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Author: Davron Bowman

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Servers, Bartenders and all service industry staff! ***Finish up your side-work- Cash out - clock out - and tune in! ***After the last guest is a community podcast designed to unite, inspire and showcase all of the amazing individuals in the service industry. Together, we'll tackle some of the most sensitive topics in the service industry today. Join me for discussions on *** Caring for mental health *** Creating profitable side hustles *** Increasing your value at work *** Managing finances in a cash-in-hand business *** Substance abuse ***Balancing work/home life ***Adapting service industry skills to land higher paying jobs*** and more!!! Lead by Davron Bowman- a former service industry veteran, turned digital designer/marketer.
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I was addicted

I was addicted


What's the difference between a passionate, highly-skilled, incredible craftsman- and an alcoholic? Not much if you're a bartender. Not much if you're in the restaurant industry at all. Join me, ATLG podcast host - Davron Bowman as I open up to reveal my past struggles with drugs and alcohol. Together- in a judgement-free, understanding community- we'll find the strength and courage to open a discussion about one of the most delicate, yet powerful topics in our industry... ADDICTIONWhere is the line drawn between addict and passionate mixologist?Is frequent drug use really that bad for you?Why is it so hard to openly, honestly and seriously talk about drug and alcohol addiction in our industry?What has to change if we're to conquer our addictions....and what happens during....after?It isn't easy. It isn't a happy, proud thing to talk about when we get right down to it. But until we conquer our fears, no change can be made. Find a quiet spot for this one. Tune in, listen, contribute, share. I understand it's a tough thing to discuss-So I'll go first. Support the show (
The restaurant industry is facing a wave of disruption never before seen in our lifetime. This year has shown us, that nothing is guaranteed; and that we control very little when it comes to the industry we know and love. Servers and bartenders have been grieving for months now. WonderingWill the service industry ever get back to normal?Where do we go from here?_________________________________________________________After The Last Guest- hosted by Davron Bowman, is a community-powered podcast and Instagram community, created specifically to support, motivate, and expose restaurant workers to the possibilities the digital world offers.With the help of current and former service industry staff- ATLG will tackle some of the toughest topics in the industry, including- Substance Abuse- Managing Finances In A Cash-In-Hand Business- How To Turn Your Off-Shift Talents Into Profitable Side-Hustles- How To Protect Your Mental Health And Stay Motivated- How To Leverage Serving Skills To Land In-Demand Jobs- Where To Find Free Digital Assets And Communities To Build Businesses From Homeand more. Have a question, comment, or want to participate in an upcoming episode? CLICK HEREWant to be featured in our IG community? Send up to 5 photos showcasing your life outside of work, and send me your story! CLICK HERESupport the show (
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