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In the spotlight. IRI Talks

Author: IRI, INTL

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In this new series, hear how shoppers, retailers and brands are adapting to these unparalleled times. Listen to IRI leaders share their local FMCG market’s reaction to 2020.
2 Episodes
In this episode, we talk to Angelo Massaro about the evolving Italian FMCG market. Italy experienced the severe impact of Covid-19 earlier than most in EU and there are firm signs that some of the resulting shopping behaviours are likely to stay for the long term. In addition to industry coping strategies similar to those seen in other countries, the growing importance of “localism” and e-commerce are changing the shape of the Italian market.Listen to Angelo as he shares his observations of the Italian FMCG market and how retailers and brand owners can adapt.
In this episode, we take a look at the German FMCG market. The German market is typically very price sensitive and dominated by discount retailers. Does that change the way in which retailers and brand owners are adapting to the current situation? Are new shopping behaviours seen in other EU markets mirrored in Germany? Listen to Christoph Knoke, MD IRI Germany to hear his observations and how he sees the market evolving in the coming weeks and months.
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