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Author: Michael Graham and Drew Cline

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The New Hampshire Journal podcast is hosted by Michael Graham and Drew Cline. We seek to provide clear, informative reporting on the issues affected the New Hampshire region.
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Former Secretary of State Mike Pompeo talks to NHJournal about his upcoming visit to promote school choice and parental empowerment, but he also talks at length about events in Afghanistan. "It's the difference between American strength and American weakness," Pompeo says of the Biden strategy.And host Michael Graham asks why Democrats seem to believe that, now that the troops are out of Afghanistan, that the story will end? Isn't it more likely that stories of Americans held hostage, allies being abused, etc. will continue for weeks, if not months?It's part of the larger question NHJournal has been asking for weeks: What are Democrats doing today to improve their chances of re-election in 2022?
Senator Rick Scott was in New Hampshire on Saturday (8/21) to talk about President Joe Biden's economic policy (and make a stop by Gov. Chris Sununu's house?) He had harsh words for Biden on Afghanistan, suggesting his refusal to address the crisis, as well as other issues like the southern border surge, show it's time to consider invoking the 25th Amendment and removing him from office.Longtime foreign policy analyst K.T. McFarland is also on the podcast, talking about her upcoming appearance at an NHGOP fundraiser.  Like Sen. Scott, she's  harshly critical of Biden's Afghanistan policy and says America will feel the ramifications for years to come.Hosted by Michael Graham.
On this edition of the New Hampshire Journal podcast, retired Army Gen. Don Bolduc bashes President Biden's "incompetence" in handling the U.S. withdrawal from Afghanistan. Bolduc, who is also a candidate for the NHGOP's nomination in next year's U.S. Senate race, also supports America working with the Taliban going forward. And despite being President Trump's pick for U.S. Ambassador to Afghanistan, native Granite Stater Will Ruger has nothing but praise for the Biden pull out. Ruger sees it as Biden enacting 'America First' foreign policy and commends Biden for having the courage to stick with the policy despite criticism and disturbing images coming from Kabul.Hosted by Michael Graham
On this special edition of the NHJournal podcast, former U.S. Senator -- and possible candidate for N.H. Governor -- Kelly Ayotte gives a scathing critique of the Biden Administration's mishandling of the withdrawal of U.S. troops from Afghanistan.Ayotte also talks about when to fire government officials, the coming rise of Al Qaeda and the possibility she might run for governor in 2022.Hosted by Michael Graham
On this edition of the New Hampshire Journal podcast we jump straight into the public policy pool. Ulrick Boesen of the Tax Foundation talks about the "Tobacco Tax Equity Act" and how it would be particularly bad for New Hampshire. (It's not likely to be good for Sen. Maggie Hassan's 2022 campaign, either.)Drew Cline of the Josiah Bartlett Foundation also kicks around the tobacco tax hike, but he saves his most scathing comments for President Biden's illegal eviction moratorium. And he explains why letting renters skip out on their rent is actually bad for low-income families who need housing,Hosted by Michael Graham.
In this edition of the New Hampshire Journal podcast, Sen. Tom Cotton (R-Ark.) talks about his visits to the Granite State (2024, anyone?), his take on Critical Race Theory, and whether or not Gov. Chris Sununu should run for U.S. Senate.And Drew Cline of the Josiah Bartlett Center for Public Policy talks about why New Hampshire has a housing problem, and it's not because of greedy landlords or out-of-control developers.Hosted by Michael Graham.
New Hampshire Gov. Chris Sununu joins NHJournal's Michael Graham for a wide-ranging, no-holds-barred conversation covering everything from abortion policy to Sununu's potential U.S. Senate bid against incumbent Sen. Maggie Hassan.
On this edition of the New Hampshire Journal podcast, we have...mediocre audio! (Seriously, had some connection issues -- our apologies)But it's worth it to hear New Hampshire tax expert Bill Ardinger explain the SCOTUS decision to block NH's case against Massachusetts and the cross-border ripoff artists of the Mass. Department of Revenue.Plus, Josiah Bartlett Center's Drew Cline says the good news about the state budget is even better than you think!And COVID-19 numbers for New Hampshire you won't hear anywhere else.Hosted by Michael Graham.
On this special edition of the NHJournal podcast, New Hampshire Speaker of the House Sherman Packard (R-Londonderry) and Majority Leader Jason Osborne (R-Auburn) give an insider's analysis of the state budget, including their views on:-- Real spending cuts-- Ending the interest and dividends tax-- Executive Power reform-- Restricting the use of Critical Race Theory Plus, the two House leaders talk about the process they used to get from a session in early disarray to a budget some Republicans describe as the most conservative ever.Hosted by Michael Graham of NHJournal, with Drew Cline of the Josiah Bartlett Center for Public Policy.Sponsored by Perfect Smiles of Nashua.
On this edition of the New Hampshire Journal podcast, state Sen. Jeb Bradley (R-Wolfeboro) talks about the state budget Republicans released on Friday, which he calls a 'once in a lifetime' opportunity to pass Education Freedom Accounts and real spending cuts. Drew Cline, president of the Josiah Bartlett Center for Public Policy, offers his take on just how much the budget delivers for small-government, pro-economic-growth advocates.And host Michael Graham of NHJournal goes on an epic "what the heck was that?!" rant over the Democrats' disastrous political strategy -- or lack thereof -- in the budget battle.Plus --BEER!It's all in this edition of the New Hampshire Journal podcast.
