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Teachers' Education Review is an Australian podcast that explores issues and practices in education from the perspective of classroom teachers.
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TER #153 - The Screens that Ate School with Anna Krien - 2 August 2020 by Teachers' Education Review
In this 7th Anniversary episode, we present TER Teachmeet: What we’ve learnt so far. Educators reflect on their experiences and lessons learnt form the remote learning period of 2020, in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. Timecodes and links: 00:00 Opening Credits 00:33 Intro 03:59 Steven Kolber – What I’ve Learnt 11:06 Ollie Lovell – What happens when we stop pushing? 13:12 Michael Jones – My Reflection 16:25 Heulwen Sweet – What I have learnt over the past 3 months 19:20 David Zyngier – What the Pandemic has taught us about disadvantage. And what we need to do to fix it. 27:39 Cameron Malcher – Unquestioned Assumptions 39:37 Monique Dali – PST and Mentoring 49:48 Olivier Elzingre – Language classes, what I’ve learned from recent events 57:46 David Hardie – Education Policy and Quantum Physics. 01:04:09 SIgn Off
TER #152 - Student Agency with Tanya Vaughan and John Cleary - 5 July 2020 by Teachers' Education Review
In this special TER Live episode we provide recordings from the online event, Teachmeet: Challenging Teacher Bashing, which weas originally organised as part of the Education and Democracy Summit. Timecodes: 00:00 Opening Credits 00:33 Intro 03:19 Event Opening - Steven Kolber and Keith Heggart 17:27 David Zyngier - What do teachers think about and understand democracy? 22:10 Stephy Salazar - Welcome to the New Teacher Tribe 29:08 Cameron Paterson - Democracy and Education 37:16 Jem Kolber - Democracy in Education - it starts in the classroom (my experience using socratic circles with high school students) 50:06 Ruth Smith - A democratic approach: the view through a lens of strengths 59:37 Bec West - Teacher bashing from within 01:10:08 Naomi Barnes - Social media, education and democracy: having a platform on the platforms 01:21:56 Deb Netolicky - Teacher expertise, voice and action 01:30:42 Polly Dunning - Martyrs and deadbeats: The dichotomy of demoralisation 01:39:35 Adrian Piccoli - The politics of teacher bashing - why it makes no sense 01:47:12 Jane Caro - Women’s Work 01:57:27 George Lilley - The Demise of Teacher Agency & Expertise - How? 02:06:59 Marc Pruyn - Centring Teachers and Communities through Transformative Citizenship Education 02:16:31 Sign Off Links & Resources: Zyngier, D (2012) Can teachers make a difference? Experimenting with, and experiencing, democracy in education. Zyngier, D. (2012) Understanding the perspectives, experiences and perceptions of teachers in relation to democracy in education. Zyngier, D. (2012) Re-Discovering Democracy: Putting action (back) into active citizenship and praxis (back) into practice. Zyngier, D., Traverso, M.D., Murriello. A, (2105) Democracy will not fall from the sky.’ A comparative study of teacher education students’ perceptions of democracy in two neo-liberal societies: Argentina and Australia. Research in Comparative & International Education Summaries of over 50 peer reviews of Hattie, etc- A focus on Teacher Agency- MESEJ - MELBOURNE EDUCATORS FOR SOCIAL AND ENVIRONMENTAL JUSTICE
TER #151 - Professional Coaching for Teachers with Chris Munro - 7 June 2020 by Teachers' Education Review
TER #150 - What exemplary teachers do with Claire Golledge - 24 May 2020 by Teachers' Education Review
This TER Topics episode brings together feature interviews from episodes #35 and #51 of the TER Podcast. The first interview is with Dr Steven Novella from November of 2014, discussing what critical thinking is, how to teach it, and the potential benefits to individuals and societies that value critical thinking. The second interview is with Meredith Ebbs from July of 2015 in which she talks about computational thinking and provides some insight into how it works as a teaching practice, as well as discussing issues of girls in STEM. Timecodes: 00:00 Opening Credits 00:34 Intro 02:05 Critical Thinking - Steven Novella 37:03 Computational Thinking - Meredith Ebbs 53:23 Sign off
TER #149 - Testing 3,2,1 with Michael Lawrence - 26 April 2020 by Teachers' Education Review
TER #148 - Curriculum and COVID-19 with Philip Roberts - 14 April 2020 by Teachers' Education Review
TER Live - Teachmeet Melbourne @ Kew HS by Teachers' Education Review
TER Topics - The David Price Interviews by Teachers' Education Review
TER #147 - High Impact Leadership with Scott Eacott - 6 March 2020 by Teachers' Education Review
TER #146 - Introducing the Leadership Team - 16 Feb 2020 by Teachers' Education Review
Main Feature: Andrew Martin and Rebecca Collie from UNSW discuss their research into the impact of positive teacher-student relationships on performance, and the implications for teachers, schools and education systems.  Regular Feature: Kolber's Corner- Steven Kolber reviews the #EduReading discussion of Cognitive Load Theory.  00:00 Opening Credits 01:31 Intro 02:17 Kolber's Corner 23:21 Feature Introduction 25:15 Feature Interview - Andrew Martin & Rebecca Collie 51:19 Sign Off
TER #144 - The Global Village School with Eric Woodward - 19 Jan 2020 by Teachers' Education Review
TER Live - Teachmeet 'Evidence' by Teachers' Education Review
TER Live - Teachmeet 'The Year That Was' by Teachers' Education Review
TER #143 - Changing Australian Education with Alan Reid - 08 Dec 2019 by Teachers' Education Review
TER #142 - Genetics and Teacher Impact with Callie Little and Sally Larsen - 24 November 2019 by Teachers' Education Review
TER Live - Teachmeet Brisbane by Teachers' Education Review
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Sarah Collins

Honestly have some of these researcher actually taught in a school. 'its not unreasonable to expect one years growth in a year'....yeah right, what about the kids with family trouble, or the kids that get glandular fever, the kid who has been in his 5th school in three years, or the kid that gets bullied. Every kids schooling is unique and has it's own challenges, the continual refusal to acknowledge how such thing impact on a child's wellbeing and consequently their learning is blinkered in the best of circumstances. We need learning progression...we need to stop punishing kids for the circumstances in their life that are beyond their control. There is not one researcher in this podcast worth their salt.

May 25th
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