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Even as an 11 year old, Hamish Mitchell loved working in the garden.  After a brief stint as a 'terrible' landscaper, Hamish found his feet taking care of the gardens at Government House in Canberra, followed by a tenure at Parliament House as the head horticulturist. Today, Hamish runs Speciality Trees, one of the leading suppliers of advanced and semi-advanced trees to landscapers. He talks to Chris and Tyson about the Australian Tree Standard (AS 2303:2018),  the importance of investing in new talent in the horticulture industry, how climate change might influence tree choices in the future, and tips for ensuring tree planting success. EPISODE LINKS:Speciality Trees - Plant Supplies - Victoria Master Landscapers - an LVML Member -
This week, Chris and Tyson sit down with landscape architect, Lily Sabo, of Sabo Design. With a childhood dream of becoming an architect, Lily side-stepped into landscape design, getting her start designing backyard pools for some of Melbourne's most successful pool builders. Finally deciding to back herself, she decided to launch out on her own, and Sabo Design was born. Lily talks about the ups and downs of starting a design studio, the significance of relationships in getting new customers, and the importance of self-care when running your own business.EPISODE LINKS:Sabo Design - Plant Supplies - Victoria Master Landscapers - an LVML Member -
After 50 years in the industry, Nic van Diemen knows a thing or two about landscaping.  He catches up with Chris and Tyson this week to discuss how he started out in the industry, how he developed his expertise in segmental paving, and how the industry has evolved since he first started out.EPISODE LINKS:Botanix Plant Supplies - Victoria Master Landscapers - the 2022 Victorian Landscaping Awards - download the entry formBecome an LVML Member -
Chris and Tyson speak with Jayden Weatherley of Greener Visions Landscapes. Starting his career with a Parks and Garden apprenticeship, Jayden branched out into business, forming Greener Visions with his longtime mate, Daniel Henderson in 2011.  Jayden discusses the importance of being across your finances, construction scheduling and the role technology plays in keeping his business running smoothly, and the growing challenge of costing projects in a post-Covid environment.The crew also speaks with Nick van Diemen and Simon Buchanan about their experiences in the Victorian Landscaping Awards.EPISODE LINKS:Greener Visions Landscapes - Plant Supplies - Victoria Master Landscapers - the 2022 Victorian Landscaping Awards - download the entry form Become an LVML Member -
Chris and Tyson speak with Simon Buchanan of Landart Landscape Design & Construction. After pivoting from graphic design to landscaping after Year 12, Simon discusses how he got his start with Scott Wynd, his experience in competitive show garden builds,  and how he's expanded his pipeline of landscaping projects through his pool business, Striking Pools. EPISODE LINKS:Landart Landscape Design & Construction - Pools - Plant Supplies - Victoria Master Landscapers - an LVML Member -
Chris and Tyson speak with Scott Wynd of TLC Pools and MINT Design about his start in the landcaping industry, his extensive experience building show gardens - both in Australia, and overseas at the Chelsea Garden Show  - his involvement at MINT Design, and his decision to focus his career on high-end pool construction.EPISODE LINKS:TLC Pools - Design - Plant Supplies - Victoria Master Landscapers - an LVML Member -
A bumper episode recorded live at The Landscape Show 2022!Chris and Tyson kick off the session with Jason Banks from This Is A Conversation Starter (TIACS). They discuss how TIACS was founded by the founders of social enterprise, Trademutt, and how the initiative is providing mental health support to tradies and their families across Australia. They also chat with Russ Sweetman of Maroondah Landscapes and LVML CEO Megan Flower about the upcoming launch of LVML's wellness initiatives for members. Next, they chat with Darren Free, LVML's Membership Officer, Ian Barker and Russ Sweetman about the  extensive benefits of being an LVML member.Finally, Chris, Tyson and Megan are joined by landscaping apprentices Dara and Breanna to talk about the representation of women in trades, and how they're keen to encourage young women to take up a landscaping apprenticeship. EPISODE LINKS:TIACS - or call/text 0488 846 988 for a yarn Video Clip referenced in episode - The Trademutt Story YouTube LinkTrademutt - Maroondah Landscapes - Ian Barker Gardens - Evergreen G&L Solutions - Cornerstone Paving - Landscaping Victoria Master Landscapers - Become an LVML Member -
Chris and Tyson chat with industry stalwart and 'reformed landscaper' Brian Rankin about his introduction to landscaping  42 years ago, how he started his own business, his decision to sell his share of the business in 2014, and his new career working in the pool industry. 
John Rayner takes us inside his 40+ year career and takes listeners through his career, what he learnt, why he became a teacher, and of course about the development of the wildly popular Burnley Plant Guide, previously an exclusive tool for students, which is now available to all experts in horticulture and landscaping. The culmination of decades of work by many experts, you can access all the information for a small annual subscription. Find out more at
Tyson and Chris chat with LVML CEO, Megan Flower, about her background, her job as CEO, the role of the Association, and how members can get the most out of their LVML membership.
Ben Beaumont, from Vectorworks Australia, and Kate Smalley, from Small Spaces Garden Design, talk about how 3D design software Vectorworks can be used in landscaping.
In this episode, Chris and Tyson catch up with Mike Jansz, founder of MJLC Landscapes, to discuss how he established, grew, and ultimately transtitioned out of his successful landscaping business. 
Emma Permezel, of Coolabah Landscapes, discusses the ins and outs of Council planning applications, and managing the red tape - and client expectations - for pool and landscape construction projects.
Sean Dowling of Bayon Gardens talks with Chris and Tyson about importance of body awareness as a landscaper, and the proactive measures he's taking to safeguard the physical health and wellbeing of his team while on the job. 
Running your own business can be challenging. In this episode, hosts Chris Weiss, of Formation Landscapes, and Tyson Owen, of Signature Landscapes, share their collective wisdom from over 20 years in business in the landscaping industry. 
Daryl Tomlins has been a stalwart of the Victorian landscaping industry over the last five decades. As a past President of Landscaping Victoria (1977-1980), he has been a strong advocate for the advancement of the Landscaping Industry. He discusses how he got started as a landscaper, his involvement in kickstarting the apprenticeship program in Victoria, as well as some personal anecdotes from working with some of the best in the industry.
Chris and Tyson talk to Andrew Laidlaw of Laidlaw Design  and his experience in the Landscaping Industry for over 30 years.Andrew has also been working at the Royal Botanic Gardens for 25+ years where horticulture is the key focus.  He outlines how funding comes in to create new projects within the gardens and unveils some of his favourite projects.
Brendan Condon takes us through one of the more niche areas of the landscaping industry - but shows it's growth and its potential to expand over the next few years.  He explains the ethos behind Australian Ecosystems and outlines some of their projects, including current progress and environmental benefits  of the carbon neutral housing estate at Cape Paterson.Brendan gives Chris and Tyson some tips on what can we implement in the urban environment that can make a difference and describes how schools are getting involved. 
From a junior administrator at Melbourne Football Club, Cameron was appointed CEO at  Richmond Footback Club at the age of 24. He's had quite the journey from that point onwards. Sport has given him some of the great experiences of life, which he now shares with others, helping businesses with leadership through his company, Design CEO. Cameron takes us through his journey and explains how he helps leaders to create the culture that will bring out the best in the people they are leading.    
Ed Ross from " This is a Conversation Starter" (TIACS) talks to Tyson and Chris about how the charity was formed and how they provide free access to mental health professionals to tradies, truckies, blue collar workers and those who care about them.
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