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Author: Michael Graham and Drew Cline

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The New Hampshire Journal podcast is hosted by Michael Graham and Drew Cline. We seek to provide clear, informative reporting on the issues affected the New Hampshire region.
111 Episodes
What's Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis like when you sit down with him one-on-one and talk everything from GOP politics to Trump's attacks on Kayleigh McEnany to Major League Baseball?Listen to the 2024 hopeful's conversation with NHJournal during his June 1, 2023 stop in Manchester to find out.Plus -- some bonus Granite State punditry at the end.Hosted by Michael Graham, managing editor of support NHJournal and our independent journalism, please click here!
Julia Manchester at talks about their series "How Florida Got So Conservative," and how Gov. Ron DeSantis has helped turn a purple state solid red.Are there lessons for Republicans in the purple state of New Hampshire? Also, NH Democrats have whole-heartedly embraced the anti-parent politics of their opposition to the Parents Bill of Rights. Polls show they are on the wrong side of the issue, but will they pay a price? Podcast host Michael Graham says: Ask Trump.Sponsored by Perfect Smiles of Nashua.
Donald Trump comes to New Hampshire and lays a beat down on CNN, live on their own network-- the latest reminder that Trump is the Sun around which all other politics orbits. Host Michael Graham offers his take, and why Trump's performance was so important.Plus, former State Senate President Chuck Morse on the budget and how the GOP-controlled Senate should navigate the issue. He also talks about his possible 2024 race for governor, and what to do about a state-owned sign honoring an unrepentant Stalinist in downtown Concord.Sponsored by Perfect Smiles of Nashua.
It's a double-barreled edition of the NHJournal podcast. Popular GOP Mayor George Hansel announces he's not going to seek a third term as mayor of Keene, one of the most liberal towns in the Granite State -- ironically on the same day Manchester Mayor Joyce Craig announces he's running for governor next year. Hansel talks about being a Republican mayor at a time when his party is out of favor in America's urban centers. And he has some advice for Manchester mayor candidate Jay Ruais.Then it's 2024 POTUS candidate Vivek Ramaswamy on why he believes he can be polling in second or third place by the time the FITN primary rolls around next January. And he talks about his exchange with CNN's Don Lemon that's widely credited with getting the lackluster broadcaster fired.Hosted by Michael Graham.
Former Trump administration official Ken Cuccinelli is heading up the Never Back Down PAC promoting a POTUS run by Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis, calling him "the most conservative candidate in the race who can win."Acknowledging Trump has a lead in the polls right now, Cucinelli predicts DeSantis's record -- which he says is far better than Trump's on key issues like pro-life and COVID, for example -- will convince Republicans the Florida governor is a better choice.Besides, Cucinelli adds, Trump's already 'endorsed' DeSantis by choosing to live in his state. "He's voted with his feet!"Hosted by Michael Graham.
The night before he was having dinner with Donald Trump at Mar-a-Lago. The next day Corey Lewandowski is on the NHJournal podcast, dishing about the GOP POTUS field, NH Gov. Chris Sununu and the likely 2024 governor's race.Lewandowski brings his trademark take-no-prisoners style, plus his smart insights about GOP primary voters and what it takes to win in the current moment. Love him or hate him, it's a great conversation!Hosted by NHJournal Managing Editor Michael Graham.
Gov. Chris Sununu jumps on the pod just after signing an executive order taking on the Biden administration's new ESG investing rule. State agencies will not participate, Sununu says, and he explains why.Sununu also talks about why a Republican who has largely tried to avoid culture war debates has no problems embracing the Second Amendment, signing pro-2A laws that give him perhaps the strongest record in the potential 2024 field.Plus, his take on Democrats taking their 2024 convention to their version of the Shining City on the Hill -- Chicago.And host Michael Graham has a rant or two about the state of political play in New Hampshire, and why Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. is going to be a major headache for Biden and the NHDems.
NHJournal catches up with former New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie on the FITN campaign trail to talk Tik Tok, Trump and whether politics should play a role in Americans' search for meaning.Plus host Michael Graham on the current state of the New Hampshire GOP POTUS primary, including news Vivek Ramaswamy has dropped the first broadcast TV ad of the FITN 2024 season.Sponsored by Perfect Smiles of Nashua.
Veteran political reporter David Drucker of The Dispatch gives his analysis of the current state of the GOP presidential primary race. No surprise -- it's all about the Trump. And he shares what DC insiders are saying about a second Biden run.In New Hampshire, every legislative Democrat has now voted against the Parents Bill of Rights, giving parents the right to know what their kids are being taught, what medical treatment they're getting and what, if any, behavior they're engaged in regarding sex or gender. Is this smart politics? Host Michael Graham doesn't think so, but he also sees the one political force that can be counted on to rescue New Hampshire Democrats:New Hampshire Republicans.Sponsored by Perfect Smiles of Nashua.
University of New Hampshire  President James Dean joins NHJournal to talk about the status of free speech on campus in the UNH system, their rankings from the  Foundation for Individual Rights in Education and the culture of free expression in academia. Dean also makes his case for supporting public colleges and universities like UNH, and the need for New Hampshire to help young people get the skills they need to fill the many job vacancies in the state.Hosted by Michael Graham
Marianne Williamson wants New Hampshire Democrats who are frustrated with President Biden's political 'triangulation' to know she feels their pain. From his approval of the Willow project to his stance on the Russia-Ukraine war, Williamson believes Biden is abandoning the base of the Democratic Party.She also defends free speech and calls out her fellow progressives on the issue.It's all part of the podcast, along with host Michael Graham's take on Gov. Ron DeSantis' Ukraine politics. Is "Not Quite Trump" really such a bad strategy for winning the GOP nomination?
