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Author: Sara Niemietz

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Sara Niemietz shares tour stories, songwriting, puns, and talks with friends!
12 Episodes
Thank you for joining me on the podcast journey! Welcome to episode 12, which includes dancing, bass players, and peanut brittle.This is the story of "On Ten.""On Ten" - written by Sara Niemietz and W.G. Snuffy Walden.Imaginary Sponsor: Cactus Pillow
"Waiting on the Day"A story about free snacks, patience, and Nashville writing!Our imaginary sponsor this week is: "Suitcasecase."
Hello, oh wonderful description reader.This is an episode about reaching up, talking with God, telling stories, and trying to rehearse vocals on the autobahn.Imaginary Sponsor: PetPinecone (a wholly owned subsidiary of FIR-real Enterprises)
The story behind "Out of Order" and taking it from a room demo to a LIVE SHOW!Thanks to our eminent sponsor "Construction Site Guided Meditations"Written, Produced, Edited: Sara Niemietz"Out of Order" written by Sara Niemietz 
Behind the scenes of the creation of "Hear Me Now" -The tale of a dad, Hell's kitchen, Krystal Burger, and synths.Made possible by our imaginary sponsor: Soup on a Stick
Why snack tables make great BFFs.The intersection of imaginary commerce and insomnia.LIVE MUSIC and friends that play it.All this and more.Imaginary Sponsor: "Blues Snues""Feet Don't Touch the Floor" written by Sara Niemietz (all rights reserved)
Sara discusses how Michael McDonald changed her life... well - sorta.Behind the scenes on her song "All Your Love" (from twentytwenty)
Behind the scenes on venues with huge bathrooms and the dance test.
A dog, the autobahn, and three musicians walk into a music festival....A behind the scenes look at "Let Me Be".Brought to you by: Mr. Shoe
Monroe and more! Learn about the story behind the song.Invisible Sponsor: IRON PIÑATAS! 
Sara breaks down the story behind "Made to Last" on her new album, twentytwenty.Imaginary Sponsor: Squirrels Gone Mild
Sara Niemietz gives the 411 on "twentytwenty" and talks about writing "Don't Walk Me Home." 
Comments (2)

Joseph Rippinger

I think this is your best episode yet. Love the song. In total agreement as to your opinion of Michael McDonald. Thanks for keeping it up.

Jan 1st

Joseph Rippinger

I do enjoy hearing about your writing process. I hope to hear more about that and your choice of songs you select for your album.

Nov 25th
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