Paul, Minnesota.", 30 Mar. 2020,, Travel Thru. "Wabasha Street Caves - St. Paul, Minnesota - Travel Thru History.", 24 June 2014,, C-SPAN. "C-SPAN Cities Tour - St. Paul: Gangster Era in St. Paul.", 19 Sep. 2014,
Jennie and Dianne interview their first guest of the new year! Dr. Thomas Edge is an Associate Teaching Professor in the Department of Ethnic Studies at Bowling Green State University. Tom recently took a sabbatical to research looking at the history of lynching in a different way: specifically the care given to the deceased and the efforts to remember them. His studies took him to 11 different US states and the sites and cemeteries connected to African American, German American, Italian immigrants, indigenous, and other lynching victims. Join us for a discussion that brings humanity back to these victims, their families and their communities on this episode of the Ordinary Extraordinary Cemetery.To see more photos and descriptions of the sites Dr. Edge has visited, follow him on Instagram @
Jennie and Dianne delve into the beauty and stories of Lincoln, Nebraska's Wyuka Cemetery; a cemetery with the distinction of being the only state appointed cemetery in the United States. Follow along with them as they explore the flora and fauna, the statuary, and the many unique monuments of this 140 acre park cemetery. They also share the ordinary extraordinary stories of a tragic train accident, a beloved singer, a freed slave who fought in the civil war and others. Resources used to research this episode include: Zimmer, Ed. Wyuka Cemetery: A Driving & Walking Tour. Lincoln, Nebraska Humanities Council, 2009, pp. 1-88.Cemetery, Wyuka. Wyuka Funeral Home, Cemetery & Park Fact Sheet. Lincoln.Cemetery, Wyuka. Interesting Facts About Wyuka. Lincoln.Chatfield, Penelope. "Wyuka: A "Rural" Cemetery in Lincoln, Nebraska." Editorial. Nebraska History, 23 Apr. 2014, pp. 183-192.Fullerton, Patrick. "Gordon MacRae Biography." Accessed 3 Jan. 2022. "Burlington Wreck." 1 June 1911. Accessed 3 Jan. 2022.McCuin, LaShanda. "Richwood Memorial Garden Manager removes headstones, local families grieve ." 2 Jan. 2022. Accessed 3 Jan. 2022.
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