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Business Excellence - TOP 5 Series

Author: Rael Bricker and Lindsay Adams

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In keeping with the theme of our podcast, "Business Excellence" we have decided to release a new edition, the Business Excellence Top 5 Series. 


In this series we interview the best contributors we can source to tell us about their Top 5 tips, tools or ideas relating to their topic around business and / or life. 

Hosted by Lindsay Adams OAM CSP and Rael Bricker CSP bringing 60+ years of entrepreneurial success and professional speaking together. 

205 Episodes
“It's a simple breathing technique. You breathe in through your nose. So, you hold your breath for seven counts. And then you breathe out through your mouth for eight counts.” Joni Peddie Top Five Tips That Help You Feel On ‘Top Form’ Daily1.   Sleep is your Superpower.2.  Brain food is good food.3.  Stress- less.4.  'Open your heart'.5.  Micro movements during your work day boosts your energy. TIME STAMP SUMMARY01:42 Please don’t skimp on sleep, it’s your best friend!08: 39 Knowing thyself is the beginning of wisdom.14:34 The skipping rope movement.17:40 Mondays should be fun! Where to find Joni?Website        LinkedIn        Joni Peddie Bio Joni Peddie is a Strategic Facilitator for Team Performance, a Keynote Speaker and an Exec Coach. She helps Leaders, and their Teams to re-energize in multiple ways. She loves ‘people’ and is deeply curious about how people choose to 'Think, Feel & Act’.  After handling  difficult situations, she believes that we can always bounce back! In fact, in a rapidly changing world, we need to learn to BOUNCE FORWARD™ mentally, physically and with emotional agility. Besides facilitating organizational culture change, team performance workshops, speaking at conferences and writing books, Joni is an avid trail & road runner with 5 comrades (90km) and 7 two oceans (56km) ultra marathons under her belt. As a behavioral strategist, her fascination lies in working with people from around the world. She is based in South Africa and loves to travel and immerse herself in different cultures. Joni's pride and joy are her two adult daughters. Parenting these young ladies has been a journey in itself, given the tragic loss of Joni’s husband / their father when they were 7 and 9 years old. Joni remarried 4 years ago to Gavin Broomfield. They share many interests and share the mottos : ‘make lemonade out of lemons’ and ‘don’t forget to squeeze the juice out of every day’.
Our beliefs create our reality, basically. So, for example, if we're running on the belief that we're not good enough, or we're not intelligent enough, or you know, if it's a business owner or an entrepreneur, that there's too much competition, whatever the belief is, if it's a negative belief, it's going to impact your life, your business, your personal life or your business growth and development." Myia Cleggett Top Five Tips for Success & Happiness1. Beliefs & Expectations2. Thoughts & Inner dialogue3. Mind default - Best or worst case-scenario4. Goals & Mind GPS5. Positive Future pacing TIME STAMP SUMMARY01:05 How our belief systems shape our reality 06:36 The need to be aware13:53 Having your goals aligned18:01 What is positive future pacing? Where to find Myia?Website                      LinkedIn                       Myia Cleggett Bio Myia is the founder of Mind Motivation Coaching and is a Transformation & Abundance Coach. She empowers clients in building confidence, career, wealth creation, health, and wellness. Myia is an expert in the principles of Rapid Transformational Therapy, Positive Psychology, Neuroscience, Quantum Physics, Law of Attraction and Creative Visualization. Her mission is to globally create a ripple effect of empowerment, transformation and inspiration in personal and business growth and development.Myia is the founder of Mind Motivation Coaching and is a Transformation & Abundance Coach. She empowers clients in building confidence, career, wealth creation, health, and wellness. Myia is an  expert in the principles of Rapid Transformational Therapy, Positive Psychology, Neuroscience,  Quantum Physics, Law of Attraction and Creative Visualization. Her mission is to globally create a ripple effect of empowerment, transformation, and inspiration in personal and business growth and development.
