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Author: Don Shelby

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A discussion of Geoversiv’s action-oriented exploration of Earth Intelligence, Climate Resilience, Food Security and the economics of a future without pollution. A push to leverage healthy natural systems and rights of nature as solutions to the climate crisis.
15 Episodes
News Brief #2

News Brief #2


President Joseph Biden spent his first day following his inauguration writing 17 Executive Orders overturning many of Former President Donald Trump's anit-environment, anti-science dictates for the country.  In this News Brief #2 we deal with only one, the rejoining of the Paris Agreement and role of the US on the world stage combating climate change.  Analysis provided by Joseph Robertson. 
Hope - Episode 13

Hope - Episode 13


This episode is aptly titled.  In a time of division and uncertainty, Joseph R. Biden named his science team, and in so doing, said that science will take the lead in US policy decisions.  It comes as a desperately needed breath of fresh air.   We will discuss the hope this decision inspires, and the hope that we see in the reshaping of financial worlds, innovation and policy.   We believe that this was the appropriate moment, in the midst of uncertainty and fear, to introduce this hopeful message.
Recording this podast 24 hours after insurrectionists tried to take over the Capitol and stop the people's business.  The deaths and desecration was fomented by lies.  The people had been misled.  Without truth-telling from our elected officials, how long can Democracy sustain itself?   Is there an answer?   And what of the lost skill of critical thinking?  What has become of our requirement that facts and evidence are fundamental against lies, deception and false promises?  Has America stopped thinking?
News Brief #1

News Brief #1


We are introducing a new feature we call "News Briefs."  This is topical information and breaking in nature.  We will provide short a 5-6 minute news story on climate change and provide analysis.  We will publish news briefs as warranted by breaking news.Today we examine the $35 billion in climate crisis funding tucked inside the COVID relief bill.
What is valued?  Is there a price tag on Nature?  Who will pay the bill when it comes due for the destruction of Nature?  Is GDP the best measure of the human condition?  Is it true that all species benefit when Nature benefits?The second part of a ranging discussion on the Rights of Nature and Earth Law movements.  Has COVID-19 changed the way we view the world.  Will the pandemic be a historical maker that denotes a major shift in global thinking?  Can Nature ever gain "personhood?"  Join us in more than a thought-experiment, but a global movement.
Have you ever considered that Nature has rights?  Can a river, or a mountain range or a glacier have standing in a court of law.  It is a huge movement across the planet.  With the recognition of inherent Nature Rights, Nature is given "personhood," in much the way that corporations were granted that status in the Supreme Court decision in Citizens United.  Science tells us that without the perfect systems of a natural world, unharmed by human hands, humans and all species of animal, plants and fish, not to mention insects and microbes cannot long live.  And, if they done survive, neither will we.  Is it time to recognize Nature and become a guardian, for all of our sakes.
A discussion of a novel concept that all humans have an absolute right to science as knowledge.  Why are there people who deny science?  Why do the unfortunate in hospitals deny that the COVID-19 that is taking their life is not real?  Why do so many people refuse to believe the science of climate change?  Who has a hand in deciding what people know about science, and why would they attempt to conceal knowledge, or convince the of an alternate explanation that benefits only them?  Do we  have a natural human right to know the facts?
A discussion with Isobel Edwards on the infusion of trillions of dollars in capital into the markets though green bonds.  Money is made available to businesses demonstrating a dedication to resilience and climate friendly practices and operations.  It is all part of a changing economy based on development of businesses and organizations that work with Nature, and against climate change.
What role does agriculture and food systems play in climate change?  What does the planet face if destructive practices aren't altered.  And, there is major value to those farmers and corporations who do shift to regenerative practices.  Better profits, better soils, and, by the way, it could save the planet.
The Club of Rome, along with the Potsdam Institute, just issue its report called "Planetary Emergency 2.0."   This podcast examines whether that is an overstatement, or is there evidence that we are currently facing an emergency worldwide.
The election results are in.  What does it all mean for science, climate change, COVID19,  economic troubles and racial injustice.  A lot to unpack, and a lot of serious optimism.Myra Jackson and Joseph Robertson are convinced the country can come together, and they have good reasons for their hope.  
Today, two days before the election, a discussion on the sustainability of a Democracy.  Joseph Robertson and Myra Jackson bring civic, scientific and cultural references to this sensitive and important dicussion.
Today's discussion involves a new view of the COVID-19 pandemic.  What role does resilience play, how will humans adapt and evolve?  Is there a relationship between earth systems, sustainability and what will COVID teach us about ourselves.
Continuing discussion on Climate Change, with an emphasis on understanding sustainability and the role Nature plays in informing our path forward.  The economics of global food security will be discussed in detail.  The purpose of the discussion is to create community around the idea that the solutions to climate change are available working within Nature's frameworks, as opposed to fighting the physical laws of nature.
An introduction to the nature of Geoversiv, and a discussion on the meaning of Earth Intelligence, within the framework of Climate Change.  How the need to replicate the functioning of nature and nature's laws can get us to the solutions we seek.
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