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This vs That, Wedding Decisions with Kelly McWilliams
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This vs That, Wedding Decisions with Kelly McWilliams

Author: Kelly A McWilliams

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An award winning wedding planning podcast hosted by expert planner-designer Kelly McWilliams. In each episode Kelly and her wedding professional co-host will help engaged couples navigate planning by weighing the pros and cons, "This vs That", of each decision they'll need to make from engagement to honeymoon and everything in between. Kelly is a 19 year veteran of the wedding industry and is a 2020 Martha Stewart Weddings Best in Class: The Top Wedding Planners and Event Designers. This vs That has been recognized as a top podcast by and!
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You just don't know what you don't know.  This podcast is to make sure that you know so that you can ask ? with knowledge.Photographer Sarah Roshan and I uncover when its ok to have 1 photographer at your wedding and when it benefits you to have your photographer bring an associate (or 2), the differences between a photography assistant and an assistant photographer (yes, these are 2 VERY different jobs). The decision affects your gallery of images, your end cost & the timeline / flow of your day.Sarah Roshan is a wedding and elopement photographer specializing in romantic destination weddings for carefree couples. She is based in the gorgeous Colorado Rocky Mountains where she was born and raised. She is known for her adventurous spirit, gracious personality, and laid-back approach to the wedding day.  She currently serves at Director of Community Outreach on the International Board for WIPA, co-owns She Will Thrive (dedicated to empowering women through collaboration and conversation), and owns a local wedding co-op and networking group in Denver, Trulife Studios.Previous photography episodes to listen to:S 1 Ep 3: 1st Glance vs At the AltarS 1 Ep 19: Engagement vs Anniversary ShootS 2 Ep 8: Film vs Digital PhotographyS 2 Ep 6: Digital Images vs PrintsMy Wedding Spending Plan.  Here is the link . Make the most out of your wedding budget, most likely save you money & take out the stress of wedding spending. This multi page digital workbook shows you how to make a spending plan that keeps you in check and without money stress. Listen to this episode for more.Brought to you by 175 questions to know you are prepared for your wedding day. A wedding planning  workbook to ensure every detail has been planned & finalized. On sale now!Places to go - People to see:Kelly's Site: http://www.kellymcwilliams.comKelly's Blog: @kellyamcwilliams @thisvsthatweddingpodcastWebsite: Instagram: Previous Episodes: Kelly:A vet of the wedding industry, Kelly knows how incredible a wedding can be. She creates  from scratch and believes every moment counts and every decision plays a part in what makes your event magnificent. She believes in making events beautiful AND fun.  Published & recognized locally, nationally and globally including Martha Stewart Top Wedding Planner, Brides magazine and WeddingWire's best podcast. Home is in SWFL with husband Kelly J , mom to Maddy & Emily and dogs Reau & Olive.Thank you to my rockstar Podcast Editor: Lance Panton 
Wait? What's this, a decision that you don't HAVE to make? Yep.  This is the one where its you can make it or skip it because chances are that you didn't even know that its a question you could ask.  However, because there really is something to be said for film photography, Liz Banfield and I wanted to make sure that you were knowledgeable about the differences between this classic format vs the digital that came onto the wedding scene in the early 2000's.I googled it for the sake of simplicity. That way you can skip right to the heart of perspective during this episode:"Digital photography replicates the process of traditional film photography, but it uses an electronic sensor, rather than film, to capture images. These digital photographs are stored on a memory card, and their resolution is measured in megapixels."A 20+ year veteran in the industry, photographer Liz Banfield pioneered the documentary style that has become standard in wedding day coverage. She is known for capturing authentic, genuine moments while making sure everyone has a great time doing it. Her cinematic style attracts sophisticated couples looking for highly personalized coverage of their weddings. Liz is recognized as one of the best photographers in the world according to Harper’s Bazaar, Martha Stewart Weddings, and BRIDES magazine.On Sale Now! My Wedding Spending Plan.  Here is the link . Create a plan to make the most out of your wedding budget, most likely save you money AND take out the stress of wedding spending.This episode is brought to you by 175 questions to know you are prepared for your wedding day. The ultimate Q&A wedding planning checklist. On sale now!Places to go and People to see:Website: http://www.kellymcwilliams.comInstagram: @kellyamcwilliams @thisvsthatweddingpodcastWebsite: Podcast Episodes:
