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Episode MenuPart 1 : Change Management topic "The sender of the message": I discuss the importance of the person's position in the company when delivering a message to the organisation and what credibility / trust it generates among the audience Part 2: Winner & LooserWinner: Frédéric Rouvez, Exki COO Looser: all Belgian politicians Part 3 : TrickSTOP & GO framework S.T.O.P.: Suspend your action; freeze. Think about the situation; reflect in many directions. Organize your thoughts; selection in function of context. Process and Prioritize. G.O.: Gather your thoughts. Open your heart for a fair action.  Take a deep breath. Wait. Evaluate and then act. To combine with the cardiac coherence discussed in Episode 2 Links:  Frédéric Rouvez (Exki) open letter:  More on the "sender of the message" topic: Powered by Business Elements Business Elements is a company transforming data into intelligent relationships
IntroductionA quick word to thank you, the listeners, for the dozens of downloads of the first episode. I am super happy and excited. The feedback I received was great and I adapted already a few things.Episode menu Part 1 - Change topic : Let's define change in the context of organisations. At least my definition of "change management" Part 2 - Winner or Looser : I discuss my view as a customer on a big fail / missed opportunity of ALD Automotive against Hertz that could be solved by implementing change to their actual CRM process. Part 3 - Time for a change : I introduce the audience to a breathing technique that works for me: Cardiac Coherence and the 365 method LinksMore about defining change management: on cardiac coherence: Trois exercices de cohérence cardiaque par le Dr David O'HarePowered by Business Elements Business Elements is a company transforming data into intelligent relationships
Who I am? I am David Hachez, an entrepreneur, change practitioner, enneagram coach and passionate golfer working in the digital business for over more than 20 years Why I do this? Share my experience, thoughts and personal findings to provide insights to people who want to become an improved version of themselves in their environment (private of professional); I hope this content will be relevant to you. Part 1 - Change related topic: My personal change by diving into podcasting What I change today ? Why now? What happens if I don't do it? What are the expected outcomes? Part 2 - Winner / Loser What has caught my attention in the last few days in terms of change? The Unilever claim to go green (get rid of oil in their products by 2030) and Microsoft joining the Corporate Leaders Group Europe This section is inspired by Joseph Jaffe a very famous podcaster and expert in change who I know for years. So thank you Joseph (link to your podcast in the notes)Part 3 -  A call to action / ChallengeChange one thing in your daily routine and see what it produces (it can be the smallest thing)Share what you changed? Share what it delivered as outcomes?Links:Business Elements  "Transforming data into intelligent relationships" About Unilever and Microsoft joining CLG Europe Jaffe Juice TV: Sponsor / Disclaimer This podcast is brought to you thanks to Business Elements, Transforming data into intelligent relationships Disclaimer: I currently work as a change practitioner at Business Elements working on IT projects to make sure that the people side of the technology change is managed. Please, provide feedback HERE and subscribe to this podcast (if it delivers value to you).Contact David on change(at)theafter.bePowered by Business Elements Business Elements is a company transforming data into intelligent relationships
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