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Chaotic Check-In

Chaotic Check-In


Ya'll! Hi! Did you miss us? We have been busy moving in together and making positive movements in our lives. We have also been tired. So, here is our very real, very raw and very chaotic check in. We hope you enjoy!Stay Jung.
Welcome back! Jessie and Nicolette back again, bringing you creativity, painting, healing and ritual. Joining us is Amy A, intuitive painting magician who actively practices following and honoring her intuition through art.
Welcome to another episode of Jung and Restless hosted by Nicolette Gottuso and Jessie Mahn! Here we welcome Sam Gottuso (they/them/theirs) to discuss gender expression, gender identity, sexual orientation and the issues around the binary and other queer experiences! njoy!
What the frick is a clique and why do they feel like that? With special guest Daniel to help us understand a different perspective on cliques, and as always, analyzing our own complex around cliques and how they function.
Hiya and welcome to the Jung and Restless Podcast! This is an introduction to us, your hosts! Here, you will listen to us explain who we are, why we are doing this, and what is important to us. You will also get a sneak preview of our first official episode: Birds of a Feather feat. Detour Dan talking about cliques and the complex of them. 
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