State Senator Jeb Bradley joins the New Hampshire Journal podcast to talk about the latest news from the State House -- including the first visit from a FITN candidate: Democrat Marianne Williamson.While Bradley isn't ready to endorse the self-help guru (yet?), he points out that asking POTUS candidates to speak to the legislature isn't new in New Hampshire.Bradley also discusses the unanimous state Senate vote in favor of expanding Medicaid and why he believes Granite State taxpayers have nothing to fear. And he puzzles over New Hampshire Democrats' embrace of the law banning abortion after 24 weeks.Hosted by Michael Graham.Want to subscribe to the NHJournal newsletter? Click here.Want to support independent journalism in the Granite State? Click here!
Veteran New Hampshire GOP players Alicia Preston Xanthopoulos and Jim Merrill join the NHJournal podcast to talk about how the FITN primary looks from nearly one year out. Is the biggest story so far the NHDems' decision to strip the Granite State of its place at the front of the line?Host Michael Graham doesn't think so.Also, a new exclusive NHJournal poll of NHDems shows they're not big fans of a 2024 Biden POTUS bid, and they don't really care about keeping the FITN primary. All the details are in the podcast!Sponsored by Perfect Smiles of Nashua.Want to do your part to support independent journalism and "subscribe" to the NHJournal newsletter for $4.99/month? Click here!
Christopher Rufo is one of the most influential people on the American Right, leading the fight against Critical Race Theory in schools and government training, and now pushing back on DEI (Diversity, Equity and Inclusion) policies. New Hampshire has legislation dealing with both, and Rufo discusses why he believes the Granite State needs them.Also, on Thursday New Hampshire  House Democrats realized that, thanks to NHGOP no-shows and early departures, they had a majority. They immediately used it to pass an extreme anti-EFA bill. We get a report from AFP-NH's Chris Maidment, then dish up some unfiltered #FITN punditry with GOP comms guy and Union-Leader columnist Patrick Hynes.Sponsored by Perfect Smiles of Nashua.To subscribe to the free newsletter, please click here.To kick in a few bucks to help NHJournal keep the lights on, please click here.
Ryan Terrell was elected NHGOP state vice chairman less than a month ago, but he's hitting the ground running. He knows the Republican Party suffered a setback in 2022, but he believes victory is right around the corner and in this NHJournal podcast, he explains why. Terrell talks education policy, GOP politics and his personal story as a Hurricane Katrina evacuee. Plus host Michael Graham talks about the latest NHJournal poll showing overwhelming bipartisan support for parental rights among Granite State voters. You can find the numbers here.Sponsored by Perfect Smiles of Nashua.
Why is RFK, Jr coming to the New Hampshire Institute of Politics? Why did he jump into the fight for New Hampshire's FITN primary two weeks ago? Is Camelot magic making a return?It's all part of the podcast, along with Vivek Ramaswamy -- author, tech guy, Fox News celebrity, and a possible Republican candidate in 2024. He talks 'Woke, Inc.',  ESG investing and GOP politics with host Michael Graham, managing editor of NHJournal.To become a $4.99/month "subscriber" to the free daily newsletter, please click here!
Will Hurd is on a mission: Helping folks understand a crazy world with rational takes from a former CIA officer and congressman on current events, foreign policy, and technological advances.On the NHJournal podcast, Hurd talks about the significance of the Chinese spy balloon and the Biden administration's handling of it. He also talks about the risk posed by Tik Tok and China's tech advancement. Is he trying to start a conversation about a Will Hurd 2024 POTUS race? Click play and find out.PLUS: On Saturday, the DNC stripped the NH Democrats of their First in the Nation primary. Why this was a failure of leadership from the state party and elected officials.Hosted by Michael Graham.
New Hampshire Attorney General John Formella says protecting the public is his top priority. But the specific protections he’s chosen to highlight have some in Granite State political circles suggesting he might also have political ambitions as well.In an exclusive and wide-ranging podcast interview with NHJournal, the 36-year-old AG talks about why he became a lawyer (Two words: "Jack McCoy"), what he believes his most important mission is as the state's top cop, and the previous AGs who've gone on to elected office.Could Formella follow in their footsteps? Listen and find out!And if you like the work NHJournal is doing to bring independent journalism to the Granite State, you can "subscribe" to our free newsletter for $4.99 by clicking here!Hosted by Michael Graham.
Republican National Committeeman Chris Ager wants the NHGOP state party chairman's job and, so far, he's the only candidate in the race. In a wide-ranging interview with NHJournal Managing Editor Michael Graham, Ager talks about how his "diplomatic" approach may be different from the current mood of some GOP activists and how Gov. Chris Sununu's opposition to his candidacy may help him.He also works in a Sean Connery line from The Untouchables.Plus -- Doug Kelly with the American Edge Project on what the U.S. needs to do to maintain its tech advantage over China, and the actions Congress could take to keep America strong.To support NHJournal, please click here.
Axios' political reporter Josh Kraushaar says Gov. Chris Sununu is "a great quote, and a great interview." But is he viewed by DC politicos as a serious 2024 POTUS candidate? Krashaar  talks to NHJournal Managing Editor Michael Graham about it, along with how the NHDems vs. Biden/DNC  fight over the FITN is playing on the national stage. And could 2024 see a return of 'The Sununu Model' to win the FITN?Closer to home, newly-elected State Senate President Jeb Bradley looks ahead to a 2023 legislative session hindered by a closely-divided House. The veteran lawmaker  sees a few openings for progress, but not many. And Bradley throws down on the teachers union-backed lawsuit targeting the state's popular Education Freedom Accounts.Read Kraushaar's latest for Axios here.
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