“We all need to embrace self-stress reducing techniques. Maybe meditation, you're taking time, five minutes a day, twice a day even, just to settle your mind. And I don't mean that we have to get rid of all our thoughts. It's just that we have to focus, instead of on our thoughts, to drop down into our body and see what's going on in there. It can be as simple as that, practicing mindfulness.”  Jenny Fitzgerald Top Five Tips for Saying Goodbye to Stress & Overwhelm1.       Recognize and acknowledge your stress.2.       Prioritize self-care.3.       Build a Strong Support System.4.       Practice Effective Time Management.5.       Embrace Stress-reducing Techniques. TIME STAMP SUMMARY00:49 Understanding when you are stressed, being aware of the signs.05:35 Why is self-care so important to your health?08:36 Having a support system is extremely important.15:57 The benefits of embracing self-stress techniques.  Where to find Jenny?Email Address         LinkedIn                       Jenny Fitzgerald Bio Jenny Fitzgerald has 25+ years’ experience as a Transformational Coach, State of Mind Specialist and Conflict Resolution Facilitator. Her personal journey of overcoming OCD fuels her passion to empower others towards stress-free living.
“Why don't you feel good in your clothing? And why do you keep peeling back? You need to ask yourself, Why about five times, and don't let yourself get off the hook because it becomes more and more difficult, the more you do it. However when you do, you're really going to get to the core. And oftentimes, it can be different to what you think your original motivator is, it could be more connected to self-confidence, or that it becomes a much deeper personal level of what's driving you that needs to change. And I think you don't have to go, you know, telling everyone about it. But as long as you yourself understand what that Y is and what that driver is, you are that much more likely to be successful in hitting your vision.” Lauren St George’s Top Five Tips For Making Lasting Change In Your Life Or Business1.       Determine your goal / vision. 2.       Define your why.3.       Decide on your obstacles.4.       Develop your plan.5.       Overcome the fear of taking the first step.  TIME STAMP SUMMARY00:50 Start by determining your goal04:44 Focusing on your personal motivation09:12 Working towards a goal16:43 Knowing the next step to take, at the right time.  Where to find Lauren?Website                   LinkedIn                     Lauren St George Bio Lauren is a South African by birth, an American by choice and a global explorer by design. These life experiences have fostered in her an appreciation for the diversity of people's ideas, motivations, strengths, and dreams. She is a coach and a consultant.  She wears my coach hat with What’s Next. What’s Next is a radically different approach to finding more fulfillment in your life. What’s Next’s process is based in brain science, social psychology and the best practices used by the top businesses to drive innovation, plan for the future and yield success and applies them to our personal lives to disrupt comfortable patterns and design true change. Our program approach and tools get people to breakthroughs and jumpstarts change quickly in a unique and engaging way. She wears her consultant hat with Accenture helping internal teams and their top clients solve big challenges – innovate products/services, envision the future, build partnerships, create targeted messaging for specific audiences, and help win projects ranging from $100+ Million - $2 Billion.Before Accenture, she ran Fresh, a consultancy dedicated to helping startups and innovation teams create fresh brand and marketing strategies. Previous to Fresh, she co-owned a boutique creative agency. UnitOne partnered with clients such as Coca-Cola, Georgia Pacific, Hershey’s, Citi, J&J, TNS, and 3M to name a few.  She has worked with everyone from individuals to non-profits and from start-ups to Fortune 500s across most industries, geographies, and products + services. Her experiences help to bring multiple perspectives to all her clients.
“Adopt an MVP mindset. MVP stands for minimum viable product and kind of iterating quickly. And essentially, the thinking there is that you need to build your kind of minimum, to the problem as quickly as possible, put it out there, get people testing it, using it, and then iterate it, you know, improve it, and change it up based on feedback.” Karl Swanepoel Top Five Tips For Starting A Business1.       Start with the problem.2.       The concept of Minimum Viable Product (MVP).3.       At the beginning, say yes to as many things as possible.4.       Always try to be the dumbest person in the room.5.       Hire slow, fire fast.  TIME STAMP SUMMARY00:07  Who is Karl Swanepoel? 05:20  Adopting the MVP mindset.10:34  More about going for it.15:04  Hiring when necessary. Where to find KarlWebsite                   LinkedIn                 Karl Swanepoel Bio Karl Swanepoel is a tech entrepreneur in the UK. He is the CEO and Founder of Revolancer, a platform that aims to help independent professionals and freelancers barter skills to build their service businesses.  At the age of 15, he became the youngest-ever brand ambassador for Britain's largest business conference, The Business Show, where he delivered a keynote speech at the 2018 show held in London's Excel Centre. Revolancer started when Karl won a startup competition at Aberystwyth University, securing a seed grant for Revolancer.  As a part of this, Karl also won the Engineers in Business Fellowship funded grant, for which he was then a national finalist. Within a few months, £150k in pre-seed funding was secured from SFC Capital. Today, he is leading an energetic and passionate team to take Revolancer to the next level. Karl Swanepoel continues to lead Revolancer and is dedicated to creating a more promising future for flexible work. 
