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We are at Dubsado headquarters today with Becca and Biz! Dubsado is a company that saves time by building software for the productive business owner. It is the hub for your business that can keep track of everything from E-signatures and contracts to invoices and payments. It is made to individualize your clients experience with your company and make the overall experience a happy and easy one. Overall, it is something that will help you run your business in the most efficient way, pleasing both your company and your clients. WHAT WE CHATTED ABOUT TODAY: How using Dubsado brings personality into people’s brand + client experience Having an office brings the team together + helps creativity to easily flow Coming back to content with fresh eyes Client individuality - running your company for your client’s happiness How hustling will get you nowhere REMEMBER TO: JOIN DUBSADO:
Haley Burkhead is the Founder of Profit Planner and host of the Profit Planner podcast. She helps online business make more profit, productively by applying proven systems that generate consistent 5-figure months while cutting their workload in half. WHAT WE CHATTED ABOUT TODAY: Alpha State vs. Beta State Systemizing, Outsourcing + Automating Your Processes The 4 Key Productivity Questions Taking The Little Things Off Your Plate How Making Money Isn’t Hard! REMEMBER TO: Join The Profit Planner Lounge 
Alyssa is a Productivity Strategist for female entrepreneurs, and founder of The Productive Entrepreneur. She’s the creator of The Game Changer Series where she interviews female entrepreneurs on Modern entrepreneurship, and hosts productivity events for global companies like Lululemon. Alyssa also has an online community of Free-Spirited Babes who she helps to work fewer hours in business, while getting more done, and making a bigger impact (and more money). WHAT WE CHATTED ABOUT TODAY: Finding your zone of genius Planning 3 distinct pieces of content Going into writing with a clear mindset of intention The importance of outsourcing How to make your insta stories stand out REMEMBER TO: The Big Four: My Daily Non-Negotiables for 10k Months: My Hollywood’preneur Quiz: Check out our book at:
When you sit down to think of your marketing strategy, does spending money to earn money ever scare you? There can be so many misconceptions about spending to earn! For Emily Hirsh, It came down to 5 key factors. Through failures and triumphs, she came up with The Hirsh Process to make sure you are targeting the right people while spending your money to help you earn big!! Emily Hirsh is a leading Facebook Ads Manager and Sales Funnel Strategist. She works with entrepreneurs to grow their businesses and generate revenue and leads using proven sales funnels and Facebook Ad strategies. WHAT WE CHATTED ABOUT TODAY: The wild west of Facebook Ads The misconceptions of spending to earn - it’s a numbers game! Hirsh Signature Process: The 5 Key factors in putting together your online marketing strategy Passion for Mom Entrepreneur World REMEMBER TO: Sign up for the Hirsh Marketing Report Grab the book know!  Publicity Jumpstart Recovery of Children:
A future page-turner, self-help, or memoir, what do they have in common? They need good marketing...just ask Angela Ford! Together, we discuss strategies to edit, public, even promote your own best-seller! Angela Ford is an international bestselling author of The Four Worlds Epic Fantasy Series and a book marketing coach for fiction authors. She consults indie authors with advanced book marketing strategies. WHAT WE CHATTED ABOUT TODAY: The benefits of writing, both for your personal growth and your business! Formatting Strategies, from first draft to publish! The best approach to editing your book, depending on your Hollywood’preneur persona. 7 different ways to market and promote your latest book! REMEMBER TO: Angela Ford’s website:   Angela’s Key to an Epic Book Launch: My Hollywood’preneur Quiz: Get on the waiting list for our book at
Ever been petrified of failure? It can be pretty scary for most of us! For Heather Havenwood, failure can be an amazing opportunity for your publicity! This week, my good friend and master guru, Heather, affirms our failures and connections are what makes us invaluable entrepreneurs in our field! Heather Ann Havenwood is regarded as a top authority on internet marketing, business strategies and  marketing. She has played an active role in the online marketing world since before most even had a home computer. WHAT WE CHATTED ABOUT TODAY: Acknowledging leverage is the backbone to our publicity! Your failures are essential to your success! The two requirements to aide your publicity. The driving force behind your publicity. REMEMBER TO: Heather Havenwood’s Website: Freebie: 3 Chapters to “Sexy Boss” at Get on the waiting list for our book at
So you have an amazing page, followers, what’s next in your quest for world domination? This week, Ashley graces us with her wisdom in all things in brand engagement, sponsorship, and aesthetic! Ashley Love is a Public Relations Coach who teaches female service-based entrepreneurs how to earn media and establish their authority in their industry.   WHAT WE CHATTED ABOUT TODAY: Influencer engagement beyond numbers. Personal Brand Development Statistics and Value. Different approaches to brand deals and sponsorship. Personal Brand Development Aesthetic to draw in your raving fans Our job as entrepreneurs and the relationships we create. REMEMBER TO: Check out Ashley Love's website: Her Media Kit Template: Join the waitlist for my upcoming book!
