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Author: Fairien Azeem

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The Money and Business Conversations Podcast is the place to be empowered, inspired and become confident in mastering all things money and business, with woo and substance. Learn practical skills and strategies to slay your money fears, change your money story, build a business and life you love. Join your host Fairien Azeem - Financial Educator, Wealth Strategist, Business Coach and award-winning entrepreneur with over 21 years experience, as she teaches you to dream big and create a life of abundance. It’s about building your empire, one in which you are financially free. Hit subscribe now to be notified when new episodes go live. To learn more head to or download our free resources at
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2020 - What a Year!

2020 - What a Year!


Reflecting on the year that was like being on a rollercoaster. A year of learning new things, pivoting, uncertainty, and everything else in between. In this episode, I reflect on the year that was and how to come out of it unscathed. Join me as I share my 5 top tips to help you overcome the financial traumas of 2020 and start 2021 with a positive financial mindset.To learn more head to or download this episode’s free guide at
As women we have superpowers, but that doesn't mean we have to do it all. In this episode, I talk about how to work to your strengths and allow other people to help you achieve the life of your dreams. I talk about my journey and the secrets of how I run multiple businesses, home life, and still continue to bring joy in my life.To learn more head to or download my free resources at
Is it your self-confidence or imposter syndrome that is limiting you from achieving everything you want? In this episode, we discuss how imposter syndrome can not only affect you from showing up but also how it affects your financial success. I also discuss ways to work through and overcome imposter syndrome, so you can shine bright.To learn more head to or download my free resources at
Are you a serial entrepreneur like me? Do you love being your own boss? Building a business and life that you love can be hard and it takes time. In this episode, I reflect on my business journey over the past 21 years, my ups and downs, and how I have created a life and a business that I love.To learn more head to or download my free resources at
Are your thoughts, behaviours, and past experiences defining your relationship with money? What are your feelings towards money, are they positive or negative? Are you attracting money into your life? Your money mindset is the key to building a healthy relationship with money. Uncover your money mindset with the Money Queen as she teaches you how to transform your money story.To learn more head to or download my free resources at
Money and business go hand in hand, most people go into business to make money. Meet host Fairien Azeem, financial educator, wealth strategist, business coach and award-winning entrepreneur, as she unpacks what to expect from the Money and Business Conversations Podcast. It’s about building a holistic life, one where you feel balanced, one where you are intentional in what you do and the things you want to achieve.To learn more head to or download my free resources at
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