Nope. Not the fun episode. But if you listen, absorb and take our tips - you'll find that you're going to have a FAR less stressful engagement and planning season.  The cool thing is that Leah just released her new book, "The Wedding Rollercoaster" and its a great companion to this episode. I posted a link below. The real deal is, that by taking the opportunity in the beginning to talk openly with your "team" (anyone who holds a stake in your wedding), you will avoid some of the stresses brought on surrounding wedding spending. The biggest factors when making the contribution decision:Who has controlGuilt (It's real and we recognize this)Final decision makersDoes having the wedding of your dreams weigh more than the potential stress of contributors In this episode we'll break down the benefits, pros and cons of paying for the wedding yourself or having contributors.  Oh, and in this episode there's a shout out to Kimberly of Hitched Events and her episode about having a short or long engagement. Click here to listen to this related episode.Here is the link to order The Wedding Rollercoaster  on kindle or paperbackOn Sale Now! My Wedding Spending Plan.  Here is the link . Create a plan to make the most out of your wedding budget, most likely save you money AND take out the stress of wedding spending.This episode is brought to you by 175 questions to know you are prepared for your wedding day. The ultimate Q&A wedding planning checklist. On sale now!Leah Weinberg is the Owner & Creative Director of Color Pop Events -- a New York City-based wedding planning company that lives in the logistics, providing an unmatched focus on event details for clients.  Celebrating seven years of business, Leah continues to leverage the organization skills, calm communication style, and ability to multi-task she initially developed as a commercial real estate lawyer in her previous career. Her colorful work and party planning tips have been published online and in print with Vogue, the New York Times, People, CNBC, Bravo, Martha Stewart, and The Knot, among others. Recently, Leah has been recognized as a 20 on the Rise winner by Honeybook and the Rising Tide Society, one of the 25 Young Event Pros to Watch by Special Events Magazine, and one of BizBash's Top 500 Event Pros in the US.A 2021 WeddingPro Educator with The Knot + WeddingWire, Leah travels throughout the country sharing insight with her peers regionally, as well as at national conferences such as ALT Summit, NACE Experience, and The Special Event.Places to go and People to see:Website: http://www.kellymcwilliams.comInstagram: @kellyamcwilliams @thisvsthatweddingpodcastWebsite: Podcast Episodes:
If you listened to Season 2 episode 5 about Budgets vs Spending Plans, you know that planning a wedding takes great financial planning too.I’m ecstatic to let you know that our newest resource, My Wedding Spending Plan Workbook is available for you in Pre-Sale!The workbook is comprised of 5 detailed worksheets that guide you through prioritization, research, spending plan, tracking and payments.The first step to creating your wedding spending plan is to prioritize which aspects of your wedding are the most important to you. What do you care about the most? What is most important when remembering your wedding in 20 years?What do you want your guests to say about your wedding?What do you want your planning and wedding weekend experience to be like?Depending on where you live and even the date or time may change the costs of your wedding. It is best to research reasonable costs before booking any vendors. This will allow you to see what kind of budget you should prepare for. If you've ever kept a budget for home or on a work project, you know that planning in advance is a very important step to staying on track. If you miss a line item, your entire budget can be thrown off. Our sheet accounts for allocating your budget for the important items of the day and allows you to add in extras that may be specific to your wedding plans. Once you've set your line item allowances, use this sheet to track quotes, actual costs and deposits made. You'll have confidence in seeing your dollars spent and what is remaining to pay.Finally, the payment sheet rounds out the workbook to make sure that you know where you money is going and to whom. The line items allow for more detailed information on your payments in and out, including addresses, payment types, who is responsible for that payment, due dates, balances, gratuity and notes. This  week we are launching our new product My Wedding Spending Plan. To get the My Spending Plan Workbook, at the PRE-SALE rate of $79 (the regular price will be $249), send us your email address before 11:59pm April 3rd, 2021.This episode is brought to you by 175 questions to know you are prepared for your wedding day. The ultimate Q&A wedding planning checklist. On sale now!Places to go and People to see:Website: http://www.kellymcwilliams.comInstagram: @kellyamcwilliams @thisvsthatweddingpodcastPrevious Podcast Episodes:
I can not tell you how strongly I feel about actually getting your wedding images printed.  After listening to this episode with Manda and I, I would bet that you will feel the same.  Here's the thing, yes.  You will 100% look at your wedding pictures on your phone (or stream them onto your tv) a thousand times. But there is a very different feeling and reaction that you will have when you see your favorite ones on your fridge, on your desk or framed on the wall in your home.  The best though?  When someone comes over and picks up your album from the coffee table and looks through it.  Trust me, they will.  Oh it is so good!This  week we are launching our new product My Wedding Spending Plan. To get the My Spending Plan Workbook, at the PRE-SALE rate of $79 (the regular price will be $249), send us your email address before 11:59pm April 3rd, 2021.This episode is brought to you by 175 questions to know you are prepared for your wedding day. The ultimate Q&A wedding planning checklist. On sale now!Did you listen to last weeks episode with Renee Sabo about wedding your wedding spending plan? It's a good one.  Here's a link to it.Manda Weaver is a hybrid Wedding and Editorial photographer based in the Mid-Atlantic. She has been creating iconic artwork for couples, designers, and artists for more than twelve years across the US, Europe, and the Caribbean. Manda's photography has been featured in Martha Stewart Weddings, Brides, and Forbes Magazine among others. Places to go and People to see:Website: http://www.kellymcwilliams.comInstagram: @kellyamcwilliams @thisvsthatweddingpodcastWebsite: Manda Weaver Wedding PhotographyInstagram: Podcast Episodes:
You better listen to this episode.  Maybe listen twice.  I know, believe me I know - there isn't anything fun about talking about how much a wedding costs.  However you will be able to plan the rest of your wedding without the fear of going over budget or stressing out.I want you  to "Listen Linda" as Mateo explained to his mom about how not to burn your butt.In this episode Renee and I will hopefully help you to make the decision to start with a wedding spending plan vs flying by with a budget.  We'll explain how a budget can leave you in a constant state of compromise or worse, over budget and how implementing a spending plan can make your wedding planning less stressful and stretching your dollars.Next week we will be launching our new product My Wedding Spending Plan. To be informed on the sale of the pending plan, send us your email address.This episode is brought to you by 175 questions to know you are prepared for your wedding day. The ultimate Q&A wedding planning checklist. On sale now! Did you listen to last weeks episode with Saundra Hadley about wedding your wedding ceremony? It's a good one.  Here's a link to it.About Renee Sabo:Renée's lifelong love affair with weddings started out as a high school dream that quickly evolved as she pursued a career in the industry throughout college and beyond. From rentals to planning to catering, her diverse experience has touched every corner of the industry and has led to her role as a multifaceted thought leader for event professionals everywhere.Inspired to start her own business, Renée received her MBA with a focus in entrepreneurship and quickly put her degree to work when she launched Urban Soirée® in 2017. Today, her award-winning company delivers elevated and romantic celebrations through full-service wedding planning and design for couples on the East Coast and destinations worldwide. Renée’s success with Urban Soirée® has earned her and her company numerous accolades, including being named as the Best of Boston® 2020 – Best IRL Wedding Planner by Boston Magazine. She was also recognized as ILEA Boston’s Top Planner in 2019 and has ranked in WeddingWire’s Couples’ Choice Awards for three consecutive years since opening her doors.Places to go and People to see:Website: http://www.kellymcwilliams.comInstagram: @kellyamcwilliams @thisvsthatweddingpodcastWebsite: Urban SoireeInstagram: Podcast Episodes:
