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The Unmaking of Monsters
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The Unmaking of Monsters

Author: J.P. Leck

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The Endless Elsewhere Presents: The Unmaking of Monsters, an audio fiction podcast.
13 Episodes
When the calls to her late-night, paranormal radio show go from strange to stranger, host Lindsay Mallyn launches an investigative podcast to explore the mysterious happenings. Unable to do it alone, however, she recruits the infamous JP Leck, a disgraced archivist and the keeper of curious lore. Together they will uncover terrible secrets, delve into forbidden realms, and do battle with otherworldly creatures. Coming so very soon...
Chapter 12 The Goners

Chapter 12 The Goners


Now for a look into the future...
The Cavalier Hotel has an unusual infestation. It's going to need an unusual exterminator.
There is a new host of Circle City Supernatural and plenty of new calls about the phantasmal.
A man wakes in the hospital with no memory after his abduction by winged creatures.
Chapter 8 The Non-Man

Chapter 8 The Non-Man


An ancient creature walks modern streets, but none can see him in his true form.
Chapter 7 The Invoked

Chapter 7 The Invoked


A group of desperate souls must band together to confront absolute evil.
A late-night radio show takes calls from those who have experienced the otherworldly.
Chapter 5 The Acolytes

Chapter 5 The Acolytes


Two police detectives may have dug too deeply into a forbidden mystery.
Chapter 4 The Red Mass

Chapter 4 The Red Mass


A cult gathers in the snowy woodland to conjure an ancient entity. 
A realtor is showing an old house that has just come on the market, but her clients are not the only ones interested.
A group of amateur ghost hunters dare to enter a legendary asylum. 
An intrepid reporter uncovers a demonic plot in the ghost town of Nowhere .
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