Entreprenuership is all about the hustle; however, it’s also about who can get your business ahead of the game. This week, I join forces with my publicist Kristin Marquet. This New-York girl dishes all the best secrets and tips to get a head start in your publicity. With a no-B.S. attitude, Kristin is the Creative Director of Creative Development Agency. Kristin also develops, manages, and implements various external communication initiatives. With a strong eye for creating memorable brands and a diverse range of knowledge, Kristin provides strategic counsel to clients interested in developing successful external communication programs. She is also the co-author of Publicity Jumpstart with Michelle Lewis.   WHAT WE CHATTED ABOUT TODAY: Visibility versus Publicity versus Cupcakes. The 3 Biggest Mistakes Entrepreneurs make when Pitching. How your niche market is THE market for your grassroots. The Fine balance between Articulation and Vulnerability can mean for your business.   REMEMBER TO: Get on the waiting list for our book at
We have all been there, tired, burned-out from the endless hustle! But who else to help us up but our dear mum! This week, my mom, Tawney,  joins us in the podcast to talk about the number one requirement for every high-functioning entrepreneur: your health!   Tawney Anderson is health expert, certified in Raphaology, Essential Oils and Herbology. She is also the author of the Jenny Adventure Series, bri going to life the healing world around us for children.   WHAT WE CHATTED ABOUT TODAY: The importance of health and its impact on your business. The five essential health-hacks for every entrepreneur! Essential tips about organic produce and mineral-deficient ingredients At-home remedies for stress-relief and tension.   REMEMBER TO: 5 Health Hacks for Every Entrepreneur 1. Lavender Oil (Floracopeia) 2. Real Salt ( 3. Red Raspberry Tea ( 4. Fascia Blaster 5. Organic Lemon Life Reboot Course: Subscribe on iTunes
Michelle is a visibility strategist who helps launching entrepreneurs skyrocket their online presence + monetize their success. She’s been featured in EOFire, LadyBoss Blogger, The Huffington Post + more! The main ways she helps her students is through the Visibility Vault, her Mastermind + in her group, The Visible Entrepreneur. Whether a host or guest, there is a secret recipe to crushing your spot and turning your audience into clients! After our Comfy on Camera challenge, what better way to up the ante than by sharing my insider tips behind podcasting! WHAT WE CHATTED ABOUT TODAY: Hosting and Guesting on a Podcast or on Stage. How your Visibility can affect your Sales. Recipe to a Great Speaker and Killer Podcaster Using Emotional Drivers to sell your Pitch. Giving Value to your Audience to build a Raving Fan. How your Tone and Cadence add to your Personality. REMEMBER TO:  Check out my 7-Day Trial in the Visibility Lounge! A safe space for informative webinars: Want to break free into your Visibility? Let me show you how! Series: Subscribe on iTunes
Rachel Pedersen is a Social Media Strategist recognized by Content Marketing Institute as one of the Most Influential Online Marketers. Rachel went from a college drop-out, single mother on welfare - to a successful and highly sought after Social Media Strategist and educator. She has been featured on top publications such as Huffington Post, Cosmopolitan, The Daily Mail and more, as well as on top podcasts such as Entrepreneur On Fire. Rachel is the founder of Social Media United, a leading online university for those aspiring to become successful social media managers and strategists. Social Media United's 7 day trial can be accessed here: Her students have each had their own tremendous success, securing clients, growing their skills, and leaving their 9-5s. WHAT WE CHATTED ABOUT TODAY: How to resolve the inevitable entrepreneurial burn-out and what you can do to remedy it! The key to Social Media Presence. How our avatars can benefit our career and time-management. Different methods of selling your business. How to handle and even use trolls to benefit your brand. REMEMBER TO: Rachel Pedersen’s Website: Rachel’s Freebie: ClickFunnels 14 Day Free Trial: Subscribe on iTunes