"If you don't promote yourself, who else should promote you? It is your responsibility.” Sylvie di Giusto Top Five Tips For Discovering Your Fair Advantage 1. What is your Fair Advantage?2. The Necessity of Visibility3. From first to lasting impressions4. The 5 Ways to infuse your fair advantage5. Sabotaging your Fair Advantage TIME STAMP SUMMARY01:48  Determine your unique selling points and identify what makes you stand out. 05:04  Increase your visibility to reach decision makers.14:53  Make a good first and last impression to be remembered positively. 20:14   Infuse your uniqueness into your everything you do. 22:04  Avoid self-sabotage. Where to find Sylvie?Website      LinkedIn       Sylvie di Giusto Bio More than a decade ago, international keynote speaker Sylvie di Giusto, CSP, made one of the best decisions of her life—to leave her successful 20-year corporate career in Europe and bring her young family across the Pond to America with a newborn on her lap—exercising what she has since called The Power of Choice, a conscious decision-making framework that allows us to understand our perceptions, choose our behaviours, and determine our best outcomes. Now, extraordinary leaders and professionals at many of the most respected organizations and associations in the world—from American Express to American Airlines, Hilton to Nespresso, Microsoft to Prudential, and even the US Air Force—trust Sylvie to help them make the right decisions that grow their brands and bottom lines. Building on her five cornerstones of Modern Emotional Intelligence—visual, behavioural, verbal, digital, and social intelligence—Sylvie gives her audiences the Power of Choice to determine their greatest outcomes in leadership, sales, and customer experience. Let Sylvie take your organization on an entertaining, spectacular, and thought-provoking journey through the brain, the mind, and from the unconscious to the conscious—and ultimately to the heights of personal, professional, and organizational success. And don’t forget to take a good book for your journey! Sylvie is the author of The Image of Leadership and Discover Your Fair Advantage, in which she shows you how to make every interaction count.
“Branding is really the key. A lot of people think , “I want to market my business, I want to sell more”, but branding is actually the key foundation of your business. And there's different elements of your brand. There's personal brands, and there's business brands.”Athin Cassiotis Top Five Tips For Business Growth 1.    Mindset – our beliefs create our results, the importance of our identity.2.    Planning – strategic objectives, tactical monitoring.3.    Branding – being an authority, most consumers buy based on the brand.4.    Sales – focus on emotions, people do more to get away from pain than they do to get pleasure.5.    Systems – Create SOPs so you can delegate tasks, automate processes using software to increase accuracy and provide a platform for scaling. TIME STAMP SUMMARY01:02  The importance of your mindset. 04:09 Planning in the long term.11:35 How sales tie in with people’s emotions.19:29 How software can improve your process. Where to Find AthinWebsite                      LinkedIn                      Bio Athin CassiotisAthin Cassiotis is a Business Growth Expert, Investor, International Speaker, Coach, Mentor, Consultant, and Podcast Host. He helps business owners grow and scale their business to create wealth and freedom in their life. Athin Cassiotis hosts The Business Growth Show, where he interviews successful entrepreneurs and celebrities, including Jay Abraham, Bruce Buffer, Jillian Michaels, Nick Bell, and George Koukis. He has spoken on stage in front of 1,000 people and 2,500 people in Los Angeles along with many stages in Australia. He has personally worked with many of Australia’s biggest brands including Kmart, Target, Westfield, Catch, Coles, and Department of Defence.
“The next thing I was going to talk about is continuous learning, and continuous improvement. And I think this is key, both as a company and as individuals, because we are also responsible for the future of all of our employees and all of our team members.” Dr Soumyadip Rakshit Top Five Tips For Consistent and Meaningful Growth1.         Embrace connected independence.2.         Pursue purposeful innovation.3.         Emphasize continuous learning and improvement.4.         Foster a flat organizational structure.5.         Focus on actionable advice. TIME STAMP SUMMARY01:17 Sharing through connected independence.08:18 Not always the most obvious option.15:21 The change in startups from corporate life.20:49 The key to actionable items.  Where to find Dr Soumyadip? Website              LinkedIn              Dr Soumyadip Rakshit BioDr. Soum Rakshit is the Co-Founder & CEO of award-winning sexual health company, Mystery Vibe. Their mission is to make sexual health accessible to all – across all ages, genders & orientations.In his role as CEO of Mystery Vibe, he focuses on pushing the boundaries on R&D, customer experience and supporting their long-term goal of making sexual health an integral part of our overall health. Soumyadip passionately believes that by empowering people with actionable knowledge & purposeful innovation is the way to make this happen.Soumyadip built and sold his first startup in defence electronics by age 26, and has won 20+ International design awards for his product designs. His reach is over 20K, and he would be happy to let his network know to listen in!