If you haven’t decided whether to write your own vows or to include special traditions in your ceremony this is the perfect episode for you. Or maybe you already did decide, and this episode will help you to determine that you’d like to make a little change. There’s definitely something to be said for making your wedding ceremony personal, unique and memorable not only for you and your spouse but for all of the people who have gathered around you to see you begin your lives together. In this episode Saundra Hadley and I talk about all of the things that we have seen done in our together over 40 years of wedding ceremonies. Sometimes you’re going to be restricted because of where you having your ceremony. For example, If you’re in a church or synagogue or any other place of worship you may have to follow their traditions or rules. On the other hand, you may be at a location where you can do truly anything that you want! Including having a friend or family member to marry you or maybe not even have anyone marry you at all maybe you just marry each other. We have seen it all are excited to share all of it with you.This episode is brought to you by 175 questions to know you are prepared for your wedding day. The ultimate Q&A wedding planning checklist. On sale now! Places to go and People to see:Website: http://www.kellymcwilliams.comInstagram: @kellyamcwilliams@thisvsthatweddingpodcastWebsite: planningforever.comInstagram: Podcast Episodes:
Marriage or  Mortgage, Dream Wedding vs Dream HomeIn this bonus episode I had the opportunity to interview Nashville wedding planner and the star of the new Netflix series Marriage or Mortgage. I hope you will never have to decide between the 2, but in this episode its all about the fun of reality tv. I was able to preview episodes before they premiered on Netflix today (March 10, 2021) and I will tell you this. I could not tell at all who would choose what. I was VERY tempted to fast forward to the end to see what each couple would choose and was shocked by some of the results. Watch a few episodes today and let me know what you think!I do love that there is a new wedding television show for all of us who are engaged or professionals in the wedding industry; there can never be too many right?Huge congrats to fellow wedding planner Sara Miller on her new status as Celebrity Wedding Planner!Before I forget! Here's your link to a  resource I created just for you! 175questions you'll need answers  to to make sure you're prepared for your wedding day. $17 through March 17, $25 starting March 11th!Places to go and People to see:Website: http://www.kellymcwilliams.comInstagram: @kellyamcwilliams @thisvsthatweddingpodcastWebsite: Sara Miller, Southern Vine & Co. Southern Vine & Co. Podcast Episodes: Marriage or Mortgage on Netflix: more about the series in these articles:Today Show articleWall Street Journal articleWashington Post articleHouse Beautiful articleDaily Beast articleRepublic World article
Pinterest is great. Etsy is great. So are Homegoods, Hobby Lobby and everyone's favorite, Amazon. Often, we come across things that we think will be perfect for somewhere at our wedding. Wonderful! You're thinking, "this will be great! I can save money and make my wedding more unique!"Let this episode be your guide before you make that buy.  There's so much to think about and we are going to get into it big time so that you can make a great decision between buying items or renting items for your wedding decor.Places to go and People to see:Website: http://www.kellymcwilliams.comInstagram: @kellyamcwilliams @thisvsthatweddingpodcastInstagram: Podcast Episodes:
It's a Pop Up Wedding! Are you tired of waiting for Covid-19 to come to an end? Did you have to cancel or postpone your wedding because of Corona for months or even a year? What if you didn't have to wait anymore?  Are you ready to elope? What if you could just show up to your wedding ceremony fully planned and designed for you and up to 30 wedding guests, without any of the stress? What if you could have this spectacular luxury wedding valued at over $11,000 for you and your fiance for an all inclusive price of $3,500?What if your wedding included all of this?:Ceremony Floral Design, wedding bouquet and boutonniere by Isn't She Lovely FloralsWedding Cake by celebrity cake artist Sweetified BakeryWedding Planning & Design by Martha Stewart Top Wedding Planner Kelly McWilliamsWedding Photography by Stella Paschall PhotoWedding Film by Gabriel RosarioWedding Officiated by Dr Dan Lamey or Pastor Russ WinnCeremony & Cocktail Furniture by Plithos Event RentalsPhotoback drop and foliage by Niche Event RentalsCeremony & Cocktail music by Curate EntertainmentMoonlight Garden Rooftop venue by Luminary hotelThis is for ONE weekend only and limited to just 3 couples.The March 6th wedding date has 3 available ceremony times for you to choose from:10:00am-12:00pm12:45pm-2:45pm3:30pm-5:30pmBook now here or Contact me  at or 239-540-9029  for more information
