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Have you ever wanted to experience life beyond the ordinary? Today, you can start stepping into the extraordinary! Welcome to Connecting 2 Spirit with Susan Norton. Susan is a shamanic healer who holds a vision of connecting people to Spirit so they can live a life of transformation, ease, and joy. In this episode, she reveals how she found the medicine path and the extraordinary occurrences that opened this way for her. It starts at the beginning of her journey… Visit to find out ways for you of connecting to Spirit, and connect with Susan Norton.
What if I told you that the spirit of Susan B. Anthony, a pioneer in women's rights during the 1820s, visited us. She gave gifts and messages for everyone to see. This remarkable otherworldly experience happened during our Spirit Guided Shaman Training class this week! Join Susan Norton and see what was revealed when a student, who is a descendant, stepped into the shoes of Susan B. Anthony. And what was caught on video…with the camera off.
Control of the mind allows you to make sensible choices, but passion from the soul is what fulfills your purpose. Answering the call of your spirit requires a lot of acknowledgment and acceptance. In this episode, teacher, healer, and shaman Heidi McBratney brings a depth of wisdom, insight, and encouragement that will guide you through your journey. She talks to Susan Norton and rediscovers the spiritual tools that proved a vital role in her growth. Stay tuned and learn how to unlock the doors to getting answers from your spirit. Get ready to take on a self-discovery moment just for you.
Are human sexuality and spirituality bound together or are they exclusive of each other? What are the things that affect the interplay of sexuality and the spirit? In this heartfelt interview, Susan Norton has a behind the scenes chat with the author of the The Stain, Catherine Ivers Norton. Here you get to meet the novelist, just after the publication of her first novel. For the first time ever, Catherine will read a selection from her book and answer some intriguing questions. Intrigued? Then tune in for more.
The pandemic has pushed people to isolation for longer than anyone ever expected. How do we maintain our spiritual connections not only to ourselves but to the world around us? Bob Cross invites Susan Norton to his home for a conversation on spirituality and how to keep your heart open amidst uncertainty. It’s not all about rituals. Bob shares how he’s been coping away from the world and methods he’s using to stay connected with others. Stay tuned!
Paradise is not as far as you think it is. Most of the time, it is within us. We need only to learn how to tap into it. Susan Norton will lead you on a journey to Paradise in this third part of the series. You will be guided through the earth and receive personal healing from the Earth Angels, and arrive in your personal paradise. In this episode, we will be calling into loving, intimate, joyful relationships. Enjoy! ** This is deeply relaxing and healing. DO NOT listen to this while driving! **  
We have angels and guides available to us from the other side that are ever so willing to help if we just learn how to listen. Susan Norton helps you discover ways to connect to Spirit in this podcast. Welcoming you to the show, she reveals in this episode the inspiration for the Connecting 2 Spirit podcast and the takeaway experience and benefits you can expect to receive. Take that first step towards finding the source of love and comfort that is always available to us.
Spirits can guide us towards a greater and bigger life if we allow it. Most of the time, they give us signals that could change our lives. This is one big realization for Susan Norton. While living in a caravan in Amsterdam, Susan heard an ambulance and wondered if her child was ok, then she got the surprise of her life and important teaching. Join her as she recounts this story. 
Nothing is permanent in this world, including us. That is why we’re trying to live to seize every moment we have. Susan Norton describes the meaning of the ending, of our time of life on this earth. These are her reflections after seeing the final episode of 'The Good Place' on Netflix (Spoiler alert!). She discovers what makes paradise so sweet and why we should treat life like we’re in heaven already. Listen to find out what that is.
Journey To Paradise 2

Journey To Paradise 2


There is Paradise on earth; all we have to do is allow ourselves to deserve it. In this episode, Susan Norton leads you once more on a guided journey to Paradise. DO NOT listen to this while driving! Allow yourself to be immersed in the journey with a deeply relaxed composure. You will be guided through the earth and receive personal healing from the Earth Angels, and arrive in your personal paradise. See what happens next! 
A shaman’s eyes are the portals to another dimension, a mystical world that reveals your true self and guides you through your journey on Earth. In this episode, Susan Norton shares an encounter she had with an Ecuadorian shaman during a fire ceremony. As Susan locked eyes with this indigenous vessel of power, she found her true self, felt the world and felt a connection. It was a moment she would never forget.
Making decisions can be tough, even in the most casual of things like buying a gift. In these moments, calling out for guidance from the Spirit can never hurt, and Susan Norton has one great anecdote to tell. In this episode, Susan describes how she got an answer from the Spirit on which Christmas gift to buy. With each hand holding a gift, she felt the answer in her hands—the right choice vibrated! Follow along as Susan reminds us that we can always ask Spirit for clear messages, showing how they come in forms of body messages where we get this high vibration.
Susan will lead you on a guided journey to another dimension, to the Chamber of Contracts, where we can co-create a new civilization contract for the world.  ** this is deeply relaxing and healing ** DO NOT listen to this while driving!“I wanted to let you know that last night’s fire ceremony was a wonderful time for me!  I had a breakthrough in that I was able to journey for the first time!  I could actually see things and move around on that journey!  I have never been able to do that in the last 5 years I have been trying to journey.  It was truly wonderful.”Cheryl Bumpus, New York, USA
Stray Cat, Raw Eggs

Stray Cat, Raw Eggs


Susan finds a stray cat in the wilderness in the middle of winter and gets an important lesson when she feeds it raw eggs. 
Eagle Flight

Eagle Flight


In an unforgettable journey, Susan joins Eagle in flight in the mountains of Peru.
Journey to Paradise 1

Journey to Paradise 1


Susan will lead you on a guided journey to Paradise, ** this is deeply relaxing and healing ** DO NOT listen to this while driving!  You will be guided through the earth and receive personal healing from the Earth Angels, and arrive in your personal paradise.  See what happens next!   “Susan,  Thank you so much for this!!  I have had some arthritis pain in my right hip and sacro-lliac for the past couple of days and this has made me feel so much better!  It still hurts a little, but not so much. It was like instant relief! I really felt a warm presence during the journey.  I am looking forward to taking this journey many times!  You have made such a difference in my life!” Chris from Alabama, USA 
Mountain Lion and Bear

Mountain Lion and Bear


Susan describes her encounter in the wild of meeting a mountain lion and a bear, in the same night.
Eyes in the Sky

Eyes in the Sky


Susan gets an important first message from Spirit, in a surprising way.
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