“ My tips are really grounded in trying to take it from, as I say, less mysterious art to science. And tip number one for me, whenever we get an innovation brief, I'm always keen to think about, are there different angles to the problem? Are there ways to reframe it, and you can do this by a series of thinking habits. So, they're giving you a really famous example, of a slow elevator, and a building manager keeps getting complaints from his tenants, and they say, Look, if you don't fix us, we're going to leave. What do you do? And what most people would do is the jump straight into well, it's slow, I guess we should speed it up…”  Colin Duff Top Five Tips For Successful Innovation 1.       Insight is the rocket fuel of innovation.2.       Better brainstorming. 3.       Realness. 4.       Place lots of small bets.5.       Use stage appropriate economics. TIME STAMP SUMMARY00:32 Who is Colin?06:45 Why customer experience is gold.11:40 Target specific marketing.17:37 The importance of brainstorming.  Where to find Colin?Website                      LinkedIn                        Colin Duff Bio Colin is CEO of Mosaic Innovation, a consultancy that helps leading enterprises such as HP, Marriott and BT to crack their toughest growth challenges, build capability and transform their culture. From vodka to Viagra and pensions to prisons he’s led dozens of innovation projects across a wide range of sectors and geographies. He’s also trained and coached hundreds of growth practitioners and is a regular speaker and commentator on all things innovation.  
“Trust equals transactions. Essentially, if you have trust with a buyer, the sale is easy.  Where you have got to kind of finagle and overcome objections and battle them, is really what they're saying is, I don't trust you, I don't trust your process. I don't trust you. I don't trust the company. And so, you need to build more trust.”  Dustin Bogle Top Five Tips To Get More Sales From Your Follow Up1.       How to get more leads to buy.2.       How to wake up your sleeping database.3.       How to create infinite referrals.4.       How to create the “next hill” for your clients.5.       How to use the 90-day echo in your favour. TIME STAMP SUMMARY00:36 Slow down on going for the sale immediately07:52 Train people the right way14:22 The journey of innovation18:36 What is it about 90 days?  Where to Find DustinWebsite                      LinkedIn                      Dustin Bogle Bio Dustin has a unique story. His family immigrated from Egypt in the 60s to chase the American Dream. As a young adult, he got into Professional Wrestling (yes, the elbow drop and dropkick kinda wrestling) where he learned how to sell tickets and organize a live event. From there, Dustin went on to open 6 gyms in 6 years in Southern California - the most competitive market in the industry. That's where he was forced to really grow as a leader and entrepreneur because it was extremely difficult and packed with learning lessons.But it's also where he learned how to grow and scale a business the right way. Today, Dustin helps Gym Owners to delegate their sales to his team so they can free up their time. His book "Reinforce Your Gym" is a collection of his golden strategies to help Gym Owners to build a massively profitable business. Although these lessons are written for Gym Owners, they can be easily transfer over to other business sectors too.
“Ensuring that you can also create an out of pattern, noteworthy experience through your message on that channel based on everything else at that channel exposes that prospective customer or existing customer to the right information. That kind of attention is currency at this stage in the game, something that's out of pattern, something that catalyses some sort of high arousal, emotion, could be elation, could be curiosity, controversy, fury, anger, polarity, all of those things that make you feel something deeply, but also create the clarity and the message that ensures you're able to target properly, are all parts of that process.”  Travis Steffen's Top Five Tips For Achieving Rapid Growth1. Follow a systematic process to achieve the "5 Fits" to prime you for growth 2. Build a compounding growth model, which then yields your growth strategy3. Use math, science, psychology, and speed as your four biggest growth assets 4. Realign your product and finance teams around your growth model and experimentation cadence 5. Build a culture of high growth within the organization TIME STAMP SUMMARY 00:57 The 10 Combinations you need to know about.04:58 How do you grow your product?08:13 Taking advantage of the different concepts.17:57 How the company ethics align with success.  Where to Find Travis?Website                      LinkedIn       Travis Steffen BioAfter personally starting, scaling, and selling eight of his companies in the past 14 years, Travis has now devoted his life to helping others do the same. He has gotten his companies onto the Inc 500, is a doctoral candidate in marketing, and is a growth mentor at Silicon Valley's top accelerator programs. He's a bestselling author and an avid speaker.