Give me cake with filling, skip the icing.  That is my order. But if I had an option... I would go for creme brulee or a key lime tart. Baker friends, please don't disown me. After +19 years of planning weddings I have seen wedding cakes go from being the main attraction to disappearing with the trend of a candy or cookie table. Once that trend died it went to cupcakes. And then Megan & Harry got married and the 3 cake wedding cake was all the rage.  But do you know what we're seeing now? Statement wedding cakes are back on the rise  but they're not standing alone. Enter the mini desserts!So in this episode we not only do this vs that but we also talk about:Why cakes cost more than you thinkHow you could display your cake in the room (the size of the table) and NOT SHOVE IT IN A CORNER OR AGAINST AN UGLY WALL NEXT TO THE FIRE EXTINGUISHERAlternative options for dessertsWho should decorate the cake when there are fresh flowers to be addedWhen you should reach out to cake bakers/artistsLearn what makes a cake. The difference between a tier, a layer, a filling and an icing.Buttercream, Fondant, Ganache, Whipped Cream - these are the outsides that you'll learn about.Lexie loves cake! She grew up baking with her grandma and fell in love with the art and design that goes into custom cakes. She graduated top of her class from the Secchia Institute for Culinary Education, and then went on to study art, sculpture, jewelry, and floral design; which all play a crucial component in her ability to create anything out of sugar! She opened Sweetified in Southwest Florida in 2015 and has been featured on television competitions and even won the prize of making celebrity chef Cat Cora's wedding cake!For more about wedding cakes, check out my blog post on 4 ways to serve your wedding cake!Places to go and People to see:Website: http://www.kellymcwilliams.comInstagram: @kellyamcwilliams @thisvsthatweddingpodcastWebsite: sweetified.comInstagram: Podcast Episodes:
Everyone has a sparkler exit story right?  In this episode we laugh SO much about how sparkler exits have created some crazy memories. But most importantly, how to make sure that you actually think about how you want the last moments of your wedding to be.  What do you want your last memory of the best day ever to be?  Do you imagine on the dance floor with just your new spouse or with all your guests or a grand exit photo moment.Renee Dalo is a Wedding Planner, Educator, Public Speaker & Podcast Host. With over thirteen years of experience in the wedding industry and eight years running Moxie Bright Events, Renée turned her knowledge towards the advancement of the industry as a whole and launched her top-notch educational resources for event pros. In addition to her self-guided Wedding Management e-course, Renée is also the founder and host of the popular B2B podcast, Talk with Renee Dalo. Currently, Renee serves as the President of WIPA So Cal, and she is recognized across the industry, having earned a coveted spot on Honeybook’s 20 On The Rise list.Also, in the episode I mention the evacuation of the hotel.  To clarify, that's the rule, however the fire department arrived quickly and didn't require the hundreds of guests to leave their rooms.  We did have to evacuate the ballroom.Places to go and People to see:Website: http://www.kellymcwilliams.comInstagram: @kellyamcwilliams @thisvsthatweddingpodcastWebsite: moxiebrightevents.comInstagram: Podcast Episodes:
Wait what?  Season 1 is over? Yes it is!  25 episodes. THANK YOU for listening, for subscribing, for sharing, for your reviews and for your 5 stars!On this episode the TVT editor in chief, Lance Panton (aka DJ LP of ) and TVT wedding guest, Ashlee Nicole (aka lead wedding photographer chat with me about our favorite moments, surprises and what we learned throughout this inaugural season.I also want to take this moment to thank all the co-hosts who made this jump into wedding podcasting so fun for me and who gave so many incredible tips and tricks for wedding planning.  When I started this podcast I had no idea how much expertise we would be able to share and how we really could make an impact for you while you plan.Season 2 is going to be just as awesome, and I hope even better. You can look forward to the season starting with a bang on Tuesday February 2nd and a new episode every Tuesday in February & March.Places to go and People to see:Website: http://www.kellymcwilliams.comInstagram: @kellyamcwilliams @thisvsthatweddingpodcastInstagram: @ashleenicolephotographyInstagram: @mydfwdj
