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Author: Adam Phillips

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Welcome to Your Photography Podcast, where we immerse ourselves in the diverse world of creative expression with photography (and videography), unveiling insights from portraits and weddings to the heart of what I truly cherish – Adventure Sports Photography and the vibrant tapestry of an active lifestyle.

Whether you've been following my adventures or those who are new to F stops and Shutter speeds, this podcast is your gateway to a treasure trove of knowledge and insight. Together, we'll explore the art of working with clients and brands, capturing the essence of families, athletes, models, and products. This isn't just about capturing moments; it's a guide to masterful storytelling through the lens.

Join me as we explore the intricate facets of photography as a business, uncovering the invaluable tips and tricks of the trade. No gatekeeping here! Learn from our shared experiences, the highs, the lows, and the transformative moments that have shaped our paths. This podcast isn't just for photographers; it's a sanctuary for those hungry to deepen their understanding of photography and videography, whether you're a seasoned pro or just starting your creative expedition.
Get ready for a captivating exploration of the art, the business, and the spirit of photography. Creativity can be your vehicle and passport to endless possibilities; let's embark on this adventure together! Be sure to subscribe and follow for every episode.!

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In this episode of Your Photography Podcast, we delve into Paul's captivating journey into the world of photography. From his humble beginnings in a high school film photography class to the bustling streets of New York City, Paul shares his evolution as a photographer. Join us as we explore his experiences shooting weddings, collaborating with other photographers, and ultimately finding his niche in aerial photography. Discover the thrill of capturing New York City from dizzying heights and ...
In this captivating episode of Your Photography Podcast, we delve into Katie's inspiring journey from her early aspirations in fine art to her flourishing career as a freelance outdoor sports photographer. Join us as we unravel the story behind Katie's discovery of her true passion for ski and action sports photography, tracing her steps through invaluable experiences with renowned companies like Teton Gravity Research. Tune in to learn how Katie's determination and dedication led her to achi...
In this episode, Marcie opens up about her enchanting odyssey, from the initial spark ignited by capturing precious moments of her first daughter to the meticulous steps that led to the creation of Marcie Reif Photography. 🌈💖 Hear firsthand about her favorite projects that have left an indelible mark, and get insider insights into the gear that fuels her creativity.Whether you're a seasoned photographer or an aspiring artist, this interview is your gateway to the heart of the craft. Join us a...
Welcome to 'Your Photography Podcast'! In this episode, join us as Patty takes us on a captivating journey through her photographic world. Delve into her background, exploring the roots of her passion and the unique twists her journey has taken. From her favorite photography genres to the intriguing intersection of her work as a paramedic and its impact on her artistic vision, Patty shares insights that will inspire you.Discover the exciting details of Patty's recent collaboration with The Ro...
Join Your Photography Podcast host Adam Phillips as we dive into the dynamic world of branding and marketing for photographers. Uncover strategies to forge stronger connections with clients, navigate rejection with resilience, and cultivate unwavering confidence in your artistic value. This episode is crafted to equip photographers with tips for business growth – a must-listen for those ready to elevate their craft and thrive in the competitive landscape.Website thi...
Explore the world of visual storytelling with Wyatt on Your Photography Podcast. Discover the artistry behind capturing nature's first impressions and the vastness of landscapes through wide-angle lenses. Join Wyatt as he recounts a recent project featuring paramotoring during a solar eclipse and unveils upcoming goals, including a photo book and film documenting a 3-day hiking odyssey across Utah's towering peaks. Immerse yourself in the intersection of art and adventure – subscribe to 'Lens...
Ralph Kristopher

Ralph Kristopher


In this episode, we explore the artist, photographer, and creative. Ralph Kristopher he has that special personality that gets along well with diverse groups of people. As a creative, he takes pride in collaborating and using his experience to capture “The Art of the Moment.” We discuss everything from the dance of weddings and events to the skills and the calculated risks required to work with athletes in tough locations. Support the Show.
Embark on a captivating journey in our latest episode as we dive into the incredible story of photographer and editor Kyle Sparks. From his humble beginnings in high school yearbook photography to conquering the challenges of breaking into the industry, Kyle shares the twists and turns that led him to his dream job.Join us as we explore Kyle's relentless pursuit of his passion, attending the renowned Brooks Institute and persistently submitting photos to Patagonia for over a decade. Discover ...
Re Wikstrom has mountain biked in Canada, rafted the Idaho-Oregon border, ski toured in the Arctic, and traveled to many a wild place --and all alongside strong, inspiring women. Her mission is close to her heart: to use photography to bring female athletes to the forefront of the outdoor world. With a BFA in Photography and Visual Media from RIT, local and international publications, and her past role as Senior Photographer and Marketing Photo Manager at, Re’s work is as much...
We have Scott Markewitz, an Award-winning outdoor lifestyle, action, adventure photographer, videographer, and DP with 35 years of experience as a photographer in this episode. We discuss how he got into photography, what he's learned over the years, his first image on the cover of Powder magazine, and how the career field of photography constantly evolves. Website - www.scottmarkewitzprints.comInsta - @scottmarkewitzSupport the Show.
This episode's guest is with Madi our left handed, animal loving, empath that you’ll find venturing in the mountains and deserts of Utah with her Australian Shepherd. Website: the Show.
Uncover the fascinating journey of a visionary who transitioned from the precision of mechanical engineering to the artistic allure of full-time photography. This episode is a goldmine of insights. Jacob Gomez generously imparts tips and tricks, offering a compass for beginners navigating the intricate landscape of photography. From mastering the basics to finding your unique creative voice, this conversation is a valuable resource for anyone looking to embark on their photographic journ...
Get ready for an adrenaline-fueled dive into the world of motorsports and action sports filmmaking with Garrett, a seasoned filmmaker who's mastered the art of capturing the heart-pounding moments on the track.In this episode, we unravel Garrett's journey, starting from the grassroots of dirt bike racing, where he began filming on his phone. Discover the pivotal moments that propelled him into the realm of professional equipment and hear firsthand the tips and tricks that have shaped his film...
Embark on a visual odyssey with Evan, a filmmaker whose expertise lies in crafting compelling stories through the lens of both photography and filmmaking.In this episode, we unravel Evan's journey, ignited by the roar of rally Porsches, leading to exciting collaborations directly with Porsche itself. Explore the landscapes of his recent projects, including a thrilling Utah road trip film, and discover his ambitious goal of completing a craft beer documentary, Brewingham.Whether you're a seaso...
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Join us for an exclusive interview with Rena Spears, a seasoned photographer whose expertise lies in the thrilling realms of hunting, fishing, and lifestyle photography.In this insightful conversation, we dive into Rena's background, exploring the experiences that shaped her unique perspective behind the lens. Discover her favorite types of photography and aspirations, and gain valuable tips for beginners looking to navigate the exciting landscape of outdoor photography.Uncover the secrets of...
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A look into the world of flat track and wedding photography and how that looks for Mariah Lacy Support the Show.
In this episode Katelyn shares how she balances work being a mom and owning a business doing wedding photography and video. Check out her work below. https://katelynkeddington.com the Show.
We catch up with Rachel Heath as she shares the different adventures that photography has taken her and the photography she has taken on different adventures. You can follow her work on Instagram below the Show.