“I have long ago embraced, and it came from a weird place, that most things don't work. Failure is actually really my goal…The goal when you compete for strength is absolute failure. You haven't tried hard enough until you failed…”Erin Marcus Top Five Tips For Conquering Your Business1.  Commit to being in charge and taking personal responsibility.2.  Take action. 3.  Analyze and debrief everything. 4.  Reverse engineer everything. 5.  Have fun. TIME STAMP SUMMARY 01:05 The concept of personal responsibility.07:03  Over analysing, and how to think through decisions.11:40  Entrepreneurs and the need for action and thought.15:27  Don’t forget to have fun!Where to find Erin?Website             LinkedIn              Erin Marcus BioErin Marcus is the founder and CEO of Conquer Your Business, an international company helping driven entrepreneurs and small business owners get the financial and emotional freedom they need to build a business and a life they’re proud of. Having made the successful leap from corporate executive to entrepreneur, Erin uses that experience, along with her MBA education and street-smart upbringing to help her clients reach heights they never dreamed possible. And have fun doing it! 
“The first word in a question is often the most important. So, if you ask, Why did you do that, then that comes across as accusatory. And then you're setting up a more aggressive space, but if you open instead with what was going on for you, or tell me what was going on for you? Or how did that arise? Or where did I go wrong? So those first questions, and those first words in those questions is really where it sets the tone. The way you start a conversation is where you end a conversation.” Wendy Nash Top Five Tips (Plus One!) For Running A Business1.       Be curious about your blind spots.2.       When a conversation goes awry, engage with the impact                                                       of what you said not your intention.3.       Be kind to yourself.4.       Nip problems in the bud.5.       Use tasks to ensure you don’t miss deadlines. 6.       If you’re the CEO or leader, be conscious about the culture you want to create. TIME STAMP SUMMARY04:48 How to ignite the spark.11:42 How you open up a conversation is important. 18:42 Nipping things in the bud.24:20 Diversity is key.Where to Find WendyWebsite                              kindlycutthecrap.comLinkedIn                    Nash BioWendy Nash helps ambitious high-tech startup founders improve productivity and decrease procrastination without increasing their workload to build a profitable business and not burn out. Unlike other life coaches, she works with knowing the mind, not just the mindset. It’s not just overcoming your limiting beliefs! Wendy created a process called Meditation Coaching where she guides people to set up and maintain a regular meditation practice that fits with their lifestyle and improves understanding themselves in order to understand others better. If you think loving-kindness meditation is only for the soft and weak, bring to mind someone who rejected your business idea or funding proposal and wish them kindness and care – it’s tough! This meditation process helps gain awareness with what you’re good at and where the gaps are so you grow a sound business. Wendy’s clients achieved financially strong businesses despite cofounder conflict, funding rejections, staff underperformance, almost burning out, investor negotiations, constant fear of failure and pivoting new directions in work and life. In other words, she focuses on turning negatives into supercharged positives.  Fun facts about Wendy  Her favorite line from the somatic psychotherapy course was another student who said The one common denominator of all my relationships is me.  For her psychology honors project on loving kindness meditation, she tested the Javascript research survey with ABBA songs.  Her project from the 2-year meditation teacher training was creating a class on How to be happier without doing more which meant a whole lot of doing more.She doesn’t always enjoy meditation but slogs at it because what it takes today it gives tomorrow whereas she figured out that party drugs give today but take tomorrow. 