 At the time of this recording we are in the midst of the Covid-19 pandemic. Which meant many engaged couples are re-examining their guest lists to accomodate what was safe and/or allowed.  But even outside of this pandemic, this decision and topic is important. In this episode Sara and I are determined to share with you all the wonderful things that make a small or intimate guest list great, but also the pitfalls and stresses of it.  The great thing is that there is the alternative; hosting a celebration for your full guest list. That doesn't mean that there are any less or more pitfalls and stresses that come with tying the knot with every single person you hold near and dear. Basically, we know that BOTH options are great, and this is a topic that you really do have to sit down and think of the pros and cons.As a logistics expert who’s also a creative, Sara brings a rare combination of skills and savvy to wedding planning. After growing up surrounded by weddings as the daughter of a minister, Sara founded Bella Notte in 2004. She quickly found her passion for planning the kinds of weddings that modern couples in Washington, DC were looking for; stylish and sophisticated while also being creative, quirky, edgy and fun. In her 18 year career, Sara has worked with all varieties of clientele in the DC area, where she has consistently been named one of Washington’s Best Wedding Planners. Her work has been featured in countless news outlets, including Martha Stewart Weddings, People, & Vanity Fair.  Of her career, Sara says, “I’m most proud of the fact that I approach every wedding I design as a distinct reflection of my clients’ personalities. I love getting to know each couple and creating an event more personal, and more fun, than they ever could have envisioned!”Places to go and People to see:Website: http://www.kellymcwilliams.comInstagram: @kellyamcwilliams @thisvsthatweddingpodcastWebsite: Podcast Episodes: Also mentioned: Assigned vs Open Seating and Making or Breaking Traditions
There are 88,345 reasons to have a wedding in your hometown. There are 88,345 reasons to have a destination wedding literally anywhere else in the world.  The great thing is that Kehrin and I can pretty much list them all out for you in this one talk.  Grab a pen and notebook.  There are so many benefits to each that you might even consider a bit of both (which Kehrin and I are both here for).  In this episode as usual, we will talk through all the things we've learned while planning over a thousand between us! No matter where you get married, your experience can be great and it should be at the forefront what feels best to you and be decided when considering what is most important to you and your fiance.Kehrin Hassan is an international planner and designer who founded Jet Set Wed, a Wedding and Event Design company based in South West Florida’s Gulf Coast.  As a multi published designer, her extensive experience is not inhibited by her effortless understated and organic designs that will last the test of time. Her talents lie in discovering a clients style and recreating it in a celebratory space in a way that is absolutely their own. In her over 15 years of event experience she has designed large scale International corporate events for a Fortune 500 company, assisted in executing celebrity weddings abroad as well as designed over 600 weddings and events from coast to coast.  She works closely with her equally talented husband, Jason Teeters of Jet Set State who builds entrepreneurs from the ground up as well as homeschools her two toddlers Marra & Kesh, named after the location in Morocco the two were married.Places to go and People to see:Website: http://www.kellymcwilliams.comInstagram: @kellyamcwilliams @thisvsthatweddingpodcastWebsite: Podcast Episodes: 
There are a litany of pros and cons for all of the below stationery opportunities.  Before selecting the style of printing you should consider its important to decide on the style of invitation or the design you're most drawn to. Other factors... paper weight, edges and borders. We also talk about pricing, time frames for processes and even some of the etiquette when it comes to your ultimate choice. What I can say for sure - if you have never ordered printed invitations before you NEED to listen to this episode!Digital or FlatLetterpressFoilEngravedEmbossedHand sculpted EmbossedBlind EmbossedLaser engravingLaser cuttingEmbroideredEmily founded Emily Baird Design in 2011 to create pretty things for wonderful people. She is passionate about custom stationery and design. We've been nationally recognized in the top bridal magazines and blogs for offering exceptional service and beautiful work including Martha Stewart Weddings, The Knot, Style Me Pretty, and more! If you're looking to tell your love story through beautiful paper or want show-stopping event branding she is here to help. Places to go and People to see:Website: http://www.kellymcwilliams.comInstagram: @kellyamcwilliams @thisvsthatweddingpodcastWebsite: mentioned: 5x7 Designs (episode 13), Swell PressAll Podcast Episodes:
9 out of 10 brides ask which one and that's exactly why Dani and I got in depth into this topic of traditional liquid makeup or airbrush. As it turns out, there's another type of makeup to be introduced during this episode, aerosol foundation makeup. Luckily Dani takes the time to fully explain the differences and the pros and cons to all.  Including why your skin type makes all the difference. You can expect to walk away from this episode with the timing differences, the sustainability differences how to prep for both and the cost  differences. Duality Artistry®…is a premier makeup artistry company based in, but not limited to, Southwest Florida. The founder and makeup artist, Dani Taverna, developed her passion for art and fashion while studying in Florence, Italy, and her talent for makeup artistry followed. Dani Taverna, along with the Duality Artistry® team, stays on the cutting edge of makeup and fashion and specializes in fashion, TV, editorial, special occasion and wedding makeup. Duality Artistry® is associated with and doing makeup for New York Fashion Week, Miami Beach International Fashion Week, Gulfshore Life, Gulfshore Business, Uptowner magazines and DMA® cosmetics, just to name a few. Places to go and People to see:Website: http://www.kellymcwilliams.comInstagram: @kellyamcwilliams @thisvsthatweddingpodcastWebsite: Podcast Episodes:
To veil or not to veil.  Or maybe even yes veil, but what style?  I knew from the get go that I didn't have a depth of knowledge on choosing a veil because there are so many lengths and styles to choose from.  In this episode Nhi gives all the goods of bridal looks and I give up the logistics of what may go down at your wedding when wearing one. Truth: I asked a bajillion questions, and that's always a good thing for you.  Nhi gives some great insight on when to say no to wearing a veil.  Did you know that its okay to go to a bridal salon separately from where you purchased your dress to get your veil? Did you also know  that you can and should look into a custom length veil if you're planning a chapel or cathedral length? Yes. its true. Some lengths and veil types we discuss:BirdcageJuliet capBlusherFingertipChapelCathedralMantillaNhi Hoang is a marketing expert, social media manager and editor with more than 8 years of experience in the bridal industry. After receiving a journalism degree from the University of Florida, she began her career as a luxury weddings editor before moving into the social media space. Since then, she's been exposed to all facets of the bridal world, from working directly with brides on the sales floor to writing real wedding stories to helping bridal brands develop and hone their marketing strategies. When she's not working, she is happiest spending time with her husband Blake and their new dog, Archie. Want to see a sneek peek of Nhi's wedding dress and the veil she chose?Places to go and People to see:Website: http://www.kellymcwilliams.comInstagram: @kellyamcwilliams @thisvsthatweddingpodcastWebsite: mentioned (from episode 4): and (from episode 20) The Garter GirlAll Podcast Episodes:
Did you know that you can do a destination engagement or anniversary shoot? Yeah, neither did I and I am HERE FOR IT. In this episode Shauna and I unpacked all that there is to offer with engagement and anniversary shoots including destination (please hire me to help plan and style this...I am now addicted to the opportunity). Topics we also chat about in this episode:lifestyle photographythe costs of these shoots and when if they are "included" in your photography packagetiming your shoot (especially for save the dates)why having an engagement shoot is important to getting the best wedding day photosShauna and Jordon are a husband and wife destination photography duo with a passion for turning wedding days into an art form for their clients. As formally trained educators, they have an uncanny ability to communicate with their clients, creating authentic and romantic imagery. It is though their communication that they create comfort and clarity that enables their clients to enjoy their wedding day and the photographs and their wedding album that remain beyond it. Places to go and People to see:Website: http://www.kellymcwilliams.comInstagram: @kellyamcwilliams @thisvsthatweddingpodcastWebsite: Podcast Episodes: 
Endless traditions. Every time I think I know of all of them I hear about a new one.  Depending or how or where you were raised or your culture, ethnicity or religion you are contemplating on what traditions you want to uphold, new ones you want to make and which you are thinking, "not happening at our wedding under any circumstance." Traditions are what make your wedding a wedding and not just a ceremony and a party.  By the time you finish this episode you will empowered in making your wedding experience uniquely yours.Julianne Smith is the owner of The Garter Girl where she handmake wedding heirlooms that brides are known to love forever. She started this business in 2004 after she couldn't find a wedding garter as stylish as her best friend. Places to go and People to see:Website: http://www.kellymcwilliams.comInstagram: @kellyamcwilliams @thisvsthatweddingpodcastWebsite: Podcast Episodes:
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