On this (Drew-Cline-free) edition of the podcast, former U.N. Ambassador John Bolton talks about a new poll of NH Republican primary voters conducted by his PAC asking about GOP attitudes toward former President Donald Trump. Is Trump's influence fading in the Granite State? Is a post-Trump GOP emerging? Or will The Donald remain the party's kingmaker? And will Bolton be part of the 2024 POTUS race? It's all in the podcast.And veteran NHGOP strategist Jim Merrill makes his prediction -- will Gov. Chris Sununu run for U.S. Senate, or make history as New Hampshire's first four-term GOP governor?
A new Josiah Bartlett Center poll (conducted by the St. Anselm College polling center) found that New Hampshire voters have lost significant trust in government and the media during the pandemic, while their confidence in business remained largely unchanged.The same for President Biden and Gov Sununu. Biden's now underwater with New Hampshire voters (with swing voters he's -30!) while Sununu's poll numbers remain solid. Why? Tune into the podcast and find out!Also, Drew explains why almost everything you know about the "divisive concepts" bill in the state budget is wrong.Featuring Drew Cline, president of the Josiah Bartlett Center for Public Policy, and hosted by Michael Graham of New Hampshire Journal.
On this edition of the New Hampshire Journal podcast, Drew Cline of the Josiah Bartlett Center rolls through the numbers from the JBC's first-ever poll, including a massive show of Granite State support for right-to-work legislation.Host Michael Graham thinks he knows why the union's in trouble, and he explains.Plus, what does the word "controversial" even mean when used by the media? Not what you think it means.Presented by the Josiah Bartlett Center for Public Policy and NHJournal.
The DCD dropping the mask mandate -- and catching up with the science -- might sound like good news to you, but many people greeted it with disdain and even anger. Why are so many people unhappy over the good news?And Tim Phillips, president of Americans For Prosperity, jumps on the podcast to talk about his organization's push to protect the filibuster, Sen. Maggie Hassan's mailbox and what's going on in America's job market.Hosted by Drew Cline of the Josiah Bartlett Center for Public Policy and Michael Graham at New Hampshire Journal.
He may be the head of the free-market Josiah Bartlett Center for Public Policy, but that doesn't stop Drew Cline from calling for more free stuff! It's all part of his plan to deal with the terrible jobs numbers and declining rates of COVID vaccinations.Urging him on is Michael Graham at the New Hampshire Journal.
In this edition of the podcast, Drew Cline talks about the Josiah Bartlett Center's new report on school spending, student population size and the proposed Education Freedom Accounts. Their report found the EFA program in Senate Bill 130 would save taxpayers $6.65 million in its first two years.Other findings: Adjusted for inflation, total expenditures in New Hampshire public schools increased by 66 percent between the 1994-95 and 2017-18 school years, while public school enrollment fell by 9 percent.While current spending per student (a figure that excludes capital and some other expenses) increased by 77 percent between 1994-95 and 2017-18, average teacher salaries increased by only 1 percent (both adjusted for inflation).And host Michael Graham asks: If we're "following the science," why do we keep screwing with the clocks twice a year?
COVID money is coming to New Hampshire -- and America -- whether we need the (borrowed) $1.9 trillion or not. Drew Cline of the Josiah Bartlett Center does the math on how state budgets have done in the COVID era (surprisingly well) and the COVID spending policies that appear to be at odds with each other.Drew also praises New Hampshire's two U.S. Senators for bucking their party and voting to remove the $15 minimum wage from the bill.Michael Graham of New Hampshire Journal points out some parts of the COVID package supporters don't want to talk about: $1,400 a week in money just for federal workers, so they can stay home with their kids doing remote learning; and voting down a measure to stop COVID checks from going to people actually in prison. Both of these payments are in the final bill Congress just passed.And Drew has a mini-rant about NH's one remaining coal-fired power plant and how green activists (unintentionally) helped keep it open.
Drew and Michael are joined by GOP state Rep. Ross Berry to discuss the fracas/fiasco/farce on the floor of the New Hampshire House as session was held at the Sportsplex in Bedford. NHJournal statehouse reporter Chris Maidment offers his insights.And the Josiah Bartlett Center has a new report on the budget with some surprisingly good -- or at least, not bad -- news.Hosted by Michael Graham of NHJournal, and Drew Cline of the Josiah Bartlett Center for Public Policy.
Drew Cline of the Josiah Bartlett Center and Michael Graham of the New Hampshire Journal spend this week's podcast bemoaning the lack of seriousness among political leaders at the state and national level.They're joined by NHJournal's state house reporter Christopher Maidment to talk about Gov. Chris Sununu's budget and the prospects for the Right To Work legislation...until they're interrupted by Drew's dogs.Sponsored by Perfect Smiles of Nashua.
“Teachers unions have done more to advance school choice this year than anyone could have ever imagined,” says Corey DeAngelis, Director of School Choice at the Reason Foundation. He joins Drew and Michael to talk about NH's "most expansive in the nation" Education Freedom Account legislation, and to dispel myths from opponents about how they work and the families they help.Drew and Michael also talk about the national reaction to an NHJ story re: a Dem state rep's comments regarding nurses with two-year degrees -- "Some Jeannie Smith off the block who went to community college."Plus -- big news from the Bartlett Center!The NHJournal podcast is hosted by Michael Graham, managing editor of InsideSources, and by Drew Cline of the Josiah Barlett Center for Public Policy.This week's sponsor: Perfect Smiles of Nashua.
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