“And I guess the other thing that is that, to get clarity, a good question to ask is, are you winning from love? Or are you winning from fear? What's your modus operandi. And are you what are you sacrificing for your success? Because success without fulfilment is a pretty awful place to be”Gerard McCarthy Top Five Tips For a Brilliant You 1.       Clarity Mindset2.       Connection Mindset3.       Purpose Mindset4.       Performance Mindset5.       Brilliant MindsetTIME STAMP SUMMARY01:39 The love story with yourself.06:07 How often can you change your mindset. 13:18 How your background might shape your present.19:08 Sometimes excellence is unachievable.Where to find Gerard?Website                     LinkedIn                       Gerard McCarthy BioGerard is the rebel marketer of Brilliant You Pty Ltd the Rapid Results Coaching Company transforming willing business owners who are wondering - "is this all there is" to brilliant, happy, and successful people, even if they think it is impossible right now. Keeping it simple I work with – the 4 Anchors Heart, Head, Health, & Soul and all aspects of it.  The 180 degree challenge helping people with Clarity, Connection, Purpose, Performance and Being Brilliant.  Gerard was born in Cork Ireland. Moved to Sydney Australia in 1986. Currently the owner of Brilliant You Pty Ltd. Previously director of 3 different companies CAD group Australia Pty Ltd, Personal Development &  McCarthy Estate Agents, Principal for 20 years. Gerard was 30 when his plan of work hard and play harder no longer worked. Crashed and burned – needed help. He has crashed and burned a few times and can share a few valuable lessons. Topics he is passionate about discussing: Real Stuff - The lonely seat of leadership, Heart love,  vulnerability, shame, joy, play, gratitude, Relationships, infidelity, connection. Anger, Soul work, trauma, co-dependency. Mindset, self-esteem. Eating to help you heal. Football, fitness, bike riding, Dogs, passion, intimacy, depression, addiction, fear.  
“I think the first tip is really using your email list to book your calendar solid. And because we're what we all basically need to need to look at is very similar to Stephen Covey's begin with the end in mind with everything, so it's all great to be able to go on to chat GPT and whip up an email quickly. But at the end of the day, I look at it as like, well, that's great, you've got a brick, but unless you structure the bricks in the right way, they're not going to build a house.”Scott Bywater’s Top Five Tips For AI Email Marketing Tips 1. How to use your email list to book your calendar solid  2. How to write winning emails in under 7 minutes, even if you’re a non-writer   3. Selling via email without being salesy: The "Third Way" technique   4. How to get your emails opened, when there's so much noise   5. How to turn your emails into a must-see TV series, by using cliff-hangers.  TIME STAMP SUMMARY01:25 Why using AI to book your calendar is a MUST.07:57 Making everything crystal clear.11:13 Remove the ‘salesy’ nature in sales.14:05 What the subject lines mean.  Where to Find Scott?Website              LinkedIn       Scott Bywater Bio As a sought-after speaker Scott Bywater has spoken at important digital marketing events such as Breakthrough4Business, The Collective Digital Marketing Summit (see recordings of two of his presentations on this page) and many others. And he’s facilitated countless workshops and brainstorming session with clients and top CEO’s all over Australia. His keynotes and presentations have inspired business owners from all walks of life and given them critical strategies needed to get (and remain) competitive in the ever-changing marketing landscape. He’s worked directly with thousands of clients in over 167 different industries in both Australia and worldwide – including Knowledge Source, Bodytrim, Jim’s Mowing, Skin Physics, Mercola, and hundreds of others around the country.  Many clients hold him on retainers as their virtual CMO (Chief marketing officer) and say, “the changes he’s made to their bottom line is astronomical.” Many more hire him regularly to orchestrate six-figure launches and seven-figure marketing campaigns. He’s an expert lead generator, email marketing strategist and world-class copywriter retained by many of the world’s best direct marketing companies. Unlike many marketing advisers and so-called experts, Scott has worked with nearly every category of businesses in both business-to-business and business-to-consumer including leading direct marketers throughout Australia, Canada, USA, and the United Kingdom. He’s spent his entire career solving complex marketing problems for business owners and generated thousands of leads for businesses performing below their potential. Scott is passionate about guiding others to achieve their own version of business success. He says “I’m passionate about giving people the truth, in what is a somewhat confusing marketplace. I love taking a business owner from total confusion about what to do to grow their business… to a space of knowing with certainty the steps involved, and that with each step they are moving towards their goals, objectives, and outcomes.” Scott lives with his wife Helen and son Ethan in Wollongong, New South Wales, Australia and serves clients across the U.S, Canada, UK, Australia, and the world at large.
