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A Podcast in English made by IamAvneetSK Films to express views on the latest and trending topics as well as what we look forward to that news and trends. Our views are all based on our own experience as well as research. we value topics which can impact the audience at large. We love to hear from you as well. The Podcast is Hosted by Avneet. He believes that views are something which need to be expressed no matter what as stopping feelings will only cause damage whether on you or other person.
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You are currently Listening to The Tech View, a Podcast where genuine opinions and views are shared. In this episode, the host is talking about Smartphones and what is actual cost and pricing of Flagship smartphones that we receive at such high costs. Listen to the entire episode and know yourself. Website: Head over to your streaming App: Make sure to Follow/Subscribe to the podcast. A Like ❤ will be much appreciated. From Team, Tech Milestone - IamAvneetSK Films
In this Episode we discuss about the new features of Whatsapp, Windows 1 completion of 35 Years, Apps banned again in India and Apple M1 Macs continued from Last episode. Listen to all Episodes: Follow on your favourite platform:
In this episode, we discuss about Apple M1 Processors launch followed by comeback of PUBG. After that we discuss about most asked question, which product to buy? Kicking off the show, we talk about what we are going to cover. Then we move to Apple one more thing launch followed by Unveiling of M1 by Apple. Then we discuss about various new Mac models available in this series. After that we come to hottest topic, PUBG coming back official announcement with India specific features. Then we answer most common question of What to Buy? solving confusion. Produced by Tech Milestone IamAvneetSK Films Host: Avneet Singh #Apple #AppleM1 #MacM1 #M1Processor #PUBg #PUBGIndia #BACkININDIA #BuyPower #Consumer
In This Episode, Avneet and Ekamjot (Co-Host) discuss about what brands are doing in Indian markets starting with Apple followed by Apps and Market shares. The entire episode is fun to watch. You can enjoy the episode by Subscribing to the Podcast as in next we are going to discuss AMD, Intel and Nvidia because benchmark for Ryzen 5000 will be out. Hoping for the best!  #Apple #1inIndia #Samsung #Atamnirbhar #INforIndia  For more details visit the podcast website:
In the trailer episode of The Tech View, Host shares as to what the entire podcast is about and what they are going to cover.  He also shares as the possible topics and guests in the entire season. The Tech View is a Podcast made by Tech Milestone where they share their views, opinions and experiences with Technology. Make sure to Subscribe/Follow the Podcast to get notified about the new episode as and when published. Host: Avneet Singh (Founder-Tech Milestone) Tech Milestone Podcast
In past few weeks, Tech industry saw a very exciting ups and downs. AMD kicked off the show with Ryzen 5000 series making Intel's Future in clouds. Zen 3 based on 7nm is now new Normal. Followed by it, WhatsApp has confirmed to bring three new most requested features. Well it got a bust on Indian Gaming Community as ban on Pubg Mobile is going to continue no matter if it's owned by Chinese brand or not. Fau-G the Indian alternative is still no where around. Let's see what happens. Click on the link to know more: #Amd #Ryzen #Zen3 #Ryzen5000Series Follow us on Social Media:- Facebook: Twitter: Instagram: Discord:  Website: About Tech Milestone: Tech Milestone is a Content Creation group founded by Avneet Singh (@iamavneetsk). It's only vision is to always help people make right choices and consume content they want. The Consumer centric content is powered by attempt to make best quality content. Know more: For Content license/DMCA, visit:
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