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Author: Fiona Bugler

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Conversations about wellbeing in the workplace & beyond – i-wellbeing explores the world of wellbeing in the workplace talking to innovative business leaders, and mindset-shifters about mental, physical and emotional health – and about what it means to be human. We discuss optimising our workspaces and the environment we live in – and work out how proactive positive business can change lives for the better. If you would like to join the conversation and be a guest on our podcast, contact us via our website,
6 Episodes
Kim Ingleby is a Bristol-based entrepreneur and owner of Kim Ingleby’s Mind-Body Coaching and Energised Performance. Throughout her career, Kim has focussed on optimising performance for mind, body and importantly, soul. She’s a TEDx speaker, author and through amazing fitness challenges she has raised £86K for charities. Kim has worked with business leaders and celebrities, as well as Team GB athletes, helping them to get fit and shape a better, healthier, and happier life… she continues to grow, learn and share her expertise… She's been given a nick-name of the mind-body ninja, a title that only tells a small part of her story. You can connect with Kim on:InstagramFacebook& via her website
On the first day of Lockdown two, I spoke to driven woman Emma Page, about running, about being a mental health ambassador and about helping to launch her company's Sustainability Pledge, featured in this week's Property Week. Emma recently took part in the South Downs Way 50-mile run – a lockdown challenge, with bells on. She's been running for just a few years but has managed a demanding role as Business Operations Manager at property management firm, Ashdown Phillips, with ultramarathon training and racing (including 11 marathons in one year). Running, she said, has helped her manage her own anxiety and channel the emotions of the 'coronacoaster'.Emma's also been instrumental in leading runners at work and played a part in her company's recent Steptober challenge, raising over £4,000 for LandAid's Steptober appeal, which aims to end youth homelessness in the UK. Finally, at the start of the second lockdown, Emma launched a Facebook group to share her passion for running, Ladies who Runch (run at lunchtime), why not join in?
The discussion about the office and the people in it, and the considerations around redesigning our workspace in the Covid era continues with Simon Roderick, MD of boutique financial services recruitment agency, FRAM Search. Simon points out the office is by no means dead but it has changed as many more of us are operating the 'hybrid' model, combining work from home with, face to face and zoom calls. The world of work is "probably" changed for a long time, says Simon, but don't dismiss the office, just yet.  Fram Search put communication high on their agenda, and in the launch issue of our magazine, we featured a survey carried about by the company. Since then they have published an update to their Future of the World of Work survey, showing that there is potentially a growing divide between management teams and employees’ perception of remote working. Find out more here. 
In this episode, focusing on the business of wellbeing, I speak to Lucinda Pullinger, the Global HR Head of a forward-thinking real estate company, Instant, who are "rethinking the working space".  We discuss the changing face of the workplace, the importance of cultivating a human landscape, and putting people first. We discuss the new era of 'activity-based' working and the idea of designing and optimising our workspace, and what Lucinda refers to as "the hub and spoke model". The hub represents our central city office, with the spokes developing in out of town office centres such as the suburbs and shires, based on a campus model, with lifestyle and wellbeing very much integrated. Lucinda also points out that wellbeing is a commercial necessity for modern business and not simply a box to tick.Find out more about Instant and their work here. 
Alex Flynn, 48, is an adventurer, athlete and motivational speaker who is also in his 13th year of living with Parkinson's Disease. He's pushing the limits to raise funds and awareness of Parkinson's. He was just 36 years old, a time when he was working as a city lawyer and at the peak of fitness when he was first diagnosed. He's since raised $500,000 (around £390,000) campaigning for Parkinson’s charities – and he has done this by putting himself through some gruelling challenges totting up a total of more than 11 million metres at races. He still wants to reach the £1Million goal.Alex has run across America, done an Ironman in the jungle, raced in the Antarctic and taken the world's hardest adventure race. 2020 was to be the year he took on the five-part Racing the Planet series of extreme races, a feat completed by just eight people. Clearly the pandemic but paid to this, but Alex didn’t stop and instead completed a marathon at home, running the equivalent of 2.3 times the height of Everest over 26 miles. If you have a challenge you'd like to put forward, please email Alex via his website: can keep up to date by following him on social media:Facebook: alexflynn01Instagram: @alexflynn#FightParkinsons #keepmoving #NeverGiveUp Just Giving: of course Parkinson's UK.Keep up to date with i-wellbeing by following us on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Linked-in, and visit our website. 
Work not working out, promotion not happening, living to work, not working to live, is this enough to send you to the edge – literally to the edge? Logically it can be hard to understand that work worries can make you consider ending your life. But logic doesn’t play a big part in a mental health crisis. Please listen to this podcast. And really listen. I contacted Paul after I read this Linked-in post in support of World Suicide Prevention Day. Paul was working in a top job, for many a dream job, with a leading sports company, meeting world-class athletes, travelling, able to enjoy his passion for sport. Life looked great, from the outside. For Paul, this painful period is now in the past. He continues to work in sport and is also now a mental health advocate and owner of Pink Condor a business helping people, by listening and using NLP, to find a path to a happier and more sustainable life. He's taken a brave step by sharing his story. And he's now being the change he wants to see in the world. The takeaway? Take time to check-in and ask friends, colleagues, and even strangers how they are... and then listen to the answer.
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