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It’s U.S. Thanksgiving week, and it felt like a bit of an odd week with the markets being closed on Thursday and partially open on Friday. However, never fear — we’ve still got the Beef Market Update for you! Anne Wasko, of the Gateway Livestock Exchange says that because of the holiday, the U.S. did... Read More
Alberta’s agriculture minister says his federal counterpart’s proposal to move ahead with changes to AgriStability at the annual agriculture ministers’ meeting was “set up to fail.” Reforming business risk management, specifically the AgriStability program, was the top item on the agenda heading into the annual federal-provincial-territorial agriculture ministers meeting, which wrapped up with a final... Read More
Despite pressure from national farm groups and a willingness from the federal government to increase its contribution, agriculture ministers from across the country were once again unable to reach a deal on improvements to business risk management programs before the conclusion of their annual meeting on Friday. Improvements to AgriStability were the focus for the... Read More
Today’s RealAg Radio features an issues panel with RealAgriculture’s Lyndsey Smith and Kelvin Heppner, and Megan Murdoch of National PR. You’ll hear about: E15 in Ontario; Federal-provincial-territorial agriculture ministers meeting; Business risk management discussion; Some international issues; and, You’ll hear a beef market update with Anne Wasko of Gateway Livestock Exchange. Thoughts on something we... Read More
Do you need to manage herbicide-resistant weeds? Could you use more flexibility during the busy planting season? Does heavy weed pressure make it difficult to keep fields clean early in the season? These are all questions growers should be asking as they plan their 2021 soybean weed control programs, says BASF technical development manager Rob... Read More
Farming with family can be a tricky situation, and being able to make sound business decisions is such an important part of it. How do you decide on management decisions, equipment purchases, crop inputs, and the like? A key strategy to tackle decision making and delegating accordingly is to have regular farm meetings for everything... Read More
Planning concerns for next year’s pulse crops stem mostly from disease concerns, especially aphanomyces. 2020 was a really wet year, and there were pockets that saw a lot of moisture, which resulted in increased roots rots and that nasty soil-borne disease — such as aphanomyces — which makes planning for the future crucial. “We saw... Read More
Would you, at 40, pick up and move your family across an ocean to farm? That’s what Gunter Jochum’s parents did in 1980, moving from Germany to Manitoba, Canada. Gunter and his family are still farming today, after plenty of change and challenges on the farm. Tune in to this LIVE! Q&A to hear Gunter’s... Read More
Happy Thanksgiving to our American listeners! If you’re carving up your turkey or putting the marshmallows on your sweet potatoes (editor’s note: why though?), thanks for tuning in! If it’s a regular day in Canada for you, we appreciate you being here. There’s a new question of the week for this Thursday’s Farmer Rapid Fire:... Read More
There is no doubt that the COVID-19 pandemic has impacted every aspect of our daily lives, including how we shop for food and what we eat. This year’s Nourish Food Marketing report is the fifth one, and the one with perhaps the most seismic shifts year-over-year for some trend changes. In this LIVE! Q&A, host... Read More
It’s Wednesday, folks! We’re halfway through the week. Thanks a lot for tuning in! On today’s episode of RealAg Radio, you’ll hear: The top ag news stories of the day with host Shaun Haney; Josh Linville, director of fertilizer with StoneX, on the latest U.S. phosphate tariffs and how this impacts markets; Peggy Brekveld, newly... Read More
Family farms that hold regular business meetings are 21 per cent more profitable than those who don’t. That may be, but the mere mention of “meeting” likely makes you roll your eyes or maybe grumble in disapproval. Family meetings might bring up some not-so-pleasant memories, but Elaine Froese, farm family coach, says it doesn’t have... Read More
Nothing good happens after midnight, or when corn is left out in the field. Some farmers are learning that DON levels in corn can really spike if the crop has been left out to let that gibberella grow. In this week’s Wheat Pete’s Word, host Peter Johnson has that caution, plus a discussion on being... Read More
If you’ve been scouting your wheat fields and seeing some strange colours in Ontario, you’re probably not alone, and there may be a pretty simple explanation for it. We’re back in the field for another update with Joanna Follings, cereal specialist with the Ontario Ministery of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs and RealAg’s Peter “Wheat... Read More
The North American fertilizer industry has been waiting for a decision by the U.S. Department of Commerce (DOC) on the tariff rates of phosphate entering the U.S. These tariffs address Mosaic’s complaint to the DOC that phosphate fertilizer imports from those countries were unfairly subsidized by their respective governments. Final rulings on the rates are... Read More
We were just talking here at RealAgriculture about how next week is December already. Where did that time go? We’ve got another fantastic lineup for you on today’s show, and special thanks to today’s show sponsor: SeedNet! You’ll hear: The top ag news stories of the day with host Shaun Haney; Ted Menzies, former head... Read More
The in-person meetings aren’t happening on Parliament Hill, but that doesn’t mean lobbying efforts on behalf of farmers have stopped. For this episode of RealAg LIVE! host Shaun Haney is joined by Erin Gowriluk, executive director of the Grain Growers of Canada, to recap last week’s Grain Week, how lobbying has changed during COVID-19, what’s... Read More
Brandt Agricultural Products has recently launched a new purpose-built dozer blade attachment, suitable for 4WD tractors. The new unit is available in a variety of blade widths, heights and lugging configurations, designed to make it easy for farmers to find the right blade for their operation. The goal of this product-line addition is to enable... Read More
Peggy Brekveld has been elected as the Ontario Federation of Agriculture (OFA)’s 32nd president, and third female president in the organization’s history. Brekveld will also hold the position of OFA’s director-at-large. Brekveld, of Thunder Bay, Ont., operates a dairy farm with her husband and five children, milking around 75 cows. The new president didn’t originally... Read More
Creating new crop hybrids or varieties is expensive and time consuming with no real guarantee of a straight line to success. After all, it takes years to bring new lines to market, and industry demands can shift in that time frame. One company that’s heavily invested in soybean breeding is Syngenta Canada. The company is... Read More
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