Those dreaded words: legal and contracts. Dun-dun-dun! Both can sound so intimidating, right? Thank goodness we have Christina this week to save the day! Christina Scalera is the attorney and founder behind The Contract Shop, a contract template store for creative entrepreneurs, wedding professionals, and coaches. It’s hard to go full-throttle in your business without having a proper contract. She loves to nerd out with contracts and the client experience. This week, Christina eases any contract-concerns about taking the right steps to show your investors and clients you mean business. So that you can... What a contract can mean for your visibility. Your audience’s “echo chamber” can be the key to your solid contract. Detecting and repairing any possible leaks to increase your success rate with clients. Adaptation is key to a successful entrepreneur. GDPR and its overall effect on entrepreneurs Automation methods to secure clients.
Our first crossover episode! I had so much fun chatting it up with my girl, Jessica Rodriguez, as we talk about authenticity and how just being yourself is your key to visibility! Jessica Rodriguez is the founder of The Day Dream Achiever and Business Strategist with an unapologetic mission to help purpose-driven coaches and strategists increase their profits, without increasing their work hours, through scalable offers and funnels. Jessica is never one to shy away from the opportunity to share what she’s learned, you can find her each week on the #daydreamachievers podcast (available on iTunes and Stitcher) where she provides straightforward, actionable strategy and powerful conversations on what it really takes to step into a scalable and sustainable business model. WHAT WE CHATTED ABOUT TODAY: Integrating our passions with our business and sharing it with our audience. Your zone of genius and how it can generate authentic leads. Embracing and owning online organic networking. Tapping into your audience, learning their interests, and aligning it with your own. Crafting your selling strategy with your skillset. Your skillset and the social media platforms that can benefit from it. That One person who can benefit from your service. REMEMBER TO: Jessica Rodriguez’s Website: Jessica’s Freebie - Scale Your Income in just 3 Days: Get your 2 week free trial to Click-Funnels 
Miranda Nahmias is a systematic marketing expert for female online service providers. When she’s not writing epic, actionable blog posts, she’s doing everything she can to help lady-biz bosses achieve their dreams in the most stress-free way possible! Miranda does this by providing amazing resources and done-for-you services that use her proven systematic marketing techniques to allow busy female service providers score more clients and #growlikewoah in their businesses.   WHAT WE CHATTED ABOUT TODAY: Strategies within Client Acquisition Accruing visibility through networking Experimenting and implementing the “cold e-mail” to generate leads The benefits to networking and sustaining your connections The benefits from a directing and production designer Accepting change is part of your visibility   REMEMBER TO: Check out her website: 5-Day Client Challenge: Check out ConvertKit for your email responder:  Subscribe on Itunes   
Welcome Back! Today's Podcast features Zach Spuckler, founder of  Heart, Soul & Hustle. At just 24, Zach has helped his students execute successful 5-6 figure launches and create sustainable sales systems that leverage Facebook Ads that allow them to work less and profit more. Zach teaches business owners how to leverage Facebook Ads and launches to strategically maximize leads, conversions, and sales – and ultimately profit!  Treating your business as...well, a business. The investments we make through ads and the returns it can generate. The Big Five and what it can mean for your business. Using Facebook ads as a lead generator. Developing a warm audience through interest marketing Learning how your own mindset for your personal and business can be your best tool. Join The Mastermind: Zach's Free FB Course:
Starting as a web designer, Jessica Stansberry managed to transition herself into info-preneurship and now helps people build their visibility through video marketing. From teaching tech and systems, or just trial by error, she encourages aspiring and experienced entrepreneurs the simplicities of growing traffic on their youtube channel. It’s easier than you think! Jessica  has her own podcast called, All Up in Your Lady Business. Jessica wants to help you, creativepreneur just like herself, make your business run more efficiently.   WHAT WE CHATTED ABOUT TODAY: Growing business through Instagram and Youtube Videos Today’s Marketing in lieu of Zuckerberg vs. Government and how it affects Video Marketing Understanding YouTube through its video and content “Batching” videos to increase creative space and improve productivity Time-management from day-to-day to broad forecasting using Trello Using life and your marketing to show your human side.   QUOTES   "I’m getting seen by thousands and thousands of people every single week, completely for free. I’m putting out on Youtube what they want.” 8:35.   “Only have one Channel, unless you’re Superwoman.” 10:35    "Make yourself a student of Youtube.”   10:55    “Be as relatable as possible.” 21:13    “You don’t have to dive into ad-spend. You can utilize the fact that it’s an SEO platform.” 25:19-25:36    “It’s a search engine.”   Join the Visibility Vault! REMEMBER TO: Get Jessica’s Free YouTube Checklist {that she thinks she should charge for!}: Jessica Youtube Page: Jessica’s Podcast with Jaclyn Mellone: Jessica’s Facebook Page:
  Michelle is a visibility strategist who helps launching entrepreneurs skyrocket their online presence + monetize their success. She’s been featured in EOFire, LadyBoss Blogger, The Huffington Post + more! The main ways she helps her students is through the Visibility Vault, her Mastermind + in her group, The Visible Entrepreneur.   WHAT WE CHATTED ABOUT TODAY: Welcoming back all of our amazing listeners to Season 2 Catching up on what Michelle has been up to during the break Breaking down what the future of the podcast will look like A quick recap of her EOFire interview An invitation to join the Visibility Vault   REMEMBER TO: Watch on Youtube + Subscribe Subscribe on Itunes
TRENA LITTLE  is a video content strategist who helps creative entrepreneurs create a game plan for developing video content on YouTube.  TRENA'S BACKGROUND: MBA in business Started her YouTube channel while pregnant with her first child She has both a Mommy channel + one for new female entrepreneurs SOME STUDENT RESULTS: Summer cycle boot camp - One student upped subscribers from 20 to 200 Students saying that new clients found them on YouTube WHY YOUTUBE? YouTube is owned by Google, making it the 2nd most popular search engine in the world When searching for help, if you have a video on YouTube that will answer that person's question, it is highly likely it will be featured in Google results What would you say to someone who says “I can not start a YouTube channel because I already have too much going on (social media, etc.)?” It’s going to save you time (YouTube is hub of content) It will heighten your traffic because it will be flowing from social media, to your website, to your channel on repeat You can create 1 video for all sites (Facebook, Pinterest, twitter, email, etc.), making your content creation process more simple For a first time YouTube user, what are your tips so their videos are seen by customers? Do your research in advance. Know what your audience wants to see. Look up keywords on YouTube. YT will show you what is most popular right now or what people are searching for. 1 – 2 paragraphs to describe your videos Thumbnail (use your own) is really important. Start thinking about that before you even fil Make the text stand out Match your title and thumbnail and make it interesting so people wanna click it You can batch videos by filming them all at once How do you compete with other people who have tons of subscribers? Focus on your content. Make sure once they click on your video, they wanna watch the whole thing and not just a few seconds Important to have an outside social media and email strategy When people watch your video first and then someone else’s, you are getting credit for that and YouTube is going to promote your video Don’t worry about their subscriber numbers. They might not have followers on other social media sides What practices do you recommend in order to actually batch up to 12 videos in one day (whaaat?!?!) Have a plan. Script out the video (hook, content) in advance Checklist Refresh / take a walk / watch Netflix for a break and get back at it Reward yourself when you get the 12 done Start linking your YouTube video everywhere. Do teaser clips. TRENA IS READY TO HELP YOU START + GROW YOUR YOUTUBE CHANNEL - GRAB HER CHECKLIST HERE: GRAB THE CHECKLIST!
