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In this short meditation we explore the power of the Vagus Nerve in helping us release and relax troubling thoughts. Please join me for this powerful meditation experience!
This second episode of meditating while using havening  and listening to affirmations brings you calm, contented feelings within minutes. As delta waves suffuse your brain, meditation becomes easy and those affirmations acclaim your true nature: strong, resilient, and at peace. 
In this episode, we return to Havening Touch as a way to induce deep calm before adding affirmations to smooth and soothe our thoughts.  Discover the soothing, relaxing power of Havening Touch (by Dr. R. Ruden, Treat yourself!
This week I introduce the practice of Havening Touch. Developed by Dr. Ron Ruden and his brother Dr. Steve Ruden, this remarkable, unique system of deep relaxation offers immediate relief.  Used as support to meditation Havening Touch may deepen your experience of inner comfort and calm stability. Try it! 
Today we return to an idea explored in Episode 4: how to create Your Best Self. We add the power of our Vagus Nerve to sustain relaxation and the strength of meditation to support ourselves in the feeling of already being our Best Self. Listen in for a method to improve how you feel about yourself, and the results you are getting in life. 
Through the skill of Claire Villarreal interviewer, podcaster (Letting Grow) videographer and much much more, my life spills out in segments of drama, intensity, and stories of quantum experiences. 
Today we experience a Vagus Nerve exercise to help us identify and strengthen our body's ability to 'rest and digest'. This exercise may be used on its own or as a precursor to meditation. Here we explore the Vagus Nerve exercise and how it affects our meditation in a positive way. 
With this short meditation practice we begin to shift our neuronal pathways from inner carping, continual unrest, and desperate dissatisfaction to one of inner peace and calm. Try this meditation now!
Gabor Mate, world-renowned trauma expert, speaks with Mitchell Smolkin about his work, his history with addicts and his writings. Listen in for more about trauma, healing and words from this humble, humorous man, Gabor Mate. 
LaTonia Hendry's life journey includes so much violence you'd believe she would give up, cave in. Instead she dedicates her life to encouraging and supporting other women who have experienced domestic and other violence, rape, and abuse to tell their stories. When we speak we empower ourselves! In this interview LaTonia does a deep dive with me on how: how did I not only survive, but triumph? You'll hear how my life's road map came to me in dreams when I was 5 years old; how an inherited ability in Celtic Visions comforted me when I was held hostage for three days by two armed felons; how making the choice to believe in what I was experiencing chartered a path into confidence and a vital life of harmony and well-being despite the long odds against it. LaTonia also questions me about Havening, the latest in Neuroscience and healing from trauma. I relate how and why I am working toward certification as a Havening Practitioner. LaTonia Hendry's own life journey includes so much violence you would forgive her for curling up and giving up. Instead, she dedicates her life to encouraging and supporting other women. Listen here and then to her podcasts for more inspiration on A Woman's Soul Restored. 
Letting Grow, a great podcast for meditators, questioners and seekers, takes an interest in my life and my Near Death Experience. Listen in as I describe crossing over and what it meant for the rest of my days here, in life. 
This simple exercise takes you through your body part by part systematically building neuronal pathways to deepen relaxation. Relaxation leads to sleep. This deep dive into relaxation may also be used when you are at the office or in your workspace, on a bus or public transit, any place you have ten minutes and can turn your attention and focus inward. It is a powerful tool in your self-help chest!
Often one partner takes the lead in putting energy into relationships. By contrast she or he may feel their partner is less interested, not as engaged. Listen in to discover how our early lives condition our responses to intimacy and what the true language of love for each partner may be. 
In today's episode we combine picturing blue at our hearts, with some chanting if we choose, and pictures of the Earth. We use actual photos of our beautiful planet, or we use our inner visualization ability, or we switch between the two. Today's episode is a prayer for our beautiful home, Earth. 
Today's episode includes practice in chanting the seed syllable 'Hung'. Placing our minds in our hearts and visualizing deep, deep blue, the calming blue of space opens our hearts. This simple chant helps refocus us when we are caught in jealousy, rage, hatred or any other negative emotion.  Chanting Hum while focusing in our hearts also allows joy to bubble through! 
Sound is an active meditation in our daily lives. We speak and hope others hear. We listen and try to sense what their sounds make. Chanting besides being a healthy way to feel better, to intone gratitude or similar offerings to a Higher Power, reminds us of the endless variety of sounds we may make. It opens our ears to how we are creating sound. It allows us to practice making sounds that vibrate throughout our bodies. Chanting helps us practice flexibility of sound for the endless variety of ways our words, our bodies and our listening enrich our daily lives. 
These two dynamic and heartful men offer their insights and wisdom on the topic of raising children, in particular their boys. Each man has one son and focuses in this discussion on sharing moments of clarity and joy, disappointment and hope as they raise their precious child. Oh, yes, both men are therapists. Listen in for gems! 
In this week's episode we focus once again on bringing our Vagus Nerve online. Then we imagine or recall a scene that brings us peace. Combining these two creates a double strand of peacefulness. Imagine: a five minute vacation whenever, wherever you wish! 
Everyone knows someone—family member, colleague, even a boss who seems to drench your sunshine with their cloudy gloom. They may even direct their negativity toward you! Today's meditation helps you protect yourself from their struggle, allowing you to remain calm and serene. It takes practice but it works. 
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