“ You need to align your purpose with your profession. So, what this essentially means is that if you want to be successful in sales, you really need to believe in what you do, people will assess you based on your level of conviction. So, if you don’t believe that what you’re doing is of great value to the people that you’re serving, then you’re not going to be very effective at giving that message.”  Ben Lai Top Five Tips For Winning More Sales1.       Align your purpose with your profession.2.       Be 100% client centric.3.       Understand what your clients care about.4.       Speak the language your clients understand.5.       Follow up and follow through. TIME STAMP SUMMARY 01:28 Selling is more than just sales.07:44 The principle of reciprocation. 11:06 The universal translator.14:53 Good service, and the follow up. Where to find Ben?Website                               LinkedIn                  Ben Lai Bio Ben Lai started Sales Ethos with one vision: to transform how we think – and approach – selling. Moving from nursing to sales, Ben was shocked to see the unethical practices of the sales profession. From lying and misleading clients to fabricating capabilities, Ben sadly saw it all. Determined to maintain his personal integrity, Ben focused on selling responsibly, ethically and truthfully. Unsurprisingly, this approach was not only successful but earned trust and respect with clients! Today, he uses his personal experience, and 15+ years of extensive research to help others sell (and build their businesses) with integrity and emotional intelligence, while aligning with their values. Ben and his team put people front and centre of the sales equation.
“Salary can only go so far in your work experience. And I have always been under the impression that  there's always somebody out there that's going to pay more. But when you pay the house high salary, and they actually get in the job, this is where sometimes some of the disconnects, start to happen. And if you don't have strong relationships and level of trust and enjoy your experience, chances are you're not going to last that long with the, with the organisation you're with, even if you do have a higher salary, because people you know, especially I think we're seeing more of this in the younger generations, that you know, they're they'll move in the blink of an eye if they don't feel that they're enjoying the work that they're doing.”Douglas Brown’s Top Five Tips For Managers to Retain Their Employee Talent. 1.          Successful Onboarding2.          Focus on cultivating employee engagement drivers.  3.          Defining the desired employee experience 4.          Helping employees to create a Career Development plan.  5.          Learning and Development.  TIME STAMP SUMMARY 01:05 Why on boarding is crucial to retention.06:17 How good management affects employee retention.14:47 Creating valuable work experiences for employees.18:42 Everyone needs to grow, including leaders.  Where to Find Douglas?Website              LinkedIn               Douglas Brown Bio Doug is passionate about employee retention and believes strongly that employees who enjoy their careers and find fulfilment in their work are more likely to become loyal employees that remain with their organizations for extended tenures. In addition, when their needs and careers are supported, they become strong brand ambassadors advocating for the company and helping to build the team morale and strong relationships that have a positive impact on employee retention. Doug believes that there are three core focuses to strong employee retention: cultivating engagement drivers, creating rewarding work experiences, and building a career development plan for every employee. Ultimately, this also contributes to business success through employee growth and development as well as reduced turnover costs and loss of knowledge and skills. For the past 30 years, Doug has served in roles from Supervisor to President, overseeing production, quality control, sales and marketing, administration, distribution, and fulfilment. He has successfully overcome the many challenges involved in building loyal, high-performance teams. Doug believes that mid-level managers are the crucial link between the employee and the organization and in the strongest position to ensure the employees career needs and expectations are met.
“When was the last time you actually laughed and giggled until you had a sore stomach, or had a massive smile on your face, that your cheeks started to get sore. Probably when you were a child or when you went to Disneyland 20 years ago. So, it's really important, you know, especially since COVID, and since all the lockdowns we've had people have become very aware that they're actually haven't been having that much fun in their lives, especially in their business. So, time is ticking, and life is short, let's get out there and make sure you have a little bit of fun in your business every day.”  Lisa Guglielmino Top Five Tips For Building Your Awesome Business and Still Having A Life1.       Fun2.       Evolve3.       Engage4.       Delegate5.       Self-Awareness  TIME STAMP SUMMARY01:25  Why Laughter is the best medicine.08:30  The age of AI.11:29   Why delegating is crucial.14:35  Bringing it all together. Where to Find Lisa? Website           LinkedIn           Lisa Guglielmino Bio Lisa G – The Business Chick is on a mission to give business owners and managers back the freedom that they crave for. It’s really about gaining a fresh perspective on where you are going and how to get there faster. After all … you work to live … not live to work. Lisa calls it the “F.R.E.E.D.O.M” Plan. Because that’s the number 1 thing her clients are struggling to find in their day. Time to do the most valuable things in your business, even space to stop and have lunch, or maybe finally plan a stress-free holiday. As an Aerobics Champion and adventurer of the 80’s & 90’s, Lisa still has a few fluro lycra memories and has lots of life lessons to share…from her workplace adventurers in unexpected places to (home) negotiations with teenagers. And lots about business too!She has presented and trained teams in Australia and internationally and worked in key communication roles in publishing, hospitality, sport & fitness, Fairfax news, retail marketing and entertainment. Clients say they like the down to earth language and Lisa’s ability to help decipher the detail into manageable plans. 