Hey friends! I'm soooooo excited to have someone I really admire on the show today: Megan Minns, a Project Manager + Systems Strategist who helps online business owners streamline their systems, simplify their tech + organize their team to get more done the lean way. Megan creates done-for-you tools + templates that free up your focus to do the work you love most and free up your time to spend with the people you love most.  As a business owner who has also managed other six and seven-figure businesses, Megan knows how important it is to create workflows that work for you, so you can achieve your highest priority goals in less time.  She’s also been featured in Inc., Make It Happen, One Woman Shop, + She Did It Her Way. SO, FIRST OF ALL, WHAT ARE GSUITE + ASANA? Gsuite: A Google system (docs, calender, business email, etc.) where you can integrate your website + email to store files all in one place Asana: A project management systems that keeps your tasks all in one place - a structure where you can onboard a team + have constant communication GRAB MEGAN'S ASANA COURSE HERE “- How to use asana - How to manage your tasks - Using asana for both personal and business - Project templates (personal and business) - Advanced tips and tricks, specific tutorials (forward emails, sync calendar, etc.) ” — ASANA HQ I FEEL LIKE I HAVE TO BE PERFECT AT RUNNING MY BUSINESS: Being organized and structured doesn’t mean your creativity will be sacrificed No one’s perfect. You don’t have to have all your systems documented before you hire. Reoccurring tasks are going to make your life easier (asana) Content creation process can be streamlined. Be consistent. Use templates. Build a routine. It will make your life easier long term. You will get more organized. (asana)   There is no shame in postponing tasks. Don’t burn out. Listen to your body. Take a break. Keep your system / tasks updated so you don’t get overwhelmed. Keep your files organized + in folders. Create a holding spot if you can’t get to it right away. You can sync folders on your computer when you open Google Drive. {gsuite} GET MEGAN'S File organization cheat sheet for GSuite
  Hey friends! Today I've got my family back in town for another FAMILY CIRCLE episode! This is such a fun one, friends! p.s. Remember the Manifesting Miracles Challenge starts today! Join now! Attract new opportunities / make your business grow. Joe Dispenza Paul Hegstrom Raphology Difference from before (work hard, strive, etc) to now including the holistic side of business: Have you done the work? Did you exercise the change? If not, you will repeat what you have been taught. Where do you wanna go? As soon as you remove yourself from the past / from your habits, you have room to change and grow. What are your negative patterns in your life? How can you change your current environment? Before you head out the door in the morning, take your time (if only 15 min) to be quiet, meditate and think about what you want of this new day. Survival mode will not let you create anything new because your body is so busy with putting all its energy into “surviving” … even if it’s only going to work but being stressed all day or not liking it. What is growth mode? It’s a space to relax, let your body relax, start creating new patterns. Our subconscious is playing 95% of our past tapes. We have 5% to snap out of it and reprogram our brain. Get rid of your negative beliefs. Take control of your thoughts. Why do we feel different when we reprogram our brain? The body follows the mind. Negative thoughts might have been passed down by other people. Hurt people hurt people. Don’t compare yourself. Changing is hard work. When people try to project negativity on you, decline or say that’s not true. Don’t accept it. Know who you are and where you are going so you don’t take on somebody else’s opinion of you. What are your universal truths? Ground yourself. Go out into nature and recharge and heal. Dr. Stephen Sinatra. How can manifestation work for you? Get over what society says what you should or should not be. Heal from your past. Be satisfied with your life (after you make changes). Create. Find your passion. Project into your future. Be grateful. You have to know where you are going. Calm everything down. Create space. Start visualizing where you wanna be. What’s your mission? Don’t give up. Fight for what you want. Your past (pain, relationship failures, upbringing, etc) will be used as your story. You will be able to help other people thru what you learned. Acknowledge your wounds. Analyze them. Ask for forgiveness / forgive. Let it go. You are never stuck to your current situation. You are never a victim to your past (unless you choose to). You can impact and change the world with your unique gifts and calling. You were born for a specific purpose. Own your brain real estate. Meditate before you get to bed. Don’t use your phone. Go connect with nature. Michelle’s healing places in America: HEALING PLACES IN AMERICA - Mineral Hot Springs: HEALING PLACES IN AMERICA - Buffalo Ranch:
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