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Veteran's Day Podcast with retired Air Force Sgt Kelento Kemp. He will make you laugh while he shares his journey. He provides information, inspiration, and comedy authentically as he shares through his pain. You will definitely laugh and smile while listening to this podcast. Thank You Kelento Kemp for serving our countryPlease subscribe and follow T.E.A.R.S  on all social media platforms: Apple, Spotify, Google play, Amazon Music & more... the show



Coming soon! My new podcast T.E.A.R.S Time Erases All Rough Situations. We will be talking about transition and transformation. This pandemic has been a rough life situation that we had to endure in tears, but in time we will transition into a new beginning. We must find the power to survive. Listen and join the conversations. Follow me on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. Subscribe now to receive updates on upcoming episodes click the link below for your favorite podcast platform: 2020 Time Erases All Rough Situations T.E.A.R.S. Support the show
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