“When I first started, the very first meeting I ever had with my manager, he imparted to me this wisdom. He goes, Look, Richard, if you really want to go up the ladder really fast. Just do one thing. Just make your boss's life easier. Right? And I thought, okay, cool. Great. That's easy. And I was doing it for a few years at KPMG. And then I started getting juniors under me. And I'm like, hey, these juniors, how do I motivate them? You know? And I thought about, like, what if I applied the same thing, not just to my boss, but also the people below me? Right? And so, this is where number five comes in is about, like, I'm always trying to think about how do I make the lives of my team easier…” TIME STAMP SUMMARY01:20  What kind of people should you hire.06:02  Why being busy is a trap.12:59  How to get employees to speak up.16:08  Making the work space easier for everyone. Richard Phu Top Five Tips For Redesigning Your Business To Work Without You1.  Figure out your Genius Zone. 2.  Stop being in "Busyness". 3.  Automate with Make/Zapier. 4.  No Naked Questions.5.  Think about how to make the lives of your team easier.Where to Find RichardWebsite                              LinkedIn     Richard Phu Bio Hey! Rich here, I call myself the ‘Geek Master’ to my team because I geek out over systems, processes, and apps! Being in business shouldn’t mean having less freedom in life. That’s why I’ve been obsessed with creating systems and processes with entrepreneurs and business owners to create freedom for the owner, but also their virtual teams to work flexible times and wherever they want.I’ve been designing, building, implementing, and reviewing processes and systems for well over 8 years working with clients like Deutsche Bank, Nestle and Macquarie Bank. However, after countless hours pouring my heart and soul into projects with little fulfilment, I left my corporate career to start an online men’s coaching business. It ran itself allowing me to travel the world, spend time with my family and even to move to Singapore to call home for some time. All of this was possible through building the right systems in place so that I’m not chained to my business. After being asked by so many other entrepreneurs to systemise their business’s (including a company of 40+ remote employees). I created the Freedom Systems with the sole-aim to help entrepreneurs who are trapped in their business get their freedom back… So, they can spend more time with their family and do what matters most...
“When I say about expressing your needs verbally, it also goes for positive behaviours. But then when it goes to setting clear boundaries, it's extremely important, specifically for behaviours that cause problem for us or behaviours that might be violating. Therefore, if someone is expressing a kind of behaviour, that creates issue for us, setting the boundary very clearly, is the most crucial thing. And the funny thing about these kinds of behaviours, the pathogenic ones, as we psychologists like to call them, is that you need to basically burn them from the root.”Zoe Fragou Top Five Tips For Fighting Toxic Work Cultures 1.  Express your needs verbally 2.  Set clear boundaries (and respect others')3.  Choose conflict resolution over conflict management4.  Embrace negotiations as a healthy part of life5.  Know when to let goTIME STAMP SUMMARY00:55 The need to express yourself.06:55 Why it is important to set boundaries.11:43 Don’t argue, negotiate. 16:45 Let go of your ego. Where to find ZoeWebsite                      LinkedIn                       Zoe Fragou Bio Mrs Fragou is an Organisational Psychologist with an MSc in Human Resources Management, a clinical psychologist license, a diploma in Business Coaching & Mentorship and a Certificate in Agile Leadership. At the moment, she is a PhD Candidate at Panteion University, and her research is mainly focused on the psychometrics of the corporate culture. Alongside her academic interests, she is operating professionally in the full spectrum of her science, taking over projects of culture transformation, employee training and development, business coaching, personal branding, public speaking, and writing, for both private and corporate clients globally. She is a mentor for Women on Top, a feministic organization trying to bring equality in the workspace, a senior member of the Hellenic Institute of Coaching, and was voted best career coach in the Global Coaching Conference of 2021. 
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